2009-05-18: Rubber Girl No More


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Summary: Vlad finds July after she lost her powers. Vlad promise her he will get back her powers. In the end they end up arguing

Date: May 18, 2009

Log TitleRubber Girl No More

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

July sighs softly as she remains in the living room, obviously down, and saddened by something, leaned over the table, her arms crossed on the table and her chin resting on her crossed arms, one index finger pressing against the table, poking it again and again, slowly.

Vladimir walks in whistling and spots the down girl. He thinks that's a change she down and I am up." He sits down next to July and rubs her back, "hey there whats wrong I never seen you down before. You look like someone stole your birthday cake and ran over your puppy."

July just looks at you, frowning at you a bit angry. Hard to say if it's because of your words, or the way you're touching her. "What's wrong with this picture?" She asks, dryly, as she lifts a hand and balls her hand in a fist, and then slams it against the table, making a loud impact sound, but her hand doesn't deform. At all.

Vladimir blinks, "wow you are learning how to control your powers better." Once again Vlad showing a high IQ does not lead to being smart, "I don't get it why would you be down about that?"

July frowns even more, angry, "My powers are -GONE-!" she says, annoyed. "Haven't you heard? An explosion outside the mansion, and then a green goo thing stealing people's powers!?"

Vladimir frowns, "I heard bit of it I was out when it attack. I know some green blob attacked and some fought it but I didn't know this." He rubs your back some more, "Listen July I do anything in my power to get your power back."

July pffts at that, "You'll only get your own powers drained." She shakes her head, "Half the school is depowered, and, from what I've seen on the TV, some heroes and villains at NYC were depowered as well."

Vladimir nods, "well if I lose my powers no big deal it's not like they did must good for me." He looks you over, "I don't get it I thought you would be happy about this don't it mean you can go home and you can be a normal teen girl not just being something to be hidden."

July groans softly, "I NEVER said I wanted to get rid of my powers, Vlad." she says, frowning still, "I liked them! I didn't want to get rid of them!"

Vladimir nods, "oh okay well I sorry then and like I said I do everything in my power to get them back."

July sighs, "Just forget about it. That thing is still rampaging around, wielding the powers of more than fifteen different mutants. That thing's unstoppable now…"

Vladimir frowns and thinks, "it has your powers meaning it can grab from far. Who else does it have?"

July sighs softly, "As far as I can tell, it has my powers, Kael's, Sam's powers, Scott's powers… Addison's… Max's…"

Vladimir whistles, "that's some line up. Does it have any fire or ice powers?"

July chuckles softly, "Max' powers are ice based. Remember?" she says, shaking her head softly, "Plus he has Sam's flying powers, so it's a bit fire as well."

Vladimir nods, "oh well I never seen Max's powers or Sam's. Shot this might be harder then I was hoping."

July nods softly, "As far as I can tell it hast stretching powers, mind-reading powers, control over ice and wind, light, and can fly."

Vladimir nods, "Well that's one super powerful blob."

July sighs and nods again, "Yeah. And I don't think there's anyone, or anything that can stop it right now, with all those powers it has." She shakes her head.

Vladimir frowns and leans back thinking, "well there might be one person" He looks at you, "you might be able to. Tell me is there any flaws in your powers?"

July blinks softly at you, and then she frowns, "… What?"

Vladimir shrugs, "well well if it has your power then it must have your limits and flaws. It's like when some in the comics steal superman's power that green rock from his home land effects the person."

July arches one eyebrow, "I somehow doubt so." she says, shaking her head, "That thing absorbed Mr. Summer's powers, but got none of the flaws. That thing could control the blasts."

Vladimir frowns, "then I have no idea then."

July nods, "I told you. That thing is the most powerful thing around. I fear it's only a matter of time before it absorb a power that makes it invulnerable, then we're toast."

Vladimir sighs, "fuck that. I not going hide in a corner and let it keep getting stronger we have to stop it."

July sighs softly, "What can we do? I got no powers, and that thing is getting stronger by the minute! That thing apparently has no weaknesses!"

Vladimir frowns, "your powers are not you. You can pick up a weapon and fight still or you can help thoughts who do."

July shakes her head, "You don't understand, Vlad. I got barely into the group combat simulations at the Danger Room. I'm no hero." she frowns, "That thing outside isn't a common robber that breaks into houses to steal. It's a freaking monster that steals powers from mutants, and has already absorbed more than fifteen different powers!"

Vladimir shakes his head, "It might be a monster but will are the villagers July we need to get out pitchforks and torches we can drive this monster away or even kill it."

July looks at you with a deadpan expression, "Vlad, this isn't a 'Frankenstein' novel. That monster doesn't have a heart. If we arrive with pitchforks and torches, it'll just optic blast us to smithereens, or freeze us in blocks of ice, or burn us to a crisp, or worse."

Vladimir sighs, "the pitchfork and torches are just metaphor for raising up and fighting it. Even Mr. Summers can't take on a whole mob on it's own."

July chuckles, "No, Mr. Summers can't. But he could if he could read minds, stretch his body, fire eye laser beams, throw fire from his hands, or ice from his hands, plus control wind, and fly." she points out.

Vladimir frowns, "Can it use more then one power at a time?"

July nods, "I saw him control wind and fire Mr. Summer's blasts and stretch its body at the same time."

Vladimir nods, "that does make it harder." He thinks, "maybe we can lure it into the danger room set the setting to max and let it fight until it's to weak to fight."

July shakes her head, "I don't know. We don't know what it's after, after all." she says, hrm'ing a bit, "I still say we leave this to the professionals."

Vladimir blinks, "didn't you say that scott and a few other heroes have lost there powers? Who more professional then them?" He sighs, "This thing is a danger to all mutant kind and we must rally and stop this monster."

July sighs, "We have ZERO experience with real combats, Vlad. And I'm not talking about just the X-men. There's the Avengers and even the Fantastic Four around." she shakes her head softly.

Vladimir sighs, "they all started with zero experience all of them had to learn in combat."

July nods to that, "Sort of. They at least got more time within the Danger Room than we had. Also, I'm sure they started with missions easier than 'Global-scale threats' like this one." she shakes her head now.

Vladimir sighs, "we do not have a choose we will have to be trained in battle. We may not have the skills of the real x-men but they need us hell all mutant kind needs us."

July frowns softly, "Stop playing the hero, Vlad. If you go out there you'll only get yourself drained of your powers, or, worse comes to worse, get yourself killed. Right now, we can't do squat about it. Even if I had my powers, I wouldn't be able to do anything. That thing absorbs the powers of anyone it touches. Leave it to the Avengers, or the Fantastic Four, like I said. If we rush in now, we'll only make matters worse. If they /need/ our help, they'll contact us, and tell us what to do."

Vladimir looks over at July, "and if it comes back what then? If this thing is like an animal it knows this a place it can eat it will return only way we will be safe is to leave or stop it."

July frowns, "It just took out our powers and ran away. That's all it did. It didn't stay to fight, or else I'd be dead, along with Mr. Summers, Sam, Max, Eddie and other students."
X-Mansion> Bobby would run around with a Nerf gun, randomly shooting people on the street, with a yell of 'ha-HA!' before I ran away screaming.

Vladimir shakes his head, "I don't know maybe it feeds on mutant powers."
X-Mansion> Eddie just locks himself in his closet at home with his puppy and rabbit and hides!

July sighs, "Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't." She says as she stands up, "All I know is that we should stay out of the way and let the experienced people to deal with it and find a way to restore our powers. We can't, and should not, do anything."

Vladimir shrugs, "maybe but it's not my style."

July hrms, "Maybe not, but you should not, and shall not, interfere, Vladimir. You /know/ you will only make matters worse. Think: what do you think you can do against it? Tell me, please."

Vladimir shrugs, "I don't know yet I do not have the info I need to come up with away to stop it. It must have a weakness or weak spot."

July sighs, "Exactly. And there's no way for you to find that information. You don't know how to use computers, and you don't have the equipment to test that thing." she frowns, "The only way would be facing it one-on-one, and you'd only find yourself powerless, or dead. If you try to stop it, Vlad, I'm not talking to you anymore. I swear! Stop trying to be the hero."

Vladimir sighs, "try to be the slacker people get mad try to protect this place and the people I love people get mad what am I suppose to July! Run hide like a child!? let the crimes against you and the other go unpunished!?"

July frowns, "Leave that to the authorities!" She says, "We don't take the law into our hands! We're merely trainees! Use your head, man, Come on! That thing is /way/ out of your league!

July frowns, "Leave that to the authorities!" She says, "We don't take the law into our hands! We're merely trainees! Use your head, man, Come on! That thing is /way/ out of our league! You don't send a student in the first year of medicine to lead a heart transplant operation! No! You send experienced doctors!"

Vladimir frowns, "Still have to like it." He sighs, "I not use to sitting on my hands."

July sighs and shakes her head, "Neither do I, but I know I'm out of this battle for now. Do whatever you feel like doing, just don't complain about it later when it doesn't work your way." she says, turning around, "I'm going to get some sleep."

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