2009-04-09: The Tiger and The Vampire


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Summary: Met Uriko & Robyn for the first time with July in the woods behind the school.

Date: April 09, 2009

Log Title The Tiger and The Vampire

Rating: Log Rating. PG-13

Woods Behind Xavier School

Pine, Oak, Birch, and many other trees can be found in these woods. Paths lead all through out them for students to take walks. The occasional bench can be found along the paths. Students shouldn't worry about wandering too deep in these woods as its almost impossible for them to get lost here.

The woods are one of the places Uriko goes when she needs to unwind, get away from people and… let the tiger prowl a little without the complications of doing such in the city - not that that's ever stopped her before. Right now, though, she seems to have climbed a tree, sitting on one of the lower branches, apparently alone with her thoughts. It's late afternoon out, the sun sits low in the western sky, casting long shadows across the forest.

Vladimir is still exploring sure he can sit in his room and read all the student files and what ever else he can fine but there more to this place then cyber space. He not a real outdoors type but thought he go and try the woods days see what's there to see. He walks down the path dress in a black leather tench coat, Black sleeveless shirt with silver studs around the neck and arm holes, black pants, black combat boots, black leather finger less gloves with silver studs on the knocks and of course the blue sunglasses.

July is in the forest already, but seated near a clearing so there's some light of the sun to allow her to read the book she got with her. She's leaned against a tree, away from Uriko, the girl's presence unknown to the rubber girl, same with Vlad's arrival, while the girl just relaxes, reading her book.

Uriko watches Vladimir come down the path - studying him for a little while as he walks - as of yet she hasn't necessarily seen July, but may have picked up a scent - sensitive nose and all.

Vladimir keeps walking around the woods stumbling on rocks and roots. Yep there no doubt that he is a a city boy. He stops for a moment to readjust his sun glasses after each trip and frown. He looks around and sigh some and leans against a tree. He pulls out a black pack of cigarettes that read black across the front. He pulls out a black cancer stick and then lights it with a silver zippo. The smell of the black in not as harsh as a coomon smoke it has the sent of cherries to it. He clueless anyone is around so he not hiding the fact he is smoking.

July blinks softly as she hears rustling and some grunts as if some people have tripped over something and she stands up, deciding to check who's around. She closes her book and looks around, not seeing anyone at first, and then she starts walking toward Vlad's direction, the direction she heard the sound come.

"Yuck, knock that crap off, it's terrible for you anyway… and it smells bad," Uriko calls out to Vladimir, wrinkling her nose a little bit. "You're not the only one out here, yanno!"

Vladimir jumps at the voice and starts to cough. He almost drop the lit cigarette. He looks around and finally spots the girl in the tree, "god damn it you could warn people you were there!" He puts on the black on the bark of the tree he leaning on and place it back in his pack, "so who are you anyway?" He half expecting her tell him she a dryad or something like that it would not surprise him in a place like this.

July has a better time finding tracking them by listening to their voices now that they're talking, "Oh, hey, Vlad." she says, smiling, but then she blinks and frowns a bit when she notices the cigarretes. "You smoke?" she asks, a slight hint of disappointment in her voice, before she looks to the girl on the branches, "Hi."

"Sorry, I'm sneaky like that I guess," Uriko shrugs, glancing over at July, "Heya," she offers, not much of an explanation as to why she was hiding in a tree - though she does at this point drop down onto the ground, hopefully to have a more normal conversation.

Vladimir looks over at July once he hears her voice. He face lighten up as it always does when he is around July, "Hey what ar…" he stops as she comments about him smoking and frowns some, "Well I…I mean…. It's not…." He sighs, "Yes for a long time it's a bad habit I'm trying to give up" He been already yelled at by Leo and Jared about it and he did say he give it up but harder then it looks. He looks up into the tree and gives a look as if this was all Uriko's fault, "well you should warn someone about that. How long were you watching me?"

July shakes her head softly, "Nicotine is bad for the health." she says as she approaches the group. "Who can say what can it do for people with different physiologies due to mutations?" she shakes her head a bit. She looks to Uriko, but doesn't quite recognize her. "Hi. I'm July."

Uriko shrugs, "Long enough," she answers, looking to July, "I'm Uriko," she offers a hand to shake - and yeah, she looks a bit different in normal clothing. She sneezes a bit, over the smoke, "I remember you from the other day in Central Park… I'm sure you've heard it enough already but… welcome to Xavier's," she laughs.

Vladimir nods, "yah I know but there less tobacco in these there cloves. Still bad for me but not as bad." Looks at the women and tries to remember her face that night, "Um I don't remember you?" of course he remembers the tiger." He offers her a hand, "I am Vladimir but most people call me Vlad"

July blinks softly as Uriko speaks of the incident a few days ago in the city. "You were there?" she asks, tilting her head softly. She doesn't recall ever seeing Uriko there, but, granted, being blasted with electricity and then struggling to keep your body in a solid shape was hard enough without having to focus on the surroundings.

Dressed in a pair of black jeans with a black t-shirt sporting The Smith's classic album cover 'God Save the Queen' and a pair of stripped arm sleeves is Robyn. He has been out to the woods yet and he's decided to just go wandering. He's kind of lost in his own world as he looks around at all the trees and dead leaves on the ground, his mind using everying as ispriation for later. He doesn't even hear the group talking until he's practically right up on them. Robyn stops short, about five feet away and gives a smile and wave. "Oh hey!"

"Yeah, I was there," Uriko nods, eyes shifting into a black and gold cat-mode and canines going all elongated as if to say, 'Remember me?' "I heard about the whole thing over the radio and happened to be in the area at the time," she folds her arms across her chest, glancing at Vlad. Yeah, she remembers him shouting and yelling about random stuff.

Vladimir blinks, "yah you were that tiger who kept shifting colors. I thought I was just seeing things from being shocked so much" He offers a hand, "Thank you very much for coming to help" He then looks over and spots the guy he never seen before, "hey there are you a student?"

July blinks as Uriko becomes a big big cat, "Wow." she rubs the back of her head, "Yeah… I kind of remember you. But it's mostly a blur after I got zapped." she says, shaking her head softly.

Robyn shakes his head at Valdimir. "Nope, I'm not a student, I'm just some sixteen year old kid wandering around in the woods of a school for mutants with a ton of security." Robyn says fairly straight face before smiling at July. "Hey July, hows it going?" He gives Vlad and Uriko a friendly wave as he hasn't met them before.

"Yeah, I remember that - kinda. She comes around again and we'll put 'er down. I mean if she messes with you again, of course," Uriko shrugs a little, face fading back to normal as she looks over at Robyn, giving him a friendly wave back.
Vladimir eyes narrow, "very funny" His tone shows he not amuses. He turns back to the girls even when one is a tiger now and smiles, "So what brings both of you out here?"

July shrugs, and she shows her Harry Potter book. "Some peace and quiet to read." she chuckles, smiling a bit in reply to Vlad's question. "As for that crazy shock girl, I met her again. Or at least, her civilian identity."

Robyn seems to have walked into a conversation he knows nothing about. He just grins at Vladimir figuring the guy has absolutely no sense of humour. He just brushes his bangs to the side and watches silently for the moment, curious watching the three. He looks over at the Japanese girl curioulsy as her appearance fades back to normal. "So what kind of power do you have?" He eventually asks.

"I'm a shapeshifter, but for all intents and purposes… you can just think of me as a were-tiger, of sorts," Uriko smiles, explaining to Robyn, "And these two got attacked by someone in Central Park a few days ago. It's all okay now though," she assures him… and as for Vlad's question… "I just come out here every now and then to think. Prowl around. /Usually/ there's nobody out here, but sometimes it gets busy like this if too many people have the same idea."

Vladimir nods and looks at the books and holds back a chuckle to not offend July for reading Harry Potter, "I see." His body goes stiff, "You did? Did she try to hurt you?" There is a tone of worry. look at Robyn when he ask the question. He does have a sense of humor just be yelled at by July and Uriko after being caught smoking he no in a good mood. He offers a hand, "the name is Vladimir but everyone call me Vlad." He nods and smiles some, "so you have the instincts of a tiger as well?

July nods to Uriko. She met the shock-girl a second time, but she ain't mentioning that right now, preferring to remain silent about it. "Well, it's a nice power. You can become only tigers, or other kinds of felines too? Like panthers, lions or even house cats?" She asks, being curious about Uriko's powers just like Vlad.

Robyn takes Vladimir's hand and something he can't control happens, Robyn accidentially drains some of Vlad's physic energy and his eyes glow purple as it happens. "Oh shit, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to it just sort of happens." He does it a lot ot the students around the school and he hates the fact that he does.

James meanwhile has been wandering the woods out of boredom and stumbles upons the group. He waves to those he knows "Hello everyone."

"N-no, it's just tigers. For the most part. And it's really just the same tiger, every time, but I can sorta push its capabilities one way or the other… it's difficult to explain. But I also heal, and I'm a bit stronger than average… It's kinda different than you'd expect, I guess."
Robyn takes Vladimir's hand and something he can't control happens, Robyn
accidentially drains some of Vlad's physic energy and his eyes glow purple as it happens. "Oh shit, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to it just sort of happens." He does it a lot ot the students around the school and feels bad that he does it. Vlad would be left with a mild headache afterwards but nothing serious. He looks at Uriko curiously to hear the answer. "Were-tiger, that's pretty awesome."

Vladimir frowns when July does not respond and takes it that something bad did happen his body goes stiff at the thought. When he takes Robyn hand and feels the pull and then the headache follow by Robyn saying sorry he reacts bad, "What the hell did you just do?!" His eyes widen and his hand rub his temples.

July just shakes her head at Vlad, before looking at Robyn as the guy goes all apologetic. "What's wrong?" she asks, tilting her head softly and rubbing the back of her head, "What did you do?"

Robyn takes a deep breath. "I can't control it, at all but I need other people's physic energy to survive. I'm a physic vampire I guess." Robyn says as he doesn't have as much of a problem with it as he knows other people do. "It's my power, it's all physic based, I'm still learning it…" He says trailing off. "I should probably just go."

Uriko glances between them all, looking a bit worried; but she's been through this kinda stuff before, "Caaaalm," she says, quietly, "What DID you do?" she glances at Robyn. "nah, stay, okay? Crap happens."

Vladimir gives a look that could kill then looks away, "it's fine you should warn people and maybe wear a pare of gloves or something. How long will this headache last?" He physical shaken but he not lashing out. He looks at July and then walks off a few yard and pulls out a black and lights it and takes a drag. the cherry scented smoke drifts in the wind.

Robyn shrugs. "I don't know, I just found out I'm a mutant a few days ago and it doesn't always happen just sometimes." He looks at Uriko runs his hand through his hair. "I said it, I'm a physic vampire, I drain peoples physic energy, and the headache? I don't think that long." The one's he gets when he doesn't absorb the energy he knows are pretty bad.

July looks at Vlad as he walks away to lit up a cigarrete, and then she looks to Robyn. "Well, I've known I'm a mutant for a couple years, but I only got here a few days ago." She then looks at Vlad again and displays a nice improvement with her powers. She lashes with her right arm as if it was a whip, stretching it longer and she grabs that cigarrete, pulling her arm back still holding it, to prevent Vlad from smoking it again. "Relax, Vlad." she giggles.
"I've known a couple like you… I guess just be careful. Gloves are probably a good idea, honestly," Uriko shrugs, "Unless you can get that under control." The girl yawns, "Anyway, enough time out here for this kitty, I'm gonna go watch TV or something," she stretches, heading off down the path.

Vladimir nods and takes another drag not caring at this moment who does not like it, "It's alright I know how it is to not have control of your powers. Sorry i yelled at you I guess I was a little on edge" He looks at July again then back to Robyn, "Well welcome Rob was it?" he can feel the pain in his head start fading already, "so what else can you do or is that it?" Lets out a mouth of smoke as he looks at July and takes a deep breath, "fine I'll stop" He lets go of the cigarette. He then looks at Rob, "I can give you a pair if you don't have any." he smiles some. He looks more relaxed and walks over to the and pats the guy on the back. He looks at Uriko, "okay nice to see you again and thank you again."

"Robyn, I don't go by Rob." The burnette says. "I can also posses people but I've only done that once to Pallaton. I'm still learning what I can do and control. Isn't that what this place is all about anyway?" He asks as he looks to Uriko with a wave. "Nice meeting you…were-tiger. And I'm from Brooklyn, I own a pair of gloves cause if you don't it gets crazy cold in the winter."

July waves to Uriko as she makes her way out, "See ya later, Uriko." she says, while the two guys talk. Then she looks back to Robyn, and smiles, "I think he's talking about lighter gloves. Something to keep your skin from touching others." She shrugs softly, smiling.

Vladimir nods and smiles some more, "ah another native New Yorker I am from Long Island. Are the gloves going okay for summer I mean you can't wear thick winter gloves in the heat of summer." He nods and looks at July, "that's right."

"I grew up in Williamsburg, it's a nice area of Brooklyn." Well at least to Robyn it is. "It's kind of part of Long Island." He says with a chuckle. "I probably have something somewhere if not I can hit the mall and find something. Most kids aren't as understanding about it but not everyone can have easy powers or powers that don't rely on other people, no offense to either of you."

Vladimir nods and smiles, "none taken it is good to be self reliant. like I said I know how it feels to have no control of a power."

July shakes her head, smiling, "None taken." she replies to Robyn, "I can only imagine how hard it must be." she says, and she looks toward the mansion, before looking back to the two as they talk about where they grew up.

Vladimir nods and smiles, "none taken it is good to be self reliant. like I said I know how it feels to have no control of a power."

"I didn't even know I could posses people until I was inside someone eight feet tall and fuzzy, freaked me out. It's only happened twice since, I don't even know what triggers it. But at least the school here is nice." Robyn says with a shrug. "Have you seen the art room here, they have everything in there!"

July hmms softly, and she shakes her head, "No, haven't been to the art room yet. Frankly, I'm more excited when they'll take me to check this 'danger room' of sorts I'm always hearing about." she says with a grin. "I'm just too curious."

Vladimir nods and blinks, "eight feet tall and fuzzy who did you jump into?" He shakes head, "not been there not much into art." He looks at July and chuckles some, "oh I can't wait for that my self but I want to see the computer they use to find mutants."

Robyn is about to say who he jumped into when he doesn't recall his name. "I…I don't know, I just call him Lon Cheney. He's a big wolf guy." Says the teen as he shgurs. "Danger Room…I dunno, maybe and computer they used to find mutants? How does that work?"

Vladimir nods, "oh the wolf guy okay." He shrugs, "it has something to do with physic powers being hooked to it. I been told it takes the most trained mines to work it. I would love to see what my powers can do with it."

July blinks as Vlad mentions the Cerebra, "They got a computer that tracks mutants? How does that work? I mean… how does it searches for us?" she tilts her head a bit as she looks at Vlad.

Vladimir nods, "oh the wolf guy okay." He shrugs, "it has something to do with physic powers being hooked to it. I been told it takes the most trained mines to work it. I would love to see what my powers can do with it." he shrugs, "It most likely that's they knew you were a mutant."

"I never even though that was possible, that explains how they knew I was in the hospital." Robyn says pondering a few things and thinking out loud. "I thought it was the blood tests…well.." He shrugs. "Anyway, most trained minds, that sounds crazy."

July arches one eyebrow at Vlad, "Just be careful to not fry the machine and end up causing something bad for us mutants." she chuckles, and then she stretches a bit, letting out a soft yawn. "As for the wolf guy… I think his name is Pallaton. I think."
Vladimir nods and smiles, "I don't know if it is real or not I was told about it by another student. He could of been messing with me." nods at July, "that's his name."
"I still like Lon Cheney." Robyn says with a chuckle. He's about to say something else when he phone rings and he pulls it out of his pocket. "Holy crap, sorry guys, I gotta run, my parents are calling me." He gives a wave befoe heanding off with a grin. It's the first time his parents have called him since coming to Xavier's.

July blinks as Robyn makes a quick departure, and she nods, waving to him, "Alright, See you around, Robyn." she says, and then she looks back to you, "So, Vlad." she asks, "How long have you been smoking?"

Vladimir nods, "then go talk have fun" he looks at July and blinks, "since I was 11 or 12 it was one thing we all did in the half way house. I don't even like the taste that's why I only smoke blacks."

July ah's softly, and she frowns a bit, before sighing and relaxing, "You should stop with it." she says, "I know everyone must have told you that, but, still, it's true. It's not good."

Vladimir nods, "well this was my first one since I came here. I don't think the staff would be happy if I tell them I smoke and need help stopping. I most likely get locked down in my room or something."

July chuckles softly, "I think you're underestimating our teachers." she says, smiling a bit, "We're MUTANTS. A worse 'crime' in the eyes of humanity. I really doubt they'd punish you." she says, shrugging.

Vladimir nods, "maybe your right" he sighs and pulls out the pack and hands them to July "keep them away from me."

July smiles and takes the pack, putting it in her pocket before leaning forward and giving your cheek a kiss, "Just be strong, ok?" she asks, nodding her head slowly to you.

Vladimir smiles big as you kiss his cheek and nods, "okay" his voice cracks some, "What was that for? Not that I complaining or anything."

July chuckles and pats your shoulder gently, "An incentive. Just don't expect much past that." she shakes her head softly.

Vladimir nods, "ah I hoping I was wearing you down" He smiles and winks at you, "so you meet anyone you like since you got here?" He leans back against a tree and looks around again.

July shakes her head, "The only girl besides Alison I've ever met here was Uriko, right now." She shrugs softly, smiling, "Seems like this is a guy's school."

Vladimir laughs, "yah it is a sausage party and oddly there is a bunch of gay or bi guys"

July chuckles softly, shaking her head, before looking at her book, "Yeah. Well, I guess I'll retire to my room to finish reading this before tomorrow." she says, smiling, and looks back to you, "See you around, Vlad?"

Vladimir nods and smiles, "okay have fun with your Herry Potter." He moves some hair out of his face and smiles at you.

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