2009-05-14: Dull Eye Beauty


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Summary: Vlad meets Blythe

Date: May 14, 2009

Log Title Dull Eye Beauty



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The interior of the cafe is simple, a bit on the rundown side, but somehow charming. "You spread your web of lies, Thought your small world was everything, Wounding anything passing by, You though the sky was square. "This is all there is… this is it, isn't it?" You said… but that's a lie… Your dismal stripes looked so sad, A bird of pardise decided to talk to you. "Get some butterfly's wings and come over here." "Over there everything is just what you want." Pink Spider "I want to go" Pink Spider "I want wings…" Not listening to the dying pleas of your captured butterfly, You glare up at the sky. "I didn't wound you out of hatred, But I don't have wings, And the sky is so high…"
The vocals ring into the air with the distorted chords of an SG gibson and an amplifier.
The general genre is a mellowed out version of what would typically be a hard rock tune, her voice is clear and plesant with more than enough grit.

Vladimir sits in the back of the cafe having a mint tea and listening the the odd lyrics of the woman on stage. He not sure if it real good and he just doesn't get it or real bad. He watches the women more then listens to her song. She was pretty but something off with her face and more her eyes. They seems dull unlike most eyes the catch the light.

Something dont translate well, despite the woman's best efforts to meld the song into the english language the phrasing is cumbersome. The woman finishes and slides her guitar around her shoulders and stands with a bow. There are applause, but its not quite what she hoped for though it did SOUND good at least. She steps off stage and meanders toward the back of the cafe, people eying her oddly as she passes.

Vladimir does clap when she bows and sips his tea watching her. Once he clear of the stage he stands and walks over to the older woman. He smiles and and clears his voice, "hello. Like your song."

As he nears the air becomes, thicker first it's only like a humid day, but it slowly gets worse, heavier, thicker, and more uncomfortable; and then theres the chill. The woman swivels her head to look at the young man with her hollow black eyes, "Oh, thank you!" she says plesantly before pulling a flask from her coat, removing the top, and taking a draught.

Vladimir blinks at the heat and is about to take off his coat when the chill hits him. He confuse by that but shrugs it off as bad heating system in the room. He smiles then blinks seeing the eyes closer. He forces to keep the smile but pass the first shock of them he not bother by them. He thinks to him self she might be a mutant with eyes like that. He watches her drink from the flask, "Care to join me at my table I treat you to something to eat and drink" He thinks even with the eyes she cute and he not shallow type of guy to let something so small as that bother him for long.

A smirk of ammusement twists the asians lips, making her look, disconcerting. "Surree," she drawls plesantly and follows him. She's still staying about 4 feet behind him, and its to his benefit as the closer she gets the more uncomfortable breathing gets.
Vladimir leads you back to the table where his tea is and pulls out a chair for you. Yes he can pore on the charm when he wants to. He looks at you and smiles, "order anything you like it's my treat."

"Oh well then, I will say, people dont buy me things as treats; they buy me things as payment; whats the catch?" Asks Blythe as she settles at the table. She seems to have no idea of the age of this individual and obviously doesnt care.

Vladimir smiles and sits in his own table and smirks, "In truth I find you very beautiful" He looks over into your eyes as he not really bother by them any more and knows this will show it, "I would love to get to know you better. So you can say the food and drink is ploy to allow me to do that."

Wonderment spreads over the woman's face at the fellows words, "Well in which case I'd like some blackened cajun chicken bites, it sounds great." The woman looks remarkably ammused by this situation, "Thats a set of words I cant say I've heard." she unshoulders her coat and drapes it over the back of the chair revealing her sinewy gaunt muscled arms that are peppered with a plethora of tiny scars and one notably large one on her right shoulder.

Vladimir waves down and waitress and orders a tea and your chicken. The women walks off. He looks at your arms spotting the scars once again he does not seem bother by them. Who is he to judge someone else he is a mutant after all. She smiles some more then speaks in a relax tone, "I bet there's a story behind them" He nods to the scares.

Blythe smirks, "Behind what?" she asks, shes not able to really to tell what she looks like, after all she cant see herself in a mirror. "And what's your name, odd taste that you have.

Vladimir blinks and now wonders if she blind, "I am Vladimir but most call me Vlad. I was talking about your scares on your arms and shoulder. But if you don'tr want to talk about them I will understand."

Blythe stars laughing, "Ah Hell no, my scars are fun. They're tales and stories; I got pitched through a window, thats all of these little ones. I was pickin glass out for weeks. The one on the shoulder is just a knife."
The older woman smiles and extends her hand to Vlad to shake, "I'm Blythe."

Vladimir smiles and takes the hand, "The pleasure is my. Wow….Just wow I do not know what else to say about the scares. I don't I ever met a woman like you before." He smiles, "so well me about your self besides singing what else do you do?"

There is this twitch in the womans face which cracks in a weird smirk, "I do this and that… and some other things. You probably wouldnt care to know, it might not be healthy." Although her tone is such that its difficult to tell if she's kidding, there's something behind her words that is distinctly not a joke. "What about you…

Vladimir smiles and nods, "I see well I like staying healthy" He smirks some as there is a joking tone in his voice. The undertone in her voice is not lost on him he just not going to push it. He looks at her, "who me" He pause not wanting give up his age to her then continues, "I am a student studying computers and such things." No a full lie he is a student and he a technopath. He then looks up at the waitress when she comes, "thank you." He takes his tea and tells her the chicken for the lady. He waits until she leaves, "Since you say people do not buy you stuff unless they want something I guessing you have no boyfriend?"

Blythe chuckles, "No, can't say I do. I dont get many offers, me being me, and be being interesting, and me having interesting habits." The woman pulls her flask out; its a big flask; she takes a draught, and a piece of chicken and munches on it. "I mean most people don wanna get wrapped up with me, except that masked guy, we have the same line of work.

Vladimir raise a eyebrow, "Interesting habits. Now I'm intrested. He leans forward some, "do tell I love to here about there habits. Trust me it's hard to shock me."

Across the table the discomfort is minor, but as Vlad moves forward the pressure increases greatly making breathing more uncomfortable. "Well I dont have a home… that keeps life interesting. Adventures, I like to adventure, I take jobds jobs are fun." She sounds breifly overexcited and takes another drink of whiskey. "Want some…

Vladimir blinks as it gets harder to breath. He is surprise by that and leans back in the chair. He listens to this and smiles, "So your homeless thrill seeker I know how that is. Before I got into this school I really didn't have a home I rented a room from a friend but had no lease or anything like that." He blinks at the offer and nods, "sure." He takes the flask and sips the drink.

It's whiskey, Black velvet, actually, nice and smooth and tastey. She has no idea this persons, age, doesnt care doesnt matter.

"Eh, I stay here and there; just got rid of one of my apartments a couple months ago." She's very hygenic for a homeless woman, teeth brushed and all. " So I'm free-ballin at the moment… but its not likeI have balls, well; you know what I mean." The woman rambles, "What's this schoool?" she asks, he'sonly mentioned it twice now.

Vladimir takes a larger swing now he knows what it is. He not new to drinks so it does not bother him. He hands back the flask back, "Free balling hmmm I wonder if I you and have the term for that." He smirks hope so, "oh the school it's a small school for the gifted they let me in thinks to my mind. I didn't have to pay a cent." He had notice how clean she was and would of guess she was homeless. He sips his tea some, "So what do you look for in a guy?"
A grin, a chuckle, a laugh. All of these are Blythes response. "Never looked for anything in a guy before; except maybe drug money… but you probably dont want to think about me looking in a… oh nevermind."

Vladimir listens to the whole thing frowning at the drug money comment he does not like drugs and comes from a background of drugs and sex thanks to his mother. He nods and sighs, "so you into women then." Vlad might be smart but he dumb sometimes.
"People hide things IN the darndest places," she murmers before answering, "Nah, I'm not into women, where'd you get that idea."

Blythe doesn't like drugs either; shes not stupid, but she's clearly took his finding things IN people literally at first which is notably unsettling .

Vladimir nods, "just wondering since you said you don't think of guys that way. I do find you cute and would like to get to know you better." He does not give up easy about this stuff. He smiles, "So what did you mean by free balling?"

Blythe says, "Oh, just that I was running around free of a home base; it wasnt a good use of the expression… but it kinda worked."

The woman tilts her head to the side, "OOh you were talking about rooooomance. Gottcha." My god what ELSE would he have been trying to ask her about. "Nah Guys are good, I like guys; I just never had any." Her tone is matter of fact at this. She takes another draught of her whiskey and pushes the flask back across the table to vlad."

Vladimir nods and smiles, "ah I see." He is a little disappointed by the fact that it was not what he was thinking. He nods, "yep that's what I was talking about. He takes the flask and sips some of the whiskey and slides the flask back, "You mean your still a virgin? Is that by choose or just not found anyone?"

Okay, Blythe will go along with this, for now. "I don't think you're getting it; I've never been on even a date, buddy. Since you're gonna push the issue." This statement alone validates what was misconstrued as her not liking women.

Okay, Blythe will go along with this, for now. "I don't think you're getting it; I've never been on even a date, buddy. Since you're gonna push the issue." This statement alone validates what was misconstrued as her NOT liking MEN.

Vladimir blinks and nods, "I see well that's a shame." He leans back in the chair, "oh well." He smiles and sips his tea, "so tell me more about your self."
"Unless this is kind of a date, isn't it; I guess. Am I on a date with you?" Blythe asks with a sort of manic quality before taking another deep gulp of her whiskey; pushing it back his way again.

Vladimir takes a sip of the flask, "Well I guess it is but most dates are romance if you want to call it one then yes it's a date" He raise the flask, "to first date" He takes another swig and hands it back.

"To first date! How exciting!" she says and takes another gulp of the drink. She munches on another chicken bit. "So… what did you want to know about me."

Vladimir shrugs, "I have no idea…. um why did you go thought window?" He picks a random subject not sure what else to say since you are not into guys.

The woman drinks more whiskey, "Whelp; I'd cased a place, where this drug deal was going down; when I got there the had more muscle then I expected and a really big guy managed to get me and huck me out a window of a highrise. You know; all comedian-style, like in watchmen. Only I'm not dead, obviously." The womans voice is completely level for the first time since the start of this conversation giving the distinct impression that shes telling the absolute truth.

Vladimir blinks and smiles, "wow so what are you some kind of super hero or something?" He sips the tea and does feel the effect of the whisky. He leans back in the chair, "so hows the chicken?"

"Chicken's good; the chicken likes the whiskey, the whiskey likes the chicken; they get married in my mouth; its great!"
She glosses over the super hero comment at first but ponders a moment as she eats another chicken bit, "Nah, not a superhero not at all, probably more like the comedian, actually."

Vladimir nods and smiles, "wow never had a meal like that before." He leans forward and nods, "ah so your crazy and you like killing women who having your baby?" He smiles some and chuckles some.

Blythe gives the young man an appraising look, falling uncomfortably quiet at his words, hollow eyes staring at him with a serious expression, "Hey! I know my brain doesn't work quite right, but there's no need to call me crazy!"

Vladimir laughs and shakes his head, "it was a joke you said you were like the comedia so I picked the two things your not. I never thought you were crazy." He sips his tea, "so relax and take a joke." He winks at you.
Funny he should say that, even funnier to not be able to tell when the woman is joking, herself.

"Oh well; I knew that, but I dont think you know me well enough to know what I'm not." States the woman, "I like this question game, though. Any other things you want to know?"

Vladimir laughs, "that's true I don't know you could be fruit loops for all I know." He thinks for a moment, "mmm how about the big scare you said you got it in a knife fight tell me about it."

"eh, that ones not as fun as the other one; just got in a fight; I was screwing around with the guy and he pulled a knife and he slashed me." Blythe shrugs at her words like it was nothing, "it's okay, though," she replies, "I beat him with the cutting arm from one of those paper cutters I found."

She seems so remarkably proud of this sordid, resourcefulness; and yet its so, abnormal.

Vladimir smiles and nods, "I see wow I wish my life was as exciting as your." He slips he tea and finishes it, "How about another shot" he nods to the flask and smiles, "you can ask me questions if you want."

"Do you really? I mean I can arrange that; most people dont adapt well to being 'hired help'" She says, as she pushes the flask across the table. Blythe is beginning to feel a hair beyond buzzed at this point, herself; granted she has been drinking a lot more than Vlad.
"What credentials would make you a good assistant to me?"

Vladimir raise a eyebrow, "Hired help what do you mean?" He takes the flask and takes another swing of the drink. He been feeling it for a while he then blinks, "well I'm a technopath I can hack into computers with my mind."

Blythe says, "ooooh Now THATS nifty; I do neat things too; Like this." She says tugging the shotglass from his grasp as though it werent obvious she were a mutant. Blythe upends the flask, pouring some of its contest into what would appear to be an invisible shotglass. The whiskey hovers in the air as though contained by a glass. She slides the shot to Vlad. "See!""

Vladimir blinks and looks at the shot glass, "wow that's neat. Is it done with force fields?"

"I dunno I just do it. Go ahead it's solid." Indeed it is, it also has weight to it like a shot glass should. She takes another sip of her own and eats her last blackened chicken peice. "I appreciate the food and company." Blythe says sounding remarkably, incongruently polite, "I should probably get going; though. I had a job I needed to do, tonight.

Vladimir nods, "okay" He pulls out a black card with white text, "here my card and number give me a call any time."

Blythe takes the card and looks down at it, "I cant read," the woman sighs, "It looks blank to me, kind of hard to explain. But I'll be playing here again.

Vladimir nods and frown, "well do you have a cell…Never mind you most likely can't see that too."

Blythe shakes her head, "No, not that either; I'll find you if you're around." She says and moves to stand; sliding her coat back on.

Vladimir nods and smiles, "a pleasure to meet you" He thinks damn I was really hoping to have some fun tonight her eyes look creepy but she still cute. He stands and feels the full effect of the drink, "Damn, "better get home."

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