2009-05-03: A Snack and Steam


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Summary: Vlad and Antonio meet in the Cafeteria one thing leads to another and they end up in the Sauna

Date: May 3, 2009

Log TitleA Snack and Steam

Rating: Log Rating. R

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

//There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall. //

It's almost 9:30 at night on a Sunday and Vlad sits in the cafeteria relaxing with a large hard cover book and an apple.
Public> MadHatter says, "Hey hey!"

The Italian makes his way into the cafeteria, wearing his Alpha Squadron uniform, and looking a little damp as if he just got out of a training session. He stretches a little and notes Vladimir, offering a quick, "Ciao, Vladimir….Come stai?" He asks as he makes his way over after grabbing an apple for himself.

Vladimir looks up from his book and closes it after putting in the bookmark. He places it down and smiles, "Hey how are you?" He has no idea what you just asked him so he playing it off, "so doing some training?"

Antonio gives a nod of his head. "Si, We were training in the room…" He indicates. "Was nice….hard." He shrugs a little as he plops down next to you. "What are you reading?"

Vladimir smiles and nods, "that outfit looks good on you." He picks up the books. He had taken the dust cover off finding them a pain. He flips the book so you can see the title on the spin, "It's called BrisIngr"

Antonio repeats. "BrisIngr?" He asks looking a little confused. "Not sure I know this story…" He offers before reaching to scratch his chest as he takes a bite out of his apple. "What is it on?"

Vladimir smiles, "it's the third book of a four books. It's about this boy who finds a dragon egg and becomes the last dragon rider and joins the rebelling against the evil kind who is also a dragon rider and killed off all the other dragon and the riders. The first book was called Eragon since that is the name of the boy. This one named after his magic sword."

Antonio blinks and nods his head. "Si, I have read this book." he offers as he taps the cover. "Is called something different in Italia…" he smiles again and moves to stand up, moving to grab a juice from the fridge. "What are you doing tonight?"

Vladimir smiles, "I love them I can't wait for the next woman. How about you what did you think? What's it called in Italy?"

Antonio offers a strange string of words, "It means Dragon-Rider." He offers as he downs the juice and moves to sit on the table. "Is an ok book. I liked them better at the begining…got bad as it went on."

Vladimir shrugs, "I think they got better. The first book I was sort of easy to guess what was going to happen this one kept me guessing." Smiles, "so we still going to catch a movie sometime this coming up week?" He takes another bit of the apple.

Vladimir shrugs, "I think they got better. The first book I was sort of easy to guess what was going to happen this one kept me guessing." Smiles, "so we still going to catch a movie sometime this coming up week?" He takes another bit of the apple.

Antonio shrugs a little as he finishes his apple, tossing it into a near by garbage pale before lifting his arm and sniffing before making a soft grunt. "I need the sauna and shower before I go to bed. You going to continue to be reading tonight?"

Vladimir looks at the book and then you before smiles, "Lets see I could read about a 16 year old boy riding a dragon or I can join you and see you in a cute towel." He stands and throws out a the apple core, "lets go."

Antonio gives a nod of his head and downs the rest of his juice, tossing the bottle into the recycle bin before heading downstairs.

Xavier Mansion - Sauna

This steam room is for students and staff who want to relax after a training session, or just enjoy time in the heat. In the center of the room is a pit that holds the water and coals giving the room its steamy atmosphere. Benches line the sides of the room and the dim lights make it almost peaceful.

Vladimir walks into the sauna with a towel around his waist and nothing else. He find a seat and parks him self down and waits for you to join in

Antonio takes a few minutes to get out of his clothing, but none the less, he makes his way into the boy's sauna, towel firmly around his waste and bare feet nimbly guiding him to climb up to one of the upper wooden benches. He smiles and lets the door close so that the room goes dark. "The hot is nice, si?"

Vladimir smiles and nods, "yah it is." He looks at you and pats the seat next to him, "come have a seat. He moves over to make sur there is room for you.

Antonio gives a nod of his head and squats a bit, scooting down to sit next to you with a soft smile. "Si…" He offers before leaning forward and scooping up some water from a near by bucket and dumping it atop the sauna stove and rocks, filling the dark air with steam. "How have you been?"

Vladimir leans close to you and kisses your cheek, "Not bad. I stayed out of fist fighting. Oh they did remove me from the Hellions and put me on the Corsairs for some reason. They said they couldn't have two technopaths in the same team."

Antonio gives a nod of his head. "Makes sense…" He offers, accepting the kiss and smiling softly, though it's very hard to talk with the steam and dark. He leans back against the hot wood wall and pulls his legs up to his chest, adjust so that the towel covers him. "Corsairs are led by Mr. Summers…."

Vladimir smiles and nods, "yah I know he is but the colors of the team are white and yellow." He sighs and close his eyes, "So we still going see a movie this week?"
Antonio gives a nod. "Si, if you like. We can go see a movie…" He offers as he idly moves to lean on you, letting his shoulder press into yours.

Vladimir smiles as you lean on him and wraps his arms around you, "Good I am glad. We can hit little Italy and see a film there see something from your home land.

Antonio leans his head so that it hits yours and then once there he sort of relaxes into you. "Sounds good. I will have a car pick us up and drive us…"

Vladimir smiles and leans his head against your, "A car pick us off? Are you talking about a taxi?" His hands moves to your chest and rubs one of your nipples.

Antonio grunts at the sudden sensation of a hand rubbing at his nipple. He shifts a little on the bench as a soft sheen of sweat starts to come from him as well as the scent of his musk. "No…i have a driver." he offers in a soft voice.

Vladimir blinks and moves some hair out of his eyes, "wow you have a driver you must be loaded to afford that. I know you had a title but I didn't know you were rich as well."

Antonio gives a nod of his head as he rests his hands in his lap, trying to cover the softly growing mound. "Si, My family is very wealthy…I have much money."

Vladimir smiles and nods, "well that's cool." Had notice the tent and smiles, "seems like you have a problem there. Getting over heated?"

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