2010-05-16: Bananas, Blood and Mud


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Summary: Mikhail and Zack toured Deadpool around the X-Mansion

Date: May 16, 2010

Log Title Bananas, Blood and Mud

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Roof

The sloped roof of Xavier's Mansion gives a view of the entire area. For the most part, the roof is inaccessible, except by a select group of Xavier's staff and students. Though, there are certain people that tend to relax and hide up here, to get away from everything.

It's sunday morning and Mikhail has been up since dawn, again this morning he's passed the time by hunting, he traveled past New York to find something more interesting and he found lots of fun things to hunt, he's dressed in black shorts, no shirt (showing the tattoos covering his collar, sholders and back), is barefoot and his hair and body is covered in blood and mud, he's not really supposed to go to far, or go out that early, so in an attempt to get caught, he's taking a shortcut over the roof.

Seated some five feet from where Siryn's window was, had she been around still Deadpool was in quiet contemplation, sober minded for once he was staring off until the sounds of someone else or something scraping along the rooftop had his head craning, " Oh, what did I call you? Something or other Ernest Borgnine movie… I got dibs on this spot kid, what're you doing? " Almost out of habit drawing a pistol up and pointing it but realizing he was intent on playing nice as best he could manage.

Mikhail almost jumps when Deadpool speaks, worried it might be a teacher catching him out, luckly is just Deadpool, "My name is Mikhail, but you called me Navy, why is that?", again the feral teen doesn't flinch at the gun, "You're that Wade/Deadpool man, the hired mercenairy gun walking scar, right?", he takes a couple of steps forwards, "Whats dibs?"

" Hrm, " Didn't he just say why? Memory shot or he was confusing himself. " I'm asking the question here Mowgli. " Giving a once over at the teenagers attire, blood and mud. The gun was holstered still having not drawn it only twitched in it's direction. " Dibs is Deadpool Immediately Beheads Stupid. So do not sit anywhere " Pointing at the roof he stood up and walked in a misshapen square around where he had been seated. " Anywhere, around here. Got it? Hey… what are you doing up here anyways? Don't they have a no students hanging for dear life from the gutters rule in this school? "

Mikhail shakes his head, "Not Mowgli, Mikhail, and you're calling me stupid?", big parts of his attitute are copied from what TV says teens are like, "You can't just behead people for sitting, it's a bit rude", at the question about the rules, the rule-braking teen looks down at his feet.

" Have, would, do, and will again! " Folding his arms across his chest he studied Mikhail, " Seriously, aren't there rules around here for you? Or is this one of those fun extra-credit classes where Logan bastes you up in chicken blood and chases you around like a dog? HEY what a minute, Deadpool Slash Wade scar guy? I resemble that remark. " His chin tipped up looking as if he had been offended or his feelings were hurt, not that his face could be seen.

Mikhail looks at his blood covered body, "This isn't chicken blood, it's wolf blood, and i dont do extra credit classes", he doesn't understand the offended motion without seeing facial expressions, so doesn't comment on it, "That what the tall man said, but at least you're not naked now, apparently it's unpleasant".

" Not a very good student are you then and where in Sam Dicken's did you find a wolf around here thats GOT to be illegal. Hrm, I like you. " .o0(At least for the next five minutes) " Heheh, probably. I rock a good speed-o buddy don't you believe them rumors. " Quickly he moves up beside Mikhail and leans towards him, his lips parted into a large smile under the mask. " Hey how about you and I go raid the Mansion kitchen? Maybe you can show me where the big screen is. "

"I am a good student, i have a photographic memory, and i caught up with eleven years of school in five months", Mikhail doesn't like being told he's "not very good" at something, "I found the wolves out past New York in the…", ok, shut up Mik, you're gonna get in trouble, making a mental note to google the word speed-o later to find out what it is, he grins, a new friend to add, "Ok, i can show you", he turns and steps off the roof.

Disregarding the other things he'd said about being a good student Deadpool manages to chuckle, a hand coming up to give Mikhail a swat on the shoulder." Excellent! Pretty hungry, ooo maybe there is some poptarts, I love poptarts… any clue who the nelly Sam Dickens is? I mean I don't even know why I said that anyways. So first stop kitchen, second stop little girls room… wait, this place is co-ed, definitely second stop litle girls room, probably third also THEN then my friend, big screen TV heaven. "

"Yes we have pop-tarts, but you have to take them out of the box before you put them in the toaster", Mikhail had to be told that when he forced the whole box in and a pizza, so he assumes he shold tell everyone else aswell, "I'm not sure who Sam Dickens is but we can check the phone book", ok confused now, "Why do you want to go to the little girls room when you're a boy?" anyways, "The TV here is very big, and it has something called HD".

.o0(This kid's two cents short of a penny ain't he?) Yes, thats why he'll make the perfec… " Clearing his throat he flashed a quick smile at Mikhail again, " Perfect friend! " enthusiastic slap on the youths shoulder once more and he spoke up. " Lead the way Mik, don't mind if I call you that right? Not sayiing it in the you're a leprechaun-hugging-drunken-Banshee sort either oh but what fine daughters thee be breedin n' rearin' " He whistles randomly then came to a halt at the question on little girls room, " That is exactly why, I see they are leaving out the more important aspects of edu-mah-cation up in this shanty, but HD… sigh drool yay! My heart just leaped. Haha! I said rearing… oh ew and father in rearing with that statement. Bleck hurt myself, such a treacherous brain. " Blanching he moved with the other man, hopefully to the innards of the Mansion." Deadpool having leapt off the roof when Mikhail did earlier, making sure to keep up.

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Mikhail has absolutely no idea what the hell Deadpool is talking about but nods, "Yeah you can call me Mik, all my friends do, but i'm not Irish", he knows what a leprechaun and Banshee is, "What edu-mah-cation are we missing and whats edu-mah-cation?", the word edu-mah-cation is said in Deadpool's voice, he then leads Deadppol thought the doors to the hallway that leads to the kitchen.

" Birds and bees? Yeesh, wasted youth! " A wistful sigh escaped him as they entered the kitchen, his head on a swivel while they moved through the mansion. " Boy, spare no expenses huh? I bet you're in house Hufflepuff aren'tcha? I'm so jealous. " Swinging open door after door he mumbles something under his breath before finding the much desired poptarts. " Ah hah! Hrm, whats this, writing… blah blah no touchy, kill, " Fishing his hand down to his utility belt he fumbles through a pouch before pulling out a purple sparkle laden pen, " I bedazzled it, cool huh? How do you spell your name, like McHale or Mikhail? MEH doesn't matter… " Replying to the rather territorial poptart card signed off by some fellow named Lucas he writes with a smiley face at the end, " IOU kisses and hugs, Mikhail. " Then tucking the box into his arms he grabs out a soda, " Okay, all set here. "

Mikhail grins, "I know about the birds and the bees", he's guessing he doesn't mean the animals, "When one person likes another person they can from a relationship wich can lead to sex, but you must use a condom or you get babies and STDs, and you need the other persons permission", the Harry Potter reference is lost on him, "Whats Hufflepuff?", he doesn't know what Deadpool's writing his name for but even if he did, he'll kick Lucas' ass if he bugs him for it.

" Permission? Hah! Well yeah probably I guess. " His mask was drawn up over his nose as he began to devour the poptarts in a crumbling mess, soda being gulped down between bites. " Hufflepuff. " Laughing, " That is a funny word isnt it? So, TV, girls dorms next on list. Better yet girls shower! Lets add also Forge's lab, Wolverine's lingerie cabinet, also where do I get one of them fancy X belts, I lost my other one. "

Zack hums happily to himself, comining up from the basment, tunes jaming on his headphones, dressed in loose practice clothing. He's been out working on some of his moves. Grooving and swaying as he comes up for a power or two, or a box.

Mikhail thinks for a second, debating the amuzingness of the word Hufflepuff, "Yeah i guess it is a funny word, like gnome", silent letters make no sense to him, "So you want to go to the girls showers?, ok this way", he's not sure why Deadpool wants to go there but ok he'll take him.

" YES lead the way! " .o0(Too good to be true, guided tour through the Mansion!) " Mik, I think buddy pal you have just become my favorite young X-Man. " Eyes of his masking do a -_0 as he looks towards Zack, " Another one I ain't never seen, some sort of mutant breeding facility under this place? " Chuckling he crams another poptart into his mouth.

Zack lifts his hands to wave towards the pair and then suddenl realizess…wait that's not some teenager. He huhs and turns to stare at Mikhail, and the Deadpool guy? Does he know him? Who is he? "Uh…mikhail…is that a friend of yours? Hi?" the large teen does a sort of wave again at the heavily armed bespandexed man.'

Mikhail smiles at being called Deadpool's favorite young X-man, "We don't have a breeding facility under here, but we do have, the Danger Room, the Hanger Med-Bey, Dr. McCoy's lab, Cerebra and Forge's lab, which you wanna see don't you?", when Zack speaks, he waves back, "Heya, yes he's my friend, this is Wade".

Deadpool sized up the Zack as he washed down the treat with some more soda, hand wiping across his mouth before the bottle clatters loudly into the sink banging about his mask drawing down once again. " They really need to step up the courses here, not even teaching you new folks who the O.G.'s are, I'm Wade yes or you can just call me Deadpool an X-Man… just not been in the Mansion a whole lot, my visits have been reserved to uh supervised ones of a sort… " .o0(We sound cool saying we're an X-Man huh?) That lovely inner voice chimes in. " Yes, yes we do. " He replies outloud.

Zack kinda goes agape as Mikhail just lists all of the various things in the mansion, like all of them, and he works his jaw a little, "Mikhail…and he's your friend ya…and he's like…all cool to be here, like the professers let him in and he's got like…I dunno, a visistor's badge? He signed in at the main office?" He sorta looks like he has his doubts, but then again the guy is here in the kitchen and so far no one has pressed an alarm or anything, "So um…all right Mr. Wade…" he offers his hand,
Zack says, "I'm Zack."

Mikhail nods, "Yeah, he's allowed to be here, he's an X-man and the really tall guy who help with the Hellions knows he's here and apprently so does Mr. Summers", well thats what both Deadpool and Proudstar have told him.

Deadpool's hand snaps out and takes up Zack's in a quick shake. " Visitors badge, thats a good one." This giant one is a little more cautious than Mikhail, note to self keep eye on. " The heck they feed you? From Nebraska aren't you, probably a whole lot of corn. Yeah what he said, Scotty and James and I go way back, old chums even got same taste in women. Redheads. " .o0(We have a taste? Haha, thats rich)

Zack nods a small bit, "Well Sir, you know, they do try to keep this a school…uh. So talking about it kinda makes me uncomfortable ya know, probably would get in trouble if we just talked about it to someone that we didn't know. Mr. Summers would probably have some strong words" he shakes, and he gives a gentle squeeze, but gentle for him is relative. "And no Mr. Wade, I'm from Manhattan, down in Harlem." he nods to Mikhail, all right, so he's legit. Being polite to the X-Man now that he's confidant he is one, "And we don't normally have um…spandex and weapons in the kitchen"

Mikhail grins glad thats all cleared up, then turns to Deadpool, "want me to show your the showers now?", whats wrong with what Deadpool's wearing, it's all just clothing, Mik's only wearing shorts and is covered in blood and mud, which he thinks is probably weirder, but whatever.

" Spandex? This is a special fabric and no weapons in the kitchen? " Both eyes slit down and he points a finger up towards the large mutant's face. " You got the rulebook on hand or you just pulling this out of your keester? " His ADD snapping him off that line of thought as he hears mention of the girls shower, " Yes, have to uh… yes. Lets go that way. Inspect the fosits and stuff, because thats what I used to do when I was here! Safety and security, such and such… " Rambling off he looked at Zack with slitted eyes before moving nearer to Mikhail, waiting for him to continue on. " The word Sir does make me giddy though. I admit, charms me right up. "

Zack nods, "Well it's not civilian clothing ya know, since we are supposed to be a school, just wearing your suit when you don't have to…I don't know. I guess you're right I don't know if they're rules, just never seen them." He rubs the back of his head, "So you used to do security? Ya that needs a bit of work I think, you're right, where are you going?" he grabs a bunch of bannannas from the counter and he'll follow along.

Mikhail nods and turns to lead Deadpool towards the elevator which will bring them down to the basement and lead to the showers.

Deadpool tagged along with Mikhail striding easily beside him. " We're going to look around and see what changes have been done since er my absence. It's good to know these things, enviromental awareness always know your surroundings… thats why we need to inspect the girls showers and possibly be pointed out where each and every one of their rooms is oh did you mention something about Cerebus? Might have to inspect that also, I mean, not today of course those other things I mentioned are more important. " Especially where the television is located. "

Zack uhs he take a bannanna and he peels it, slowly eating the fruit from the bunch, "you saying you're going to inspect the girls showers? Shouldn't a female teacher do that?" he idly asks the logical question. Not that he's going to stay awya, hell no, if a teacher is going to do it he's gonna follow along. But now he can say he asked if that's right.

Xavier Mansion - Locker Room

Lockers line half of the room for students to store their gym clothes and uniforms in between training sessions. The room is divided in half, one side for girls and the other for boys. Both sides are identical and have individual showers for students to clean.

Mikhail leads both Deadpool and Zack down to the showers, at least now he knows why Deadpool wants to go there, for security, "Here we are".

.o0(I think it's Cerebro smart guy, also… it's Cerberus not Cerebus) " Shut up you, you're back on the shun list. " Hearing more out of Zack, " Females don't always know what to look for, they don't think like us so it's good to have a man double-check things from time to time. .o0(Good one) Shun shun, I hear your sarcasm. " Once inside the showers he looks around, containing his excitement as his hands folding behind himself as he plotted on a good spot for a camera or two. " Mmhrmm mhrmm. " He let out walking around in a circle, " Mmhrm, everything seems satisfactory here, oh wait! Whats this…" He stops and pushes his shoulder against the wall near one of the girls showerheads, wedging his body so they couldn't see one side of it a blade coming up in his hand he quickly began to etch into the wall, " For a good time call Deadpool 1-917-Luv-Wade. " Speaking up loudly, " This could be dangerous just a second longer kiddos. " Making sure to obscure his actions.

Zack is eating his bannana and watching deadpool have some sort of third conversation, he's not sure if he's talking to him or not…but he's not gonna say anything, "Right…if you so so Mr. Wade…" He ends up standing in the showers, eating a bannana, and watching Deadpool hunt around in the girl's showers, "Men's showers is next door too…"

Mikhail leans against the wall, not interested in the least at what Deadpool is doing, he does however here the carving into the wall, "You're scratching the wall, why?", at the mention of the mens showers, he remembers he'll have to wash to blood and mud off him later.

Deadpool pauses in what he's doing brushing his thumb along what he'd marked into it dusting off his artwork. " Welp. That appears to be a false alarm, thought someone had done something disasterous in here… anyways, " Clearing his throat loudly and intentionally over Mikhail's question as he strode past giving a brief look into the men's showers before he was laughing loudly, " I half expected to see a huge carpet of blue fur covering the drain, hahah! Mik my boy! Lead on, we got more to see no time to waste in here unless you plan on showering in which case Zack here can finish the tou.. inspection. "

Zack tosses a bannan peel in the trash and goes for another one, he needs his potassium after all. He looks in the showers, "No blue fur man…er, Mr. Wade…uh…sure. But you know I would like to know it's al lsecure, I was already kidnapped once, that wasn't fun at all." he keeps following.

Mikhail may be naive but that sound caught his attention and he wants to know what it was, luckly for him he has very good eyesight, so he spots the message, he walks up to Deadpool, "So where to next 1-917-Luv-Wade?"

" Creepy-uncle-who-likes-to-wrestle not fun or AHH OUCH ah it burns stop!! AIEEee not fun?Was there ransom involved? I understand if you don't want to talk about it though Zeek. " Absently he wonders how much someone could fetch off one of these X-tra special students in that sort of a scenario. Mikhail's question had him deflating as he stared blankly then his eyes went into flattened slants again, " Just take the scenic route to the television… "

Zack takes a deep breath, "Sinister kidnapped me and was gonna let me starve to death in a cell. I was there a week and a half with no food after he was done with me, and I woulda died if someone didn't come along to steal his stuff…" he says flatly, "And it's Zack." well happy fun time appears to be over.

Mikhail grins at Deadpools reaction, the first normal one so far, "Of course the Tv is this way", he begins to lead the way, pretty confident that Deadpool has realised he's not an idiot.

" That… sounds like a harrowing experience. " .o0(Crybaby.) " Yeah, totally. " His feet shifted and he was trudging after Mikhail, " What's your superhero name Zaaaaack? Should use Zack Attack or Baron Zack-emo, that second ones good these are things to think about in your budding career as a do-gooder. " Pausing in their walk he would stop by a door, " Whose room is this? " Then across the hall at the other, " What about this one? "

Zack gives a little snort, and he tosses a banna peel at deadpool, "Ya ya, up yours too. All I care about is just finishing school Mr. Security Guard." obviously annoyed at the lash back, "It's in the rec room man, not in there."

Mikhail answers any questions Deadpool puts to him, but now he's paying much more attention, using all his superhuman senses, the leads the way back into the elevator and towards the rec room, "Deadpool, whats the code for the frontgate?"

Sailing banana peel heralded the way for a shimmering slash of blades through the air, his weapons sweeping out cutting the object into several pieces as it flopped on the ground uttering a "Snikt" with a snicker as he did so before looking down at the mess, " Damn, not quite seven pieces. " Both of the weapons in his hands he looked towards Mikhail and released a questioning, " Hrm? Something about taking me to the rec room. "

Zack points at the elevator, "Back upstairs, next to the kitchen from the hallway, TV, pool table, whole shebang…" he nods
Zack remains down here since you tow are going up, going to hit the gym again.

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Mikhail enters the rec room and gestures towards the big HDTV, "And here we go, big old tv, what checks did you wanna do?", he's half being nice, half trying to find out what Deadpool wants.

Deadpool leapt and landed in a rather graceful flop into a recliner leaning forward to grab up the remote control for the television he then turned it on. " Happy day! " He said cheerfully, wincing as he sat up to the side and manuevered his hand down behind him to adjust his weapon-harness, " Think by now I would remember not to do that. Cable not TiVo? Cheapskates. " He entirely absorbed in the television for what seemed like minutes before he looked over at Mikhail, " Huh? Oh right… it's break time. We're off the clock now, can continue here in a few. " Slumping back into the recliner he pushes his stomach out, chin tipping down into his collarbone as he took on that vacant tv-staring look.

Mikhail sighs and throws himself down on the couch, his black eyes always tend to have a vacant look, kinda hard to read, "So, who are you really?, i know you're allowed to be here, or they allow you to be here, but why?"

Channel after channel would flicker followed by continued comments from Deadpool on each that carried in a mumble under his breath, " News shmooze who cares about Spider-man,*click* oh look shoostings in Mutant Town. " Staring at the screen he realized Mikhail was speaking again, " When did you get in here? " The questions sinking in, " Because they like me and I kill stuff good. "

Ok, they like him and he's good at killing stuff, thats a good enough reason for him, "Cool, i'm good at killing things too, and people like me", bad as it sounds, Mik kinda misses the demons, they were fun to fight.

" Like you're KILLING MY TV TIME! " He snapped loudly, then blinked. " Haha sorry, forget to use my inside voice sometimes. Look kiddo why dont you go shower up, get that blood offa ya and when you're done you can and mentor pal Pool can go see more of the mansion and I can toss you a few moves that really get the ladies knickers in a knot. I ain't talking birds and bees either. " His finger tapping the butt of his pistol.

Mikhail flips onto his feet, "Cools, catch ya later Wade", he feral teen then heads out of the room to go wash up, no idea what Deadpool's planning on teaching him.

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