2011-06-14: 1k Plus 1t Equals


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Summary: There is a bit of catching up done underneath the shade of a flower filled tree.

Date: June 14, 2011

Log Title: 1k + 1t= Tara's Real Life Shōnen-ai

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion- Japanese Gardens

A large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

It's not long until sunset, the sky turning red and gold in the west already. The air is still overly warm, the heat of the day not yet having leeched away, and filled with the occasional splash of a fish jumping in the river. The garden is a peaceful place… Mostly, anyway. Seated on a bench by the river, a text book open beside her and a notebook in her lap, Star is busy studying for the last of her exams. With the end of school just days away, the elder Rosen twin is hard at work trying to make sure she graduates on time. For once, she doesn't appear to be too nervous; the air around her lightly tainted with worry and the faintest hint of irritation with having to study.

The sun is setting which adds to the already interesting color scheme of the gardens with its varying colorful flowers that hang overhead and line the paths. It's a sea of color that young Mr. Hayworth is enjoying. Oddly enough he's walking around in what appears to be a UM suit and his backpack is slung on with a rolled up piece of canvas poking out of the bag. Bare feet are grasping at the ground enjoying the texture of path in comparison to the cool blades of grass until he must cross the small wooden bridge over the river of Koi fish. He notices a student studying beneath a tree so he attempts not to disturb them as he stops a moment to peer down into the water.

Dressed in a dark purple button down shirt left open to reveal his black under shirt, black cargo pants and sandals, Kieran comes striding into the Japanese garden with an air of distraction, his acoustic guitar slung across his back in its hard shell case. He looks a bit on the distracted side because he doesn't even notice Tyler right now. Humming softly to himself as he 'sings' along to the song that's playing on his iPod that's currently secreted away in his pocket.

It's the sound of someone humming that gets Star's attention. She looks up from the book she's writing in, mild panic flashing around her for a moment before she gets a handle on herself and stomping on the fear. Safe. She's safe…. This is school, after all. School is, usually, safe… Right? She gives the two younger students a sheepish little wave and draws her feet up, shifting so that she's sitting on them, "Hey. Nice night." Yes, she did just comment on the weather; and even that seems a little forced, "You're both new here, right?" Beat, "I'm Star."

Tyler hears the humming and turns to find his guy wandering nearby. He's just about to call out when Star speaks up causing him to turn towards her. "Sure is," replies the happy teen. "I'm about a week old newbie, yes. Nice to meet you Star." Having answered the young woman he saunters over towards Kieran and pecks a smooch.

"We met before." Kieran says smiling at Star,"Down in the gym." He says pleasantly as he stands there with his hands in his pockets now. As the smooch occurs, Kieran gives Tyler a soft kiss in return,"Hey Ty." He says sounding quite happily,"Star, this is my boy Tyler. I did finally meet your brother and he really does seem to jump first when he has electricity and then figure out what he's going to do second." He says laughing a bit.

"You've guys met before? Well, derp." Tyler rolls his eyes at himself. Obviously they had met at some point given that Kieran had been around awhile. Derp. "Yup, I'm his boy." Not that he needs to confirm that but he sounds quite happy too. Poor Star hasn't gotten a word in yet as Tyler has commanded the conversation thus far. "Looking for some place to play?" The gardens were a lovely spot to do a great many activities away from the hussle and bustle of the school grounds. Though he leans in close and says softly to Ki, "You look totally hot by the way. Just pointing that out." Leans back all toothy grin and twinkling eyes.

"Once." Kieran says nodding his head a little bit,"Well you picked it out." He says laughing a little bit,"Yeah. I was looking for just somewhere peaceful that I could play. Somewhere that's not quite as enclosed. Being outside and playing just feels very comforting sometimes." He says casually as he moves to give his boy another hug. "So Star, did you know your brother's been spending a lot of time with a girl named Jem?" He asks curiously.

Indeed, Tyler did pick out these particular clothes but the clothing was only half of the equation. "Well, your brother found the shoes but I'll take all the credit." Glad to see you wandering around enjoying the afternoon, being happy, generally AROUND. "I know what you mean about being outside sometimes. I was thinking of finishing a landscape painting and wanted to check out some of the flowering trees here to maybe add those in." There's a hug which takes all of Ty's focus away from the environment for a moment. Now standing beside Kieran and peering down at Star he shakes his head about Cloud. "I don't know either of them very well."

"Well maybe but the rest was your doing." Kieran says laughing a little bit at Tyler,"Just relaxing around here and enjoying the scenery while playing is always good and with you here the scenery's definitely nice." Kieran says sounding a little bit amused. "Jem… She wanted to drag me into Frederick's. Now… Don't get me wrong, part of me likes girls still, although I doubt any compare to you, but that's just… slutty."

Star chuckles softly at the boys and shakes her head, "Well, welcome, then." She nods at Kieran, "Yeah, I vaguely remember meeting you once… It's been a while." Then Jem is mentioned in the same sentence with her brother and she actually growls, "He- she- WHAT?!" She stands, slaming the notebook shut, and grabs the text book off of the bench, "He is not going to be hanging out with that!" She doesn't even bother with a goodbye as she stalks off to try to find Cloud and talk some sense into him. Or maybe just slam his head up against the wall a few times…

What in the world just happened? Star ran off and he thinks that Cloud may be in for getting his ears tugged off or worse. "Is that typical? I mean of siblings and such. She seemed quite angry about this." Tyler shrugs then seems to bounce in place. "Soooooo…" he elongates. "You want to go find a place to play your music and I can paint a bit? Or you want to scrap those plans for something else?"

"Ummm… From what I've heard about them, that's pretty normal." Kieran says laughing a little bit,"As for normal? Not sure. I mean my brothers and I never behave like that, even though I think Brian grates on the nerves a bit with the others. Heck, there are times where he's a little much for me." He says sounding amused by the whole thing,"Well what did you have in mind if we decide to scrap our plans?" He asks curiously.

Tyler finds that he's glad he's an only child. Over the years there have been times where he's thought about what it would be like to have a sibling, someone to hang out with and do things with, and to annoy the 'rents. "Brian's adorable, Ki. Yeah he can be a bit much at times but at least he's a good kid." Adopting a thoughtful expression Tyler taps his temple like Pooh would. "I don't know. There's always making out but that's a given." Winks. "I do have to tell you about something that happened the other day. We've not had a moment." Points over to the abandoned tree if that's a good spot to sit. "I ran into Magneto, literally."

"Don't get me wrong, I love Brian dearly and if anyone were to hurt him there would be no where safe in this world or any other from me." Kieran says seriously, and judging from the brief flicker of anger in his usually composed expression is probably just barely scratching the surface. "Wow…. Magneto… Really? That's pretty… wow. His powers are probably the closest that I've heard of to my own." He says as he starts walking towards the abandoned tree,"I want to hear about the Magneto thing…"

"Oh no doubt," Tyler comments. "I would do the same thing if someone hurt one of my parents." The base of the tree becomes occupied by the teens with the flowery branches hanging overhead providing a nice shaded area. Tyler leans back against the massive tree trunk and crosses his legs out in front of him then flings an arm out to the side offering the available space for Kieran to sit close. "You've not ran into him yet? Scared me half to death. I've only seen him on the news so it was …intimidating. Guy has this presence I can't even explain." There's a brief explanation about how he ran into the professor. "Maybe you could ask him to help you with your magnetic stuff."

Taking off his guitar and setting it down next to him, Kieran snuggles against his boyfriend,"Yeah. That would be so freaking awesome. He could probably help me learn to do tricks with my powers that I can't figure out on my own. Probably teach me how to do more than just lift and throw like I have been doing." He says cheerfully,"And yeah. What I've heard about him, he's like really charismatic and people just feel like listening to him because of it. The fact he's probably one of the most powerful mutants on the planet doesn't hurt."

Tyler nods repeatedly as he settles his arm around Ki. Waving a foot from side to side, "Maybe he could teach you to use fields or something or hell maybe even fly. He flies right? Why can't you? I'm just throwing out ideas but you'd make for a pretty bad ass Sith flying around zapping people." Magneto is charismatic, imposing, powerful and, "You left out brilliant. He had all these ideas about my powers and such. Not only that but he was talking this whole other language about stuff in Genosha. Completely sailed over my head which sucked because I felt itty bitty IQ wise." There's a tinge of embarrassment there though he presses on while tipping his head to the side to touch Ki's. "I wanted to tell you first, for obvious reasons, that I may get to go to Genosha for some of the summer. I can explain it all better but it may take me awhile and there's a chance you could maybe come too if your interested and Magneto can swing this thing he wants to get going."

"Well I've never spoken to him so I wasn't sure how brilliant he was." Kieran says laughing a little bit,"I would love to be able to learn from him. The honest truth is that they can just help me with testing my limits. None of the teachers I've met have had even remotely similar powers to mine." He says seriously,"Would you be going all summer and not be able to come over? I think if you did Brian might be almost as upset as I am." He says laughing a bit,"And it would be pretty awesome if I could go with him and learn as much as I can from him."

"Heh, I had a feeling he was pretty smart. After all the stuff he's done? Yeah. Totally threw me for a loop though. I came here to get answers to questions I had and to help control what's been given to me and now I have a billion more questions I need to get answers for." Sadly most of those questions will require a lot of research and trial and error to figure out. All of the above is something that Tyler will struggle with over time. "I know how you feel powers wise. Was a stroke of luck running into Jono in the mall. His situation isn't exactly like mine but it's similar enough that he can understand me in a way others might not. It's pretty cool that you can seek out Magento for the same reason. Scary powerful man but he's surprisingly pretty cool to talk to." Holding up a hand palm up he's seeking to take hold of Ki's hand if his boyfriend wants the additional contact for he certainly does. "Pfft, I see how it is. It would be so awesome to go with Magento for the summer forgetting lil ol'me." Tyler teases with a heavy sigh. "I should tell you what's up with that since you'll abandon me for Mr. tall, powerful and genius-ness."

"I think I have more to worry about you forgetting all about me and finding some big buff dude over there that makes you swoon." Kieran says teasing right on back,"Yeah. The difference is that Jono seems more approachable than a man like Magneto. I think I might start talking worse gibberish than Brian if I were confronted with Magneto suddenly." He says laughing a little bit. "I think the more we learn about our powers, the more questions we have about the limits to what we can do."

Tyler taps his chin with a finger, "Hmm, you've got a point. And a lot of them might be wearing next to nothing working in fields and such. Lots of construction workers too…" He's expecting to get smacked or at the least tickled for his trouble. "Yeah, I was so cool I dropped my iPod and stared at him for Gods knows how long. I think you'd have me beat if you got gibberish out. "The powers thing is so true. I thought I could get it all figured out and be done with it but I realize that I'm not set in some mold I'm going to be able to do more than that..maybe." A few petals from flowers flutter down to land against each of them. "Basically it's to help Genosha recover. Build something, plant something, help pick up. I'm suppose to be drafting a proposal for something but I can't think of what to write. Any idea I come up with is so over my head or my capabilities."

The comment does earn Tyler a tickle, Kieran says smirking,"Oh? So you want a big buff guy now? I'm not enough for you any more?" There's no jealousy in his voice, if anything it'd be teasing. "Wow! You managed to not get verbal diarrhea? Maybe we need to tell your dads so they can mark it down on the calendar. 'Tyler rendered speechless when he doesn't have his mouth otherwise occupied." He continues teasing, before getting a little serious,"Well what are you supposed to writing a proposal on? Maybe I can help you with it, or at least get you started down the right path."

"Like you wouldn't eye ball a construction worker? PLEASE." Laughter burbles out of the teen as he tries to fend off the halfhearted tickling. Tyler snorts, "Shut up, Ki! I'm only hoping that I get to see how you fair up against Professor Purple Speedo." The teasing goes back and forth for some time until finally they get back to the seriousness that is summer planning. "The proposal? Basically I have to come up with something that Genosha could need and then explain the particulars. Why its needed, what it takes to make it happen, who would need to be involved and maintain it, that sort of thing. He used an example about building a bridge, which is the part that was totally way out of my league, and then an example about planting various things like trees and crops. I kinda thought of irrigation or plumbing. Thought it might have been because of the plant thing, or because I was watching Gladiator and thought about the Romans architectural advances but then I suppose it was because I wanted to go to the hot tub at the time. Sigh."

"Well do you need to be able to design the thing that needs built? Because otherwise I would say that for instance they need generators. You would need an architect to design the plant, then you'd need electricians, laborers, and that sort of thing for the actual construction. You'd also need things like cabling and the like to get the electricity out. So the question is whether you need to be able to design it." Kieran says smiling a little bit and cuddling close,"I do like see you in the hottub, although sometimes I do wonder what you'd look like in a slightly different swimsuit."

Tyler blinks like he just got lost in a sea of speech. "See, you know something of generators and can have a starting point to figuring all that out. Go research a few things and voila proposal and your powers kinda tie into that too. I'm sure you could rock that proposal if you wanted to go to Genosha for the summer if this happens. Me? I wouldn't be able to do something like that even though they need that sort of thing. I mean, I'm not sure if he meant come up with something then be a part of that project or come up with something then go do something that the person is capable of. Suppose I should ask him if I can find him." No, generators wouldn't be an easy topic for him but what would be? There's a kiss pressed to Ki's hair, "You're not so bad yourself though if you are thinking I'm putting on a speedo you'll just have to keep dreaming Sparky."

"Come on! You have a nice body." Kieran says laughing a little bit,"The big question is if you need to be doing all the information or if you're just coming up with the generic form and then it gets handed off to the really really smart people to determine the costs, and then hiring the people that would be needed." He says more seriously as he considers this whole thing,"And I am used to very analytical thinking. I love science and science is very analytical. Since you're mostly an artistic type it would be more difficult for you because it uses part of the brain that isn't as used. Same reason you have trouble with math."

"Erm, no. You couldn't even bribe me with red velvet cheesecake to put on anything that skimpy." Tyler sticks his tongue out in disgust then shakes his head about trying to ward off the images of being in a speedo, or a bikini, or worse. Head resting half against the tree and half against Ki, Tyler watches the swaying flowered limbs above. "True. Though what would Genosha need with art when they need homes, food and power. I know art is important, don't get me wrong, but they don't need it as much as they need some of these other things first. Survival things over books, sculpture and paintings. OR…I could be lame and talk about how to paint buildings, maybe a mosaic on a central building depicting some scene that would bring about unity, peace, and love. That sounds seriously hippie but you know what I mean."

"Oh so it would be disgusting if I was wearing a speedo?" Kieran asks smirking a little bit at Tyler's reaction to the idea,"Well sometimes it isn't just art. Remember that part of architecture is about art. Look at all the old buildings. You can't say that they had nothing to do with art. It's just learning to balance art and the science. But you're still young so couldn't design a building on your own. Not something you've been taught. But maybe you could learn and use your sculpting to do fountains and that kind of thing? But I'd ask him whether you need to actually get into the logistics or if you need to write up a proposal of something needed and what sort of people would be needed to build it. I doubt we could build a lot of stuff in a single summer."

Tyler waves his free hand about spastically, "No! We were talking about me and eww. Now that this is about you, feel free to wear whatever you want. Though honestly speedo's should really remain with swim teams and not the public. No matter how hot the guy they're not very good for running around a pool or a beach or whatever." The old architecture is a good point to have been made. There were quite a few buildings that Tyler could think of that were more art than anything else. Sure the buildings functioned as they should but most people looked upon them from a artistic perspective. "I'm still young? I'm only about half a year younger than you," snickers. "I'm not a sculptor that be Robyn. If I recall correctly but it could be fun ti bring in people to build things like that. Maybe make flooring that depicted a picture out of small tiles and things like that." It just all sounded silly when he thought about what the people needed in general. "I definitely have to talk to him but I needed to tell you in case this project is a go."

"Hey! I don't think I could design a thing either." Kieran says rolling his eyes a little bit,"Why's that? If you think about it, there's really no reason for it. Everything's covered. If you ever go to Europe, they wear speedos and less over on some of those beaches. I think Amsterdam for instance has a bunch of nude beaches." He says laughing a little bit at Tyler's reaction to the speedo,"You know, I can perform free electrolysis though to get rid of the hair that would usually slow someone down." He says smirking a bit.

"I wouldn't be hanging out at a nude beach unless I suddenly gain a whole lotta muscle and a few inches of height," Tyler rolls his eyes right back though there's laughter lurking in his gaze. "Isn't Amsterdam more famous for pot? Or is that someplace else? ANYWAYS," he sucks in a breath then his shoulders sag on the exhale. "You could make a fortune with that electrolysis stuff. Zap, that'll be $200 thanks, next! The swimmers would love you!"

"I don't know. I think you're perfect right now as you are. I don't think you need to build a whole lotta muscle or gain height. You gain more height and you're /really/ dwarf me." Kieran says laughing a bit,"I don't plan to do the nude beach thing. I think I'd get burnt there and that would REALLY suck." He says laughing a little bit,"And yeah, they're famous for their pot being legal." He says and gives another laugh,"And old women who are trying to hide their mustaches and of course anyone who wants to get rid of leg hair… I don't think I'd do certain places for people."

Tyler smiles bashfully and gently bumps his shoulder to Ki's. "That was all sorts of sweet, thank you." Nuzzles a kiss then giggles softly about dwarfing his poor boyfriend. "You may end up taller than me, Ki. I wouldn't mind one way or another. A few inches or a couple of pounds won't change the important parts." A slow hiss is released about getting burnt on a nude beach. YEOWCH! "I really hope no guy has ever gotten a full body burn just because they didn't want a tan line. Also, eww I don't want to think about what you've eluded to. We need to change subject and fast."

"Alright. So why don't you find out more about the type of proposal? Ask if it is something that you have to be able to do, or if you just need to be able to say what is needed. Because if it is the latter, I can help you out and we can work on it together." Kieran says smiling and moving to steal a kiss from his boyfriend's lips,"Just remember that I'm always here to help you with anything that isn't art related. Whether it's your math homework, or what have you."

"Since when did you become so amazing? Well, I knew you were amazing but now you're even more so. That make sense at all?" Tyler returns that kiss then cups a hand to Kieran's cheek. "I appreciate that you want to help me. I only hope that I can do the same for you in other ways. School is never going to be my thing but I'm not without skills." Leans in for another kiss then rests his head back against the tree trunk watching Kieran. "So, what's up with you? I feel like we've been talking about me forever."

"Well that's because far more amazing things have been happening with you than with me. My life seems rather dull. I got Fur Elise down for the piano so that I don't have to constantly look at the sheet music or focus on what I'm playing. Now it's as smooth for me as when I play the Moonlight Sonata. I can play stuff by Mozart and such but I have to see the music. For some reason Beethoven's just easier for me to play." Kieran says shrugging a little bit as he speaks,"I tell you what, you listen to me and I bet I can get you a great grade in Math."

"Maybe I should try to trade you my mojo? If I keep having random things happen to me I could pawn that off on you and suddenly you'll feel as confused as I am." Tyler really wouldn't want Kieran to be flailing about in the wind with a million things going on at once. Sure it's interesting and can be exciting but there's also a certain amount of stress involved. "You learn how to play pieces quickly. So what if you have to look at the sheet music from time to time? What matters is you've got talent and you play beautifully. I should maybe try to do homework while you play. Who knows? It may help me out." Math though is a sticky point and you know that already. Maybe he's just hopeless with numbers.

"It might help. Some people can learn better with music." Kieran says smiling and moving to kiss his boyfriend again tenderly,"Well, I guess the saying 'May you live in interesting times' is considered the worst curse that you can imagine." He says laughing softly and nods,"Yes. I do love to play. It's hard work but it's also such a thrill when you master a piece." He says in a hopeful voice,"Soon enough you will be getting better grades because I'll help you."

Tyler feels his heart all a twitter when Kieran snuggles closer and kisses him. Young love was such a new thing to experience and hopefully the feeling never went away. "You're brilliant," roughling Kieran's hair a bit. "The only reason I'll be getting better grades is because I've the proper motivation. Who wouldn't get better grades when they've got this incredibly cute guy sitting close by explaining how to factor a trinomial equation?"

"Well someone who doesn't like boys?" Kieran says laughing a bit,"And that won't be a bit of distraction?" He asks moving to tickle Tyler again,"But I promise I am a good tutor. Sometimes it's really hard though." He says gently, reaching up to touch Tyler's face gently and exude just the tiniest of electrical charge, just enough to tingle but not even enough to render it numb. "I always have little tricks too."

Tyler giggles like mad trying to avoid the tickling though it's impossible considering how they were sitting. There's nowhere for him to go nor can he fend Kieran off with one hand. "Of course…distraction… oh my gawd STOoooooOOoP!" Breathing like he's just run a sprint he rubs his cheek against Kierans hand when it touches his face. "You wouldn't dare zap me for getting the same word problem wrong twenty times."

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