2009-06-10: Not So Danger(ous) Room


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Summary: Skyler sneaks in to the Danger Room to teach herself how to fly. (Later: Food!)

Date: June 10, 2009

Not So Danger(ous) Room

Rating: Log Rating. [PG-13]

Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

Currently, the Danger Room has been set up to look like something from the Care Bears. The floor is all soft and squishy, covered in clouds, there's a slight breeze blowing across the room, and an open, blue sky above. Skyler's standing in the middle of the room, eyes closed in concentration, glowing brightly. The reason for this is because she's copied the body of one superhero cop: Sunlight.

Ebony is wondering and finds her self near the danger room she. She knows they said to stay away from it and even the room sound as a warning but she can't help it she wants to take a peek inside. She slips to the door and inside the room. She blinks seeing the clouds and sky. She steps in poking at the clouds with her foot to make sure they will hold her. Once she sure she enters fully. She looks around, "okay this is weird looks more like one of those jumping things at fairs."

Skyler startles, jumping about five feet into the air, landing on her butt and sinking about a foot into the squish. "Ack! Don't sneak up on me like that!" She gets to her feet, pushing away an errant cloud that starts to drift by her. "That's the idea. I'm trying to teach myself to fly, and I wanted something that I could safely land on."

Ebony steps back seeing sunlight and frowns, "you what are you doing here? I didn't know you were part of the school" It is clear that the person you are at the moment knows Ebony. Learn to fly but I seen you fly before."

Skyler cocks her head curiously at Ebony, "Oh, so you know Sunlight?" Skyler asks curiously. She blinks and chuckles, shaking her head. "Oh, no. I'm Skyler. Sunlight tried to arrest me the other day."

Ebony blinks and frown, "you have to start wearing and Skyler mask or something I never know it's you. Yah remember when I yelled at you from robbing that guy well She was the one who caught us. So what did you do to get on her bad side?"

Skyler shrugs. "I copied somebody who was wanted for armed robbery and breaking and entering." She shakes her head. "She didn't believe me when I told her that I wasn't that guy. Even /after/ changing into her."

Ebony giggles, "sorry I think that's my fault some. I thought the other women was you so I explained the whole thing about your powers to her so I bet she though it was BS the next time. She jumps up and down on the clouds and giggles some more, "this is fun. I don't see why they call it the danger room."

"Trust me," Skyler says, grinning at Ebony. "It can get dangerous in here. You should see Logan's program. It'd kill anybody else who used it." She bounces a little herself, "I made this one so I wouldn't kill myself if I ended up plummeting to my death."

Ebony nods, "I see but isn't against the rules to be in here with out a teacher? I know you look like an adult but your not after all." She giggles some more as she bounces.

Skyler shrugs. "I don't think it's going to be a problem. I mean, I designed this room specifically so that nobody could get hurt." She chuckles, "I mean, I might get a stern talking to, but that's about it."

Ebony nods and does a back flip well she tries but ends up on her back looking up at the blue sky. She lays there from a few moments stunned and a look of confusion on her face before sitting up, "damn it thought I could do it."

Skyler chuckles at Ebony's antics. "Yeah, if you keep practicing it, you'll get it." She chuckles and shakes her head. "Now, let's see if I can fly…"

Ebony sits up and nods, "always been a better runner then a flipper. She nods some, "think happy though's I sure you can fly then." She smiles and stands up and bounces a little more.

Skyler closes her eyes in concentration, a bright glow emanating from her body. "Happy thoughts," she murmurs to herself. When the brightness reaches critical mass, she suddenly rockets into the sky, a squeak of surprise escaping her. The sudden launch breaks her concentration, and the glow flickers and fades, plummeting her to the ground.

Ebony shields her eyes from the brightness of the light and then blinks as you take off. She claps her hands, "hey you di…" She stops as you fall back down and nods, "okay never mind. Don't you know how to use the powers when you take the form?"

Skyler oofs as she hits the soft cushy floor, sinking deep into it, staying unharmed. "I'm okay!" she shouts back, getting to her feet and climbing out of the pit. Ebony's question makes her chuckle again. "Did you know how to use your powers when you first discovered them?"

Ebony shakes her head, "no in fact only reason I know how to use them now is because of my mom. I just thought you gotten the persons control as well."

"Usually not," Skyler replies with a rueful smile. "I've been finding that a lot of powers use the same kind of mental trigger to use." To demonstrate, she points a finger at a stray cloud that's gotten close to her, and blasts it to oblivion with a beam of light. "That's something that I picked up from when I copied Professor Parker. It's like… well… it's like somebody who was born without any legs suddenly getting legs. All the muscles are there, they just never had any experience in using them. If that makes any sense."

Ebony nods and smiles, "yah I guess it does. Hey if you can stay up there I'll give you something to dodge." She pulls out a couple of papers from her pockets and unfold them. She then close her eyes and they fold them selves into stars.

Skyler nods, dusting off errant wisps of cloud off of her. "Okay," she says, closing her eyes and starting to glow again. This time her leap into the air is far more controlled, now that she knows what she's doing. She hovers about thirty feet in the air a bit before opening her eyes again. "Woah. Cool. I'm flying!"

Ebony giggles and nods, "seems so." She lets go of the paper and it floats in the air, "are you ready for this?" The starts start to spin slowly and she smiles.

Skyler takes a deep breath and nods. "Yeah. I think so."

Ebony nods, "it's good practice for my aim as well." The stars start to spin faster and then one of the three speeds off at the flying target, "better watch out it might be paper but it's still sharp!"

Ebony The star buzzes past and then turns and head for you again. Now the next shoots out from in front of her at you, "Lets see how you handle two stars at once."

Skyler has about all the finesse of a runaway freight train, dodging one of the stars again, only to have the other imbed itself into her arm. "Ow!" She stops and pulls it out, wincing slightly. "Maybe this isn't such a good idea."

Ebony blinks and frowns, "It just paper you baby not like it going give you anything worst then a bad paper cut" The first start comes around and then other one wiggles about and frees it self. She then sent the last start shooting at you

Skyler sticks out her tongue at Ebony (a rather odd thing to see a grown woman doing) and zips off straight up to avoid the other paper projectiles.

the stars follow you zig and zagging trying to hit you. Each spinning as it does and making a slight buzzing sound as it cuts thought the air

Skyler makes an abrupt right turn, and then angles downward, zooming towards the floor.

The stars make a wide turn and follow after you. The three stars split up. One stays behind your as the other two turn right and left and make an arc shape to get you from the sides.

Skyler accelerates towards the floor, and makes another sharp turn at the very last minute, zipping by Ebony. She cackles in delight shouting, "I think I'm getting the hang of this!"

The paper star following you crashes into the ground and lays limp in a pile of in the cloud. The other to miss you by inches and turn and case after you.

Skyler zooms back up, heading towards one of the larger clouds that's up in the sky, hiding in it. Although her telltale light illuminates the cloud from inside it's impossible to tell exactly where she is.

Ebony frowns as you hide, "hey no fare!" The last two paper star fly at the cloud. They stop still spinning but just in one place. She then positions them on each side of the cloud and they zip in zooming back and forth in the cloud ripping it up.

Skyler drops out of the cloud, laughing hysterically, "Oh, man! I'm going to have to copy more people who can fly!"

Ebony smiles and nods, "seems so. Are you giving up?" The stars hover in the air still spinning

Skyler nods, landing next to Ebony. "Yeah, I think I'm done for now." She chuckles, shaking her head, "Now I know why so many people got depressed when they lost their ability to fly."

Ebony nods and looks at the star and they unfold and drift down to her hand. She then folds them and places them in her pocket, "Well July has flying powers at the moment and she rather have her normal powers over it."

Skyler flops down on the cloud-like squishy floor and relaxes a bit. "Yeah, but that's not the same. I'm talking about the people who started off being able to fly and then lost that ability." She chuckles and shakes her head, "I can imagine how they feel crippled, now."

Ebony nods, "yah I guess your right" Her belly rumbles and she blushes some, "excuse me. My powers always make me hungry I could go for a steak right now."

Skyler licks her lips at the thought of a steak. "Yeah. A steak sounds good right about now." She floats up out of the cloud and lands on her feet. "Computer: End program," she calls out to the air, and the clouds suddenly vanish leaving the empty chamber that is the Danger room. With a giggle she says, "I always wanted to do that. It's like Star Trek."

Ebony giggles, "dork" she then walks to the door, "So lets go to the kitchen and I'll make a couple steaks."

Skyler nods, following Ebony. "Allright. Sounds good."

Ebony walks into the kitchen and walks to the freezer and opens it up and takes out two T bones and places them on a pan and place them on the oven. She sets it to broil

Skyler takes a seat at the island and watches as Ebony pops the steaks in to broil. She shifts her back back and forth, before reaching behind her and adjusting her bra. "Damn. All that flying about shifted everything around. I'm going to need to find a sports bra if I'm going to do that again."

Ebony nods and giggles some as you talk about bra she finds the fact you have to deal with such things funny since your a boy or was a boy, "yah best off using a sports bra over a normal one when working out. She walks over and looks at your breast, "may I help you?"

Skyler's cheeks flush deep pink as Ebony offers to help. "I.. uh… I'm okay," she stammers, finally getting everything settled. "Thanks."

Ebony giggles, "don't worry I be a prefect lady" she reaches over and readjust you and then checks the straps of the shirt by placing her hands under your shirt, "so tell me have you checked your self out in the mirror?" She takes her hands out.

Skyler still looks rather embarrassed that soembody's helping her with a bra. "Yeah, I have." She looks up at Ebony, curious. "Why?"

Ebony smiles, "so is this boy your type?" She walks over and checks on the steaks, "how do you like your meat?"

Skyler looks confused at the qustion. "My type? As in is this what I'm attracted to?" She shrugs, "I'm not really that into myself, really. And I like my meat medium."

Ebony smiles some and pokes the meat and takes both steaks out, "Well your not your self dear are you? I mean when you look in the mirror you see a beautiful older woman." She places the steaks on plates and gets flatware and brings them over to the island.

Skyler looks genuinely perplexed. "No, when I look in the mirror, I see me."

Ebony nods and thinks she understands but wants to make sure so she ask, "so do you see your face or this women's?"

Skyler furrows her eyebrows. "Well, it's my face. But it changes." She shakes her head frustrated that she's not doing an adequate job of explaining it. "It's.. I see who I look like. But to me, it's still me."

Ebony nods,"okay I understand. I just surprise your not looking at your self naked in a mirror and doing all though dirty things boy do ." She cuts up her steak and takes some and puts it in her mouth."

Skyler blushes bright pink again. "Well… the first time I was a girl, yeah. I did that." She hunches over sheepishly, "But…. after a while… the novelty wore off, I guess."

Ebony nods and smiles, "your lucky you get the take both sexes out for a test drive and get use to them. Now I bet a women could step in front of you naked and you eyes will stay on her's not her body."

Skyler shuffles in her seat uncomfortably, "Well, it depends," she says. "I try not to think about that kind of thing, really."

Ebony giggles some, "I making you nervous aren't I? I guess I over stepping my rights to ask you personal questions."

Skyler shakes her head. "No, it's okay, I guess." She sighs, "It's just that it's, I don't know, awkward. I see things that other people kind of forget about, or take for granted."

Ebony tilt her head and looks at Skyler, "what do you mean?"

"I, well," Skyler says trying to work it out in her mind how to explain. "Attraction. You like girls. You know you like girls. Have you ever thought about how much of that is based on your genes?"

Ebony thinks for a moment, "I thought about before I came out and then a lot after my powers showed." She sighs some, "I thought I just got a extra something or maybe it's part of my mutation.

Skyler nods. "Now. Can you imagine the subtleties of that attraction changing depending on what person you're copying. Things… well… I've learned to separate they physical with the emotional, which most people can't do."

Ebony blinks, "you mean you teams when you go from boy to girl and girl to boy?"

Skyler nods, still looking rather uncomfortable with the subject, but would rather get everything out in the air. "Yeah. I do. Sometimes I switch 'teams' when I go from boy to boy or girl to girl. Depends."

Ebony smiles and nods, "I think that cute" she leans over and kisses your cheek, "It's like being bisexual and not. Have you acted on the feeling of your female body?"

Skyler quirks an eyebrow. "Like, trying to have sex some guy I thought was cute?" She shakes her head, "No. I'm not looking to get into a relationship or anything like that."

Ebony giggles, "who said anything about a relationship dear I am talking about sex." She eats some more steak then speaks, "your been given a gift to try both sexes out I see it as almost a crime not to explore each side of it."

Skyler rolls her eyes. "Look. I've had enough sex to fill a lifetime. When I found out about my powers, I turned into a tomcat. A fully functioning tomcat," she says, emphasizing the 'fully functioning.'

Ebony blinks and giggles some, "I didn't know you could turn into animals as well." She shrugs, "I not trying to make you up set just talking I sorry if i am doing that."

Skyler shakes her head. "Yeah, I can. But when I'm a cat I'm a cat all the way. I would have been stuck as one if I didn't stumble upon this place." She sighs, "It's just that I've been getting hit on a lot lately, and a lot of people interested in my sex life."

Ebony giggles, "it's the curse of being a beautiful woman dear." She reaches over and strokes your cheek, "I was just wondering I am spoken for." She finishes her stake, "So is that how you found out you were a mutant by turning into a cat?

Skyler nods. "Well, I didn't really realize it until after I turned into a cat. While I was a cat I thought I was a cat. I had some confusing memories, but a cat really doesn't worry about that kind of thing."

Ebony nods and smiles, "I see. I am wondering do you need a sample of DNA to turn or do you need to fully touch the person. If it only DNA you could start collecting Blood and Hair sample so you can switch form at will."

Skyler seems to be a bit relieved once Ebony changes the subject and stops touching her. "Well, we've already tried doing it with a hair sample. I think I need a good source of DNA, or a living body for it to work." She shakes her head. "I'm not willing to go and touch a corpse yet for this.

Ebony nods, "a shame you could of had all the powers of everyone one at the school and then some if it works with just a hair."

Skyler shakes her head. "Well, it's not just the powers. I get the body, and the brain and everything of that person. I just don't get any memories and my personality is pretty much my own."

It doesn't really matter what time of day it is, Sophie often misses what's considered the usual hours for lunch or dinner. So she finds herself stumbling into the kitchen, a little hopped up on the mixture of coffee and her body being overloaded on energy. There's a sudden pause at the entry way, spotting two other students, one being her on and off roommate. "Hey, what's up?" She says, moving in the direction of Skyler with arm's extended for a quick hug.

both of them are sitting at the island Ebony just finished her steak and now the two are talking. She looks over at the voice and smiles, "hey there pull up a seat if you like."

Skyler, however, has barely touched hers, and stands up to accept Sophie's hug. "Hey. Steak is up. And I learned how to fly," she says with childlike enthusiasm.

"Fly?" Sophie quickly responds, taking a step back to eye the mentioned steak. "That's pretty awesome, to be honest." She moves back closer to the island, pulling back a seat next to Skyler and sitting down after the hug. "Though I can't fly, I think I've learned how to create a little shield of wires." the smallish teen says enthusiastically, her head bobbing up and down the entire time.

Ebony giggles and nods, "that's cool I can do something like that with paper. Well make it happen it just does." She stands up and places her plate and flatware in the dishwasher and returns to her seat, "so your power has to do with wire?" She never had the chance to sit down and talk to Sophie before.

Skyler finally gets around to digging into her steak. "Yeah. This person I copied could fly. So I went to the Danger Room to figure out how it all works." She scowls at her steak, chewing thoughtfully. "Needs salt." With that she stands up and walk over to the counter to dig out a salt shaker.

Sophie nods, turning her attention over towards Ebony. "Yeah, sort of." She explains, gesturing down to both her arms covered in 'tattoo' like circuit board patterns. "Wires andelectricity's the game for me, I guess." She ends her explanation with a toothy smile, pulling her attention towards Skyler. "Sounds like fun. Wish I could fly. Make traveling around way easier, you know?"

Ebony smiles and nods, "interesting power. Sometimes I wonder how much tech as a part of some mutant powers."

Skyler shrugs. "There's a couple of people around here who are… what's the word… Technopaths," she says returning to the island with her salt. "It's a kind of cool thing. Something I haven't copied yet."

"Indeed." Sophie says to Ebony; not a lick of her smile waining from her features. Standing up form her chair, she wanders over to the fridge and pulls the door open to get a quick glance, which is closed as fast as it was opened. It's evident she hasn't found anything worth taking from the electrical appliance. "Not sure I'd call myself a technopath…" she says, looking back over towards Skyler, "… but maybe? Really haven't explored those sort of possibilities in my powers." There is a sort of heavy sigh following her words and accented by a yawn. "Well, it's time for me to head back up to the old room. Better to get a little sleep than none at all, right?" She flashes her toothy smile once again as she begins towards the kitchen entrance. "Have a good night, both of you." And as soon as the words fall from her lips, Sophie is out the door and on her way back to her dorm room.

Ebony smiles and nods, "well that's what I am talking about. Would a technopath still be a technopath if we live with tech from the middle ages? I mean think about it. Would I have powers in the stone age were there is no paper? Maybe there been mutants all alone with powers that effect things are not yet invented or maybe they come alone becomes of the tech." She stops as Sophie get up and she waves, "night."

Skyler shrugs at the thought. "Sure. It probably won't mean much. They probably wouldn't have known they were a mutant until they get time warped into the present or something."

Ebony shrugs, "it's just weird that there are powers base off man made stuff. Here a thought maybe all the great inventors thought time were mutants thats how they came up with new stuff that changed the world."

"Maybe," Skyler says dubiously. "From what I understand, however, that up until the past century or so, mutants were really rare."

Ebony nods, "maybe or maybe the powers were not as flashy I mean a technopath who can invent things is not going to thought of as a mutant."

Skyler finishes off her steak, nodding. "Possibly. I'm sure we'll see more kinds of mutants as time goes by." She stands, picking up her plate and deposits it in the dishwasher after rinsing it off. "That steak was good. Thanks for making it for me."

Ebony smiles, "no problem I want to be wife for July I can" Okay she jumping the gun on that since they just started going out with each other.

Skyler nods at the other student. "Yeah, I'm sure she's lucky to have you." She catches the time from the corner of her eye and considers the clock a moment. "Well, it's been fun, but I've got to get back to my room and do a bit of studying."

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