2009-03-04 Creamery Oddities


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Creamery Oddities

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Cold Stone Creamery

Just a small conversation between two mutants as they eat ice cream and talk about things like art.

It's mid-afternoon, and the weather isn't bad. In fact, it's just right for ice cream. Seated at one of the tables in the Creamery is one extraordinarily strange individual. A woman with black hair and stark white skin that seems to reflect light somewhat glaringly sits there, idly eating a small ice cream sundae with raspberry sauce. Every once in a while, she looks up and about the place, sometimes glancing out the window.

Indeed the day is right for ice cream, even for a teenager who's supposed to be getting ready for school. But he can be a bit late, he does need a little pick-me-up. A rather tall teenager heads into the store, holding the door open to let a family out first; after almost being bowled over by little kids that don't even come to his waist. A quick glance around the store; looking to see if he knows anyone, and he slinks over towards the counter. Weaving his way around groups and people just standing around.

The woman picks at her sundae slowly, as if it doesn't interest her that much. Prodding it disinterestedly with the spoon, she then casts her glance at the teenager. She regards him with her dead, unearthly eyes.

The teen rolls his shoulders very slightly, partly to adjust his backpack's shoulder strap. He pays for his ice cream and glances behind him as it starts to get made. A quirk of his brow as his gaze meets the woman's dead one. He blinks a bit at it before he turns back around.

"You there, boy," The woman calls out in an even tone. Not especially friendly, yet her voice carries no hostility. "Would you mind coming here for a moment?" She keeps her eyes on him, unblinking, waiting for his response.

The teen looks up and behind him, his ice cream in hand as he quirks a brow. He gives a small shrug as he starts to head over there, taking small bites of his vanilla ice cream as he weaves through the people towards her.

The woman leans forward and maintains her gaze on the teenager. She leans her elbows on the table and clasps her hands together. "I do not believe you know me and this is important. When you entered here and saw me, what did you think I was? Please, be honest."

He tilts his head to the side a bit, the spoon sticking out of his mouth before he pulls it out slowly. "Uhh…" He blinks a bit before he says, "A person in an ice cream place eating ice cream?" Let's go with the 'duh' answer first. He lets out a soft huff of air, a canine thing to do, as he catches the air around her.

The woman relaxes a little and lets her arms back down. "Good. Too often I am accused of being a monster, undead or worse." She points and raises an eyebrow quizzically. "Is there some kind of problem?" She looks around the place for a moment.

The teen shakes his head for a moment before he lets out a soft laugh, taking another bite of his ice cream soon after. "Nah, nothin' too big. Just an odd smell in the air, must be from the back or something." He looks at the seat at the table and extends a hand, "May I?"

"You may," says the strange woman. "I am Victoria Routhe, also known as Obsidian. Thank you for not trying to kill me or calling the police, Avengers or X-Men." She looks at her ice cream and takes a spoonful.

The teen blinks a bit as he sits down in the chair, and tilts his head slightly. "Forgive me for asking, but why would I call them?" He takes a bite of his ice cream before he hurridly swallows it and says, "Sorry, but I'm Kaji Aldewolf."

Victoria stares for a moment. "Look at me. I look as if I am dead, yet still animate. And this…" She holds up her hands and suddenly her bright white appearance is replaced with glossy darkness. Her hair rises up into curved blades and her fingers elongate into vicious claws. "They see this and call me demon." The darkness retreats and the odd woman is there again. "But you do not. Why?"

Kaji lets out a soft laugh. "Mainly because I tend to not act before I think. Well, at least I try not to actually." He sets his backpack onto the table, blocking the view of his arm from the outside. "And well." His hand and forearm shift, a timber wolf's fur coloration spread over his hands as blunt claws form on the fingers, and then they vanish. "I'm not that normal either. If there's anything I've learned in the year I've lived here. Don't take things for how you see them."

Victoria nods and smiles. "Ah, I see. That is a good mindset to keep. Sadly too few are willing to see in that way. Do you transform into a wolf or some other furred beast? I recently saw a girl turn into a tiger."

Kaji shrugs a bit, setting his backpack back down onto the ground. "I can change into an anthro wolf. It's kinda like a werewolf, but a bit less oh-my-god muscle maniac." He lets out a chuckle before he takes another bite of ice cream, his ears rising up slightly; well as slight as human ears can. "A girl that can turn into a tiger?"

The white woman nods. "Yes. A girl of Asian descent, I think. She was angered by someone projecting a forceful blast of some kind at her and turned into a tiger. It seems a lot of people turn into other things. I turn into volcanic rock. You turn into a wolf-like being, and that girl turns into a tiger. No doubt there are more. Oh, and I do recall seeing a man - I think it was a man - that could transform himself into anything he wished so long as it was sufficiently comical."

A quirk of a brow and the teen lets out a soft chuckle. "So I see. So many other people like that in this city." He looks out the window with a soft smile before he looks back at Victoria. "I'm guessing Obsidian is your superhero name or something?"

"You could call it that," says Victoria. "It is the name of my alternate form. It is simple and appropriate, I think. I try to do a bit of heroing, but it's hard to be appreciated. So, do you have some name for your furry self?"
Kaji shakes his head. "Nah, I'm still myself. So I don't change my name." He twirls the spoon around in the air slightly before he chuckles. "If anything, I'd go with a japanese name for kicks. They're usually short and sweet."

"Weeaboo?" Victoria raises an eyebrow, smirking. She looks back down at her ice cream, still smiling. "Sorry. You've got a Japanese name but you don't look it. I don't mean any offence… adopted? Ah, um. It's not really my business."

Kaji lets out a soft laugh, quirking a brow as he shakes his head. "No, not a weeaboo nor am I adopted. My parents told me that they thought I was the fire in their life." He shrugs a bit. "I dunno. I just like the name, short and easy to write."

Victoria nods and pokes at her ice cream. "Ah, that makes sense. I don't know any Japanese, so I couldn't tell you the Japanese word for wolf. I could tell you the French word for wolf, but I'm not sure if that's what you want."

Kaji takes a small bite of his ice cream before he looks back up at her. "Oh? I think I'd be interested in that. Might switch things up actually." He smiles a bit, swirling his ice cream around; making it more of the consistency of soft serve.

Victoria says, "Loup," she says, pronouncing it with a silent p. "Or loup-garou if you want werewolf." Victoria eats some of her ice cream. There wasn't a great deal to start with and she's nearly finished it."

"Loup," she says, pronouncing it with a silent p. "Or loup-garou if you want werewolf." Victoria eats some of her ice cream. There wasn't a great deal to start with and she's nearly finished it.

A soft hum comes from the mutant before he nods his head a bit. "I like actually. If I actually go superheroing. I might actually use that. Though it'd be a big give away to you." He snickers a bit, taking a big bite out of his now soft serve.

Victoria nods again, lifting her eyebrows a moment. "Up to you. I have no claim on it. Lupus is another one. It's Latin, the eytomological root for the French word. Of course, loup can also refer to a kind of fish."

Kaji stifles a laugh. "Oh that'd be interesting. Being mistaken for a fish when you look like a wolf." He chuckles softly. "Though, I don't think I'd be that good of a super hero. I mean, I can't really do much of anything."

"Or lobo, the Spanish for wolf. But I think there already is a comic book character with that name," Victoria muses. "Of course, I don't think that many people know that loup means bass as well as wolf."

Kaji chuckles softly. "So many things I could choose, and yet there're so many already taken." He shrugs softly as he smies. "This is true. But I do know that I'd screw up a good few times if I started to do that."

Victoria taps her chin. "Maybe. It's really not that important unless you need an alias, I suppose. I use Obsidian because my alternate form isn't quite the same as me in personality. We are two different people, yet the same consciousness."

Kaji lets his spoon stick straight up in his food. "Or you could give them your actual name and they'd be coming to your house for interviews." He lets out a chuckle and then muses that for a moment. "I don't think my hotel would like that."

Victoria quirks an eyebrow. "That would be something, yes. My landlord likes me, fortunately. I don't make the slightest noise and I'm not wrecking the place like some others. I suppose if I wanted to I could sit still forever. That's one handy thing about being a rock."

Kaji snickers a bit. "You could be a really scary Halloween decoration if you wanted to." He hms a bit, taking another bite out of the ice cream before he glances over at the clock. "Hm, I still got time."

"I suppose I could," Victoria replies with a chuckle. She finishes off her ice cream and sets the plastic cup aside. "Time? Heading out to work soon? School?"

Kaji nods a bit. "Aye, I have evening classes to attend to in a bit. But, I can fudge a little bit. The class almost never starts on time anyway." He takes the last bite of his ice cream, and just gnaws on the spoon slightly.

"Ah, I see," says Victoria. "I vaguely remember my educative years. It seems so long ago that I got my degree in art history. Not that it's worth a whole lot. Nowadays I just sell sculptures to get by."

Kaji raises a brow as he says, "You had an Art major as well?" He hms to himself for a moment before he looks down at his backpack. "Most of my classes tonight are just the basic stuff. The only fun one is Life Drawing."

"We have something in common aside from our strangeness, then," says Victoria, glancing down at Kaji's backpack as he does. "I draw as well, but mostly I make glass sculptures. I get blocks made and I cut them to shape with my hands." Holding up one finger, a black blade forms over it and swiftly cycles through a multitude of differently shaped cutting tools before returning to an ordinary finger.

"That's always good to have something in common." He leans down, unclipping his backpack as he pulls out his sketchbook a bit after. He lays it down onto the table and flips through it for a moment, stopping on a picture that is just a drawing of a bird on a windowsill. "Something I drew yesterday." His skill isn't extraordinary, but he does have some skill in it.

"You're doing quite well," she observes. "Sometimes I think it would be nice to teach art, but I don't really need to. I don't need any more money; I have enough to maintain my appearance. Food and drink are not a concern and so long as I've been like this, I've never had any health issues. Perhaps I should try getting back into it just for the enjoyment of art and spreading that."

Kaji chuckles a bit. "Well, not all of us can be living rocks." He sets his sketchbook back into his backpack and looks back at her. "I still need to eat and everything. It's rather fun living as a college student, though I still get some fund from my parents."

Kaji smirks. "Well with your abilities, I think you could be." Then he nods softly. "Aye, college has its ups and downs. And art classes are surprisingly laid back in some ways."

"Yeah, they are, aren't they?" Victoria looks at her watch, except that she's not wearing one, then looks at the sky to estimate the time. "Oops. I should get back to sorting a few things out. The barrier just came down recently and I've forgotten to check on my apartment."

Kaji hoists his backpack up onto his shoulder, "It was nice meeting you, Victoria." He smiles a bit before he tosses the ice cream bowl into the trash. "Maybe we'll see each other around one of these days." He shrugs a bit after that. "Who knows."

Victoria stands up and smiles to Kaji. "It was nice meeting you. No doubt, we will meet again." Giving a short wave, the strange woman heads out of the Creamery.

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