2009-05-31: Ask DNA


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Summary: Scout picks some mans pocket in the park. She is being chanced by the cops when Ebony spots her and thinks it Skyler. She tries to help her only to get capture by Sunlight.

Date: May 31, 2009

Log Title Ask DNA

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

Any found peace this late in the park is momentarily broken by the sounds of heavy breathing and fast paced foot steps fall in and out ofsync with each other. It is still rather hot outside with an added mugginess from earlier ran showers. Eventually the foot steps begin to subside in speed as Scout feels she has finally made it far enough into the park to render her situation safe; the heavy panting can still be heard. She reaches into her pocket, pulling forth a black leather wallet, and quickly emptying it off all it's content, she ditches the item into a nearby bush. The little teen begins to walk, trying to portray a casual look once her breath has been caught.

Ebony is out for a walk. She not in a rush as she looks around the park. She likes it here it reminds her of Hopatcong but with less hills. She also never been to the city even thought it was only a train ride away and now she finds her self living here so new she got to learn where everything is and how to get around. She dressed at the moment in a purple t-shirt and gray pants with purple and why sneakers. She has no idea scout is in the park or who scout is even thought she knows her face thanks to Skyer.

Valerie was just entering the park, minding her own business as she buys a newspaper from a stand, right when three policemen enter the park, running and shouting, "There she is! Stop right there, thief!" And, behind them, a distressed man, "My wallet! Give me back my wallet!" Valerie just frowns, looking at that, and then she looks around, heading to a secluded spot to change…

Just when things seemed safe, Scout hears the shouting coming from the cops and the sucker she just ripped off. "Crap." She whispers under her breath, picking up her pace back into more of a jog as their sound of their feet falling across the ground becomes closer and closer sounding. It doesn't take long before her strides turn more into a full sprint, turning her head back just one more time to see how much of a gain the cops now have on her.

Ebony hears the shouting as well and frowns. It something she never heard back home worst thing they have there is a bunch of drug users who do it behind close doors and some pot heads. She wonders if she should go try to help with her powers. She frowns thinking this over for a moment then spots some who looks like Skyer (or the last person he taken on in form) running in her direction. She blinks, "Skyer What's going on?" She calls out. She thinks to her self . o 0 (what did she um he got into?). Well That settle it if a he in trouble she will help him and let Scott deal with his crimes. She pulls as piece of paper out of her pocket unfold it. She makes it very sticky as if cover in glue and sends it flying at Scout face.

Sunlight takes up the skies after transforming, and she finds the policemen quite fast, with their shouting and everything, and then her glowing eyes look a bit ahead to find the person they're after. She frowns slightly as she goes to dive down, fast, intent on grabbing the assailant by the shirt and lift Scout up in the air, so she can't scape. "Who are you?" she asks.

Scout doesn't even begin to realize the trouble she's about to find herself in; her head twisting back facing forward as she hears another teen. Her mind goes blank as she tries to decipher whether the other just called her Sklyer, not paying any attention to her until a piece of paper is suddenly covering her face. It's too much for the little teen as her feet quickly become tangled, causing her to fall down hard into to the ground, several moaning sounds escape through her lips. Without knowing it, she just narrowly escaped being grabbed by Valerie flying through the air, but of course now the police have plenty of time to catch up to her.

Ebony Winces when Scout trips and then blinks as some comes out of the sky and just misses grabbing her. She runs over and grabs The person she thinks is a fellow class mate. She then takes out more paper and makes them sticky to and sends them flying at the cops faces. Boy if her father knew she doing this she would be in tones of trouble. she then turns and grabs Scout's arm, "i don't know what you did man but Mr. Summers will not like it." She touches the paper on scout's face and it lose it stickiness and falls away, "lets get out of here."

Sunlight frowns as the thief luckily evades her grab, and then watches as someone else comes to the aid of Scout. The policemen were blinded and incapacitated, so Sunlight figures the two are together. "Stop!" she calls out, throwing a beam of light on the ground, cracking the stone a bit before she lands next to Scout and Ebony, her hand and eyes glowing with power, "Stop. You are under arrest." she says, frowning, "Don't make things harder for you two."

Scout looks up at Ebony with a smile, offering her only a simple smile and shrug for a response. She's not sure who this person thinks she is, but any sort of help is always welcome. She gives a quick nod, and begins moving forward again, only to stop when a beam of light crashes into the ground followed by a woman landing before the two. "Shit." She mumbles, looking back to the three cops still incapacitated by the pieces of papers stuck to their faces. "Wait, we didn't do anything, I swear." She doesn't sound too convincing though, a sudden smile appearing doing nothing to add to that.

Ebony starts to run with Scout only stopping when the beam hits near by. She jumps back and all the paper in her pockets and around of 30 feet radius coming flying up creating a wall of paper between her and Sunlight. She steps back and speaks to no, "Not again" She looks at Scout then at the wall, "Listen what ever he um she did I'm sure he or she is sorry" she not sure what to call this boy in girl form. She looks at Scout, "you know Mr. Summers going be mad at us for this." She then grabs Scouts hand, "let talk about this back at the school Skyler." She starts to pull her to run.

Sunlight frowns as a barrier of paper appears before her. "You are only making matters worse for yourselves. Stop this." She says, and she throws a beam from her eyes at the barrier hot enough to make paper get on fire, and then she flies up again and landing on the other side. "If you really didn't do anything, you won't mind staying here and telling that to the authorities, right?" she arches one eyebrow, "I really don't want to use force, especially against kids, but I will do it if you two force me."

"Is he?" Scout turns towards Ebony, questioning about a 'Mr. Summers' she has never met or heard of. Giving Ebony a mere nod on the last statement, the little teen turns in hopes to take off again when the woman who was just recently behind the paper barrier starts it on fire and flies towards them. She stops, knowing all too well that running will only lead to more trouble at this point. "Talk to them?" She asks, looking back to the three cops still struggling with the paper on their faces. "What good would it do to deal with crooked cops? I mean, I didn't do anything in the first place, so there was really no reason for them to be chasing me." Oddly enough and near subtle enough to miss, all the shadows casted down from the trees begin to creep in the direction of her, like long,spindly fingers stretching out to grab onto her.

Ebony eeps as the paper catches fire, "she calls out, "wish I could but I can't stop that it just happens. She turns when you appear on the other side. The wall of now burning papers spin around her to get between sunlight and her again as it shrinks from the fire. She frown some, "sorry but only cop I trust is my father. I would trust more but many don't like mutants even pretty ones like us." She blinks seeing the shadows and looks at the person she thinks is her fellow class mate, "What are you doing? Don't hurt her." She remembers how Skyler said this form was making him paranoid.

Valerie frowns as the wall moves to impede Sunlight from moving, but it's mostly ashes now, so it's not much of a barrier now. "I'm sorry, but there's a guy over there claiming you stole his wallet." And then, as if on cue, the guy screams that he found his wallet, but he curses, "It's empty! That little runt stole my things! Stop her!" And so Sunlight reaches to grab Scout by the scruff of her shirt, and lift her off the ground, "Now, you'll confess your crimes, and give the man his things back."

All the excitement that begins to build up only brings a smile to Scout's face, growing wider and wider with each shout coming from the man she just robbed. She doesn't expected to be lifted up by the collar of her shirt though, as she suddenly finds herself dangling in the air. It doesn't last very long, as the integrity of the old, worn out shirt isn't capable of holding any decent amount of weight and Scout suddenly finds herself back down onto the ground. "I can't believe you just attacked me?" She yells out at Sunlight, scurrying to her feet and planting herself just behind Ebony like she'll work as a better wall of protection than the one now scattered across the part in the form of ashes. The shadows continue to creep in, pulling all a deep darkness to the immediate area surrounding them.

Ebony Frowns, "Skyler!" she did not know him well but she still shocked, "Give it back!" She watches as Scout runs behind her and turns her self to face the person she thinks is Skyler. She reaches into her pockets and starts pulling out everything in them, "You know Mr. Summers going grown you or something for this!" she made about this now she knows what going on. She looks at the cops and papers pull off them only thing they still sticky so it might hurt some and there eyebrows might be missing.

Sunlight sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose. "Ok. I'm done playing nice." Time to play scare tactics. She throws a beam of light energy toward them, but it doesn't hit them. Instead, it widens out and forms a sphere of light around them, and then Sunlight takes off the skies carrying the two in her globe of solid light. Once in a respectable height above the park (a hundred feet would be a good guess) Sunlight opens the top of the sphere. "Now, we can stay here all day until you two confess the robbery. But, remember I /can/ get tired." She arches one eyebrow.

"Aw shit that's bright." Scout shouts out, her forearm pulled over her eyes to block out the light that's now completely surrounding them. Her other hand begins rummaging through her pockets and tossing items down onto the floor of the light bubble now keeping them afloat. "Alright, alright. We robbed the guy of just his wallet, no big deal. All his stuff should be out on the ground now." It's not apparent whether she keeps her eyes closed due to the light or possibly the height, but the floor of the sphere is now littered in credit cards, driver licenses and random denominations of money; all of it not obviously belonging to just that one guy. "Would you lower us now, please?" She practically begs.

Ebony eeps as the balls forms around her. The papers she just freed from the cops faces now fly up making a small wall between and Sunlight. She frowns, "Skyler what the heck looks what you got us into!" She punches Scout in the arm. She looks at Skyler, "He very sorry and I am too. I didn't know he did this I thought you were after him because he was a mutant." She frowns, "please lets us down." The papers now move from between Sunlight and moves between her and ground.

Sunlight arches one eyebrow as she looks at Ebony, only now noticing something, "'He'?" The hero asks, blinking her glowing eyes once before looking at Scout. Yup, definitely a girl. "Miss, I'm sorry, but your friend is definitely female." She says, before looking at Scout again, while her pockets are being emptied.

He? Scout wonders to herself, thinking how on earth she could be confused for a boy. Then it hits here; the scene in the mall where some girl handed her a twenty dollar bill and then 'accidentally' bumped into her, taking on her form. This girl standing up for
Scout must know this person, who was probably originally a boy. So she runs with it. "It's true ma'am, I look like a girl, but I'm not. I swear." It's almost hard for her to say it all with a straight face, but with enough effort put forth she does soundgenuine. "So please, put us back down."

Ebony frowns, "well I can explain that but it's confusing. Skyler" She points at Scout, "Is a mutant like men his ability is he can copy someone's DNA I think and turn him self into that person. I don't know how offend he can do it or how offend he does it but at the moment he is in this form after brushing up against the woman and he her. But please don't hold this crime against him he said something about her powers were dark and stuff. He said that it was making him paranoid and I sue this part of it. This from is driving him nuts he said something about voices and stuff." He looks at Scout, "We have people who can help back where we live that can help."

Sunlight arches one eyebrow at that, at Ebony's explanation, and then she looks at Scout, "Is there any proof of your claim?" She says, looking at Scout straight in the eyes, not feeling too friendly right now. She knows for sure Ebony is a mutant, because of all the paper stuff, but, so far, Scout has yet to show any powers herself. "Any way you can prove your story? If you cannot prove it, I will have to hand you to the authorities." She says as she starts to slowly descend, but never touching the ground yet, remaining a dozen feet or so away from it. She collects the items and hand them all to the guards, at least the one who managed to pry himself off the paper, "Here's the stolen property, officer." Sunlight says.

"Besides accidentally turning into other people? I guess I get tiny traces of their powers too." Scout begins to look around, her arm finally falling from her eyes. "See, like this person was apparently able to do something with the shadows, because they always seem to be following me. I think I can get them to move too." With her head tilted down and a look of full concentration, the shadows casted around the trees below them actually begin to move a little, pulling forward towards the space just below the sphere. Quicker than they appeared, they snap back as Scout looks back up towards Sunlight. "See?"

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