2009-04-29: Coffee With A Stranger



Summary: Stop in for a tea and runs into Keith who takes a interest in him.

Date: April 29, 2009

Log TitleCoffee With A Stranger

Rating: R

NYC - Starbucks

Everywhere you go there's the green and white logo of Starbucks. Coffee, tea, iced drinks, and many specialty coffee drinks and pastries can be enjoyed here. Supporting WiFi and outlets to hook up your laptop, Starbucks is a great spot to relax or study.

It may be one of those unusal, once in a life-time things…but Starbucks is mostly empty tonight. Only a few people are in the coffee shop, sipping drinks, typing at laptops, and reading papers. One of these people is Keith Flinn, rich guy that's too young for the white hair on his head. Dressed in baggy shorts, a sleeveless black shirt, and sneakers, the air-spirit is sipping at an iced-drink while watching people in the area. There's a copy of the Daily Bugle on the table but he's using it as a coaster, just peering around as a light breeze flows through the room from no findable source.

Vladimir was in town to see a show not on board way but in a small underground club….okay it was a drag show at a gay club but Vlad was just there to watch not be in the show so he is dressed in his normal black sleave less shirt with the silver stud around the neck and arm hole, Black dress pants, combat boots, leather finger less gloves with silver studs on the knuckles, and his leather teach coat. He walks up to the counter and orders a Mint tea. He pays it with a debt card and takes his drink and walks over to a table and sits down. He opens a lab top he was holding under his arm and turns it on.

Keith glances up as the door opens, blinking as the winds carry the mint scent to him. He looks Vladimir over a few times, quirking an eyebrow and letting out a tiny chuckle. As Vlad orders his drink, Keith watches him. Apparently the mutant's caught the spirit's interest for tonight. After a few moments of waiting, the white haired man gets up and smirks. "Hey," he offers a little greeting as he walks over and takes a chair at Vlad's table. "Don't mind if I join ya, do ya?"

Vladimir looks up from his lab top and looks around as if he was making sure there was not someone else you could be talking to. He sips his tea and shrugs, "sure why not."

Keith keeps his smirk and takes a sip of his drink. "Thanks," he says, glancing around. "So, whatcha workin' on?" he seems curious. That unusual light breeze seems to have stopped too.

Vladimir had almost not taken notice of the breeze. He turns the lab top showing you a pause RTS. He turns it back, "So why the interest in me? If I am not wrong your a mutant." He does not look up from the screen as you can hear screaming and gun firm coming from it.

Keith lets out a little laugh. "Mutant…no. Different for sure…but not a mutant," he replies, amused. "And any number of reasons. The mint scent, the fact that you really don't seem the Starbucks type, whim, the fact that you're pretty hot…pick one," he muses. "Keith," he offers a hand.

Vladimir looks up from behind his sunglasses at the last part about being hot. He smiles some, "Well I was needed a drink and this place was here so I let them rip me off." He sips his tea, "I like mint"

Keith shrugs and chuckles again. "I figured ya did given how you smell," he says. Idly, he starts to pull warm air around their table. "Only other thing I could think of off the top of my head was falling into a crate full of mint and that would just be a pain," he says. "So, I take it you're not so mundane either?" he takes a guess.

Vladimir shrugs, "depends on what you mean by Mundane I not running around fighting crime in spandex like some people in this city." He sips his tea and continues, "I just a student not much else."

Vladimir blinks at this man and frowns and looks away, "So your some kind of crime fighter?" He sips his tea, "I go to a privet school here in the city. So how old are you?"

Keith seems surprised. "Me? One of those hero types? No, no, no…" he trails off. "If I come across something that doesn't look like too much trouble, I'll step in but I don't put on a costume and run around fighting villains…" he trails off. "Private school?" he asks, one place coming to mind at first. "Not all that polite to ask a person's age without offering your own first…"

Vladimir smirks, "Never said I polite." He sighs and leans back in his chair moving some hair out over his eyes, "I am 16 in a month 17. Now it is your turn snow top how old are you?"

Keith smiles. "Nice attitude and a good age," he says. "Twenty-one," he states his age. "The hair's not a good indication of my age," he comments, running hands through the white locks.

Vladimir nods, "I know you were still young no wrinkles" He sips his tea, "Well know you know I am Jail bait still think I am cute?" He has not looked at the computer for a while not doubt by now he lost the game.

Keith smirks. "You stopped being jailbait when ya turned sixteen," he points out. "And cute…maybe. Sexy, yeah," he says, bringing more warm air around them. "Hot too…in two senses of the word unless you have some kind of coolant in that coat," he says. "How's your game going?"

Vladimir feels the heat and is sweating some, "Well age of consistent for other teens but adult still jailbait." He takes off his coat showing the black shirt fully and sighs, "Not that I care it your freedom on the line not mine."

Keith chuckles a little. "Not exactly…" he trails off. "But last I checked, compliments weren't endangering anything," He muses, cooling the air now. "Assuming I'm trying for more than playful flirting?"

Vladimir snorts, "oh please you want to sleep with me. Guys don't flirt unless they want to dip there dick." Shivers some at the cool air, "what the hell going on with heating in this place first hot and now cold. God now I remember why I hate this place." He looks at the game and frowns as he has lost. He turns off the lab top and closes it.

Keith wags a finger. "Well…I wouldn't object to it, but I do sometimes just flirt to amuse myself," he says, looking up thoughtfully. "It can be fun to see what reactions ya get," is added. The white-haired man then looks up as the heating is mentioned. "Well…the summer came early. Could be screwing with places' heating and cooling systems," he hazards a guess.

Vladimir snorts, "I wouldn't do that you give to impression and you could get your self in trouble. What if I was some kind of homophibic and attacked you for flirting with you." He thinks for a moment, "Did you tell me your name?"

Keith smirks. "Well, I am capable of defending myself," he says. "And I gave you -a- name," he says.

Vladimir thinks, "Did you I seem to have forgotten it already" He looks puzzle at this, "Did I give you my name?" Some how this part seems to be missing from his memory most likely thanks to the computer game.

Keith shakes his head. "No I don't believe you told me your name," he says.

Vladimir nods, "ah well I am Vladmir but everyone calls me Vlad. Now what is your name." He finishes off his tea and grunt some in dispoint ment

Keith smiles. "Name's Keith," he replies. "Nice to meet you," he adds. "Out of tea?" the man questions. "And…what brings a student like you out to this part of town?"

Vladimir nods, "seems so. Oh well it's to hot for tea any way. I went to a club a few blocks away. It was a okay show I seen better. What brings you here are you just wondering around looking for underage boys?"

Keith snorts now. "I stopped here on a whim while out for a little walk after getting some work done. This place seemed slightly more interesting than the bar so here I came," he explains with a shrug. "What show was it?"

Vladimir shrugs, "It was some drag show a friend Emailed about he wanted me to go with him so I did. Never understood why anyone want to waist money and time in a bar."

Keith's eyebrows arch up. "Well…that's interesting," he remarks. "Some people go to get drunk, others for the entertainment. And others still are looking to hook up with someone."

Vladimir sighs, "All that can be done in other places with out being around drunks and scum bags." He sighs and shakes his head, "so tell me what's with the white hair?"

Keith shrugs. "True but it's New York City. It's not difficult to find drunks or scumbags outside the bars as well as in them," he points out. "Hmm. Oh…what do you mean?" he asks, smiling slightly as he tugs on a few strands of his hair gently.

Vladimir looks you over and and smiles some, "I mean why is your hair white where you born with such fair hair or did something that scared you that bad?"

Keith chuckles. "No…it's just a side effect of my being…different," he says. "Just…changed one day."

Vladimir nods, "and how are you different?" He leans back on the chair and waits for you to reply. He looks you over again wondering if her flirting because he wants to sleep with him or just for fun.

Keith lets out a little whistle. "Well, if you want to know that…you'll have to tell me just how you're different, Vlad," he replies. The air-spirit leans back as well.

Vladimir raise a eye brow, "why do you think I different I could be just a normal 16 year old guy who like mint and going to drag shows with friends, "nothing different about that." Like he going tell this guy in a public place he is a mutant.

Keith makes a little noise. "Oh…just a hunch I guess. I tend to run into people that aren't exactly normal," he says. "And the fact that you jumped right to asking me if I was a mutant instead of thinking I just dyed my hair is a bit telling," he shrugs.

Vladimir frowns at that last part and he thinks. o 0 (Damn it how could I missed that!). He sighs, "fine I can work with computers with out touching them."

Keith blinks a few times then smirks. "So…you're like a psychic but with computers?" he asks. The older man nods, finding this acceptable. He's not one to doubt unusul abilities. Not after everything he's seen and been through. "Well. I…am an immortal."

Vladimir blinks and smirks, "now your just messing with me how do you know your immortal if your only 21. Also immortal like never get old, or get old just never die, or you can get shot in the head and still be alive?" Yep too many movies, comic, and games.

Keith chuckles. "Well, obviously I age because I haven't always been twenty-one." he says with a vague gesture. "I just don't die. You could shoot me…but I'd be back."

Vladimir smiles and sighs, "Need a sword. Remove your head. There can only be one" He smiles, "so your the highlander? Is that all or is there more?"

Keith laughs. "No, I'm not the highlander. And I'd still come back from that. I'd just be very annoyed," he says. "Well…I can fly too," he chimes, never revealing the full extent of his abilities.

Vladimir nods and smiles, "That's cool. I wish I could fly. anything else? I mean both of though are but a little random."

Keith shrugs. "I'm pretty good at air hocket and pool," he chimes. "If ya wanna fly I can take ya up for awhile," he offers.

Vladimir looks at the guy and shakes his head, "no that's okay I think I would only like it under my own power. Not the type to give up power to someone else"

Keith laughs. "Suit yourself," he says. "Ofcourse I could take ya up in my plane too," he shrugs. "But whatever," he glances into his empty drink.

Vladimir nods, "once again no thank you." He smiles, "seems like you finish your drink as well"

Keith nods. "Didn't even notice I did," he comments. "I hate when I do that. OF course I also have a habit of leaving my drinks around the home…" he trails off.

Vladimir raise his eye brow, "The home? Most people don't call there home the home. care to explain that one?"

Keith lets out a little sigh. "I'm just a bit weird. A nice penthouse. Just spending a lot more time at home than I ever thought I would," he answers with a shrug.

Vladimir nods and sighs, "I see well it getting late and it far to the school I should get going."

Keith stretches. "Want a ride back?" he asks. "If it's the place I think it is, I know the way."

Vladimir stops and looks at you, "what place do you think it is?"

Keith takes a deep breath. "Let's see. Private school, mutant student, far from here…I'm gonna guess the place is that Xavier's Institute. Someone I'm rather close to used to go there. I even met the guy in charge of the place and his bright red sunglasses," he says in a hushed tone.

Vladimir sighs, "fine you can give me a ride save me the trouble of catching a bus after bus."

Keith laughs, getting up. "Don't worry about it," he says, taking a set of keys out of his pocket. "I'll even let you pick what the radio plays," he says, leading the technopath to a nice, black corvette. Top of the line model.

Vladimir stills has a bad feeling about this but he has the panic button if something goes bad. He follows the guy out to his car.

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