2009-05-19: Hey Schoolgirl


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Summary: Ebony first day at the school she meets July

Date: May 19, 2009

Log Title Hey Schoolgirl

Rating: PG-13

Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Ebony has been exploring the school. Sure she had the tour but nothing beats just wondering around and touch and looks at things in detail. Like normal for her all paper move as it's alive. A book someone left on the table has open and the pages turn slowly on there own. She just stands at a window looking out it.

July steps into the living room, sighing softly, holding a backpack slung over her shoulder, and she makes her way to a table and she sits down, resting her pack on the table. She picks up a book and pen, and starts to work on her homework. Only after that she notices someoen else in the room with her, "Hey." she waves, lightly.

Ebony looks over at the girl in the room. She smiles, "hello there." She looks over July, "You must be a student here right?"

July ah's softly, lowly, and she nods, her smile a bit sad, "Yeah…" she says softly, 'I just don't know until how long… I lost my powers a few days ago. I'm just a normal girl now."

Ebony frowns at that news, "lost your powers how did that happen. I mean I didn't know a mutant could lose her powers I was told it like the color of our skin something that unchanging.

July sighs softly at that, and she closes her notebook, "A few days ago, some green goo thing fell from the sky in a meteor, or something like that. Landed on the yard. Me and a couple teachers and students went to investigate, but the thing steals people's powers by touching them."

Ebony frowns, "a green goo thing that steals powers gee what did I get my self into?" Once you close your notebook it ones again and the pages stand up strait and wave as if in the wind.

July blinks softly as her book reopens, and frowns, before moving to close the book again, "It's gone though." She says after closing the book again, "I mean, it's out of the mansion. It's out and about in the city."

Ebony nods, "oh okay" She giggles some as you close the book again, "sorry I can't control that it just happens. She offers a hand, "My name is Ebony Wonder."

July blinks softly as she holds her book closed, this time, "Control?" she tilts her head a bit, and blinks, "Oh, hi, Ebony. I'm July. Nice to meet you." she smiles a bit, softly.

Ebony nods, "yah" she reaches in her pocket and pulls out a folded paper, "Yah my power it's like stuck on or something." She holds out the waving paper and lets go. The paper floats in the air and then folds it self into a flower. It then floats over to you and lands in your lap.

July blinks softly as you make the paper float and fold itself into a flower, "Wow." She says softly, impressed, and she smiles softly as she picks up the flower to inspect it, "That is nice. What do you mean with 'stuck'?" she tilts her head a bit, looking at you.

Ebony looks at the book on the table that the pages are still turning, "my powers are doing that but I not willing it to happen. Any paper around me moves on there own as if alive."

July arches one eyebrow at that, "REally?" She asks, and then she looks at her 'dancing' book, then back to you, "So it never stops? And it doesn't tire you out?"
Ebony shakes her head, "nope but since my powers started I have a craven for fish and meat more." She shrugs her shoulder, "I don't know why." She she pulls out another peace off paper from her pocket and it folds it self this time into a swan. It flaps it's paper wings as it floats around the room, "By the way I can't fold paper with this skill with my hands."

July blinks at that last bit of information, "Really?" She asks, looking back at the flying paper swan, "You can't fold paper like that? Then how come?" she asks, tliting her head an then back at you, chuckling a bit, "Anywyas… where do you come from, Ebony?"

Ebony smiles, "my power is base around paper I just think about the shape I want to make and the paper folds it self like it." She giggles some, "I from a small town in New Jersey called Hopatcong. How about you?"

July smiels softly, "From D.C." she says softly, "Father sent me here after being contacted by the school. It was the best place for me and my powers. That is, until I lost them."

Ebony nods, "I'm sure you get them back. So if it not to painful what was your powers?"

July sighs softly at that, "I used to have the power of malleability." she says, explaining her powers, "I could stretch my body, any part of it, how long I wanted, or into any shape I wanted."

Ebony blinks, "wow that's some power" she leans over and hugs you, "I'm sorry. At this time the swan lands on your shoulder.

July smiles as you hug her, "Thanks." She says softly, hugging back, "I hope I get it back, or else I'm going back to my family. I miss them… but I'll miss this place more, I think."

Ebony nods, "it's a nice place and the people I met here seem nice." She shrugs, "I got lucky my family moved here when I decided to take the offer to come to the school so I can see them any time I want."

July nods, holding you against her and then kissing your cheek, before letting go and just relaxing, "Yeah. My family's busy, though, and visits are rare, unfortunately."

Ebony blinks then smiles at the kiss, "I see" She sits next to you on the couch, "So tell me about your self July?"

July giggles softly, "Myself?" she asks, smiling, placing a hand on her chest for a moment, "Ah… there isn't much I can tell, let me see…" She says, giggling, "Well, I already said I was born and raised in D.C." She nods, "My powers showed up when a heavy case dropped onto my leg, squishing it flat."

Ebony blinks, "ouch that must of been painful." The swan still sits on your shoulder not moving.

July chuckles softly, smiling, "Not quite. It didn't hurt a bit." she shakes her head softly, giggling a bit, "Ever since my powers activated, physical blows like punches, or falling down, or anything like that, didn't hurt me at all." She giggles a bit, "Once, I was about to enter the Danger Room with Mr. Logan, and Ms. Munroe was traiing in there, and a huge blast of wind hit us, and I got blasted against the far wall, becoming literally a splat on the wall, and I just got dazed."

Ebony blinks, "so your more like jello then solid like a human then?" She pokes you, "must be nice not have to worry about splating any more?"

July giggles softly, "That is true." She nods, smiling, "I actually had to focus to keep myself solid all the time. I think my body's natural state changed to liquid when my powers awakened." she says, "Well, I kind of miss the splating." she giggles, "I mean, it means I could do many things with my powers."

Ebony nods, "I can guess. You being miss rubber and all. So any questions for me there are very few off limits with me."

July giggles softly, "Let's hope I don't cross any of those limits." She says, smiling, "So, how did your powers awake? Did something happen to you, or did they just appear?"

Ebony thinks for a moment, "It happen during a thunder storm a few weeks back. I not sure what happen but U jumped by a loud thought crack and next thing I know my text book pages and my home work made a wall around me."

July oh's softly, and giggles, "Formed a wall? That's interesting." she nods, "By the way, you say your power is always active, and kind of have a mind of its own, but can you will it?"

Ebony nods, " yah I made the flower and the swan. I can also do this" She takes the swan and rips off it's head. She shows the two parts to you and then she places the swan head back on the neck and she hands the swan to you. It's whole there no even a mark where the rip was.

July blinks as you tear the swan's head away, "Oh, hey, why did you…" but then she trails off when she notices you re-attaching it, and she widens her eyes a bit, "Oh, whoa! You can merge paper again?"

Ebony nods, "I can fix rip paper. I can also do this" She touches the swan again and it turn black with white dots where it's eyes would be, "I like this power it allows me to always have pretty color paper around."

July smiles as she looks at the colored swan, "OH, really nice! It's cute!" she giggles softly, before looking back at you, "You have a very beautiful and artistic power, Ebony."

Ebony smiles and nods, "thank you" She blushes some, "I never had anyone tell me that before." She takes the swan and the flower and touch them. She then lets go of the swan and it just hangs there off the flower, "I also can make paper very sticky. I do have to admit if I do these 3 things to offend I get very tired."

July nods, smiling as she moves closer to you to admire the flower and the swan, "I see. If you exert too much control, you get tired. Got it." she nods gently, reaching a hand to touch the flower's 'stem'.

The flower feels sticky as if cover in glue it clings to your hand where it touches. Ebony smiles and nods, "yah pretty much I think my limit is in the teens but have not pinned it down. The flowers gains color the steam turns green and the bloom turns red.

July feels the stickiness of the flower and giggles, "Does it strain you to keep the shapes on the papers, or just to make the shapes?" She asks, turning her head to look at you.

Ebony shakes her head, "I can fold paper for ever it seems not to tire me out but I always have a craving for meat after I am done." she touch the flower again and the stickiness goes away and the swan falls. She looks into your eyes, "keep the flower a gift for a beautiful woman like you."

July blushes at the gift and compliment, "Aww… thank you, Ebony." she says, and then she leans in to kiss your cheek, closer to your lips this time, but not actually touching them, "Thank you." She nods, "You're quite the beautiful girl, too." she nods.
Ebony blushes some from the kiss like before and smiles some, "Thank you. My mom said would make a beautiful wife one day." The swan change shapes turning into a heart. Ebony Blushes more and giggles some. The papers on the book start to wave faster and your own book the pages turn at a greater speed.

July giggles as the swan changes into a heart, and then she looks back to you, "Well, I'm sure you'll be able to make someone really happy." she nods softly, "You're nice, gentle, and very beautiful."

Ebony smiles more and nods, "Thank you and I'm sure you will make some a beautiful bride one day as well. Your beautiful, smart, and very friendly."

July giggles softly, "Thank you. I try. Didn't have the change to get many friends, back home." She says softly, reaching a hand to gently caress your hair.

Ebony hair is silky and fine. She mmms some at the touch and close her eyes, "Because of your powers?" The pages of the books just keep moving at the faster pace. She opens her eyes and strokes your cheek, "I sure now you have many friends if you go back home."

July smiles, "Kind of, yes." She says softly about the bit about her powers, while still stroking your hair, "I had to quit school and remain inside home at all times so the paparazzi wouldn't see me and ruin my father's reputation." She says softly, leaning her head onto your hand as you caress her cheek.

Ebony nods and close her eyes again, "I had to quick school as well. I couldn't go to class with my powers like this I would be discovered in homeroom. Then some people from the school came and told us about the school."

July blinks and tilts her head a bit, "Told you about the school?" she asks, and then she 'oh's softly, and smiles, "Ah, you mean this school. Alright." she giggles, before taking your hand caressing her cheek and then gently kissing the back of it.

Ebony smiles and giggles, "yah this school." She mmms at the kiss on her hand, "July may I ask you a personal question?"

July slowly releases your hand when you call her attention, "Hm?" She asks, and brings one hand behind her head to rub the back of her head, "I guess." she smiles a bit, "I can't assure you I'll answer it, but, yeah, you can ask me."

Ebony nods and looks into your eyes. In a shy tone ask, "your into girls right? I ask because I gotten into trouble a couple of times with class mates who were not but over friendly."

July oh's softly at your question, and she blushes and giggles softly, "Umm… yeah, I am." she nods gently, "Are you?" she returns the question, smiling a bit.

Ebony nods and blushes, "sort of I like girl but I also still intrested in boys." She giggles softy, "I guess I like everything then." She strokes your cheek some and looks back into your eyes, "I'm glad your into girls."

July smiles, bringing a hand to rest against your hand on her cheek, "Thank you. Well, it's good you like both girls and guys. If you liked just guys, you'd be a bit disappointed." she giggles softly, "Most of the students here aren't exactly attracted to cute, pretty girls." she winks, smiling.

Ebony titles her head, "oh I didn't know that. So most of the guys around here only like other guys?" She strokes your cheek some more, "I wonder if the two are linked?"

July smiles as you caress her cheek. "I doubt it. Must be just weird coincidences." she shrugs, and then she leans a bit on you, her head resting on your elbow gently.

Ebony smiles and nods, "okay." She takes your hand that your have in her hair and brings it to her moth. She gives each of our finger tips a light kiss.

July giggles softly as you kiss the tips of her fingers, and then she brings her hand to your chin to gently turn your head toward her, and then she kisses your lips gently, but just briefly.

Ebony eyes widen but does not pull away and kisses you back. Once the kiss is broken she giggles some, "oh wow." She blushes some.

July blushes a bit as well, her head no longer on your shoulder, "what?" she ask softly, smiling a bit.

Ebony smiles and wraps her arms around you, "Nothing your just a good kisser." she giggles some and kisses your forehead, "you know your beautiful in this light."

July wraps her arms around your waist as well, while scooting closer to you as well, "Thank you. On both accounts." she giggles, "You, on the other hand, don't need any kind of light to shine your beauty." she winks.

Ebony giggles, "thank you." She hugs you tighter, "I am sure your just as beautiful in any light."

July giggles when you squeeze her tighter, and she kisses your cheek softly, "Thank you." She says, and then smiles, "If I had my powers still, you'd be able to /really/ squeeze me."

Ebony giggles, "well I sure you be a cutest puddle around." She leans her head on your, "I hope you get the power back and you stay at the school."

July lets out a soft giggle, "I try." she says, before you lean your head against her, and she rests her forehead on yours, "Me too. Because, without my powers, there isn't much reason for me to stay, and they might send me back home to make room for other mutants that still need help."

Ebony kisses your lips, "I would hate to lose you. I know we just met." She strokes your cheek some more.

July kisses back gently, and then leans her head against your hand softly, "Me neither." she says, "Not that I found someone to spend some quality time with." She giggles and it's her turn to squeeze you a bit.

Ebony smiles and rest her head on your shoulder, "well we can spend all the quality time you want together."

July giggles softly as she strokes your hair again, "A pity we don't share a bedroom. That way we could be together at nights." she says softly, and she kisses your head gently.

Ebony nods, "maybe you can ask for a room change." She smiles and reaches you and strokes your hair softy.

July hmmms softly, smiling, as you caress her hair, and she nods, "Maybe. Let's see how the two of us will hit off before making moves like that." She offers.

Ebony nods and smiles, "sure no rush I have all the time in the world."

July nods and pulls you more against her, and she kisses the tip of your nose, smiling, "So, Ebony… tell me, what do you like to do to pass the time?" She asks, giggling softly.

Ebony smiles, "well I did a lot of after school stuff like cheer leading, and track and field. Besides that I did my home work and went to the mall and hung out with my friends."
You say, "oh and I play the bass""

July nods, smiling, "I like sports. Tennis… volley…" she says softly, "Of course, I kind of stopped practicing when my body became soft. Hard to do so." she giggles, "I also like reading.. watching some TV… but mainly I prefer to stay outdoors now."
Ebony nods, "I like the out doors as well. Hopatcong is full of woods and hills I use to play in them when I was a kid. Reading is fun too but become harder with my powers."

July giggles softly, "You can't will the pages to remain quiet while you read them?" she asks, smling, "Oh, right, that tires you out, yes, right?"

Ebony nods, "yah and sort of hard to do that and read at the same time. So what happen when you try to play sports since your body gone soft?"

July smiles, "I told you I have to keep focus all the time to keep myself solid, didn't I?" She asks, nodding, "Well, if I play sports, I have to be extra focused, because it needs more rigidness from my body. And that tires me out, too."

Ebony nods, "so same thing as my reading." She smiles, "we are so like."

July giggles softly, "True." She nods, smiling, "Have you ever heard of the expression 'morning face'? The way you wake up with your hair all disheveled, face a bit bloated, etc?"

Ebony shakes, "never heard of morning face. I heard of bed head." she smiles and giggles, "what about it?"

July giggles softly, "I have, or, at least, used to have, a case of 'bed body'." She says, giggling again, "Well, you know the natural state of my body is liquid, and I have to focus to keep myself solid, right?"

Ebony smiles and giggles, "Well I sure you still look cute even when your got a case of the bed body."

July giggles softly, "Well, my 'focus' slips a bit during the night. Not enough to make me wake up as a fleshy puddle on the bed, but enough to have me literally sprawled everywhere."

Ebony nods, "so when you spread out you spread out."

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