2009-04-08: Misunderstanding


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Summary: Vincent & Gabriel at a Mall in Westchester. An argument between them leaves to an misunderstand by Vlad and July.

Date: April 08, 2009

Log TitleMisunderstand

Rating: PG-13

Mall in Westchester

Vladimir it's a cool night in April the type you still need a coat but not so could you need to wrap up. It was over cast all day and looked as if it was going to rain but not a drop feel. Vladimir or Vlad as his friends call him walk to the glass doors of the mall. He opens one just before a woman in her late 30's comeout of the mall could reach it. He holds the door allowing the woman to pass. He nods to her as she thanks him. He then enters the mall. He goal is the waste a few hours at the local game shops and maybe even catch a movie if anything good is playing. He did want to see the watchman but heard the book was better. He walks in no rush looking at the shops as he passes.

Vincent's been wandering around for about half an hour, with his sunglasses on, despite the weather, and being inside he still wears his aviators. He wears a black jacket and a crimson t-shirt underneath. Black pants, and black boots. The self healer has a wrap of gauze starting above his right fingers and disappearing under the sleeve. He walks with no real goal or purpose, just observing the people out on a Thursday night.

Vladimir walks for a bit more and spots the guy he knows from schools records during one of his mental dives. If the teachers ever know he was doing that he most likely be in deep trouble. He knows he has not been at the school since summer. What strikes Vlad the most is how close the two of them had dressed black teanch coat, sunglasses (even thought they are not needed) black pants, and boots. Vlad is wearing a black shirty over a red one but hey no one prefect. he decides he should learn more about this guy and walks over and when gets with in 10 feet calls out "Your Vincent aren't you?" he smiles and walks closer.

Vincent's eyes look over to Vladimir but his head doesn't turn. He stops though, and curses himself for it, he knows better. "Who's asking?" Vincent demands almost, looking over at the student but keeping his face covered. No need to worry people with his hideous and quickly diminishing scar.

Vladimir smiles and looks at the you with no fear. He smiles some, "you don't know me I am Vladmir but most just call me Vlad. I am a student at the former school." He offers a hand, "I just notice you over here and wanted to say hello." He then whispers but so you can still hear him, "our kind need to stick together." He reaches up and moves some hair out of his face and smiles more.

Vincent looks down at Vlad's hand and pauses for a moment before finally taking it, with a shy touch but firm grip. "Ok, Vlad." The unpleasant tone just rolling off his tongue, "I don't know how you know I went to that school, but keep it at a lower profile, Kapeesh?" Vincent says, keeping his voice low so one one but the mutant in front of him can hear. "And not to crush your dreams, but I don't need anyone." Someone's been having a pity party.

Vladimir hand shake is firm but not over powerful he looks you in the eyes not worry about the bandages or why you are in them. He laughs some and nods, "Well I found out about you from your file I used my um skills" He makes quote mark with his fingers after the shake before continuing "to hatch into the computers at the school. I do it mostly for fun but I do learn about students and formal students. It is a good thing to or I would have just past by you other wise." He shakes his head, "I didn't say you needed anyone and I don't pity you so don't think that is the reason." He smirks, "I just wanted to get to know you since fate has placed us both in the same place."

"So, you recognized me from the system and decided it was a good idea to go talk to me, in public, about being a …" Vincent pauses as his nicer side takes over and thinks about his words, "being what we are." The last part said in a whisper. "You must be pretty thick kid." The self healer moves over to a bench to sit down and rest his somewhat tired feet. "You've got some balls."

Vladimir shrugs, "what are we? I see a student and a former student from a privet school talking nothing more. I am sure others see it the same way." He walks over with you and sits on the bench, "I am not thick" Vlads tone in harsher and darker now, "Call me that again and bandage or not I make you rethink it." He smiles some, "Balls on the other hand I have" His tone is lighter then before but still harsh and darker then when you first met him.

Vincent usually has that effect on most people he meets. "Yeah I bet you will." He mumbles to himself, rolling his eyes away. "Having seen my file, you already know all your threats mean nothing to me, right." He says with a smirk, finally looking back at Vlad. "So, you seem smart: Why did fate bring us together?" Vincent asks, raising one eyebrow. And he's pretty two guys wearing sunglasses and one of them in a trench coat, doesn't look like two private school students to most people walking by.

Vladimir seems clue less about how they must really look or many he just does not care. He shrugs, "I am smart only a few have a higher IQ then me but if i could know how fate works I be more then I am. He moves some hair out of his face and smiles, "maybe we are suppose to be friends or more or maybe we going end up hating each other and fighting in some way." He reaches up and adjust his glasses and nods, "I know your skills and in truth if it is a fight fate sent us here to do you would have the edge on me." He leans back some, "but I like to think we suppose to be friends."
"Well, hopefully we're friends, cause a mall is a terrible place to fight, too many people and chances." Vincent says, taking a glance around the area, nothing right now. "But only time will tell." The mutant looks over at Vlad, "So, what exactly do you do, since you already know my talents."

Vincent's head tilts slightly, "Useful, but not directly dangerous." Vincent says bringing his bandaged hand up to his chin. "But I can see how it would have its usefulness." Vincent agrees, noting this exact situation mentally. Now he's wondering how complete that file was on him, does he know about the bone blades? That's usually a safe fall back.

Vladimir nods and smiles, "yah but it does leave my body helpless as I do it. It gotten me in trouble in the past in a one on one fight" He rubs his face remember the beating he took a few days ago. He does know all your powers that the school knows as well as a few personal things and notes from teachers but he not going tell you that. In truth the file most likely said more then that but you were only one of main files he looked over the weeks he been there and didn't spend to much time on it.

July comes out of the mall after the sun has settled down, and she looks up to the sky, "Wow. Took longer than I thought…" she muses, and she scratches her chin lightly, before looking around, seeing if she finds someone she knows…
Gabriel pages, "Hey you guys mind another?" to July, Vincent, and you.

"I bet it would and most likely will again." Vincent says to Vlad. "No offence." The self healer looks around once again, and spot July, recognizing the woman he flirted with earlier, he raises one arm and waves it slightly trying to get her attention before she walks off but feels like he wont be having much luck, so he stands up. "Sorry, it'll be just a minute." Vince says before he starts after July.

Vladimir nods, "none taken." He looks back as you start to wave and spots July his face lightens up seeing her and smiles with a big goofy grin. He looks back at Vinc and blinks as he gets up and going after her. He frowns some and stands up and walks after them as well. he wonders how he knows July she newer to the school then he was.

July looks around at the street, trying to recall which way is back to the school, and, just out of curiosity, she looks back into the mall, and notices Vladimir and… who again? Running toward her, giving her pause and making her blink softly.

and the fact they almost dress the same."
Vincent steps closer to July, but not too close, he does know the rules of educate, or one of him does. "I'm sorry I never got your name." Vincent says to the woman, "Mine is Vince." He pretty much ignores Vladimir right now, but what can the guy expect?

Look, up in the sky! It's a plane, it's a bird! No, it's a guy with wings! Flying over the area, is Gabriel Dumont. A publicly known mutant now, and member of the team that took back California during the invasion. His black wings flap in the air, allowing the young man to fly. He's strapped his sword to his side, and looks down as he comes in for a landing. As the avian comes down feet first, his wings make the fall easy. Tucking his wings back, the avian starts to make his way down the street, moving towards the school.

Vladimir catches up after a moment and does get close to July but in a friendly way. He smiles and kisses her cheek once again in a friendly way. He then smiles, "Hey July" he seems very happy and more relax then he was before even when he first greeted Vinc. He looks at the other guy in his shades and smiles at him wanting introduce them but does not speak for July. his back to the parking lot means he has not spotted the winged mutant.

July blinks as Vincent approaches her and she was about to say her name when Vladimir approaches her and kisses her cheek. She arches her eyebrow at him, and lightly pinches and twists his side as she replies, "Hi, Vlad." She says, then she looks to Vincent, "Nice to meet you, Vince. I'm July." she nods softly.

"Like wise July." Vincent says before he smiles and starts to raise her hand softly to kiss it, but is distracted by the flying mutant from yesterday. He steps past July and moves forward towards Gabriel, "Hey, what the hell was that yesterday?!" Someone seems kinda upset.

"It was a mugging. Ju were shot, and dat tiger girl from the school wouldn't let me even make sure ju were alright." Gabriel comments, letting his long hair down from it's pony tail. "Unless ju are talking about somesing else." Even though Vincent is acting upset over it, Gabriel isn't it was a job well done.

Vladimir squirms and giggles some as July pinches and twist his side. He know she most likely something to him for the kiss so he not surprise. blinks as Vinc walks past and starts to yell. He looks back seeing the wing mutant with the sword and sighs, "I hope there no trouble I been beat up to much this week." and more then he can handle in front of July. He watches the two of them and whispers to July, "you know the guy with the wings?"

July chuckles softly at Vladimir. "Well, if you kiss every girl you meet, you might find some bad boyfriend troubles." She smirks to him, shaking her head softly, before watching as Vincent moves to talk to a guy with wings, making her blink softly, looking at him, before she leans closer to Vlad to whisper, "Why is he being so open about his mutations…?" She whispers to him.

"Exactly." Vincent says taking off his sunglasses, the gunshot wound on his face looks like a small pimple now. "You could have done something to stop him." Though Vince pretty much got himself shot. And the cool head he had earlier is pretty much gone, talking about getting shot yesterday, not wise. He stops and lowers his arms and head, and takes a deep breath, "Now… if you're gonna keep following me, at least watch my back, ok hombre?" He mispronounces Hombre terribly. Then he over hears July and stops talking abruptly, covering his hand with his mouth and beginning to walk briskly to his car.

Gabriel looks to Vince's now 'wound'. "I knew I was right. Ju are from the school." He starts following Vince. "Ey! Ju do realize dere was notsing I could do to estop that man from shooting. I cannot predeect where a bullet's going to fire off and deflect it with a knife." His tone is calm, just loud enough for Vince and some others to hear, no aggression. If Vladimir and July pay attention to tech news, they may recognize Gabriel as the CEO of TechNoir's New York branch, a tech company that focuses on microprocessing power and components than military and government equipment. Gabriel often gives speeches with nothing hiding his wings from view.

Vladimir nods and smiles, "well I only do it to girls I know and don't have boyfriends and your a safe bet you will never have a boyfriend." He shrugs and frowns, "I don't know. I guess it be pretty hard to hide wings maybe that's why." He breaths out as there does not seem to be a fight that would be bad form all mutants if two starting out right fighting at a mall. it is only after Seeing vince's reaction it clicks she means him, "oh um well I have no idea he was not open a moment ago." His body goes stiff at the mention of the school so loudly, "what with there two they going blow the schools cover" He whispers to July. He is a little off by all this so it takes a while but he does being the computer nerd he is, "Thats Gabrie from TechNoir."

July smirks and crosses her arms in front of her chest, "I don't know, I could date the She-Hulk, and THEN you'd have a BIG problem if she was the jealous type." she winks to him, giggling softly, before she looks to winged guy as Vladimir introduces the guy to July. "Oh. Ah, I think I know him. I mean, dad spoke of his business corporation a few times. They're a pretty well group."

Vincent continues to walk away from the situation, realizing the stupid mistakes he just made, he looks around the parking lot once to make sure it's clear. Good, no one watching or following him. Don't need an attack at the school on his shoulders, not now.

Gabriel continues to follow Vincent, determined that this isn't finished yet. The angelic looking man starts to walk more briskly to follow him. "Nothing?"

Vladimir looks at July and thinking her and the she-hulk in bed together and gets a big grin on his face before speaking, "well yah but she will still not be your boyfriend unless you know something about her I don't." Looks at July, "Um should we follow them make sure they don't say anything else or just leave them?"

July arches one eyebrow at Vincent and Gabriel, apparently either not listening, or just ignoring the first thing Vladimir says, "Yes." she nods, "We should follow them. It's getting weird. If things go bad, we can always signal the school…"

Vincent shut up as soon as he realized he had been talking about the school and is making a b-line to his car. With the clicker in his hand he unlocks the car just as he gets to it and slips in the driver seat, before slamming the key into the ignition and starting it up with a deep rumble that levels off quickly. He looks over at Gabriel and motions the door is open if he wants in.

Gabriel does so get in, opening the car door with a click. He looks back to see Vlad and July looking right at the two. He gives a faint arrogant smirk and nod before tucking his wings as much as he can to sit comfortably in the Honda Civic, soon after the sword makes its way in as well in Gabriel's hand. Can't sit down with a sword strapped to your side. The door closes as fast as it was opened, and the two 'suspicious' gentlemen may be off before the other two can guess where they are going.

Vladimir nods and starts forward with or with out July and hurries to catch he not going to let the two of them leaves with out expansion what's going on and to make sure the school is not in any danger. Once he feels the two will get away before he can get to them he runs between two park car. His eyes roll back in his head and his body drops. Moments later his mind pushing into the cars computer of the car and the car turns off and the door lock.

July watches Vladimir going toward the other two, and she frowns a bit as he starts to run. She keeps her pace, watching what he's going to do, but then she blinks and frowns again as Vladimir's body drops lifeless. "What did he do?" she mutters to herself as she runs toward him to help him.

Vincent taps the gas and gets no response as the car quietly dies from the inside out. He puts it in neutral to coast a bit farther while he tries to restart it with no avail. "Damn that Vlad kid…" He says knowing what most likely happened… and the car locks… "Ok… seriously!?" Vincent complains to no one and brings the car to a stop before he just reaches over and unlocks the car. Stepping out he looks over to July, "Where'd he go?" Shouting across the parking lot.

Gabriel starts to bring the hilt of his sheathed sword to the window, though as Vincent unlocks the doors manually, the avian does as well. Opening the door and placing the sheathed Metatron at his side, Seraphim takes out the elegant sword. The blade of Metatron is cast aflame when exposed to the open air. Gabriel's wings open up and a red aura starts to seep down to his feet from his wings. "Where are ju!?!" He yells out.

Vladimir returns to his body and moans as he feels the aftermath of letting his body drop like that. he pulls him self up and looks at July, "That should stop them from getting away until we are sure the school going to be okay and find out what's going on." Starts out be freezes as he hears Vincent's voice and frown know he should of shorted out the locks so he could not get out. He swallows and steps out sure of another beating. He looks at July knowing she not in danger this time but still worries about her. He looks back, "I am here. I couldn't let you leave yet." he looks at the wing man and frowns more seeing the glow.

July feels a cold shiver going up her spine as a conflict now seems unavoidable. Great. Twice leaving school, twice finding trouble. "What the heck is going on here!?" she hisses to Vladimir. "who's that other guy with him?" She knows his name is Vincent, but that's all she knows.

Vincent is actually gonna try and to the honorable thing here starting with, "What the hell are you doing bird boy!?" He says staring at all high and mighty gonna smight you. "Put that damn thing away, we're not gonna fight." Then he turns to Vlad, "Nice, trick Vlad, but start my car back up and we'll be on our way, and nothing will happen. You said you wanted to be friends as long as fate allowed it right. Well fate didn't turn off my car…"
Vincent says, hoping Vlad sees the train of thought. And to July he just shrugs so she can see where she is and mouths the words 'I'm Sorry.'

Gabriel looks down at Vladimir, he does not enjoy being impeded. And that's exactly what happens with what Vlad did. The flaming sword goes back into the sheath, the flames snuffed out as Gabe releases the hilt. "If it wasn't for meester 'yumping to conclusions' we'd be on our way right now." He says, only loud enough for Vincent to hear. "And the name's Seraphim, dis' bird boy sounds like I'm a pigeon." The older mutant simply looks agitated, though his wings to stop seeping the crimson aura, just remaining their obsidian color for now.

Vladimir looks at July that is Gabriel he is a CEO of a hardware firm." he Frowns, "I want to know how he knows the school and what he wants with it?" He looks into Vinc eyes showing no fear of the man, "Fate seems to set us on this path. What with you shouting about the school like that after you bitched about me talking you in a whisper about it in the mall. I turn off the car and I can turn it back on but I think we all need to see shades about this she if there is any trouble he knows why!" Eyes narrow at Gabriel, "don't you agree?" He is in this deep there no turning back and why shows fear now.

July feels more lost at this than a blind man amidst a gunfire, and she shakes her head, frowning and grabbing her head with one hand, "Those two…" she looks at them, and frowning as she doesn't recognize them at all at the school, "Know about our school?"
Vincent sighs at the intense level of drama going on, "You know about Xavier's right?" Vincent says looking at Gabe, almost certain that he would, being a mutant in New York and all. He looks back at Vlad and replys, "I never mentioned the school, that was you, yelling at us from over there." Vincent points to right where Vlad is standing now. "We were talking about something else. Something completely different." Vince then turns to

July and says softly, "Yep, I'm alumni." Then he puts on a full smile for the girl before his face resets as he looks over to Vlad.

"He hates it when ju call him 'shades'." Is the first thing that rings out from Gabriel. Then in an angry march he looks to Vladimir and shows him his hand on his right ring-finer rests a graduaton ring, seems he graduated two years ago from the school, the school emblem is embossed on it. "It's just as much /my/ school as it is jurs. And if you think going to Summers with something thees trivial jour looking at a boot up jour ass! Tink about it, there are tons of schools in Westchester. If ju freak out every time someone says 'school' jur going to draw even more attention to jurself, yust as ju are doing at this bery moment."

Vladimir nods Vincent is a former student so no surprise there but Gabriel I not sure how he knows." Frowns and thinks about this and was sure he heard about he school" He frowns and sighs, "I'm sorry I fix your car then." he start to walk pass the two men to the car. He stops and looks at the ring, "all I know is the first thing they told us is not to talk about the school and when two mutants start speaking about a school like you two did it going be harder to hide it. Even more so with some in the public eye like your self. You also should not wear that that links you right to the school what if you or it falls into a hate group you don't think they comes after the school for allowing someone like you to join?"

July sighs and leans forward against one of the cars, using it as support, resting her arms and chin against the roof of it, "So it was just a misunderstanding?" She asks, before letting out another relieved sigh, happy no physical confrontation will happen.

Vincent simply nods to July before he turns around and walks over to his car, slipping into the driver seat. "Just be sure to listen closer, ok Vlad." Vincent says before he shuts the door and waits for Gabriel to get in the car.
"Ju don't understand a thing dey told you. And I'll be DAMNED eef I let ju talk to me that way. DON'T PREACH TO ME WHEN JU KNOW NOTHING. ju pendejo de madre. Balgame de dios a quien el cree que es? Te digo que tu eres, tu eres un idiota. Yo soy Gabriel Angeleus Dumont. Y yo no tengo que escuchar a esta mierda!" Sounds so much better in spanish doesn't it. "La verdad es que a regla dice que: No permites a hablar a la escuela por un lugar por mutates. No que no puede hablar de la escuela en los situaciones del dia. Santo Christo. Si esto es la generacion nueva, el mundo va a ser destruido." He says as he starts opens and leaves with Vincent. Maybe inside the spanish rant will end.

Vladimir nods and walks over to the car and places his hand on it and his eyes roll back in his head and his body goes limp and falls banging his chin on the hood. The car starts up and a roar. once the car start he opens his eyes and wince at the pain in his chin, "Oh man" He sits up and sighs looks at Gabriel and blinks not understanding half he was saying to him, "I said I am sorry."

didn't have to listen to that shit, said that the rule says you can't say Xavier's is a mutant haven, said that if that is the new generation, that the world will surely come to an end."

July had to learn good spanish since her father had lots of business and has met with many people from Europe. "Hey!!" she says, frowning at Gabriel. "There's no need for so many curses!" she frowns, pulling herself off the car, "He erred, but that's no reason for that outburst! Want to make a scene and draw a crowd! Grow up!"

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