2009-04-13: Getting To Know Each Other


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Summary: Vlad got to know Antonio well

Date: April 13, 2009

Log TitleGetting To Know Each Other

Rating: R (Sexual content, Nudity)

Xavier Mansion - Poo & Xavier Mansion - Boathouse on the Dock

A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

A wooden dock stretches fifteen feet out into the water. Students can fish from the dock, or dive off if they like. A few rowboats, canoes, and paddle boats are tied to the docks for the students to use. A boat house where students can find paddles and life jackets sits at the edge of the water.

It late at night again not as late as last night but still late. Vladimir came out to the pool again to night and smiles seeing not one is there. He walks to the pools edge. He dress in nothing but black jean that have been cut off just to his knees. Over his shoulder he has a blood red towel. He looks around and smiles making sure he is alone. He places his towel down next to the edge of the pool and then drops his shorts. His skin is tinted blue thanks to the lights in the water. He stretches some enjoy the cool night air on his body and dives into the water.

When you surface, it would be apparent that you are -not- alone. The italian had just snuck off to the bushes to pee, but returned to the sight of the nude technopath. He is squatting down at the edge of the pool watching you. He is bare but for his black speedo. "Second night and yet another person without clothes." he offers with a small smile. "I did not know the school was so free." he offers, tossing out his hand for you to take incase you want to come out of the water for another dive.

Vladimir does not see you right away and moves the hair out of his face and sighs relaxing some. He treads water some then blinks when he hears a voice. He turns and looks at the new guy and swims over to you and the edge of the pool, "Well Owen doesn't count he was in his room and teleport here in his sleep. Me I just like swimming naked. Now I could ask you why you are out of his two night in a row?" He does not try to cover up or seems shy about being naked in front of others.

Antonio continues to squat at the edge of the pool, his eyes shifting a little to give you a look over. It's the sort of masculine check out that most guys give each other when presented with another nude specimen. It's comparison, curiosity and weighing options. He moves his eyes back to yours and then shrugs a little. "I had to be in the officio all day today. Signing papers and getting class schedule. By the time I was free. I had time to eat and then had more meetings with teachers…now I am free….and I like to swim." he says earnestly.

Vladimir nods and smiles, "well welcome to the school. I am Vladimir but most call me vlad I not sure if I told you that last night." He lifts a hand to you and offer it in a shake. He does notice you look him over and he does not mind it. He smiles more, "see anything you like?"

The italian tilts his head to the side and gives a nod. "Si, Daccordo." he offers tapping his head and then he raises his brow at your comment. "Ah, Si. Your…" He doesn't seem to find the word for such, but he indicates your tattooes and piercings by points to the places they would be on himself. "Come si dice in English?"

Vladimir looks confuse at the streams of words he does not under stand. He then looks at the tattoo and rings when you point to them, "Do you mean my tattoos and my rings? Um are you trying to say body art?" He clueless what you are trying to say.

Antonio gives a nod. "Si, yes. Body art." he repeats with a soft smile. "Mi piache…" he says and quickly translates. "I like them. They look very cool." he offers as he looks into the water and then jumps in, submerging himself and coming back up. "The one on la tuo catzo." he says tapping his own nuts under the water for visual aid. "It did not hurt?"
Vladimir smiles and nods, "thanks they cost me a tone not just for the work but I had to pay extra to get them done since I am underage." He watches you jump in and then pushes off the side off the pool and turns to look at you, "So where are you from. Your not from the states that for sure."

Antonio gives a nod. "Arezzo." He answers as he takes a breath and goes under water, swimming under you and back towards the edge. "Is in Tuscana…Italy. Middle….is where Dante is from. Also man who made the music scale? He was from Arezzo…is small citta." He explains. "Ma, close to Roma and Firinze….Uhm.. Rome and Florence?" He asks, seeing if you know them.

Vladimir Smiles and treads water in front of you, "So your from the boot?" He looks you over some, "You know you do not have to wear that speedo I mean it not going offend me if your naked. Besides that thing really not hiding anything. A speedo just said look at my package."

Antonio gives a shake of his head instantly at the mention of the boot. "No no…" He reaches down and taps your shin under the water. "This part here." he offers before raising his brows, he doesn't know what package means but he shrugs a bit. "It is in the open…you can see from school." he offers pointing to the windows in the distance. "is against the rules, yes?"

Vladimir blinks at the touch and then smiles some, "oh I see." He thinks of the whole thing as the boot but he not going to argue the point. He then laughs a little, "yah it is against the rules but who cares it not like a teacher going come by and see us and it only against the rules if you get caught right?" He smiles some, "but it your choose it no skin off my nose."

Antonio gives a small smile and nods his head. "Away from the school, yes….there is a lake? There are trees around it…this is better for that kind of thing. I do not mind. We did this all the time in britain…" he offers honestly.

Vladimir smiles and nods, "there is a lake if you want to go there then" He wink at you, "that is if you don't mind getting naked and swimming with someone you just met."

Antonio shrugs a little, not seeming to have an opinion on the matter. "If you want…I am sure the water is colder there, but I do not mind. It is a nice night for it." He doesn't seem like the kind of guy nudity would mind.

Vladimir nods and swims to the edge of the pool and pulls him self out most likely giving you a moment to check him out and gives a full view of his ass. He walk to his shorts and picks them up and puts them on, "so off we go? Oh one thing are you gay or bi?"

Antonio raises a brow and shrugs his shoulders a little, having no idea really what you are on about. He doesn't give an answer, but he pulls out of the pool as well and moves to grab his sneakers and his shorts, slipping them on and heading towards the lake.

Vladimir walks in silence with Antonio to the lake and kicks him self why he didn't he think of the lake before it most likely it will be less likely being seen. He stops at the end of the dock and looks at Antonio and smiles, "so you never told me your striate bi or gay?"

Antonio raises a brow and looks at you curiously. "What is straight-by-gay?" he asks curiously as he toes off his shoes and pushes his shorts and speedo to the ground. He doesn't dwell, his nudity is natural and not forced. He takes a few steps and leans in a gracefull arch into the water, diving in quickly.

Vladimir laughs some as you don't understand, "sorry um Well who would you like to have sex with?" He then takes his left hand making a hole with his fingers and then he takes his pointer on his right hand and pushes it thought the hole. Smiles as you get nude and looks you over then drops his own shorts not shy in his own nude body.

Antonio surfaces and pushes the hair from his face, panting and letting out a small laugh. "Is cold!" He says before tilting his head. "Ah…Uhm. I do not know. I think many people are attractive, but I have yet to…" He repeats the gesture you give.

Vladimir laughs, "cold good it means it more of a thrill." He dives in and vanishes under the dark water. He comes up and behind you and pulls you down under the water and then lets go to let you surface. He comes up as well
Antonio lets out a surprised yelp as he is dragged under. Under the water he flails a bit legs and body perhaps bumping into yours. He however is a strong swimmer and in a moment is back at the surface laughing a little and waving a hand through the water to bring up a large splash at you.

Vladimir laughs and and splash you back. He glad he found a guy who he can goof around with like this. He then pushes some wet hair out of his eyes and looks at and giggles some, "So tell me of Italy."

Antonio treads water and spits out a little of the lake water and moves to the dock to pull himself up and out of it, sitting on the edge and pushing his hair our of his eyes, ears sticking up. "Is much like the United States." he offers. "I am from the west middle." He offers. "Tuscany….it is culture." He offers leaning back and beaming, eyes closed in the memory of the orange and yellow of the fields. "Much agriculture. Many small towns. All built many years before this country was." He smiles. "Is slower. More time." he shrugs. "Beauty everywhere….here…is quantity."

Vladimir swims to the dock and pulls him self up and sits on the dock next to you as you speaks, "sounds like a great place." He reaches over and runs a finger over one of your ear lob, "So are you born with these?"
Antonio squirms when you touch his ears, ducking away from the touch with a embarassed laughs. "Si, since I was un babino." He admits, idly roughing his hair to hide them under it.

Vladimir smiles and moves your hair out of the way, "your ears are cute like the elf from lord of the rings. You should not be shy about them. So are they part of you being mutant or are they a family trait?"

Antonio again ducks out of the way, his ears are one of those off limit places. It's pretty much the only thing he is sensitive about. He idly puts up his hands and pushes off the slip into the water to put distance there. "Because I am different. My family is normal."

Vladimir frowns some, "Different? Normal?" He giggles some, "your going find those things are not the same around here." He stands on the dock, "Different is normal" He then jumps off the dock and curls up his body as he calls out, "Cannon ball!" He hit the water with a bit splash.

Antonio puts up a hand and shields himself from the splash. He grins a little and nods. "I know this. I meet many people today. Girl with long body, boy that is a wolf, and you…Ma, you look like a normal person, but many people, all different." He offers.

Vladimir moves some hair out of his eyes and nods, "Oh July and Pallaton yah but are nice." He treads water. He smiles, "Yah my powers are not physical they are mental. Even if I normal looking on the outside we are all abnormal on the inside." He smiles some and splash you, "still think your ears are cute."

Antonio closes his eyes and puts his head down instead of shielding himself again. He takes a deep breath and goes under the water and slowly makes his way up onto the dock again. "Grazi…"

Vladimir watches you swim off wondering if he pushes you to far. He then blinks at your word, "Grazi? isn't that a deer in Africa?" He swims after you, "Hey if I up set you I am sorry."

Antonio shakes his head as he treads water and watches you. "It meaning Thank you." He offers with a soft smile. "No…I just…My ears. I do not like them."

Vladimir nods as he catches up to you and nods, "ever thought of saying up your money and getting them worked on then?" He then reaches over and stroke your cheek some and smile. She said nothing else just looks into your eyes.

Antonio shakes his head. "My father respect me enough to not chop them off. He knew what I was." he offers not backing away from the touch, but looking back at you. "If I did it, it would be disrespecting him."

Vladimir smiles and nods, "i see." He keeps stroking your cheek, "Well I not telling you to disrespect him but your the one who has to live with them and if you do not like them you should get them fixed. Oh yah there the American train of thought right there, "You said your a virgin right?"

Antonio idly backs up a little after the stroking continues, idly scratching his face. "Yes. Si. Vero." he offers as he swims away a few feet. "I keep them." He says finally about his ears.

Vladimir smiles and nods, "okay like I said they are cute." He pushes up on the dock and sits on it legs dangling off the edge, "So how old are you I would guess 16 or 17 years old?" He sits with his legs open in a way guys normally sit.
Antonio gives a nod of his head as he follows and moves back up to sit next to you this time. "Sixteen, I turn seventeen in a few days." He admits, sitting much in the same way as you.

Vladimir looks at you and smiles, "I am 16 my birthday is at the end part of the May." He then bits his bottom lip. He wants to kiss Antonio but unlike some of the other guys here he not open and self claimed virgin. He does not want to scare him off. He looks away and looks at the dark lake. His hand slides over and places his hand on your knee to see your reaction.

Antonio doesn't seem to mind the hand. He says nothing of it, and it seems as long as you don't make a deal out of it, nor will he. He idly leans back and rests on his elbows, looking out over himself at the lake beyong. "We will both be 17 soon. Is cool."

Vladimir He looks at you and smiles, "Yah it seems so." He licks his lips and looks into your eyes for a moment. He then leans down and kisses you softy on the lip. He then pulls away slowly, "I sorry if I being to forward but I had to do that."

Antonio certainly has been kissed before, and of course has been kissed by both boys and girls. He has been attractive and from a good family, everyone wanted a piece. So he knows how to kiss and he indeed does, it's wet and slightly cold and you are warm. He breaths heavily and shrugs a little. "Such things happen, no?" He offers with a grin.

Vladimir has no idea of your family and has his own money so he not after any of that. He moves some hair out of his face and reaches down and strokes your cheek, "It seems it does." He smiles some, "So I find you cute but I am not sure how you feel about me?"
Antonio laughs a little. "How can I know this?" he asks with a smile. "I am not knowing you very much. You are attractive…you have a nice…" he gestures to your body and turns on his side to face you.

Vladimir laughs and nods, "Your right I have a habit of moving to fast" He leans back and lays flat on the dock his legs from the knees his legs hand down. He moves his one arms over his eyes, "So tell me about your self?"

Antonio nods his head. "Most americans move to fast." he offers as he moves to lay flat as well, but moving a bit closer to that your arms and legs are close to each other. It's cold. He idly leans his head against yours and stares up at the sky. "I am only child. My father is Diplomat to Great Britain…My mother was peasant." He shrugs. "But not she is duchess and I am royalty as well." he admits. "Is not what it was in early days, but is still something. I have large villa in Cinque Terra…" He scratches his head a bit and thinks. "I do fencing and diving?"

Vladimir Laughs, "I am not sure if I should agree or be offended". He looks over at you and smiles, "yah still spring gets a little cool still at night" He moves to his side and faces you. he listens to you speak and nods, "wow that's cool I didn't know Italy still had things like Royalty. Is it like Great Britain?" He reaches over and wraps his arms around you pulling you close to share body heat.

Antonio moves to lay against you but then suddenly pulls away and starts to put on clothes. "Come. Let us find a warmer place…." He offers to Vlad as he reaches with a hand to help you up. "Some place to sit and talk? Share a blanket?" he asks with a small smile. "And si…we have royalty. They are not as involved as involved in politics, though my father is one of few who still does it." He shrugs. "Is just title with land and money and fame."

Vladimir miles feeling you press to his body and then blinks when you pull away. He stands up and grabs his shorts putting them on. He listens to you talk, "i see that's cool." He then picks up his towel and dries him off and then offers it to you, "So did you have some place in mind?"

Antonio gives a nod of his head. "There are many places…You there is the game room, or the sauna, or the living room, or my or your room." he answers.

Vladimir blinks at the last two offers and smiles, "We could go to your room if your okay with that. My room mate has a growing problem it might get crapped in my."

Antonio shakes his head. "No my room." He says with a grunt. "My room mate sleeps. Game Room?" he asks curious before shaking his head. "No…one moment." he offers as he notes something and makes his way toward a cabinet in the boathouse where a few old blankets are sticking out. He dusts one of them off and throws it down, reaching to pull a thicker one out and down. "Here…I find."

Vladimir smiles and nods, "Well I guess here is fine" He laughs some and moves to help you, "I guessing you not a pamper rich kid like many kids from the states?" he then pulls you to the sent of the one blanket and sits. He lightly pulls you down to his lap. His pull is light and allows you to pull away if you want.

Antonio lays down, not bothering to zip his shorts, and his speedos are in his pocket. He pulls the blanket up and around him, laying his head in your lap and looking up at you. "No. My dad's family works. All nobles do." he explains. "I earn my first dollar and know value of money." he offers as he lightly moves his hands to run along the sides of your bare torso before he settles them under his head and shrugs. "I know how it is."

Vladimir smiles as you lay your hand on his lap and smiles wrapping a blanket around him, "That's good I wish more rich people did around here maybe we would be so messed up." He smiles down at you and strokes your cheek.

Antonio shrugs a little, not having much else to say on the subject. When you touch his face, he closes his eyes and relaxes. "It is my father. He is a good man." He chuckles a bit and yawns.

Vladimir nods and smiles, "sounds like it. My family is not so nice." He sighs, "My mother is a drug whore and my father most likely one of her Johns. I lived in squaller for the first 11 years of my life. Then the state took me away and put me in this half way house for trouble teens. I have no idea why I was not a trouble teen." He shivers not from the cold but from the memories, "I did not get out until my powers kicked in then I found my self back in my old block. I spent the next 3 years living with a friend and his mom until shades found me."

Antonio listens to you without interupting, turning slightly to lay on his side. He pulls the blankets in around you and then grunts a little bit as he sits up and moves to sit between your legs, pressing his bare back into your bare chest. "What is shades?" He asks, pulling the blankets up around you both.

Vladimir smiles and wraps his arms and the blanket around you and him. He laughs some, "If you notice Mr. Summers wears sunglasses all the time so some of use call him shades but never call him that to his face he hates the name" He leans down and kisses your neck softy.

Antonio leans against you, letting you kiss his neck and he yawns softly and grins. "Si, I know. I heard this from someone else today.." He laughs a bit. "In summer it will be nice." he offers, indicating the lake.

Vladimir nods and smiles looks out at the lake, "yah should be fun." He then looks back to you, "so a good looking guy like you with a title should be beating off the suitors with a stick. So why are you still a virgin?"

Antonio doesn't get the colloquialism. He closes his eyes and relaxes against you. "Fear."
he offers quietly. "To get to close, means someone might find out." he gestures to his ears. "Now, I think this is more change to happen."

Vladimir smiles and nods, "I see." He runs his finger thought your hair, "Well here you do not have to worry about it. No one going judge you by your ears."

Antonio gives a nod of his head. "I see this." he admits as he lays against you, letting you touch his hair, but idly wary about their proximity to formentioned ears.

Vladimir does not touch your ears knowing you don't like them touched. He then kisses the back of your head, "So is there anyone you liked back home?"

Antonio shrugs a bit. "I didn't get much time at home. Have very few friends." He stretches a little bit and shifts to turn to face you, letting his legs hang with your as he pulls the blanket between you.

Vladimir nods, "i see. That's a shame." he smiles as you turn to face him, "Hello there." he licks his lips and wraps his arms around you some more and kisses your lips again, "Do you normally snuggle up with guy you don't know well?"

Antonio shrugs a little bit. "You are the one I have talked to the longest." he offers, blinking as you kiss him. He kisses back and pulls away after a few moments. "Do you normally try to seduce the new students?"

Vladimir laughs and nods, "Yep I sort of a slut I guess." He moves a hand to your chest and rubs one of your nipples, "So I am the person you talked to so far?" He thinks that over, "that's a shame I should introduce you to my friends and the twins."

Antonio shifts a little as your hand moves to his chest and his nipple is rubbed, it was already erect do to the cold, so the finger glancing over it causes a grunt. "Yes, I would like to meet your friends." he offers softly before looking up at the moon.
Vladimir smiles and keeps rubbing your nipples, "you know I think you look good with some nipples rings." He then thinks, "Well there July, Leo, Jared, Robyn but I think I scared him on easter I sort of hit on him, and the twins Pryce and Vincent." He then kisses you again and pushes tongue and licks your lips.

Antonio opens his mouth a little and meets your tongue with his own. His breathing starts to grow heavy and his hands move idly over to your body, running his fingers over your bare torso as well, reaching to touch your rings.

Vladimir nipples are hard just like your from the cold or from being so close to you it hard to say. He mmms as you play with is rings. His tongue slips into your mouth and rubs against your tongue. He can hear your breath and knows that no matter what you are gay striate or by you are enjoying this.

Antonio doesn't label himself like that. He just is. He kisses back and after a moment or two he leans back and offers you a soft smile. The blanket covering him might suggest a slight tent under the fabric. "I like you very much, Vlad.

Vladimir smiles and strokes your cheek some, "I like you very much as well Antonio." He looks tent and smiles, "I see you like me a lot." His hand moves down and rubs you thought the shorts.

Antonio grunts a little and presses hard into your hand and then moves to stand. "Not
tonight…Another time." he says not wanting to rush. "It is late, and we have school tommorrow."

Vladimir frowns some and then smiles, "I understand. There a lot of guys who are worst then me when it comes to hitting on guys. I want to be your first I know I can take care of you." He kisses you again.

Antonio kisses you back, pressing his body against yours. "Good night, Vlad." he offers with a small smile before slipping into his shoes and wondering back towards the dorms.

Vladimir smiles, "good night" He watches you walk off and then sighs saying to him self, "good I need a cold shower" He puts the blankets back and walks off to bed

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