2010-07-18: A twitter log


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Summary: During an online conversation, events are revealed.

Date: July 18, 2010

Log Title: 2010-07-18 - A twitter log

Rating: PG


The twitter service allows people to post short messages that can be seen by anyone in the world, or if they are set with more privacy, then anyone in their list of friends. It generally takes only a few minutes at the most for a message, called a 'tweet', to appear on the service once it is sent. Note that normally when a message is written with a username preceded by an at-sign, i.e. @user, the message is visible to that user, and special commands can sometimes be used. If it's written with D user as the first text, it's treated as a private message and is only visible to that user. #string as part of a message allows it to be searched for using that string. There are other tricks as well.

A Twitter Log from July 18, 2010

Born2Ride: (Mike) Hey @psybowlr. Where'd everyone go? Nobody answering email, nobody answering phone, Connor missed our game appt. Are my thumbs itching?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: I, um… I don't know. Nobody's called me since a couple weeks ago… um. Should I start worrying?
Born2Ride: (Mike) I dunno, I'm in the city of burning rivers, remember?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) …Huh?
Born2Ride: (Mike) Oh come on @psybowlr. "There's a red moon rising on the Cuyahoga river," #RandyNewman You never heard it?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Probably once, but you know how hard it is for me to track memories I'm not looking for?
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr Not really, I have a random access mind. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SKGIwsXuA0
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Yeah, but you don't have to *chase* them.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr You shouldn't write them on your bowling balls.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: Thbpt.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr Seriously I haven't heard from anyone since I got here. I know I was off the grid in Oly. Is something happening?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: I really don't know, but if I find anything out I'll let you know first, okay?
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr Sure. How's Real Life treating you? Your parents kick you out yet?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) They don't need to. I start college in the fall, and I'm starting work for Ms. Walters tomorrow!
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr SWEET Don't mess up then. You get my grad gift yet? I tried to talk Dr. McCoy into letting you have it early.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride I don't *think* so… Do I get to ask what it is, or am I supposed to be surprised?
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr You get to be surprised >,<
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: Okay! n_n
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr So where you going to school? Yale? Harvard? Stanford? Vanderbilt?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: I might transfer to Harvard when I'm done with pre-law, but I got an offer I'd be sort of stupid to refuse, since it's a fully paid free ride.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr: oooOOOooooh. Sponsored and stuff huh? Wasn't paid by our dear friend who calls you Eep, was it?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: Good Lord no. But if you ask Ms. Walters, she could tell you more. Maybe. Oh, did you hear that guy you were just talking about actually did something *constructive?*
Born2Ride: (Mike) Was in Olympia at a retreat thing Mom was running. No internets 3weeks. Wanted me to leave my radio but Mom relented when I threatened to go back to nature.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Heh. Tell your parents hi for me, okay? And if you come to Mutant Town after you get back, you can't miss it. Trust me.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr Mom is still in Oly, I'm at Dad's shop, car-geeking. Dad's setting up for Brickyard, 2 engines in race, next week. Insane. I'll say hi.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: Wow. I can't wait to hear about it, mostly I've just been dealing with shopping trip ruined, before that breakup… Blah. Be nice to hear of fun things.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr What breakup?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: Couple weeks ago.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr … it's not in your twistory. GUG, do they really call it that?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: I'm only here to *talk* to people, not splatter my life story on the computer like a reality show. :p
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr SO email me the story then, because I have no idea what you're talking about and it's making me speculate. You won't like me if I speculate.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: Will do. Not a whole lot of drama, just, *I* felt really bad about doing it. Still do. Hope he's okay.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr … Wait what? OK, uh, you and Cupcake Man? Yeah, that's very mixed feelings about I have.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: I know, I know. My stance hasn't changed though, just my view on how helpful the match was.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr HELPFUL? … Facewall. THUMP. I say, THUMP. How helpful the match was? What does that even mean?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Born2Ride: That *means,* aside from a glare at you, I'd come to the conclusion that he needed a GF who was a better fit than me. Y'know. Not a nosy busybody and stuff. My words, not his.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr I'll expect a thumping later, but … y'know, OK, yeah, good call, both ways, I guess.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: …Yeah well. Not a lot of calling on his part. Like I said, I feel bad. Sort of dropped it on his face, out of the blue. You know how he is with surprise bad news.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr How's he taking it? Also (rubbing salt) how's his mom doing?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: …
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride. This conversation will self destruct in 10…
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr Srsly, I'm surprised you didn't spend a week figuring out the nicest way to do it. So it must've been bad so I won't taunt you any more.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: -Thank- you. Anyway, on to less explosive topics. The bank in Mutant Town got robbed.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Almost.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr Again? But that trick never works! (Did you get hurt?)
N33D45P33D (Heather) I like all these words to read. Learning computer operation is excellent for following latest news. Is this working?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride. Physically? No. My sense of aesthetics has yet to recover though. SHELLFISH-THEMED.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Hi! And yes, it is.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr Traif Theft, yet! The trauma! Was this costumed drama?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: Crab, Lobster, Shrimp, mass-of-pillbugs-pretending-to-be- a-person.
N33D45P33D (Heather) @psybowlr Thank you. Nothing wrong with being a little shellfish sometimes, though.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psibowlr wait … that last one I've heard of … #villainSwarm ?? You're kidding. Ick. What were the others?
Born2Ride: (Mike) Wait what … Who's @n33d45p33d? Oh. Hi Heathen. (sic)
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Crab-Man, LobsterClaw, Mighty Shrimp, the last one got away, because ick.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) …Have you ever just *wished* you were kidding? I do.
N33D45P33D (Heather) @Born2Ride Kisha is teaching me to use a computer properly.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @N33D45P33D: That's great!
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d Who is Kisha? Also, yes, tutor is good.
N33D45P33D (Heather) That encounter sounds potentially delicious if there were no qualms with cannibalism.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr Crabs-Man? LobsterClaw? Mighty Shrimp? The mind BOGGLES with satirical potential. Were they bad costumes?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) They were. And the Shrimp girl grew to like 15 feet tall.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr Of course. It's irony. At least her attack wasn't toe-sucking.
N33D45P33D (Heather) I love themed supervillains. Eheheheh.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Just thank the Lord it wasn't a repeat of the Coldstone. Smacking idiot robbers until the police got there was *pleasant* by comparison. Also met a couple future classmates.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr: ORLY? And were they Seme or Uke? If you catch my drift. Although you prolly don't.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) I don't. o.O Also, um…. N33D? Why the numbers? It makes my brain cross its eyes.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr Uh, were they Innocent Bystanders or Parties of Interest? And did you?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Parties. Nice people. One was kind of like the middle ground between Theo and Dallas. Kind of a jerk, but well-meaning kind of.
N33D45P33D (Heather) @psybowlr I saw names with numbers and thought it was normal.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d Not so much, it's like hot sauce on your fries.
N33D45P33D (Heather) @born2ride Have you ever had my cooking? Can you change these names?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @N33D I was just curious, don't worry about it too much. You type readably at least, and that's all that matters. n_n
Born2Ride: (Mike) You know I have a special diet, @n33d45p33d. I've heard rumors though. @psybowlr, if you don't use the whole id tag it doesn't xref. #nerdspeak
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: You call that nerdspeak, wait till I've had my Latin class.
N33D45P33D (Heather) @psybowlr Thank you, I am just learning. Hehehehe.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr I would retort in latin but my stupid translation program does not know the word for Lawyer. Duurrr
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: Gimme a year, I'll teach you. n_n
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr Too slow. I'll download it. Muaha. Am adding to my rig while I'm here.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: Surprise surprise. ;) @N33D45P33D: How's the school holding up?
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr @n33d45p33d Yeah, what's up? Nobody answering email!
N33D45P33D (Heather) @PsyBowlr @born2ride All kinds of weird time stuff going on. I'm going to wear bondage gear when I grow up.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @N33D45P33D: What.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d Don't. It's a bad idea. It looks tacky and makes people think you're not a person.
N33D45P33D (Heather) @psybowlr: I guess I'm a big supervillain or something. I know you like ethics. If you went back in time, would you kill a young Hitler?
N33D45P33D (Heather) @psybowlr: What if you're the one who is Hitler?
N33D45P33D (Heather) @born2ride You cannot contain my fashion.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d I am flexible. But I still advise against the bondage look. Does it come before or after you become hitler? And do you avoid the moustache at least?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @N33D45P33D: Made my brain cross its eyes again. Should I see if there's a Temporal Mechanics elective at college?
N33D45P33D (Heather) @born2ride Eheheheh. I think so. It looks so good on me.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d The moustache looks good on you? j'nai comprenz.
Born2Ride: (Mike) D psybowlr Big Sis, I'm getting a bit creeped out.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) D Born2Ride: Me too. Um. Can you just tell me how worried I *really* need to be?
N33D45P33D (Heather) @psybowlr You should please send me a textbook if you find that class.
Born2Ride: (Mike) D psybowlr She's not got a strong grip on reality. Bad parents I think. She lived in an asylum for over a year our time. If she's asking the hitler question? Worry.
N33D45P33D (Heather) http://s667.photobucket.com/albums/vv38/EvilocelotTsye/?action=view&current=Heather1.jpg Heheheh.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d Temporal mechanics? There's not a lot out there, stuff by Hawking, Richards, Von Doom, and what the heck H!
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @N33D45P33D: Um, we're both getting kind of really worried, here… Please, clarify what you mean by time stuff is going on?
N33D45P33D (Heather) @psybowlr @born2ride Okay I guess in the future I learn to time travel and I cause all kinds of problems. I'm sure I'll sort it out. Connor is from future.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @N33D45P33D: ………Wait Connor is from the what?
N33D45P33D (Heather) @psybowlr @born2ride But let's all pause and acknowledge my photo editing skills. Hehehe.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d there isn't a LOT on the topic per se. Nobody will put the useful stuff out in public. The black hole equations are good, the stress-space acceleration formula from Richards book matches what I know from … wait. Connor is what?
N33D45P33D (Heather) @born2ride @psybowlr Connor is from the future right now, but Connor that isn't from the future will be back.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: ….Well I guess that answers your question…. sort of.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d @psybowlr Yeah. So, what's up with you, H? Are you really going to turn vil? Do you WANT to?
N33D45P33D (Heather) @born2ride @psybowlr Will find a way to beat myself. Won't be a villain, that's silly. Don't worry about it!
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d OK, we will. (What, you think we'll just stop?)
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @N33D45P33D: Um… I'll try? But I hope it doesn't offend you if that's like saying not to think about a purple marmoset.
N33D45P33D (Heather) @psybowlr @born2ride Eheheh. I don't know what a marmoset looks like.
N33D45P33D (Heather) @psybowlr @born2ride I will update you when and if developments occur.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Please do. o.o
N33D45P33D (Heather) Other than that, school is normal.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d @psybowlr Rotten picture: http://www.io.com/~hmiller/jpg/marmoset.jpg Sorta purple. Nice photoshopping H. I didn't have time, I'm doing this on my phone.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d @psybowlr Better pic http://perfunction.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/08/08/marmoset.jpg but very not-purple
N33D45P33D (Heather) @born2ride @psybowlr Terrifying. O.O
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Now. *Don't* think about a purple marmoset.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d I've been planning to read up on QM over summer, it's pretty heavy math but I can handle it, but the temporal part of it gets bogged in parallel universe theory and causality, ugh.
N33D45P33D (Heather) @PsyBowlr When did you become a projective telepath?
N33D45P33D (Heather) @born2ride Lend me the textbook when you are done. It will help me learn mad science.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @N33D45P33D: That's not telepathy, that's just a head trick. Calling attention to something you weren't thinking of makes it hard to keep it out of your mind.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d It's biology! Try NOT to remember, you activate the neurons that remember
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d @psybowlr I usually get the electronic copy if I can, but will loan you copy once I know it's good stuff. No promises it's right though. Who is Kisha?
N33D45P33D (Heather) You guys are making my brain wires cross.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Revenge! Revenge! >:D
N33D45P33D (Heather) @born2ride Kisha is a student. I think she is a mad scientist.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: We miss all the entertaining new students.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) At least someone's filling the niche the Doom Twins left empty, at least.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr @n33d45p33d You should try it with real wires. Or not. Definitely not. The twins left? Dang. I wanted to talk about forcefields. Also should I fear Kisha?
N33D45P33D (Heather) @born2ride Yes.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Mad Scientist + Boy[(Car)/4D] = Fear.
N33D45P33D (Heather) >:O http://s667.photobucket.com/albums/vv38/EvilocelotTsye/? action=view&current=untitled.jpg
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) /me can fake math nerdery!
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d Oh joy and rapture. Is she as mad as I am? Does she make … @psybowlr that is Evil XKCD Math.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) -Exactly.-
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d That's cute. Marmosets are tiny. Small as kittens. So not really scary because they're unthreatening.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Until you look closely.
Born2Ride: (Mike) Kinda like atoms, @psybowlr
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) No, Atoms are like fandoms. Benign until split.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr There is no sane response to that so I will melt this wristwatch.
N33D45P33D (Heather) @psybowlr Eheheheh.
N33D45P33D (Heather) @born2ride Can I have the wristwatch instead?
Born2Ride: (Mike) It's virtual so I will have to send you a real one instead, @n33d45p33d.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) This has been a test of the Emergency Surrealness System. If this had been an actual surreal moment, LIGHTBULB BICYCLE GOLDFISH. Thank you.
LilBreeze (Kael) All ya'll are strange.
N33D45P33D (Heather) @lilbreeze But you have to acknowledge my skills.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @LilBreeze: It's late and I'm nervous because tomorrow I go to work for an interdimensional law firm as She-Hulk's intern. And I don't have my own DVD player so no Viggo Time.
LilBreeze (Kael) @N33D4SP33D No. you're just odd. @PsyBowlr I do wish you luck. :D
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) /me is allowed her strangeness.
N33D45P33D (Heather) @lilbreeze Sad face. @psybowlr Can you be my lawyer in the future?
Born2Ride: (Mike) @lilBreeze Hi windy. What's going on there? Also, @psybowlr, it's just a show, you should really just relax.
LilBreeze (Kael) @N33D4SP33D In my defense, all Speedsters are odd. @Born2Ride Sup, metal. Not much. Just relaxin'. Currently atop one of the trees in the forest.
N33D45P33D (Heather) @lilbreeze Not a speedster, you're just a slowster.
LilBreeze (Kael) @n33d4sp33d Just wait till I can break the sound barrier.
N33D45P33D (Heather) @lilbreeze Doesn't that make you the weird speedster?
LilBreeze (Kael) @n33d4sp33d Depends on your definition of normal.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @lilbreeze Dad has two engines in the Brickyard which is this weekend and I'm here at the shop helping the guys finish stuff. #mundane
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) /me comes back from making tea. "It's not just a show, I'm going to be led around the office by a guy with a brick for a head. Like, literally a brick. He talks on a chalkboard hanging from his neck."
N33D45P33D (Heather) @psybowlr He sounds awesome.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr … No. I don't want to know. You said interdimensional and I'm going to pretend that doesn't mean crazy.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @n33d45p33d: His name is, in fact, Awesome Andy.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr @n33d45p33d OH! That guy! He's not from another dimension. He doesn't have a brick for a head, either, it's just box-shaped.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Oh. That's not much less weird, though. And look where I went to high school.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr I STILL GO THERE, creep. So far anyway.
LilBreeze (Kael) @PsyBowlr You better visit!
N33D45P33D (Heather) @psybowlr What are you talking about? So normal here. So normal.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Between work and college I'm pretty sure by Halloween that my entire definition of normal will be thoroughly rewired. Which reminds me. ….Ms. Walters got me a ticket to that party Mr. Stark is throwing.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) She's going as Elphaba, and I guess I'm going as Glinda. ._.
Born2Ride: (Mike) Never heard of it. That sounds fun though.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Just imagine She-Hulk dressed up like the Wicked With of the West.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) *Witch
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr Got it. In full 3d and with appropriate cackle.
LilBreeze (Kael) @Born2Ride You have to share that.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) Yeah. I um… Still not sure how I managed to rate going to a giant not-Halloween Party with ticket prices upwards of most major charity donations, but…
LilBreeze (Kael) Yer working for her and she wants to give you a crash course?
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) I guess. ._.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @lilbreeze I'll share when I get back, I haven't finished the output adaptor yet. Working on it.
Born2Ride: (Mike) Be sure to get pictures @psybowlr I want to know how close my prediction is to reality. Also of yourself, Glinda. Because you KNOW I did that one too.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: I'm bringing my own bubbles, too. Not sure how well they'll photograph, but, we'll see.
Born2Ride: (Mike) They look like a fake SFX, @psybowlr … Although yours aren't PINK and FRILLY like hers was.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: Oh! Well, I'll just have to fake it as best I can, then.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @psybowlr That's a good thing though. Hey, I have to stop - they want me to do a check on the engine installation here, and you know how I get into my work.
LilBreeze (Kael) @Born2Ride Wouldn't want to tweet your thoughts, eh?
Born2Ride: (Mike) Not exactly, @lilBreeze. I'll be too busy, but I'll be back later or tomorrow.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) @Born2Ride: Have fun!
Born2Ride: (Mike) D psybowlr STILL CREEPED OUT! Be careful OK?
N33D45P33D (Heather) @born2ride Enjoy.
PsyBowlr: (Rashmi) D Born2Ride You too, I promise I'll update you ASAP.
Born2Ride: (Mike) @n33d45p33d You too, and stay good! I mean it!
N33D45P33D (Heather) @born2ride Mwahahaha. >:) I will!
N33D45P33D (Heather) It is getting towards the end of hour four. Time to sleep for an hour.

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