2009-12-25: Spirit of Christmas


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Summary: Exchange of Gifts teaches Trey the true meaning of the spirit of Christmas.

Date: 12 25, 2009

Spirit of Christmas

Rating: PG-13

Xavier's Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

John is sitting at a table with his head in his hands, he is wearing blue denim combats, black sneakers, he is wearing a red long sleeved shirt, he doesn't usually where long sleeves but is covering up the scratches on his arms, he looks like he's been crying. There are hand shaped burn marks on the tabel in front of him.

Trey is having a hard time understanding all of the Christmas stuff. He just doesn't grasp the whole concept at all. He did however feel a need to try and be normal and participate somehow in this 'odd' holiday somehow. So after meeting up with John yesterday he braved the holiday insanity at the Salem Center and went shopping. Now he has a box that has been, let's just put it this way. The wrapping job could really have used some work. Christopher could have done it and made it look like something that Santa Claus himself wrapped. But from what Trey has been gathering on this crazy holiday, it's supposed to be from the heart, Supposed to be. He has been looking for John all morning but finally he has heard rumors of him being alone in the rec room and so the purple eyed mutant has headed in. He's wearing the same Xavier Instutute branded sweatpants he frequently wears at school and a white undershirt and that's it. His feet are bare too. When he spots John he frowns but says, "John… I um… I got th
"John… I um… I got this for you. But if you want to be alone."

John looks up as Trey enters the room and cant help but smile, "Hey Trey, happy christmas", he stands up and walks over to Trey, "No mate i dont wanna be alone, its nice to see you", he looks at the presant in Trey's hands, "This is for me?, Thanks", he goes to hold out his hand but stops himself, "err, could you open it for me?, im having trouble touching anything without burning it this morning"

Trey keeps his attention mostly on his friend. His first real friend and he says to John. "Merry Christmas to you too. I um, shall tell you one thing I have learned about this holiday. People at the mall, they are insane. I wanted to smash them all with hail to get them out of the place. But, I braved the crazy people to get this for you." He looks at the package and then at John's hands and he frowns. "I am sorry that my wrapping job is not very good. I never did it before." As if he could remember. "No, you have to open it yourself. I wrapped it up and everything and part of the pleasure of christmas from what I am told is tearing open the gifts." He is quite serious in this. He places down the box on the burnt table and he holds out his hand to John. "You won't burn me. You know you won't. So you hold my hand and we will open it together." Trey and John are standing next to eachother, Trey is wearing basic x-institute sweatpants and a white undershirt. John is wearing blue denim combats, black sneak
black sneakers, he is wearing a red long sleeved shirt, he doesn't usually where long sleeves but is covering up the scratches on his arms, he looks like he's been crying. There are hand shaped burn marks on the table in front of him. Also placed down on the table is a really really badly wrapped present. That looks like a four year old slapped together, but really it was just Trey. Trey also has tucked under his arm, the infamous Mr. Fuzzles who never leaves the purple eyed mutants sight. Mr. Fuzzles is a really soft stuffed rabbit.

John breathes out slowly, "Ok, but if i burn you let go of my hand straight away ok?", he holds out his hand for Trey to take.

Erik is as dressed as he ever is, in contrast to some of the pajama wearing people wandering the halls. A button up shirt, tucked in to slacks, although the sleeves are rolled up and the collar undone. He gives a nod to everybody as he comes in. "Merry Christmas, guys." He grins.

Trey just looks at John for a long moment and he says to the pyrokinetic. "Hey, you are not going to burn me. So don't you worry about that." He takes hold of John's hand and he gives it a squeeze. The weather manipulator can stand a bit more heat then normal people. So he has a slightly higher threshhold then someone else would. When Erik enters, his unnatural purple gaze turns to Erik and he arches a blonde brow. "Hello." Not worried at all about being scene holding John's hand. Trey takes John back to the couch and he sits down and puts Mr. Fuzzles in his lap. "Okay, start opening it and I will explain."

July arrives shortly after Erik, rubbing her gloves hands together while wearing thick winter clothes. "Uhh… cold." she says, shivering a bit before stretching and relaxing once. "Damn, I feel like I'm freezing. "Oh, hey, John, Mr. Anderson." she says, smiling and waving to the two, and then notices Trey, and blinks, "Who's your friend, John?" she asks with a smile.

John smiles when Trey doesnt pull away in pain, "Ok, lets do this" he lets Trey walk him over to the couch, he waves to Erik as he enters the room mainly out of politeness as he hasn't met him yet, as he opens the wrapping paper thankfully not burning it, he sees a big brown box, the box once opened up is filled with crumpled up newspaper, under all of the newspaper is another box with one of two written on it, he opens the box and sees a videophone and another present, he looks up at Trey for an explination. As July enters the room he waves "Hey July, this is Trey".

Erik gives a nod to Trey. "Evening, gentlemen, I'm not sure that I've met the two of you. I'm Professor Anderson, Government and Politics teacher." He says with a smile to the both of you. He looks over to July. "Hello, July. Getting good things for Christmas?" He asks.

When Erik introduces himself Trey offers a smile. "Hello Sir. I am Trey." Just Trey, Erik may have gotten a memo to keep an eye on the angelic looking blonde with purple eyes. To July he says, "Hello July. I am Trey." He hasn't let go of John's hand just yet but he does wave with his free hand. Trey helps John undo his really bad wrapping job, which included a great deal of extra tape. They say the best wrapping jobs require the minimalist amount of tape. Well Trey went with the exact opposite approach. It started looking worse and worse, put more tape on it. The purple eyed mutant is rather calm, he's not exactly ruled by his emotions like the Pyrokinetic is. "Well, two of two was sent to a family in England yesterday. And I had it on good authority that they caught a really good tail wind and that the package was delivered already. And your cousin set it up, so all you have to do is when you are ready. Set up yours and make a phone call and you will get to see your entire family live. Including your
Including your little boy. But sadly it was too late because of the time difference to get this to you before they opened their presents. So…" He pulls out a present the size of a CD case and he hands it over to John. "I had your cousin play camera man and he taped the festivities for me and emailed it to me. I then burned it on a disk for you to watch. So you didn't miss your little boys first christmas and will have it with you always." Trey doesn't really understand the whole holiday thing. He's got amnesia and remembers nothing, including these traditions.

When Trey passes him the CD case over to him and explains what it is, John leans forward and kisses him, when he breaks away he has tears in his eyes, "Thank you so much, this is the best thing i could have ever got, you are the most amazing person i know", he wipes the tears from his eyes, "I got you something too, its not as great as what you've given me, but i think it'll be useful to you, i'll be right back", giving Trey one more kiss John runs out the door to get Trey's present.

For Trey, he really wasn't sure what to expect from John. He had just thought of the most practical thing and a way to allow John to see his family when he couldn't be there. He had no idea that it would be this emotional for the pyrokinetic. He actually is surprised by John's, in a very good way. He is however more surprised by the kiss. But he seems to be enjoying it a great deal. The tears surprise him though. "I am glad that you like it." He smiles at John and then when he runs out of the door he says, "This is the christmas spirit. It makes sense."

July notices John going teary-eyed over his gift, and smiles a bit, figuring it must be something that means a lot to him. "Hey, how are you all doing?" she asks, smiling a bit, "Damn… Hey, Mr. Anderson? Is there a heating system to the mansion? I'm kind of almost freezing! It doesn't help I'm more susceptible to temperature extremes than normal people." she chuckles.

Trey sits and waits for John to come back. As he could hear July even if she were whispering he says to her. "Their are a lot of heating systems here. You could just stand close to John and you'd get warmed up. But if you are in this much discomfort, I could ask it to be warmer at this location." The purple eyed mutant gets a look of focus on his face and the area starts to warm up. The temperature raises a few degree's and a gust of warm air wraps around July like a quilted blanket to help warm her up. "I hope that helps." The breeze will have her hair dancing around before it dies off. But it will leave the area significantly warmer for a bit.

July blinks and gasps at the warm winds blowing on her, and she shivers, "Ah, yeah. Much better." she says, smiling and rubbing her hands together for a bit. "Thank you. It's not easy being liquid rubber." she giggles softly, "I'm July. You're Trey, right?" she asks.

Trey ponders July's statement for a moment and he repeats, "Liquid rubber. Yes I guess that it would be bad to put you in the heat or in the cold. Extreme cold makes rubber hard and brittle and the heat well… a pile of goo." He analyzes that for a second and then says, "Yes. Nice to meet you July." He offers her a wave. "Have you had a very merry christmas?"

John walks back into the room holding his Corsiars uniform in his arms, he walks over to the couch where Trey is sitting and slides a wrapped present out from the uniform onto the couch, "Here you go, sorry about carring it in the uniform, when i left the room touching things became a problem again, merry Christmas".

July giggles softly, "My powers have a lot of perks, but some awful downsides, too." she nods, smiling softly, "Nice meeting you, Trey." she says, "Having a nice Christmas, for once, yes." she grins, but then John returns, "Hey, John."

Trey looks towards John as he comes back and he is confused about the whole uniform. He's gotten a uniform already. But then he see's the wrapped present and he smirks at John. "Oh, well that's not good. Maybe you should talk to someone about that. I mean, not being able to touch things is a bad thing. If they are tied to your emotions. Perhaps speaking with Jericho would help?" He doesn't address Christopher or Jericho like professors. He knows them as Christopher and Jericho. Trey takes the present and he says, "Thank you." Before it is even opened up. He tears open the paper and tosses it into the air. "Oh! This is exciting." Then he opens up the box to find the digital camera and more importantly the photo album. He turns his purple gaze to John for an explanation.

John laughs as trey looks at him in confusion "Well, i cant give you back your memories, but this is somewhere safe for you to put your new ones, everytime you want to remeber something realy clearly, you take a picture of it and put it in the album"

Erik comes back in after a mnoment, putting away his cell phone. "Sorry about that." He offers, shaking his head.

July chuckles gently at Erik, "That's ok, teach." she says, smiling, shifting her shoulders a bit as she feels warmer again, "Ah, much better. Thanks again, Trey. So, what did you give each other?" she asks, rubbing her gloved hands together again, before she looks out through the snowy window.

Trey was slightly distracted and kind of ignored July before but with a hottie like John, who could really blame him. Probably a straight guy, But Trey has found himself very not straight since meeting the pyrokinetic. The blonde listens to the explanation of what the gift is for and really what it signifies and for someone who has no memories from before a week or so ago. That is a very significant thing. It actually touches him more then he ever imagined it could. He gets a warm tingly feeling throughout his body and he jumps up with Mr. Fuzzles in his hands and wraps his arms around John. He says excitedly, "Thank you. Thank you very much. I can't wait to make memories with you John." He kisses him back with as much excitement as John kissed him before. Yet he doesn't pull away after the kiss. It is lingering, Today is definitely a step away from the just friends place for the two. When Erik comes back in, it kind of reminds him to break it up and he pulls away from John after realizing what just happened. "Now THIS is the true spirit of Christmas." He looks slightly flushed and he flops down onto the couch. "I want a memory of this moment." Finally back to July, "He got me a camera and photo album." Which probably shouldn't make someone as excited as Trey but not everyone knows he has amnesia.

John eyes flare bright red as Trey kisses him and struggles not to burst into flames, he whines as Trey pulls away and keeps hold of his hand, remembering that July and a teacher are in the room he goes bright red, "Trey set it up so I've got a recording of my son opening his presents".

Erik chuckles a little bit and shakes his head at the PDA, but doesn't say anything. It's Christmas. "Well, it's good to see people enjoying themselves on Christmas. I do hear that is something one should do on Christmas." He says amusedly.

July can only giggle softly, sparing a look at the two lovebirds in a hot kissing session with burning passion (HAH!) and just winks to the two, before looking out through the window, brushing her hand against the glass to clear it so she can look outside, "I wonder where's Annalisa, though. I don't recall hearing her say she's heading home for Christmas…"

Trey looks at John, "Your son and your brother and a few other people I have no clue who they are. I didn't really watch the video because that's a private thing, but maybe you will share it with me someday." He gives John's hand a squeeze and he says, "You're getting close to my boiling point John." He can stand a lot more heat then most but still he has his limits. "Just try and remain calm." He and John aren't really a couple, just friends who are getting closer. To Erik, "This is my first Christmas. I don't really know what people are supposed to do." When July mentions Annalisa, "Who's Annalista?"

Erik chuckles. "Well, they don't exactly teach you the words to Christmas Carols at Hebrew School, so." Erik shrugs, grinning as he shakes his head. "Yes, please no combustion. I have a strict 'No force fields on religious holidays I don't celebrate' rule. Ramadan is hard."

John lets go of Trey's hand so he doesn't burn him, "Sorry i'll try to calm down, and you can watch it with me later if you want", he looks over at Erik, "You're Jewish? so you have Hanukkah to celebrate then", he tooks to July, "You missin her?"

July chuckles softly, and she turns to look at Trey. "Anna's my girlfriend." she says, smiling to the guy, and then she looks at John and nods slowly, "Yeah. I miss her." she sighs softly, still smiling.

Trey doesn't know the whole Ramadan thing and he doesn't really know about the Jewish religion. Actually, he doesn't know about a lot of religions. Even when his memory isn't wiped away by a powerful psychic, he was raised in a government facility and has no religion. "Hrm?" Is his response to Erik's statement. "What's (Insert proper spelling for the festival of lights that is celebrated for eight crazy nights.)?" Then to July, "Oh, well I do believe that the holidays are best spent with family and loved ones. So I am sorry to hear that she is not here to celebrate with you."

Erik gives a nod. "Yes, a bunch of us celebrated the candle lighting. Professor Pryde, myself…there are a fair amount of us here, and a lot in the city." Erik smiles, looking to Trey. "It celebrates a miracle after the Babylonian Diaspora wherein the eternal flame did not go out for the eight days it took to make new oil, when there was only oil enough for ten days." He explains.

Trey just blinks at Erik for a moment and he says, "Oh, well I guess that will have to be something that I have to research. It sounds like it may have something to do with a mutant more then anything else. Most miracles seem to have a tie to our kind from what I have been reading. At least the possibility for it is there." He just looks at John for a moment and he says, "I am going to go set up my camera so I can take pictures. Will you stop by my room once you finished calling your family?"

John smiles at Trey, "Yea sure mate, have fun"

July smiles, "I'll be heading back to my room to warm up a bit, and call my parents. See ya all later." she says, waving to the group still in the room before walking out.

Erik chuckles. "Maybe. But you should never close your mind to the possibility of a genuine miracle, either. This is the season of amazing things happening, after all." He smiles as he shakes his head, and his phone beeps again. "Ah, forgive me, I have to step out for a moment again. {eople understand you're not Christian and they feel free calling you up like it's a normal business day."

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