2009-04-08: Words


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Summary: Scott has some words for Pallaton about the incident in the rec room.

Date: April 8, 2008

Log Title Words

Rating: PG

Scott's Office

Scott sits in his office, filling out paperwork and what not for the school. Though his attire is a bit more dirty than he'd normally wear. A motor oil stained shirt and some work jeans. He's about to give a hands-on approach to his students about transmissions and the replacing of fluid thereof. "Come in." He bides to the door, his glasses still focused on the paperwork and the pen in front of him.

Pallaton slowly pushes the door open stepping in with his ears flat against his head and his tail tucked between his le-THUD! He winces, having just bumped his head against the doorframe. He learns, though, and ducks under the second time. He definitely knows he's in trouble, so he just slowly heads towards the desk and let's Scott do the talking. For now, at least.

"Close the door, please." He asks Pallaton. Scott click the pen in his hand closed and look up at the wolfguy. "Do you remember when Owen destroyed some things in the Rec Room, Pallaton?" Scott asks the student, making sure he knows why Scott's gonna talk sternly. "I had a talk with Professor Parker afterwards. He had some concerns that I share."

Pallaton nods, closing the door. behind him and stepping towards Scott. He'd sit down, but he'd probably break something. "Yes, I do…" Yup, just as he thought. Bus-teeeeeed…

"The main thing we are concerned is that you /ignored/ a member of the staff and faculty. You're a student, Pallaton. We have more experience in these situations, and we need to make sure our students do what we say when things like that happen." His tone is aggravated, but he still keeps eye contact. "By coming to live here, all the faculty, staff, and X-Men are responsible for you and the other students."

Pallaton nods slowly. He looks upset and lets out his excuse with a bit of a whimper. "But I wanted to do all I can to help him. We all look out for each other here, don't we?"

"We do. But you can't ignore someone else who is more experienced and trained for incidents like that. They're the boss. Just as I am out on the field and in this school. Any member of staff needs to be respected and in serious situations, obeyed. It's their job to handle things like that." He stands up, still having to look up at the student in front of him. "Not listening to them can get someone killed. And that's not something we can tolerate." Scott tried to make his point very clear, even if something didn't go terribly wrong, there's always a possibility for it to happen.

Surprisingly for the large wolfman, he seems to sink lower at Scott's words, his ears drooping lower and tail tucked between his legs. It seems the fuzzy mutant is a bit more animal-like than people think. "Yes, sir…" is all he can whimper out.

Scott continues to watch the student droop down. "So, as long as you're seeing this eye-to-eye with me. I'll tell you what's gonna happen now." He says, before looking back down at some papers. "After the contractors finish with reconstructing the rec room. You're going to help paint it and fix it back up." Yes, Pallaton's got a punishment. "I'm also going to talk with your squad leader about it." He'd say the whole 'take this and grow from it' but Scott's not that type. Pallaton needs to realize that he needs to listen.

Pallaton nods his head silently. He's making eye contact, but still just looks really down. It doesn't seem to be a ploy to try the puppy-dog eyes, but rather genuine sadness and worry over it.

Well, Pallaton's not going to get expelled over it. "So, next time, just stand back and let the faculty do their job. If they need your help, they will ask for it." He says to the student. He waits for Pallaton to say something, he was almost expecting verbal conflict with Pallaton.

Pallaton doesn't say anything, though, nodding his head. If he is indeed more animal than man, he seems to accept Scott as the 'alpha' of the school. He's pretty much showing all of the tell-tale signs of submission to those of higher station. He stands like that for a minute before mustering up the courage to ask. "Umm… w-will I be thrown out of the Hellions?" He hadn't even met the rest of his squad yet…

Scott raises his eyebrows and answers fast. "No, you will remain with your squad, with the Hellions. First and foremost this school is to help every student learn their powers." He inhales sharply as he makes his way over to the wolfman. "And we wouldn't be fulfilling that commitment with you if we pulled you out of the Hellions."

Pallaton lets out a sigh of relief. Though he's in trouble, it at least seems he's not too bothered about helping out redecorate. "That's a relief. We're still organizing our first get-together, after all. Not sure what's taking so long…" He shakes his fur a bit, before looking to Scott again. "Oh, um, I'm not sure if now's the best time to ask, but since I'll be out of schooling at the end of the semester, I had a bit of a question. I think I'd speak to you about it, right? Or one of the guidance staff?"

Scott looks to Pallaton. "Depends on what it is." He wants to know what he's going to ask, that's for sure.

Pallaton nods, scratching the back of his neck. "Well, I want to give something back to the school here, but I honestly don't know how to go about it. I mean, if I could teach something here, I'd jump at the chance, but like I said, I don't know how to go about getting to that point…" His gaze wanders for a bit before turning back to Scott. "Umm, that is if there's any need for me, that is. I still plan to stay here and train with my abilities, of course."

"I'd rather you do what you want to do with your life. If teaching is that thing, then to get certified is about a two year commitment to be certified." Scott informs. "And you are welcome to stay here and keep training, there are students who do exactly that."

Pallaton nods. "Right. Thank you, sir. I'll have to look into how to do that, considering…" His attitude droops somewhat, as if unhappy about just mentioning it, though 'it' may be a mystery to Scott. "Um, sorry… I think I've taken too much of your time. Was there anything else?"

"No, there isn't anything else. But as with all students. My door is open if you need to talk." Scott says, looking to Pallaton, a little confused at what is depressing him.

Pallaton nods, heading to the door. His hand takes hold of the handle, but doesn't open the door. He pauses, thinking, before turning his head a little towards Scott. "Why is everyone outside of here afraid of me… What do I have to do to gain their trust and not have to hide myself?"

Scott gives a sigh at that question. but knows the answer. "It's cause you look like you do. It's not your fault, but people are afraid of what they don't understand. But not everyone is afraid of you." He says, trying to lift a spirit. "It's your size, your fur, your teeth. It's not gonna be easy, but if you're willing to try, people will accept not only you, but all of us. That time is coming soon, more and more mutants are being born every day."

Pallaton nods, though it seems the points that Scott picks out just add to the feelings. "So I'll only really fit in if I'm not like this… I have abilities that I don't even understand, so if that's true, people will never understand it themselves, and be afraid of me forever." He lifts his clawed hand, looking at it. "I'm starting to wonder if the Great Mother blessed me with this body, or cursed me with it instead…"

"You didn't hear what I said, and that's not what the saying means. We've already achieved much since I was your age. Others like you will fit in eventually." Scott looks up at the student. Pallaton really didn't take what Scott said the right way.

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