2009-05-09: A Stranger


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Summary: Vlad gets lost and meets Hilary

Date: May 9, 2009

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Rating: PG-13


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A nice, spring day finds Hilary of course on a park bench, having a cigarette. Or two. Or three. He sits up straight, not leaning back against the bench's wooden slats, looking up at the statue in the middle of the park.

Vladimir has made his way to Union Square well not that he meant to he turn left left when he should of turn right over a dozen blocks around. He now stops at the statue and looks around. He frowns some as he never been here before and there are no land marks he knows to help him.

"Lost?" Hilary wonders at last, although he has apparently been watching the youth for some time. A brow is lifted just a bit, and the single word itself is enough to announce to most that Hilary hails from England.

Vladimir looks over at the English man and blinks. He looks around again looking for anything to help him find his way. He hate to ask someone from out of town for direction since he was born and raised in the city well long island but it's the same thing. He frowns as he finds nothing to help him and nods to the English man, "seems so"

Hilary exhales a long stream of smoke before he chooses to answer. "Well. What are you trying to find, then?" he asks patiently, a slight, amused smile curling around the corners of his mouth.

Vladimir sees the smiles but does not say anything about it, "I am looking to get to my stomping grounds in Westchester but got turned around doing some shopping." He has no bag and while his clothes look well kept they are not new.

Hilary may or may not be convinced by that excuse, looking Vladimir over critically. "Well, I don't have much to do in Westchester, so you're on your own," he says, flicking ash away with a practiced gesture.

Vladimir nods, "I can take care of my self I just need to get to a train, bus, or taxi that can take me there. Hell at this point I'll ride by horse and buggy. He looks at the cigarette, "what jah smoking?"

Hilary gives a tilted smile, saying, "Marlboros." And then he points at a corner of the park. "There's a subway station."

Vladimir nods and sighs, "you think I can bum one off of you?" He nots at the pack in your pocket, "I don't have any of my brand."

Hilary fishes out a cigarette and extends it between nicotine-stained fingers, twitching a quick smile. "I hope this isn't some police sting," he says, as Vladimir does look a bit young.

Vladimir takes it and shakes his head, "no it's not" He pulls out a silver zippo and lights it. He coughs some, "damn….Much different then a Black." He looks at you, "thanks."

Hilary smiles and shrugs. "I'm not particularly brand-loyal," he says. "But these have the most appealing mascot." His tone is somewhat ironic.

Vladimir nods, "well I normally smoke cloves over this stuff but I give my pack to a friend. She wants me to quit. In fact this my first in over a month." He flicks some ashes, "so your sight seeing?"

Hilary laughs quietly. "Then I ought to give you a few more for a secret supply," he suggests. And then, "No, I live here," is his patiently-impatient answer.

Vladimir nods, "you voice and dress though me off. So how long have you been living in the big apple?" He always wondered why it was called that. He takes another puff on the death stick, "yah a few more wouldn't be a bad thing."

"i don't know," Hilary says. "A few more. Doesn't quite matter." He hands over five cigarettes from his pack, dropping his to the ground. "Don't let your friend make you quit," he advises. "You make your own decisions."

Vladimir laughs and takes them, "your an adult should you be saying things like you should stop it's bad for you. While you smoking?" He puts them into his pocket.
Hilary grins. "No. I'm an adult, and that means I can say what I like. And I advise you to continue as long as it pleases you." Hilary gets to his feet. "I've got to be going. Have a lovely day."

Vladimir laughs, "okay. Well thanks for the smokes and pointing out the subway."
Hilary nods quite graciously and strolls off toward Alphabet City.

Vladimir turns and walks of to the subway

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