2009-05-30: Bodysnatcher


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Summary: July and Ebony are in the rec room when Rob comes in just before Skyer comes in and starts to talk about his new form and how mess up it is. As Skyer does Erik enters. Later Laura comes in and Ebony plays Freebird on her bass.

Date: May 30, 2009

Log Title Bodysnatcher

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

//What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself. //

July can currently be found in the Rec Room today, trying to relax and get her mind off this power-confusion thing that's affecting most of the students here, trying to focus her mind on a game she's playing on the PS2, the classic 'Final Fantasy 7' game, and, it seems it's doing a pretty good job of making this brunette to forget about her problems!

Ebony walks into the Rec Room with a Bass hanging off her. In her right hand she holds a small speaker. She stops just in the door way when spotting July. she smiles and tip toes over the the girl and once behind her kisses her cheek and cops a feel before whispering, "hey there hot stuff."

What appears to be a pair of jeans and a red button up shirt walks into the rec room a moment or two after Ebony. No one seens to be in them though. A few seconds later and a man just appears, shaved head, very fit, caramel colored skin. It's Rob. The hopes-to-be-an-Xaviers-teahcer, quirks an eyebrow slowly. "Do hope I didn't interrupt anything," he says, using the illusion powers to be 'visible'.

July is quite taken by surprise at Ebony's appearance, and she blushes, "E-Ebony! Watch out!!" She says, before her head snaps toward the newcomer. It's Rob! Only.. it's.. not quite Rob. At least the Rob she knew. By name. Because she couldn't see his face. Because he was invisible. "Um… hi?" she blushes, waving a bit meekly to the man.

Ebony eeps and stands up striate at the strange mans voice. She turns on her heels, "um no sir nothing." There is a blush on her cheeks. She bits her lower lip, "I was um just um" her eyes look down at her feet as she continues, "just saying um hello"

There seems to be something not quite right about one of the farther corners of the rec room. It's as if some kind of gravitational pull is bending all the shadows towards it, until enough has condensed that a human could walk out of it. Which is precisely what Skyler does. She shudders, arms wrapped tightly about herself and comments, softly "I'm not doing that again."

Rob chuckles, peering around the Rec Room. "Relax, July. Not like I'm gonna go tattle on the two of ya for a little kiss," he says. "Not your teacher yet after all," he sighs, still waiting for his meeting with Scott. When the shadows start to form a portal and Skyler appears, ROb looks quickly towards July and Ebony to see if they're going to need to fight.

July blinks softly, as two unknown people are now standing in the room. Though one of them has a somewhat familiar voice, "Um…" she pauses her FF7 game, before looking back at Rob, "I'm sorry, have we met before?" she asks, curious to know how he knows her name, and then she looks at Skyler. Or rather, the woman that just entered the room through shadows, and blinkd again.

Ebony sighs and seems to relax some and all the paper in the room seems to relax some too. It still moves but not as much, "Oh good I was worry we were in trouble." She looks over at the shadows and steps back more by surprise then anything else. She have never seen this woman before but she still new to the school and with power stuff going on she had not yet learn everyone's face and name.

"Oh, dear, God," moans Skyler, shaking her head trying to clear it. The latino girl then moves to a nearby chair and slumps into it, taking deep breaths. "Yeah. Okay. Time to find a new body." When she finally becomes cognizant of the fact that she's not alone she looks up to find that everybody's staring at her. "Um," she says hesitantly, "Hi. I'm Skyler."

Rob sighs, shaking his head. "I'm not the ice cream ghost," he mutters. "It's Rob. From Cold Stone. And this is an illusion," he says, tapping his head. He then turns back to Skyler. "So. You supposed to be here?" he asks. The introduction gets Rob to relac slightly.

July blinks softly, rubbing the back of her head, "Oh, right!" she says, as she remembers who Rob is. "But why are you using an illusion now, and not before?" She tilts her head a bit, before looking at Skyler, blinking a bit, before giggling, "If you had to copy someone… you had to copy a girl again?" she says, jokingly.

Ebony watches the two she and July don't know. She steps back behind July a little and bits her bottom lip. The bass still hanging from her neck and the amp in her hand. She seems to relax when July shows she knows them. She grin some at Skyler never met him um her in person, "Maybe she like being a girl I mean we are better then boys" she giggles some and winks at Skyler

Skyler rolls her eyes at Ebony. "Not really. Just different." She stands up, clearly feeling better, "And even then not as much as you'd think." She speaks with an air of authority on the matter. "I really need a volunteer to clone. This girl… she's connected to some really bad stuff. I should've guessed it, but I thought she was human at the time."

Rob gives July a flat look. "Because I didn't have illusions before. Not until after that stupid green thing attacked me," he says, a bit bitter about it. "Lost my power but still was stuck invisible…then suddenly got this new power," he explains. He arches an eyebrow slowly and shrugs. "What does this volunteer need to do, kid?" he asks, stepping forward.

July arches one eyebrow at Ebony's remark, not amused by that, before looking back at
Rob and Skyler, "She's not human? You still look pretty much like a human, though, Sky." She then looks at Rob, "Yeah, I know how you're feeling. But, hey, at least you can show yourself now, right?"

Ebony frowns, "You need someone else to clone so you take on the body of the person?" She places her bass and amp down against the wall. She shrugs some as not one seems to like her joke, "I though it was funny."

Skyler dusts off her t-shirt. "Something like that, yeah." She nods to July, "She's a mutant. But she's connected to a really dark place. She can use it to teleport by moving through it but it really messes you up in the head." She shakes her head and sigh, "That and I'm finding myself getting more paranoid and hearing things."

Erik steps in from the rest of the mansion and pauses at the door. He still looks more at ease than he has in recent months, but he does look slightly nervous about something, distracted almost.

Rob frowns and clears his throat. "DarkForce," he says, taking a guess. "Your music teacher knows about the stuff," he says. "Now, Skyler, you said you needed a volunteer. Explain?" he requests. When Erik steps into the room, it'll look like Rob isn't there for a split second before the fit man with a shaved head and caramel colored skin appears. "Hello."

July looks at Ebony and smiles at her gently, blowing a soft kiss to her before looking back at Skyler, "Voices?" she arches one eyebrow, "Why don't you go find someone else to copy, then? And… why did you copy her anyways?" She blinks again, curious. She hasn't notikced Erik's arrival yet.

Ebony frowns and steps forward, "Do you just copy there body and powers or do you copy there minds? I mean if you don't mind having control or well mostly control over papers I be willing to let you copy me but only if you don't copy my mind." She has not notice the new member of the group come in she still looking at Skyler.

Skyler nods at Rob, "Yeah, that's it. That sounds about right." Then, with a deep breath, she explains her power, "I copy people on the genetic level. When I touch somebody, I can overwrite whatever genes I've currently got with theirs." She shakes her head, "This is the first time that I got somebody whose powers were oogy."

"Were you originally a boy or a girl?" Erik asks curiously as he moves closer, looking between them and having caught up to the conversation fairly well.

Rob crosses his arms. "So you need someone to copy. I'd offer but I doubt you'd wanna be me," he says. "Hell, ya wanna be me, go ahead but I'd reccomend one of these two," he says, gesturing at July and Ebony.

July giggles and waves her hand lightly, "Nah, I think Skyler might want to be a guy for a change, if he had an option." she says, smiling and shaking her head abit, before looking at Erik, "Oh, hey, Mr. Anderson."

Ebony blinks hearing a new voice and spotting Erik. She blinks and wonder when he got there and why she had not notice him earlier. Ebony, "sure I'll help I mean what hard could there be as long as you don't try to steal July from me." she looks back at July, "well true if she is a he then maybe she um he oh never mind to confusing."

"A boy," Skyler answers, nodding to Erik and July. "Yeah. I think I've had enough of being a girl for now." She gives Ebony a sideways glance before letting out a long drawn sigh, "I'm not interested in starting a relationship with anybody right now. Have no worries about that."

Erik blinks a little bit. "Ah, then yeah. Why don't you just go brush up against someone randomly in the city, then, rather than looking like someone in the mansion?" Give yourself a little more anonymity?"

Rob shrugs, moving to find something to lean against. He's got nothing to say right now.

July smiles and nods at Erik's idea, "Yeah, Sky. You should do that." she nods softly, "At least, well, be sure to find a /guy/ this time." she giggles softly, and then she pulls Ebony closer to her, "Relax, Ebony. No one's 'stealing' me."

Ebony blinks, "that's a good idea." She smiles some and walks back to her bass and amp she did want to get some practice in she plugs in the amp and then her bass . She turns down the volume so not to bother the other. she takes a seat and start to tone it. She looks up and smiles, "I'm sure no one going steal you just making it clear not to."

Without much aplomb, Laura slips through the door leading into the rec room, moves right for an empty spot on one of the cushy bits of furniture, and sets herself down, leaning forward until she was bent almost double, with forearms on her knees, and her long hair hanging in her face, obscuring her features from each view.

Skyler nods at Erik, "Yeah. That's what I usually do. Just this time I got a little bit more than what I expected." Another chuckle escapes her lips, "It was bound to happen sooner or later." Whatever she's about to say next is cut off short by Laura's entrance.

Erik nods. "Well, it still seems the best bet, since it doesn't seem like you lose your x-gene if you go to something that isn't a mutant." He says with a wan smile as he looks over to Laura, eyebrow raised.

July rubs her head gently, still a little bit confused, "Yes, but… why did you copy a woman again, Skyler? I mean… I do remember you telling me you got enough being a girl." she asks, tilting her head softly. She'd ask more, but Laura's entrance catches her eye as well, "Ah, um.. hi, Laura."

Rob shrugs as Laura enters. Letting out a yawn, the man waves and exits the room. "See ya. Gonna get some sleep," he calls, vanishing into the hallway.

Ebony looks up and spots her roommate and smiles some, "hey there Laura how are things?" She then looks back to her bass as she tones a flat cord, "damn thing always out of tone every time I go to play it I have to tone it." She seems to be talking to her self more then anyone else, "Come on you dumb cord tone already." looks up seems she got the cord in tone, "I told you girls are just better then boys." yes she trying the joke again.

All the eyes upon her. Laura lifts her chin somewhat, her green eyes visible through her shroud of hair as she lifts her head, a little frown upon her lips. "Hello, July and Ebony." she says, her eyes flickering from her to Ebony, and then back again, before they narrow some. Social. Got to at least try to be more social. "…um. Did you… rest well last night?" she asks. Setting her jaw, she glances towards Erik, then Skyler, next, giving the latter a good, hard look. "…new student? Or have I just been missing you?" she says, her tone of voice low.

"I've been here for a while, though I keep changing faces," Skyler says to Laura. "You've probably ran into me a couple of times already." To Erik she explains "Dr. McCoy did a scan on me and told me I had an extra pair of chromosomes that hold my x-gene. It's the only thing about me that doesn't change." And to July she shrugs. "Sometimes you gotta take an opportunity when you see it."

"You've probably…" He begins, before Skyler says and then gives a nod. "Ah…interesting. Has to be one of the few beneficial appearances of extra chromosomes. Most of the time they end up in less pleasant things, like Downs Syndrome." Erik points out.

July chuckles softly at Erik's comment, but she says nothing about it, just shaking her head. She glances at the TV, where her FF7 game remains paused, and then she turns to look at Laura, smiling, "How about you, Laura?" She asks, while Ebony keeps trying to tune her bass, "Have you managed to sleep well, despite the boots?"
Erik saves Aeris, thus breaking the time space continuum.

Ebony looks at Laura and nods, "yah once I stopped over dressing I was much cooler." She smiles at her roommate not scared of her as much after the pudding late last night. She sees how much Laura unease and speaks out, "Hey Laura any request I'll give it a shot." She plucks a cord on the bass.

A simple nod is Laura's reply to July's comment, the girl letting her eyes linger upon July, before turning her attentions towards Skyler. "Hmmn. Does your scent change too, I wonder." she says, to herself, mostly, testing the air with a few sniffs in Skyler's direction. A pause, and finally, she looks towards Ebony, "I'm fine. Maybe Leif would request something." she says, gesturing to the man.

Erik raises an eyebrow at the opportunity to make a song request. He snickers. "Play Freebird." He says, much to his own amusement.

Skyler says, "I do. For all intents and purposes I'm that person. I just keep my own personality and memories," Skyler explains, wandering over to a couch and sitting down in it, the dark mood she was in when she first arrived apparently having lifted."

July nods again to Laura. She wanted to say more, but the girl didn't give her anything back she can use to keep the conversation going, and then she just shrugs and sits back down on the couch as Skyler moves to join her. Her attention, though, moves to Erik and his choice of music. "what?" she asks, blinking, looking at Ebony for a moment, before looking back to Erik.

Ebony smiles and shrugs, "okay I know that one." She looks down at the bass and then starts to play an tune on the bass. Freeplay start to be heard in the rec room, "I have not played this song in a long while one of the first I learned."

Laura watches Ebony play the first few strands of the song, her eyes narrowing some. Turning her head towards Erik, she comments, "I don't think I've heard this song before, Leif."

Erik chuckles. "I said FreeBird." He comments dryly, shaking his head. "They don't teach you youngsters the classics any more."

Skyler gets up off the couch and dusts herself off. "Well, I'm off to retire for the night. Everybody have a good night." With that she leaves.

July smiles, giggling a bit, "Well… I'm not into specific music these days. I just listen what I find good, no matter if it's classic or new." she shrugs softly.

Ebony blinks, "oh freebird. Sorry" She start to play again and freebird fills the rec room. She giggles some, "classic for old people give me some Pink or Protest the hero any day."

"Music…" Laura says, pursing her lips and lifting her chin some. Cocking her head to one side as Ebony plays on, she shifts her gaze towards July. "Have you heard any songs you like, recently? Do you like this one?" she asks, jerking a thumb in Ebony's direction.

Erik shakes his head. "Please, like Pink can stand up to Lynyrd Skynyrd and their amusing lack of spelling."

July smiles, "I've heard quite a lot of songs, really." she says, and then she looks at Ebony as she plays, "I don't think I know that music. From listening to just the bass playing, it's hard to recognize. Usually the bass sounds remain almost 'hidden' within the music, helping the rhythm flow."

Ebony keeps playing and looks at Erik, "who?" She shrugs some, "I hear green day coming out with a new CD and so is Linkin Park "

Laura scratches at the side of her face, peering harder at Ebony's bass as if she could unlock the meaning of music via sheer concentration alone. "Lynyr… those guys probably wrote the song you are playing, if Leif is… whatever." Laura murmurs in her concentration.

Erik chuckles and shakes his head. "You are killing me, I'm not that much older than you are." He says with a sigh and a hand held up to his head dramatically. "Linkin Park, incidentally, named after Chicago's Lincoln Park, spelled after the President."

July shakes her head softly, smiling, "Honestly? I don't care much about band names. I just… listen to the songs I like. Because all bands have good and bad songs." she shrugs.

Ebony stops play and yawns, "okay well I heading to bed." She unplug her amp and bass. She then stands and walks over to July and kisses her cheek, "good night" she then waves to everyone else, "night." She then walks out of the rec room humming a greenday song.

Laura wiggles her fingers in a little farewell wave to Ebony, Laura quirking a brow towrads July soon afterwards. "You know, William Shatner sung, once. Do you think he had a good song too?" she asks in a deadpan manner, cocking her head to one side.

Erik chuckles and shakes his head. "No, but Lynyrd Skynyrd was one of the defining songs of a generation, and Freebird has a 9 minute guitar solo if you listen to the live version. Have you ever been to a concert, heard people shouting 'Freebird'? Yeah, there is a reason."

July smiles and returns the kiss to her cheek with one of her own, on Ebony's cheek. "Good night, Ebony." She says, and then hmms softly at the fact that Shatner once sung. "Depends." She says, shrugging, "Did he sing once, just for the heck of it, or did he actualy start a singing career? And was the song that he sang of his own creation?"

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