2011-06-09: 1st Date


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Summary: Tyler asks Kieran out to dinner and they have a good time at a steakhouse in the Salem Center.

Date: June 9, 2011

Log Title: 1st Date

Rating: PG

Salem Center

Classes are over and done with for the day. Some students are completing homework, others are relaxing in various places around the school, others are heading off campus for one reason or another. Over in the boys dorms Tyler has awakened from a nano nap and gone to take a quick shower before tracking down Kieran to see if he was interested in doing something this evening. Thinking he might have the best luck heading back up to the room Tyler makes sure his vest is buttoned right and his tie is hanging loosely about his neck. It's a wonder the tie is even on but it's the current style these days.

Believe it or not, Kieran's actually sitting there playing Tears in Heaven right now. Although he's not singing it. He's just enjoying playing the song. His fingers move almost as if he weren't thinking at all about it. He does make playing the music seem like it's easy with how little he pays attentions to his hands.

Tyler has made it back to the room in one piece and has come to a stop in the open doorway. Taking up a lean against the framework he listens as Kieran plays a Clapton song. Caught him playing in the room after all. He'll of course wait till the song is over before making his presence known by complimenting Kieran on how well he played. "I was wondering if you had anything planned for tonight because if you don't would you like to go catch the bus and have dinner off campus?”

Setting aside Meghan, Kieran smiles a little bit and gets up from his bed where he was playing and moves towards Tyler,"Sounds fun!" He says, his eyes glittering brightly with amusement about the whole thing. "We can have our first official date then?" He says looking at Tyler intently,"So now you've heard me playing guitar. Now you see why I say I'm better at guitar than I am piano."

"I liked the piano playing though your guitar playing is different in a good way," Tyler smiles. Still leaning up against the framework he tucks a hand into the front pocket of his dark jeans and makes no move to enter the room just yet. "It would be a first date. I of course cheated and prepared in advance." With a dark blue dress shirt, black vest and a two tone tie of those colors. "Do you need some time or are you good to go as is?"

"Alright I'll change shirts." Kieran says going and getting out a blue dress shirt and a silver tie. He doesn't really show any modest as he strips off his shirt and then pulls on the blue dress shirt, buttoning it up quickly and then putting on the silver tie. It might be a bit surprising at how fast he manages to get the tie tied before he looks at Tyler,"Think this all works together?" He asks curiously standing there with solid silver toned tie, light blue shirt, and blue jeans.

"There are a few places around the Salem Center that I noticed. None of them require reservations so I thought we might figure out what sounded good and pop in." There are a few students that walk down the hall while Tyler is leaned there casually without a care in the world. A quick check of his pockets confirms that he has his wallet, and school issued cell phone on his person. When you're done with your shirt and tie he offers up a crooked smile, "You look great. Hmm, maybe grab a coat? The weather could turn nasty without warning." This has Tyler standing up straight then entering the room to fish out a light jacket for himself which he pulls on and waits for Kieran to gather up what he needs.

Grabbing just a light jacket, Kieran pulls it on and grins a little bit as he moves to get Tyler's hand,"My treat ok?" He asks smiling a bit,"I've been saving my pocket money for the most part and get a decent allowance." He says cheerfully as he considers that,"What sort of places did you find?" He asks curiously, tilting his head a little bit to oneside so that he's regarding Tyler curiously, course his also makes some wisps of pale blonde hair fall across his forehead and even a couple seem to be falling over his lashes.

Tyler takes Kierans hand, "Are you sure? It was my idea." It seems that you want to take care of dinner so he nods his ascent. Next day he could pick up the tab so it was no big deal. "There's an Italian place, one of those PF Changs, and I think there's a steak place. There are a few restaurants inside the mall as well though the only one I remember off the top of my head is a seafood place." Smiling Ty turns a bit to reach up with his free hand to brush the fallen hair away from your eyes. "I'm not allergic to anything and have no real preference so whatever you would like would be cool with me."

"Steak sounds good." Kieran says smiling a little bit at Tyler and gives a soft little laugh,"I am happy to do it!" He says as he rights himself ,"So shall we get along?" He asks with a bright smile as he squeezes Tyler's hand."Just sounds good for today." He adds casually, as he stays close to Tyler,"You should be glad. I'm sending the energy out through my other hand." He says blushing a little bit.

"It's a steak day then. I figure I can maybe take you for a movie or something next time we can leave campus so it all works out in the end." They leave the room making sure to shut the door then walk hand and hand down the hall heading for the outside world and down to where they can catch the bus that will take them to the Salem Center. "When you're happy and you know it don't zap your boyfriend?" Tyler chuckles as the press of sneakers cause rocks on the path to shift under foot. "How did your day go?"

"I'll definitely try not to zap my boyfriend." Kieran says smiling at Tyler,"Hey. You make me excited enough that it gets a little hard to control the power flowing through my body." He says casually, eyes glittering a little bit as he squeezes the other boy's hand,"It was pretty good. I made some headway on a Mozart piece for the piano. They're much harder than the Moonlight Sonata." He says considering a bit,"And how was your day?" He asks curiously.

They've managed to walk themselves to the stop to wait for the next bus that should arrive in about ten to fifteen minutes. Had they not caught this one it would have been an hour wait at least for the next bus to happen past. "Hmm, really? We're going to have to work on making sure we don't end up accidentally zotting each other. Tingles are fine of course. Those are actually kinda neat." Since they're stranded there forever Tyler frees up his hand from Kieran's and wraps his arm around Ki's shoulders. "Let me know when you've gotten to a point where you want an audience. I'll come down and listen. My day? It was interesting. I ran into Jono again and we talked about a lot of things that I've hand on my mind." Turns a bit to be able to see Kieran better, "AND he took me into the Danger Room to see what I could do. Best part? I got to ride in a Lexus."

Leaning against Tyler a little bit, Kieran has a somewhat silly smile on his face,"Did you enjoy the Danger Room? It's pretty awesome." His eyes flicker a little bit as he considers that,"I've been in a Lexus before. They're nice cars." He says casually,"Well the tingles might keep coming but don't worry about anything too much. I'm getting a little better at controlling them when you're making my stomach do flips." He says with a little laugh.

Tyler hugs with the one arm about Kieran as he tips his head to the side to rest his head against Ki's. "It is pretty neat. Jono fired this insane blast at this one wall so I knew it was alright to see what I could really do. I've never felt like that before; you know after I fired on something for real. Never been in a luxury car either which was a neat experience. There were tons of buttons though. I didnt push any but I was going to. It was a near thing." The bus can be seen off in the distance so it won't be long before it's at the stop. "I'm glad I'm not the only one though for me I feel like a jar of butterflies has been opened up in my chest." Bending his arm at the elbow he runs his fingers over Ki's hair till the bus pulls up. Quick kiss to the blonde locks and he fishes out his student ID to show the bus drive before searching for a pair of seats.

"I told you parents lived in a pretty wealthy area of the west side. I mean it's not like Indian Hills or anything but…" Kieran says laughing a bit. His hair's actually fairly soft. "Yeah. Luxury cars always have a ton of buttons. I think the more buttons you have in your car, the more you paid for it and thus the more important you are." He says smirking a little bit as he moves to show his own student ID to the bus driver and joining his boyfriend in finding seats together.

Tyler shakes his head about Indian Hills, luxury cars, and numerous buttons. "Fortunately for me my parents are sane and have solid cars that have a cd player, and four wheel drive for the winter. You know, to get up those hills when they're covered in snow." Thankfully the bus isn't packed so they have their pick of seats. Tyler points out the sideways seating and takes up a seat in the center of those then tosses his arm up along the back of the seats. "I'm glad you had nothing planned tonight. If there's time we could go walking around before heading back."

Moving to sit down next to his boyfriend and just leaning his head back, Kieran lets out a bit of a sigh,"Yeah I know. Although they do make luxury cars that have fourwheel drive." He says laughing softly as he just relaxes,"Yeah. I am glad. Maybe this weekend I'll be able to introduce you to my family. THey'll be up here until school lets out starting them. Well they're actually staying in the city. Mom wants to see a play and her old college."

"Yes, because the world really needs a Beemer SUV. Never seen the point of it," Tyler shakes his head. When Kieran sits and leans just so he smiles while idly rubbing fingertips against the outside of Ki's arms. "They're up for the enter week then? Pretty cool. I'm sure the can hit all the tourist sites I've not even seen yet. I'd love to hit Broadway one day. Would you want to go with me to see something? Doesn't really matter what but maybe a musical. I think Wicked is still running." The idea sounded great considering his boyfriend was a big music buff, musicals on Broadway were something special, and it would just be a great experience over all.

"So I figure maybe we can meetup with them for dinner or something." Kieran says laughing softly,"Sure. We can see Wicked, or Billy Elliot, Les Miserables, or perhaps even Phantom of the Opera if it's still there." He says grinning a little bit at his boyfriend. "So would you want to get together with them?" He asks curiously, sounding a little hopeful,"Just I really would like for you to meet them sooner rather than later." He says hopefully.

Tyler snickers, "The day Phantom stops playing the world is gonna spin backwards and all the water in the world will turn to chocolate milk." It could happen! "Of course I'd like to have dinner with them or whatever ends up happening. Everyone will get a chance to know each other before we're all back in Ohio." There's a little bit of nervousness about meeting Kieran's parents but that'll be over and done with after saying hello. The build up to the moment is always worse than the moment itself. "I've got to call my parents this weekend to make sure that everything's set up so I can fly home. It probably is but my father hasn't emailed me what I need yet for the airport."
Of course the cuddling and light conversation can continue for the remainder of the ride but at the proper stop they disembark and can walk hand in hand over to the steakhouse. "Hmm, you know we should probably go to the Headmaster or something and explain that we're together so they can shuffle rooms around. I wouldn't want your parents flipping out about us being in the same room."

"Do we have to rearrange? I really don't think my parents will care since I wasn't exactly planning to tell them yet." Kieran says blushing a little bit,"Plus who knows if they'll even care about us being in the same room." He says casually looking at Tyler,"I'd rather have us stay in the same room and not have to worry about being shuffled for at least a little while." He says with his eyes glittering a bit. "So did you mention me to your parents?" He asks curiously, wondering what his boyfriend's told people.

Tyler shrugs with the free hand, "I'm not sure if we have to or not but I bet it'll happen eventually. If not parents taking a dislike to the sitch I'm sure the school might. I rather like how things are but I can see why there might be an issue." They are almost there and the parking lot seems pretty busy for a Thursday night. Hopefully they wont have to wait too long to get a table. "Do you not want to tell them because you're not ready to face having to explain a lot or is it something else?" He hopes you're not ashamed of being with him. That would be a considerable downer. Ty really thinks it's more of not being ready to deal with everyone than the other thought. As he opens the door to the steakhouse for you there's a nod, "I emailed and told them that I had met someone who's amazing and we're kinda dating now. They of course wanted details but I shut them down. It's more fun to let them flail for awhile." Up to the greeters desk Ty smiles and requests a table for two.

"So I guess you didn't tell them anything?" Kieran asks seriously,"I emailed a picture of you to Brian with information about you to him. He's interested in meeting you. If you want I'll show you his response when we get home." He says laughing a little bit,"He knows you're my boyfriend already. I think he hit three pages." He says sounding amused as he looks at Tyler,"No. I don't want to tell them yet because I want to just let them get used to me being a mutant. That was hard enough on them, adding in being in a relationship with a boy might be just too much for them." He says shrugging a bit,"Mom would be fine with it. I'm sure she had gay friends when she was at college for music."

A hand goes behind Tylers head to rub at the nape of his neck, "Other than I'm with someone who's amazing? Nope. I was thinking of what I was going to say in the next email. I had something like 'ok fine, about five-five, blonde hair, light blue eyes, loves soccer, plays pretty much every instrument I can think of and even writes music.' They'll email back in under five minutes demanding more information." That you've told Brian and emailed a picture of him makes him feel special. "Three pages? Wow…I can't even imagine what he must have said." There's a kiss pressed to Ki's temple. "I understand. It'll suck for awhile but it'll be better in the long run." An employee comes over to fetch them and show them to their table. Menus are dropped off and they've got a booth to themselves! "My parents will love you. Prepare for the twenty questions when you come over.”

"Oh! If it helps, I wouldn't be telling them I was dating /anyone/. It's not just because you're a boy." Kieran says once they're both seated in the booth and recovered from the blush of having his temple kissed,"And I don't play the violin or anything like that. Just piano and guitar." He says before pausing casually as he begins looking over the menu,"This is Brian… A lot of it is incoherent ramblings that make sense if you stop focusing. He rambles about you and with things he's been seeing and doing and how much he looks forward. So it's all good." He says laughing softly.

"It helps some," Tyler says with a reassuring smile. It's alright he understands that the home situation is a bit rocky at the moment. "You don't play the violin yet! I think you could play anything you picked up, Ki." The menu is several pages which is a lot more than Tyler expected. There's no need for an appetizer so he flips a few pages to find what is offered for dinner. "I think I speak your brother's language. I can probably translate the email fairly well." Laughing quietly he peers back down at the menu until the server comes over asking what they would like to drink. Ty opts for a soda as well as a glass of water, and then the server inquires as to what Ki wants. A basket of bread will be brought out and they can be left to their own devices for awhile after ordering their meals.
Opting for just a glass of water, Kieran smiles a little bit,"I think my dad would probably go on about being too young to be dating, and that dating will distract me from my studies and yadayadayada." He says seriously rolling his eyes a little bit."And I'm looking forward to meeting your parents." He says seriously, running fingers through his hair. "Yeah. I am beginning to think you and he could quite along."

Tyler sets his menu aside having figured out what looked good enough to give a try. "Heh, maybe one day your dad will come around and if not you only have to really put up with it till you're off to college or whatever. Or you could point out that your GPA is insane, you don't drink, smoke or do drugs so lighten up. Yeah, that won't go over well but it had to be said." The server comes back with the drinks, that basket of bread, and will scribble down the couples order. Ty opted for something simple and is willing to share. Once they are left to their own devices he lays his hand upon the table palm up. "I can't wait for my parents to meet you. I hope I get along with all of your family. It may be rough for awhile but that's what I'm hoping for."

Ordering a steak as well. Kieran smiles a little bit,"I'm sure that they'll love you. Especially Brian and my mother will love you." He says cheerfully, and taking his boyfriend's hand and smiling at the taller lad,"I was going to tell him when I'm sixteen or so. That's when he said my brother was allowed to date officially as long as his GPA was maintained. Yeah. If only my english scores were as high as the rest I'd have a 4.0, but unfortunately it slips down because I can manage a B in English, something that earns me no end of hell from him. Least when they rely on my writing mostly instead of just the Lit section. Lit section I can pull good grades." He says seriously,"And I'd never do drugs or smoke. Probably won't drink anything other than like a glass of wine."

"Sometimes I wonder if parents ever remember what they were like in middle school and high school. You know they must have been interested in someone, maybe kissed, or gone out for awhile. They do have dances in the eight grade and such. Ya know, I think it's more of them remembering what they were like then and trying to keep their kids from doing what they did. Its unfair but it totally happens." Ty sips at his soda while enjoying the fact that your hand is in his. "I've never done anything like smoking or drugs. Drinking doesn't even appeal to me either so I doubt I'll get into that. At least you're bringing home a respectable guy technically."

"Well from what I've heard of my dad he was always very focused on his education and uptight, but he's always treated my mother like she was a Queen. I think he's a better husband than he is a dad." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,"I didn't get a dance until I got to Elder and did the Freshman Mixer and then the Sophmore Dance. I did have a date for that but it was an as 'friends' type thing. My mom set it up since the girl was one of her students." He says laughing a bit,"It sucked. She spent the entire time flirting with every guy in the place."

Tyler gives Ki's hand a squeeze as he speaks about something that''s no doubt got to be rough on him. Everyone needs their parents love and support and when things are not so great it makes it harder to accept that they do love their kids and want to see them happy and successful in life. "Eugh. That had to have been painful. I'm sorry you ended up with a girl like that. Upside? You're here now and with this amazing guy who just so happens to be an exceptional dancer." There's a smirk for you as he rubs his thumb across the hand he's holding hostage.

"You can dance?" Kieran asks smiling a bit,"I didn't know that. Anyway, It was just annoying." He says laughing a bit,"So anyway, it should be a good thing for you to meet my family. I'm sure Brian and my mom will love you. Sean and Tim who knows? As for my dad, I don't think he really cares as long as you don't stop me from studying. So we'll just have to make sure that you start getting even better grades on stuff."

Tyler nods. "My grades aren't bad. As long as I did my best that's all my parents ever cared about." In order to eat some of the bread from the basket Ty has to take his hand back to pick up a piece and pull it apart bit by bit. "I'm glad your family will be up here before the end of term because I can meet them so when I go home my parents can hog me for awhile and then we can bounce back and forth between houses."

"Hey, I bet I can help you with your math grades?" Kieran says smiling a bit,"Yeah. I think Brian will want to do some stuff when I get home without my parents. Thankfully there's lot of stuff we can do without having to leave the house." He says grinning,"Plus he loves soccer so we'll probably spend time playing and working on his handling skills." He says casually,"My dad's all about A's."

There will be the time spent with family then slowly but surely there will be time to do things together with various family members or on their own. "Don't play too hard," Ty points out as dinner arrives at the table. "Awesome, amazing, astounding, and I bet I could keep going. That's the A's that matter if you ask me." His meal looks to die for and so does yours. Cutting off the first bite Ty closes an eye when the flavor hits his tongue. "This is very good. So far I've gotta say this was a really great decision to come here. Nice people, cool atmosphere, and this steak may kill me." A piece is cut off his steak and he attempts to put it on your plate but will need help as it doesn't want to come off the fork. "Oh, and the company is the best part."

Taking a small bite of his own, Kieran smiles and cuts some off his own steak and rather than trying to push off a piece, he offers it on the fork to Tyler,"And yeah. The company is /definitely/ the best part of tonight." He says grinning broadly as he considers the first bit,"I don't think Brian and I know how to take it easy. So you can bet it will be like you say when I was running the other day." He says cheerfully,"Well since my dad controls my allowance…"

Tyler leans forward so that he can eat that offered bit of food. There's a pleased moan of delight as he sits back chewing the piece of steak. "Definitely good. Thank you for sharing." A little bit more of his own meal is ate before he offers you a bit of something else from his plate in the same manner you held out the piece of steak. "I'm sure it'll be crazy times for awhile. What about your allowance?"

"Well if my dad doesn't like my grades, he could cut it." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,"Mom won't let him cut it too deeply because she'll insist that I need money for certain supplies but still. It could get annoying." He says absently,"The food here is /really/ good."

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