2009-04-22: Rubber Girl


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Summary: Vlad is just relaxing in the the livingroom when July join him

Date: April 22, 2009

Log Title Rubber Girl

Rating: Log Rating. G

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Vladimir is sitting on the couch watch a countdown of the best songs of the 90's at the moment it a music vid of green. He has the volume turned up way to loud. Vlad is eating a bowl corn flasks with out milk. His feet up on the coffee table.

July was in the library, on the other side of the lobby, and that loud music was bothering her studies. And now she's come to the Living room to find out who has music so loud. Well, half of her is, since she stretched her upper torso all the way here to check. "VLAD!!" She calls out to him, approaching him and poking his shoulder. She then speaks, but the music is louder and she can't be understood.

Vladimir blinks and turns around seeing July. He hits mute on the TV, "damn doesn't that hurt?" He places the bowl on the coffee table and stands so he can face you, "what's up?"

July rubs her ears a bit, "Sound /that/ loud hurts!" she says, sighing in relief once the sound is on mute. "So, what hurts?" she asks, arching one eyebrow, wondering what he's referring to.

Vladimir points to your torso, "stretch like that?" It the first time he seen you stretch other then your arms in battle, "I love to see a x-ray of you body like this."

July shrugs softly, "Most likely won't see anything. I doubt I have any bones." she says, smiling, "And, no doesn't hurt at all. I do recall telling you that two or three other times." she sticks her tongue out, still in that 'stretched' position, half in the living room, half in the library. With a fleshy rubberband connecting both rooms.

That it doesn't fill her with crippling pain, and that she presumably has Wolverine Brand organs, or no organs at all and somehow manages to be a sentient meat pile ;)"

Vladimir smiles and nods, "yah but that one thing when you stretch a arm it is another to do this." He smiles, "There something I have to see" He moves around the couch, "don't move" He pokes you on the back, "I want to see if you make the sound rubber band make when pulls and plucked."

July blinks softly as you turn around and poke her on the back, "What? Sound?" She asks, blinking again and looking at Vladimir, watching his movements.

Vladimir laughs, "you know that plung sound they make when you pulls them tight and pull on the and let go."

July arches one eyebrow at that, "I'm not tight." she says, "And I'm not rubber!" she sighs softly, and shakes her head softly, "Besides, I'm not even firmly anchored on either edge."

Vladimir blinks, "how far can you stretch? Now I wondering how long you can hold that position with out pulling something."

July shrugs softly, "Never tried, really." she says, smiling, "Why? You still want to make a slingshot outta me?" she asks, arching one eyebrow.

Vladimir smiles, "dude! That's a awesome idea! Can I?" He seems really excised about the idea

July's shoulders slump a bit as she looks at you with an arched eyebrow and half-lidded eyes. "No." she says, simply, before moving her upper torso to the couch, while the rest of her body comes in walking as she retracts her torso.

Vladimir still smiling "aw your no fun." there a teasing tone to his voice. He looks at the legs walking in, "well there's something you don't see everyday." he moves back the the couch and sits down, "so you have like no bone?"

July sticks her tongue out in return to the teasing, but then she shrugs, "I don't know. I mean, never got an x-ray after my powers showed up, and I never cut myself deep down to check if I have bones or not."

Vladimir nods, "well let me just get a knife from the kitchen and we can check." She grin big, "But for real that is a awesome power I almost wish I didn't my powers and had yours."

July shakes her head, "Nuh-uh, no way you're cutting me!" she says, arching one eyebrow, and then chuckling, "Well, thanks. But it's not all roses, you know?"

Vladimir nods, "yah I know" He places a arm around your shoulder and pulls you closer softy allowing you stop him or pull, "I want to thank you again for yesterday. You always seem to be there when I need you. I know this sounds weird but your my closes friend here."

July doesn't budge, despite being elastic, "Yeah… about that…" she says, arching one eyebrow and looking at you suspiciously, "What started that discussion, Vlad?"

Vladimir gets the clue and stops trying and his hand moves away from you, "Well I was talking about how I didn't like the color of my uniform and how I like to only wear black. We talked about that until it was a dead subject and I started on my powers how they would be useless in a fight. We went over things I could have done when we were in Central Park. Well Hellion seems to have some kind of super pride for the Hellion squad I even told him a few time that what he told me sounded cool only thing I had a problem with was the colors and it was a personal thing. Well he could not get past that and jumped up and started yelling at me. That's when I I lost my cool you know how I am and I shouted back and get in his face. That's when you came in."

July sighs heavily, before looking at you again, "Why do you downrate your powers SO much, Vlad?" She asks, her shoulders slumping a bit again.

Vladimir shrugs, "I don't. I love my powers just not any good in a fight but if need to get info on a computer or get past a electrical door lock, or hell if any of those evil mutant hating robots I your man I can do that but passing out in a middle of a battle is not real helpful."

July sighs, "You can totally nullify any villain that uses technology as their crutch, you can prevent them from escaping with vehicles…" she sighs softly, shaking her head softly, "And, last but not least, you can /teleport/."

Vladimir nods, "true I can do that but the last guy I try that with it didn't work and he beat the hell out of me. My teleport thing I can't do at will."
July smiles, "Yet." she points out. "Yet. With time, and training, you most likely will." she says, nodding and grinnig.

Vladimir smiles, "well then I will be unstoppable. I pop in and out of TV and computers mess up there WMD and I am gone before they can get me." He laughs some.

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