2009-05-29: Puddling Time


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Summary: Ebony and July meet and eat puddling and soon they are joined by Laura.

Date: May 29, 2009

Log Title Puddling Time


Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

//There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall. //

It's late at night the school for the most part it quite the only sound a rouge cricket in the room hiding in some corner. The beautiful Ebony sits on a chair eating her third pudding pack this one villain with a strip of chocolate in the middle. She hums some as she eats and her legs swing as if she was a little girl.

July steps into the cafeteria to get the last of the food prepared, and didn't expect to find anyone here still. "Ebony?" She asks surprised, blinking softly, "Sorry, I didn't expect to find anyone here, that's all."

Ebony looks at July and smiles, "hey there July I couldn't sleep my room to hot." She takes another spoon full of pudding and lifts the little once serving sasize cup, "care to join me?"

July hmms softly, and then she shrugs, "Sure." she says, moving to sit down next to Ebony, "So why didn't you just open the windows to get some fresh air in tehre?"

Ebony shrugs, "don't know I guess I wanted pudding more. I love this stuff when I was little I could eat all the packets and still want more." She hand one you to and a plastic spoon. She then leans over and kisses your cheek.

July smiles as she accepts the pudding, "Thanks. I'll have one." she nods, right before her cheek is kissed, "So how's your roommate? Laura, isn't it?" she asks softly.

Ebony nods, "yah that's her. I not really gotten to talk to her but she a little scary. She always seems like she in a bad mood. IS she always like that?" She leans into you and rest her head on your chest and she takes another spoon full of pudding in he mouth.

July chuckles softly, smiling a bit, "I am not sure, really." she shrugs gently, "I mean, I haven't been able to socialize with her, much. I think she's one of the people here that graduated, or is about to graduate."

Ebony nods, "oh okay" She looks up at you, "July why are you up at this hour shouldn't you be tucked into your bed?" She slips a spoon fll of pudding into her mouth

July chuckles softly, "I was a tad bit hungry. And then I decided to come here to see if there's anything useful left ot eat." she says, shrugging softly.

Laura always tended to move quietly. Spotting the light on in the kitchen, Laura stands in the doorway leading inside, testing the air somewhat with a few sniffs. Dressed in a pair of (dark, of course) pj's, the girl glances between the two already in the kitchen, her frown deepening further.

Ebony smiles her head she resting on July's chest. You can most likely smell the same smell you could smell since your roommate moved in. some of her clothes smelled of July and a strong scent of Ebony's Pheromones. She has not spotted her roommate to engross in July and pudding. Some where in the room a cricket chirps and napkins seem to flutters some even with out a breeze

July isn't wearing pajamas, just her usual garb, since she's not in her room, "I'll just finish this pudding then I'm heading to bed. You should head back too, we don't want to get in trouble, do we?" she giggles softly.

In spite of the fact that Laura was in her PJs, when she steps into the cafeteria proper, well, one may notice that she was wearing a pair of combat boots still. As far as roommates went, Laura was an alright one, depending - kept her side of the room clean, almost scarily so. Not too much for talking, either. Regardless, she steps over towards the pair, moving around them towards the refridgerator. "You woke me up." she says in a neutral tone, to no one in particular, her green eyes flashing towards the pair in the dusk.

Ebony nods, "okay but I don't see how we can get in trouble? Is the school locked down or something?" She takes another spoon full of pudding and eats it. She then spots her roommate and seems to press a little harder into July. When Laura speaks she swallows hard, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to." She not going to ask how she did that from down here.

July chuckles softly, "Well, no, of course not, but we shouldn't be around this late." she shrugs softly, smiling, but then she notices Laura. And the combat boots. The girl can't help but stare at the boots that so screamingly don't match the rest of the outfit, "Do you sleep with those boots on?" she had to ask.

Laura glances out of the corner of her eye towards July and Ebony. She wasn't smiling, but she makes a small grunt sound, "It's not a complaint, just a statement." she says, popping open the fridge and rooting around inside. For herself, she finds a cola, drawing it out of the fridge. Towards July, she looks next, and says, "Sometimes. You never know when you need to run."

Ebony looks at Laura and picks up the last of the unopen pudding packs and holds it out, "care to have some pudding?" She thinks no one can be scary eating pudding, "It vanilla and chocolate so it's win win."

July blinks softly at Laura's reply, and she looks down at the boots again, then back up at the girl, having paused on her pudding eating, "Don't tell me you have your uniform under those pajamas?"

Laura pauses at that. Standing awkwardly a moment, with soda in hand, she nudges the fridge back shut with her hips. Opening her mouth, she pauses, and closes it again. Leaning forward, with her eyes narrowed some and brow furrowed in thought, she says, "…that might be a good idea." A pause. "I am… joking." she says, sounding rather deadpan the entire time. Towards Ebony, she looks next. "I'll… take some pudding." the athletic young woman says.

Ebony smiles and nods, "okay here it is" she still holding it out. She does looks at July and blinks some, "I'm wearing my" she lifts the shirt showing the blue and white. She seems to have altered it as many students do. The triangle made by the belt and the bottom part of the X has been removed showing her flat moca color belly. Also it seems her belly button sticks out slightly.

July blinks softly as she can't really be sure if Laura is truly joking or not, but then she blinks again as Ebony confesses she wears hers, "Gods… not even when sleeping? I wouldn't be able to sleep wearing something I wore all day long…" she shakes her head.

Laura gives the other two girls a long look, and then tugs up the hem of her shirt to about the middle of her belly. People may know that Laura wore a long black number when it came to uniforms, very modest and no-nonsense. Laura was not wearing anything beneath her top. Letting the shirt drop again over her (maybe scary!) abs, she steps over to scoop up the pudding, nodding her thanks to Ebony. Hopping up to sit on the table next to the one July and Ebony sat in, she says, "It would make you sweat, I think. And that would stink."

Ebony nods, "i said I was hot. I just worry what if that green thing comes back and wants to suck up my powers while I'm sleeping." She blushes at the comment about sticking, "I was going wash it in the morning."

July goes back to eating her pudding, "There wouldn't be anything for you to do except run away. It instantly drains powers on the merest touch, but it is gone now." she shakes her head softly, sighing, "We shouldn't live on fear like that, Ebony."

"If it comes back, into our room, Ebony…" Laura says, scooping a little bit of pudding out of the container, to take a spoonful of the puddingly goodness. Turning her green eyes upon her roommate, she tries to hold her eyes, "…I'll kill it." she says. She doubted she could, actually, but she was ~hoping~ that would give her roommate a little confidence. As opposed to coming off like a total psycho. Eh. She could live with both.

Ebony swallows and nods, "okay just it sounds scary and mean." Yes she knows she sounds like a small child but that's how she feels when she thinks of this thing coming after her. She takes more pudding and eats it, "I guess I could take this off when back in our room."

July blinks and swallows a bit as Laura comments on killing it so matter-of-factly, and she sighs, "Well, it's over now, really, now we just need to figure out a way to return the powers to their original owners." She says, and then she looks down at herself, "As much as flying sounds and is fun, I do prefer my original powers…"

Ebony nods and smiles, "I sure they can fix it I mean that's the type of stuff they do here right?" She finishes her pudding and use her finger to get the pudding off the sides and into her mouth.

Laura eats more pudding, testing the theory of Ebony's. It may have made her less scary, considering a bit gets stuck upon her upper lip. "You fly now?" Laura asks, narrowing her eyes as she takes a few sniffs at the air. A strong smell of pudding was coming from… somewhere now. And she couldn't quite figure out where.

July nods slowly as she seems focusing more on her pudding, "Yeah. Ever since that green thing exploded in the air, I seem to have gained the power of flight. No trace at all from my original mutation, though. I just can't understand…"

Ebony snuggles in close to July, "I'm sure they get your powers back I means that big blue guy I seen on TV seems smart I sure he working on this." she places the cups down wishing she had more pudding.

Pudding and cola. Laura was eating like a teenage guy tonight. Finishing with her pudding, and leaving some on the sides, the girl puts the container back upon the table next to Ebony's empty cup. "I'd hate to be… different from what I was. If I lost my powers…" Laura says, glancing down towards the ground.

July nods, wrapping one arm around Ebony's waist and squeezing her a bit, "I guess it can be compared to losing a limb, I guess." she shrugs softly, smiling a bit, before letting go and standing up, "well, I'm heading to bed now. You two can get acquainted." she says softly.

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