2010-09-05: Advice


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Summary: Addison arrives, Cloud gets advice

Date: September 5, 2010


Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

//Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs and couches with a few tables are placed up here for students to relax. There's a door off to one of the sides that leads up to the attic above here. //

It's early afternoon and Cloud Rosen is relaxing in the Observation Deck and thinking about the start of his senior year next week, still grade differences don't seem to matter much at Mutant High, still seniors can learn to pilot the Blackbird, he just needs to get a recemendation from Forge. He's dressed in black sneakers, beige shorts, a white t-shirt and a red baseball cap, he's currently laying back on one of the couches looking up at the ceiling.

Exploration has been Phoenix… no… Addison's thing of late. Seeing what's where, and just finding more and more. However, sometimes he has to return to the campus to see how things are going there. Whether Phoenix likes it or not, Addison needs to visit. As he reaches the observation deck from outside, he tilts his head. Glass is in the way. He waves a hand and the glass bends and flows to create a portal, allowing him to pass through before moving back to it's original position after he enters.

Cloud is just starting to doze off when he hears a very odd noise behind him, he rolls over to see what it is, he sits up quickly when he sees Addison, he hasn't ever spoken to the man, but he knows who he is, he teaches powers and fromwhat he's heard is the most powerful person on campus and he was the one who fixed Jono during the whole Sinister thing, "Errm, hello Mr. Addison", thats his name right?

"Please… just Addison." The man states. His voice currently comes out as three, combined. His eyes are currently solid black with starfields within them. He pauses, wincing as he turns off the flaming aura around his body and allows his feet to touch ground. "Sorry. Sometimes, I forget how that comes off." He says, toning his voice back to normal.

Cloud shudders at Addison's voice, that is just plain intimidating, he relaxes a little when Addison appears more normal, he's still tense though, everything about Addison seems to say he's powerful, "Oh, er no problem, Addison", has he done something wrong again?

As he drops back into himself, he looks down. The Phoenix costume just won't do. He snaps his fingers, and shifts it all into normal clothes. A white t-shirt with the little phoenix logo in gold on the breast, and a pair of white jeans. He grins afterwards. "Ok, back to normal. No, you haven't done anything wrong. Have you?" He asks. He stops himself. "Sorry. Didn't mean to pry. Sometimes, when people think really loudly, I hear some of it."

Cloud hasn't done anything wrong other than using his brother's ID to get into Nowhere the other nigh, "No it's ok, people find it really easy to read my mind anyway", his sister joked that it's because theres not much in there, "But i'll try and think more quietly".

Addison raises an eyebrow. "Not a good idea. Especially after getting caught drinking in your room with your sister." He eyes the young mutant. "You do realize that by doing things like that and potentially getting caught, you risk your future AND the bar's future?" He asks, tilting his head before stopping. "You need to take a mental shielding class." He pauses with a cough. "Desperately. Or that could be the Phoenix Force making me a lot stronger."

Cloud groans, why do i always think the wrong thing around telepaths?, geez when i met Miss Frost i though tshe was hot and she heard, you'd think i'd learn, "I didn't plan on it, i went in to keep someone out of trouble, and got preached at by a bunch of guys going on about how Magneto and that Dingo guy on the news are heroes, and i got annoyied so i got a beer", still he souldn't of done it, "It won't happen again, and Miss Frost said a shielding class might not do much for me".

"Heroics vary from face to face. And that place is a melting pot. The owner allows anyone as long as there are no fights or arguments. When they start, they disappear for a while." Addison says with a nod. "Like I said. You might want to sign up for my psychic shielding class next semester."

Disappear?!, "Ok, point taken, i won't be going there again, sorry", wait, heroics vary?, does Addison (a teacher) think Magneto has a point?, wow, "Ok i will, if it'll help stop me blurting my thoughts out to any telepath who happens to walk past", Cloud shifts uncomfortably, telepaths freak him out a little.

"It would help. And no, I don't think Magneto has a point. My world… was very different from this one. I fully support Xavier's ideals, rather than Magnus's. But, there are moments when a bit of forward thinking is a good thing." Addison explains.

Cloud hmms…, "Ok so you agree with what he's trying to do, but you don't agree with his methods?", wait his world, "What do ou mean your world exactly?"

"I didn't say that. I said sometimes, he's right. Not often, but sometimes." Addison explains before tilting his head. "I'm not from this dimension, Cloud. Most people know that. I forget that some came here after the Invasion and don't know that. There was a parallel world much like our own. Many years ago, we were enslaved by an alien race. Some of us fought and won our world back from them, only to be captured mentally by the Shadow King. He had myself, my mother, and a few other powerful telepaths enslaved. And by controlling us, he could control the world. Me, My world's Emma Frost… Jean Grey… Elizabeth Braddock… Charles Xavier… Dante Torren. We ruled the world by fear, because he made us. But, when we invaded this world, my world lost. Those of us that were honestly controlled were offered homes and lives here, or to go back and rebuild. I chose… to stay."

"Whoa, so your like from a whole other world, thats so weird, wait i remember hearing about some sort of Invasion in New York a while back, was that your world?" Addison's world makes this one sound so easy, Cloud can't imagine what his world must've been like.

"Yes. The one that tried to take over. That DID take over Manhattan… Memphis… LA… yes. That was my world." Addison nods slightly. "Most of the people were controlled. A few were simply bloodthirsty assholes. During those fights, even villains in our world were heroes, in order to prevent it from being taken over."

"Sorry i brought it up, you must just wanna forget about it right?, i would", Cloud has a habit of bringing up subjects people would rather not think about, just ask Robyn, he really put his foot in it with him by talking about Jordan.

"Not really. If I want to forget it, I will never grow past it." Addison explains. "Things like this are things that make you grow and become more than you were before. Just because you were there and a part, doesn't always make it your fault."

Cloud nods, "I get it i think, still sorry, i've been told i'm not very tactfull sometimes", he smiles, "Still, you're a teacher here now and you saved Jono from Sinister and those missing students last month, you've turned your life around well".

"It's not… turning my life around. It's taking control and not letting another take charge OF it for me." Addison explains. "I think things through… usually. Though, Phoenix tends to make me more impulsive occasionally." He shrugs slightly. "I have… a lot of power. Considering my parents."

Well Addison doesn't seem to mind talking about this stuff so…., "Who were you parents then?, where they really powerful too?", Cloud crosses his legs and sits up straighter, Addison's life is really interesting.

That's what makes things a little odd. "I was a genetic creation. Sinister combined the genetics of three of the most powerful mutants in different ways. The sheer power of Jean Grey." He runs a hand through his hair. Red, like his mother's. "The intelligence of Magneto. The skill of Sebastian Shaw." He shrugs lightly. "Those are my parents. With a dash of Sinister's alterations thrown in."

Cloud raises an eyebrow, "So your like supposed to be the perfect mutant? wow, that is amazing, exactly how powerful are you?", he's so in awe of Addison now, his questions aren't even connecting to his brain.

"Normally, or with the Phoenix Force inside me?" Addison asks. "Normally, there are stronger telepaths and stronger telekinetics. But only one is a stronger mutant holding both." Addison offers, trying to figure out how to phrase it. "As far as I know. With Phoenix…" He holds his hands out, "there is almost no limit."

Cloud's jaw literally drops, "Your powers are limiless?!", wow that is one hell of a consept, is there anything Addison can't do?, and if he agrees with Magneto that mutants need protection, why doesn't he make it happen?

"Because it's not right. To alter the world at my whim… isn't the way to do things." Addison explains with a shake of his head. "If I were to change everything, I would have taken away free will for centuries and overwritten it with MY will. That's not fair."

"Sorry, it was just a thought, i didn't mean anything by it", Cloud is still in complete awe of this man, "How do you fight the temptation, when you see something so wrong, how do you not change it?, i know it's wrong, but you must be prety strong willed not to be corrupted by that kind of power", yes, Cloud knows a word more than two sylables long.

"That's exactly the problem and the challenge." Addison explains. "That's what I have to deal with and what I have to fight with, on a daily basis. The last two phoenices… Rachel was successful. Jean… was not." He rubs the bridge of his nose.

Cloud nods, "So Rachel was able to fight the temptation?, but Jean was not?", wait where has he heard that name before, oh yeah!, "Didn't Jean Grey used to be a X-man?"

"Yes… she was. And Phoenix took her form. Fortunately, it wasn't actually her. But she… ate a galaxy." Addison explains. "The Phoenix Memorial out there is dedicated to Jean Grey-Summers." He points out. "You… really should pay more attention in mutant history."

Cloud's eyes widen, "She ate a galaxy!", that is some serious power, so that memorial is for her, he knew he had heard that name before, "I do listen, but it doesn't really stay in there when i do, and i'm pretty easily distracted", there is a really hot girl who sits next to him in that class.

Addison can't help but roll his eyes slightly at that, but says nothing on that subject. "Yes. Billions of lives lost to her hunger." He explains. "I cannot… I WILL not let that happen." He stretches.

Cloud nods, "You said one person managed it, do things the way they did, and you might be able to do it, can't anyone help you, like Miss Frost?", if he gave some of this phoenix thing to another telepath, wouldn't that make things easier?

"Rachel was temporally displaced. That may be why she could handle it. I'm dimensionally displaced, so I can handle it. Emma… no. The Phoenix Force chooses it's wielder and does not let others affect them… or is not supposed to. And this Emma… If it were MY Emma, I'd trust her more. This one, well… she's not the same. Not to say she isn't a good teacher or a good person, she's just NOT the Emma I shared my mind with for years." Addison explains before he turns towards the window.

Cloud is kinda pleased with himself, he's actully following this, he even knows what temporally means, "So because you're from another world, you can control the Phoenix better?", he's starting to get pins and needles in his legs so stands up.

"I don't know. I only have it's desires creeping in occasionally. I've only let it really show itself once. When I had the hounds around… when I reached through and changed them all back. When I reworked their genetics." Addison says as his eyes go black and starry again. "I need to go." He states, not bothering to wait for a response. He leaves through the floor the same way he came through the window.

Cloud is about to say something when Addison's eyes go all weird again and he disappears though the floor, "Wow", with the he heads back downstairs to, 1) sign up to Addison's shielding class, 2) to have a read though his Mutant history notes.

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