2009-06-01: Ironic


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Summary: Ebony the night before mistake Scout for Skyler. Scout picks someone pocket and now Ebony skyler the next day about it. They argue some and things get smoothed over.

Date: June 1, 2009

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Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

It's usually pretty quiet in the living room, which is why Skyler can be found here, book in hand. He's resting in one of the comfortable couches that line the room, facing away from one of the windows so that the sun can illuminate the pages that she's reading. He's managed to find another victim to copy: This time it's an older black teen, tall and lanky, a good candidate for a basketball team. As always, there's a name tag pinned to his shirt that states: "Hi, my name is Skyler!"

Ebony The pages of your book seem to jump alive as Ebony comes closer to the living room. Soon the pages move all the time and even try to turn them self's. Ebony is only planing on passing by but when she glances in and spots a student she never met before she has to stop and say hello. She walks in and smiles not seeing the name tag yet and speaks softly, "hello there. Are you new to the school?"

Skyler lowers his book and shakes his head. "Nope. I've been here for a while, now. It's just the face changes from time to time."

Ebony looks at you and blinks, "new face?" she confuse for a moment then her eyes widen some and there is upset sound in her voice, "Skyler is that you?" She frowns at you and then spots the name tag, "So what you got another face so you can steal more?"

Skyler blinks at Ebony, clearly confused, his book setting down in his lap. "What? Steal? I've never stolen anything."

Ebony frowns more and punches you in the arm. It not a hard punch she far from a fighter or a body builder, "Sure and last night in the park didn't happen. Just becomes you do not look like a woman anymore you can't act like it didn't happen! Your lucky I explained to the hero what was going on with the womans powers and how they were making your paranoid! You and I got lucky she did not turn us over to cops that's all I need to record! I should go to Mr. Summers and tell him everything!"

"Ow," exclaims Skyler, while rubbing his arm. "I was here all night long, last night!" He shakes his head, trying hard not to get angry. "Did it ever occur to you that when I copy somebody there's somebody else out there that would look /just like me/?"

Ebony snorts, "bull you even agreed with me as I explained it with the yellow and white clad hero. Then as soon as she let use off here you teleport away most likely to find this few body. Skyler I put my self on the line when I thought they were after because you were a mutant. Then I find out you stole some guys wallet. Now you have the nerve to try to say it was not you!"

Skyler groans, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Did I volunteer any of this information or did you do all the talking and I just 'agree' with it? Hell. Did it look like I had a bath in the last week when you saw 'me' last night?" His voice is strained, trying very hard to keep himself calm.

Ebony frowns more, "you did let me do most of the talking but if it wasn't you why would the woman agree to being a man and everything?" Okay not she feeling dumb as it looking more and more like it might be the other person but what are the odds of running into them in such a big city." She frowns some more.

Skyler rolls his eyes, "Maybe to get off the hook from stealing a wallet," he asks, the sarcasm dripping from his voice. "Look, there were plenty of people around here who've seen me last night. I can go and find a few of them if you like." He shakes his head. "There was a reason why I dumped that body so quickly. She wasn't the most stable person in the world. And teleporting through the Dark Dimension once was enough for me."

Ebony frowns and feels so dumb now. It seems this small town girl was taken in by a city slicker. She sighs, "oh man she played me." She walks to a chair and slumps down into it, "man I feel so stupid about this."

Skyler lets out a sigh of relief, now that's managed to talk some sense in the other mutant. "Don't worry about it. Something like this was bound to happen sooner or later."

Ebony looks at you and nods, "yah I guess your right. I sorry I hit you."

Skyler shakes his head as he rubs the sore spot on his shoulder. "It's okay," he reiterates. "I should have a secret password or something to make sure something like that doesn't happen again."

Ebony giggles some and nods, "might help but would not be so secret since you have tell everyone at the school and any friends outside the school."

Skyler nods, "True. I wasn't really serious about it anyway."

Ebony nods and sighs some, "I still feel stupid. So where did you find this form?"

"Central Park this weekend," explains Skyler. "Crowded places are good since there's less chance of people actually noticing me change. I got the other girl at the mall. I was hunting for a boy, but I was running out of time and there wasn't a good opportunity until her."

Ebony nods, "I see" She takes a folded peace of paper from her pocket and opens it up. The paper floats in the air. It folds it self into the shape of a flower. she touches it and the white paper turns to green and red. She then hands it to you, "a sorry gift."

Skyler plucks the paper flower out of the air and blushes faintly beneath his ebony skin. "Ah. Thanks."

Ebony smiles, "your welcome. You know you are are very handsome guy now. I think the darker skin suits you" She reaches over and strokes your check."

Skyler blushes even deeper at the contact before shying away from the touch. "I… um," he stammers, "I thought you were going out with July."

Ebony blinks and then giggles, "I am I way just commenting you on your choose not hitting on you. I only have eyes for July." She winks, "sorry if I gave you the wrong impression

Skyler shakes his head, still embarrassed. "It's okay," he says. "You two make a very cute couple."

Ebony smiles and it's her turn to blush some, "thank you I fell for her hard and quick. I never felt so linked to someone before."

Skyler nods. "Yeah. I haven't come across anybody like that for me." He, then shrugs, "I'm not really looking, though. A relationship with me is just bound to get complicated, and I've got enough on my plate."
Public> Skyler says, "Yar!"

Ebony nods, "yah you would turn into the person any time you touch right?" She then blinks and notice something, "No that can't be true since I touched your cheek and you didn't change."

Skyler nods. "Yeah, it's voluntary on my part. But sometimes when I'm really stressed or.. uh…. excited I can lose control."

Ebony nods and listens to you, "okay yah looking up in a moment of passion and see you looking back might wreck the mood. I was thinking it's to bad you do not have a twin then you could touch him and look like your self."

Skyler shrugs dismissively, "I've had over a year to get used to it, really. It doesn't bother me as much as it used to."

Ebony nods, "oh okay I guess you would." She stands, "Well I have a craving for a burger or something." She leans down and kisses your cheek, "have fun with your new form." She then turns and walks out of the living room

Skyler blushes again, and waves at Ebony. "Have a good burger!" He, then, picks up his book and begins to read where he left off.

The pages only stop moving once she 30 feet away.

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