2009-04-11: The Girl In The Tree


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Summary: Ran into July in the woods by the school talked to her about training.

Date: April 11, 2009

Log TitleThe Girl In The Tree

Rating: Log Rating. G

Woods Behind Xavier School

Pine, Oak, Birch, and many other trees can be found in these woods. Paths lead all through out them for students to take walks. The occasional bench can be found along the paths. Students shouldn't worry about wandering too deep in these woods as its almost impossible for them to get lost here.

The day is not the best of days it is a cool spring day, the sky is over caste dark gray clouds. The ground is wet and a little muddy from a rain the night before. Vladmir is walking in the woods again but this time he not seeking a place to smoke. He has given his smokes to July so he could not start up again and the only place he knows to get a pack of blacks is in Long Island and he has not bother to go all the way there. He stumbles over a rock and curses to him self. He stops and leans against a tree and sighs looks around the woods.

And then some laughter can be heard from the distance, in the woods, but coming closer, a female voice laughing in joy, and soon a form can be distinguished amidst the trees, up on the branches, as July swings from branch to branch using her arms, stretching them longer to reach the next branch and wrapping around it before swinging toward the next!

Vladimir blinks and smiles seeing the stretching girl swings throw the trees. He cups his hands around his mouth and yells out, "Hello!" He then waves his hand so you can spot him more easily.

July blinks when she heads someone yell 'hello' and she looks around to to try to find the source of the voice, mid-swing. She notices you, mid-swing, and smiles, "Oh, hey, Vla-" but then, looking at you, she wasn't looking forward, and she goes splat against a tree in her way, her form almost flattening against the trunk before she peels from the tree and falls down. Luckily she recovers mid-fall and stretches her arms out again, reaching a branch and wrapping her arms around it to prevent falling. "Whew…" she sighs.

Vladimir blinks behind his blue sun glasses and pushes off the tree and runs over to where July hits the tree. He stops under her and looks up, "are you alright?" His voice shows worry and there is a frown on his face. He pants hard as he had run at full speed to here. Not an easy feat in combat boots in the woods but some how he did it with out tripping.

July is hanging from the branch, her arms wrapped around it. "I.. am." she says, panting and nodding to you as you ask about her safety. She elongates her arms again to lower herself to the ground, and once her feet are on firm ground, she uncoils her arms and retracts them back to normal. "So, how are you, Vlad?" She doesn't have any wound or mark from hitting hard against the tree trunk, apparently, save for some dirt and dust from the impact.

Vladimir nods and laughs some, "good because you look like a cartoon character when you hit the tree." He pats her back, "I am well had a few nic fits. other then that I am fine."

July giggles softly, "Well, glad to know you found my 'impression' funny." she says, shaking her head softly with a smile while dusting and straightening her clothes. "I wasn't really expecting having a tree in front of me."

Vladimir nods, "you should leave the tree swinging to the monkeys. He looks you over and smiles some, "I am glad you are okay" He leans against the tree, "was that some kind of training or just for fun?"

July sticks her tongue out to you, playfully, "Yeah, both, I guess." she shrugs softly, smiling, after adjusting her clothes. "How about you? What you're doing in the woods here?"

Vladimir shrugs, "looks for peace. This place is nice but to many people. I can't even be in my room alone thanks to having a room mate. I am not use to that I spent the last three years locking my door and just chilling out in my room. He looks around, "this place seem like it would be silent."

July smirks, "Until I proved you wrong?" She asks as she leans against a tree, crossing her arms behind her head and pressing one of her feet against the tree trunk.

Vladimir laughs and leans over and kisses July cheek, "Well your always welcome to break my peace." He reaches over and strokes your cheek. He knows he not going to get anywhere with her but it does not stop him from shows affection to you. He looks into your eyes and smiles softy.

July chuckles and shakes her head softly, "You're impossible, you know that?" she asks, before looking back toward the main buildings, "So, what does Vladimir do in his 'me' time that couldn't be done with a roommate?" she asks.

Vladimir laughs, "well when there is a pretty girl in front of me how can I behave?" He shrugs, "nothing dirty if that what you are thinking. Sometimes it pays off having a open gay room mate. Mostly I think. I look over past actions see what I did wrong and did right see if I can change anything if I find my self in a problem like it again. I also think about things that might happen see what I can do and what I can't do so I am ready for it."

July ah's and smiles, "I usually achieve that level of 'being alone' by just plugging my earphones and listening to music." she shrugs softly, smiling, at you, "You need silence as well?"

Vladimir shrugs, "it helps. I can do it while in the shower or in bed but I like to be in silence or with some kind of white noise." He smiles, "So what do you think about in your headphones listen to your pop star idle?"

July shrugs as well, smiling, "Ah, you know. Stuff. Many things, really." she says, before bringing a hand to brush her hair back, "Sometimes about what to do the next day, or just about some hard problems in the homework, or just trying to remember stuff, like movies, old times, magazines, etc."

Vladimir nods, "sounds good. Oh if you need help with home work I will be happy to help you out." He smiles some more. He then looks up at the sky, "Hey do you work out any?"

July shrugs softly, "Sorta. Somewhat." she says with a smile as you look up to the sky. "Depends on what you call 'workout'. Why?"

Vladimir shrugs, "I was thinking about starting it up. Nothing like weight lifting or anything but I would like a partner if your up for it." He tilts his head and you can hear a pop of his joints, "Getting stiff around here."

July chuckles softly, smiling, "Well, I work out by trying my own powers. I'm not sure if it counts, but, hey, I count it as such." she says with a grin. "So you can say I was working out until now."

Vladimir nods, "I'm sure it does. I also can't see you getting stiff" he sighs, "I guess you don't want to join me working out then?"

July smiles, "I don't know. I might act like it, but I'm not a pit of eternal energy." she giggles softly, "what you plan on doing?"

Vladimir nods, "well not today. I have no need or want to workout today. I was thinking so stretching to loose up and then something like mock battle stuff try out of powers. Also maybe something like jazziness?"

July ah's softly, "You mean the Danger Room?" She asks, turning to look at you, blinking softly, "Don't you need one of the teachers to supervise us?"

Vladimir shakes his head, "no…well yes but I not talking about going into the danger room we can do it other places like the work out room or many here." He smiles, "and I don't think we need a teach for that."

July ah's again and nods, "I see." she says, remaining in silence for a few moments and then shrugs a bit, smiling still, "We'll see. It's likely, but I'm not sure. Never been the exerciser kind of girl." she grins. "And we have to see how our schedules clash, too. Anyways, I got some homework to finish now for the weekend."

Vladimir nods and smiles, "okay sounds good. I do see no harm in it. It's not like our power blow things up or shot lasers. He reaches up and strokes your cheek. He smiles and giggles some.

July chuckles and smirks, "Your power /can/ blow things up, Vlad." she says, shaking her head softly, giggling a bit, "Anyways, I'm off to finish my homework for the weekend.

Vladimir nods and smiles, "well yah but only if I want it to." he leans over and kisses your cheek, "well off you go then."

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