2009-05-16: Beautiful Laura


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Summary: Vlad meets Laura for the 2en time and the first time he meets her alone.

Date: May 16, 2009

Log TitleBeautiful Laura

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Japanese Gardens

A large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

Vladimir is sitting near the river he seems deep into though. In his hands he holds a few small stone which he been throwing in the water when he feeling like it. He sighs some and throws a stone at one of the fish.

And who should come along but Laura? Moving quietly - very much so, but walking along the path, the girl holds her hands at her sides, her expression pinched as she moves along the path. She pauses, rather suddenly, and lifts her eyes to narrow upon Vladimir.

Vladimir has not notice the very pretty and very wild class mate. With your sence of smell you can pick up the scent of mint from vlad. He takes another and tose it at the water this time the stone skips a couple of times before vanishing below the surface

The scent of mint strikes her as peculiar, but… people smell like different things, a lot of times. Laura pauses a moment further, and then steps forward. She doesn't say anything, but she steps by the waterside, near Vladimir, and falls into a crouch, extending a gloved hand to dip a finger into the water.

Vladimir does notice you once your by the water and smiles at you, "Hey there pretty thing." His tone is chipper and friendly his face lightens up from the more solum look it had moments before.

"Hey." Laura says, without looking directly at Vlad. Running her fingertips through the water, her hand darts down suddenly, drawing a pebble up from the shallow end of it. Fingers dripping droplets of water, she rolls the stone between her fingers. "…what are you doing out here?" she says, further, just slightly turning her head towards Vladimir.

Vladimir watches the girl with a smile on his face. His eyes work over her form since she not looking at him. Be blinks some as she reaches deeper to get a peddle, "I have many dry ones I'm willing to share." He hold up one of the stones. He thinks for a moment, "I come here to think. What brings you here."

She pauses a moment further. Then, turning her head so that a flash of her green eyes can be seen through the unkept hair hanging in her face, she purses her lips, glancing up towards his face. "Dry what?" she asks, continuing to roll her damp pebble through her fingers. "I come here to get out of there. For a time." she says.

Vladimir blinks and swallows those green eyes were so beautiful, "Dry….um Dry" His mind goes blank but he continues, "Dry…um rocks. You didn't need to get all wet for one."

"I don't care." comes Laura's reply, her tone lacking emotion, being flat. Turning her eyes back towards the water, she breathes a little sigh. Small talk was so very hard. "…classes. You are doing well?" she asks, a little frown tugging down the corners of her lips.

Vladimir nods, "yah my IQ give me a leg up on most of the students in my classes how about you?" He sees how awkward this is for you and stands and moves next to her and squats like her, "Laura just relax no one going judge you here just be your self."
"The classes are boring." Laura says, the frown remaining on her face as she peers up at him as he moves beside her. Resting her forearms on her knees, her eyes narrow somewhat as her frown leaves - leaving her mouth a thin straight line. "I am." she states.

Vladimir nods and smiles, "oh good. I bad at reading people it seemed you have trouble with the small talk. He places a hand on your shoulder, "well I'll be help you with homework or a subject your having trouble with."

The leather jacket she wore was beneath his hand as he lays it upon her. Turning her narrowed eyes forward, her frown continues. "Thanks." she says. "But I don't really care if I do well in school, or not - all these subjects don't matter, anyways."

Vladimir nods, "I think everyone thinks that." He removes his hand from your person, "So Laura I know your limber and skilled at dismounting a couch but what powers do you have."

The frown deepens at talk of her powers. She pauses, and looks up towards Vladimir. "What powers do you have?" she parrots, the tone of her voice modulating slightly to sound a little more like his voice. It wasn't exact, of course.

Vladimir smiles, "I have two it seems. I can enter computers with my mind. I can reprogram them or what ever. my body also can move thought wires of any device plugged in. I don't have any control over that one at the moment.

Laura nods at that, her eyes narrowing as her expression pinches. Pointing her fist at the water, an odd muscle in her forearm flexes - and through the leather of the glove, twin shining claws spring out, sliding through the water easily to cut a pebble on the bottom of the pool in half. There was also a welling of blood at her knuckles as she does so. A moment to pause, and she looks back up at him significantly, then relaxes her forearm, the claws slipping back inside of it.

Vladimir blinks at the claws and then the blood, "oh you didn't need to show me you hurt your self." He does not know your healing powers, "lets get you a bandage or something." He stands and offers you a hand.

"It's not necessary - I'm used to it." Laura says, remaining crouched. "…you wanted to see my powers." looking over her hand as her healing factor stops the minor bleeding nigh-instantly, she dips her fist into the water again, to wash it clear of blood.

Vladimir nods, "I did but I didn't want you to hurt your self. He sees the wounds heal and he nots understanding, "are you related to Mr. Logan? Your powers almost mimic his but he has three claws not two."

She actually has had to answer that question a fair bit, as of late. "Kinda." is her terse reply. "Perhaps if he was a woman, he'd have two." she says, frowning down at her hands now as she rubs her knuckles with her other hand. "…do you have family?" she asks.

Vladimir kneels down next to you again and places his hand on your shoulder again, "So is he your father?" He frowns some should have known that question was coming, "Sort of my mother is a drugged out whore and my father I never met he most likely one of her John's. Tell the truth I have not seen or talk to her in six years. So you can guess I know about crappy families."

Laura makes a chuffing sound at the father bit. Giving her head a shake, she says, "No." she says, working her jaw some as she lifts her eyes over the water again. She pauses a moment, and then turns her face towards Vladimir. "Do you wish you had a mother?" she asks, in the same terse tone..

Vladimir blinks not expecting that question, "well I…." He pause really thinking about it, "Yes" He looks away and frowns some, "I would of love a real mother and maybe a father. Maybe I would not be as messed up as I am."

Laura stares at him, taking in his expression as he considers that. Leaning to one side to get a better angle to watch his expression as he looks away, she soon straightens after he finishes. "You are messed up?" she asks.

Vladimir laughs and nods, "some I have get into augments and fights allot. It's seems I have a short fuss and a problem with people in charge." He chuckles some, "at the moment Scott and Ororo are mad at me."

Laura nods her head at that, her expression remaining the same hard one. "What has them mad at you? You got mad at them?" she asks.

Vladimir nods, "I started a argument in the danger room with them over there training. They had me punching a punching bag I would rather learn how to use my powers fully."

Laura nods her head at that, plucking up her pebble again. Rising to a stand that shrugs off his hand, she takes a step to the side, and wings the pebble at the pond. She threw very, very hard, it seems. It skips once, and lands on the shore on the other side, striking a tree with a crack sound.

Vladimir watches you stand and then follows the stone. He whistles, "that show throwing arm you have there the Mets could use you." He stand and smiles, "So what squad are you on?"

"Every other person here has a good throwing arm." Laura says, staring across towards the tree. "I'm Alpha squad." she states, turning her eyes back to Vlad.

Vladimir nods, "yah I guess your right. I'm just use to my throw which is about common. I will not pitch any no hitters unless your talking about cyber baseball."

"And if we are talking about cyber baseball… you would beat anyone in the school." Laura states rather firmly. Tossing her long dark hair over her shoulder, she sighs somewhat then.
Laura says, "What squadron are you on? Alpha as well?"

Vladimir laughs, "well the twins might be able to best me." He looks into her eyes, "well I was on the Hellions but was then put on the Corsairs because the twins and I were on the same team."

Laura cants her head to the side. "Why would they do that? Do the twins have similar

Vladimir nods, "yah they are technopaths like me. I think that BS we could been the the tech support squad to the other squads."

Laura nods again, and starts to move. With little steps, she moves smoothly around the outskirts of the lake, perhaps moving towards that tree that she threw the rock at.

Vladimir blinks as you move off and not sure if he should follow or not. He thinks for a moment and then decides to. he walks behind you not as stealthy as you in his heavy combat boots.

Laura wore a battered set of combat boots as well. But every motion she took was always desperately quiet - as if she had been moving her whole life that way. Nary making a sound as she approaches the tree, she crouches down by it, and plucks the pebble from where it had lodged in the bark.

Vladimir blinks seeing the rock in the tree, "wow remind me never play punch for a punch with you." Like he needs a reminder with those claws. He kneels down next you, "Laura is I may be so bold and tell you have beautiful eyes."

"You have your strengths. So do I." Laura says, rolling the pebble between thumb and forefinger as she brings it up to her eyes and looks over the rock. With a casual little flip, she flicks it into the water where it lands with a 'schloop'. Only then does she turn her head to stare at Vladimir.

Vladimir smiles as his eyes have not left you this time, "I love your eyes the color is like a field of grass. There a wild look to them that makes them even more beautiful." He reaches over slowly and places a hand on your cheek, "I heard the eyes are the window to the soul I wonder if it's true

The look in her eyes at the moment were not inviting. As his hand touches her cheek, she freezes, tensing. And when she speaks again, it is in a low sort of growl, "…what are you doing?" she asks.

Vladimir blinks and removes his hand, "I well….I um think you are cute. So I guess I was hitting on you. I mean no harm just your very beautiful and graceful. I was hoping we could get to know each other better. Maybe I could take you out on a date?"

"Maybe later." Laura says, her eyes going earthward now. She still felt… drawn to Julian, although she wasn't sure where he himself felt drawn to. "We could go out, get food sometime - maybe as…" what was the word that people used for… right, "Friends or something." she says.

Vladimir has no idea your drawn to his roommate and nods, "okay then as friend. I guess I am a little to forward I did not make you uneasy" He moves some hair out of his eyes and sighs, "god computers are easy next to people." He smiles some

Laura grunts, and nods her head firmly at that. "I hate… interacting with people." she says, rising up to a stand once more. Settling her jacket upon her shoulders, she takes a habitual sniff of the air. Unless something had changed about Vlad, she doesn't pick anything strange up.

Vladimir not a thing has changed about his sent other then he might be a little sweaty from nerves from taken the risk of asking you out. He nods,"Not something I good at my self" He smiles, "have the time I say the wrong thing or go to far to quick. Like now I would love to touch your face again but I'm sure that will make you uneasy to me."

"I'd cut your hand off." Laura says, her tone of voice entirely neutral. "That might make

Vladimir laughs a unease laughs and nods, "yah that might hurt some."
Public> Nathaniel says, "Handy."

Laura turns her head towards Vlad again, eyes narrowing some as she looks over his expression. "It was… good to meet you. I think I am going to go be alone for a while." she says, pointing off in the direction of the woods.

Vladimir nods and smiles, "it was a pleasure and I hope we can have our date soon."

Laura stops suddenly, turning around towards him once more. "Not a date." she says, rather firmly, bringing up a finger to point at him.

Vladimir nods, "nods, "okay friend date" He smiles.

Laura nods at that, then turns around, carefully stepping around the flowers as she picks up her pace towards the outlying forest.

Vladimir watches her run well more her ass but it's a part of her, "a shame I it couldn't be a date date" he seems to be speaking to him self.

If Laura heard that, (and with her enhanced hearing, it was likely she might have,) she didn't mention anything about it, or stop. As mean as she was, that was a little flattering, regardless.

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