2011-07-03: A Bear Ing Experience

Players: Locks, Wildcard, and Xorn

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Summary: Locks and Wildcard have a Danger Room Experience

Date: July 3, 2011

Log Title: A Bear-ing Experience

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

In the Control Room, Shen Xorn in his usual garb of the white robe turned X-Man costume with metallic mask sits at the controls and begins to enter a program for one of the new students. Once it is set, he nods, “This should work.” His voice echoes in the hollow chamber as he leaves the Control Booth and literally floats down into the Danger Room. Hovering a few feet off the ground and taking a somewhat meditative pose, he telepathically summons students to the Danger Room, <Mr. Holbrock and Mr. Beck, Please report to the Danger Room.>

The telepathic summons had Sage freaked out. Never having anyone talk in his head and being completely new to life as a mutant, or a Donlalap as he believes, it didn't sit well with him. It takes a while for him to show up at the danger room and when he walks in, he's not wearing his training uniform. He's dressed in a pair of cotton blue pants with a loose fitting black shirt over them. He looks like he belongs back in the sixties with his style. "G'day sir. Sorry but, you called me?" He asks sounding quite puzzled.

Nigel enters the Danger room as well. He's wearing a generic X-suit since he's yet to be assigned to a squad. It's been 24 hours since his last session and he's recovered from the experience. "And here we are again." He gaves a wave to Xorn "Hello Professor, you called?"

Levitating in the middle of the room, Shen Xorn waits for the students to arrive. He nods in greeting to Nigel who he has already met. His disembodied voice across throughout the empty chamber sounding like a cross between Bruce Lee meets Darth Vader. “Mr. Holbrock, Welcome to the Danger Room. I am Professor Shen Xorn.” He begins to literally walk downward from the air towards the students as if he is walking on stairs, “This is the Danger Room which is used for students to train in their powers. The room is able to create any simulation or scenario environment. Once assigned to a squad, you will train with your squad as a team and individually with your faculty advisor working on the development of your abilities. For today, I thought it best to give you a chance to see how it works and to adjust to the Danger Room as you will spend much time here. Mr. Beck here will work with you today and assist in the scenario as he has already had a session here. Before we begin are there any questions, you have for me or for Mr. Beck?”

That's a lot of information and Sage just looks at Xorn for a bit. "What?" He asks in his thick British accent. "I'm sorry but I don't think I understand fully. This is a place called the Danger Room. Which sounds scary enough as it is but what do you mean by scenario? Also..I haven't been given a training uniform quite yet." He pushes some of his dreads away from his face as he tries to figure out exactly what is going on.

Nigel nods and looks to Sage with a smile "Ah it's not too bad. Takes a bit of getting used to though." He looks to Xorn "Give the word when you're ready and I'll get things started."

Scratching what would be a chin on his mask, “I see and understand how it can be a bit overwhelming.” Xorn walks towards the Control Booth, but continues speaking telepathically to both, “Do not let the name frighten you. Part of your time at the Institute will be working on your powers. This room, which is most likely one of the safest places in the Institute where you can use your powers freely while supervised by a staff member.” The room goes black for a second and the room is replaced with a peaceful looking meadow. Seemingly appearing from nowhere Xorn is back in the room holding one of the old X-Men uniforms. The old black and yellow ones. “This is what you can wear for training until you are officially inducted into a squad.”

Sage jumps and takes a few steps backwards as the room changes. "Bloody impossible…" He mutters as he looks around. "It must be magic." Sage's voice is filled with awe but this whole experience unnerves him. He actually bends down to feel the grass to make sure it's there and it's real before Xorn comes back. Sage takes the training uniform and looks at it. "Am I supposed to change into right now?" He asks not sure why Xorn is handing it to him now.

“End meadow sequence” Xorn states as the room returns to its normal metallic emptiness, “That was just to demonstrate. Any environment can be created within this room. I suppose it can be considered magical.” He points to a door leading to the Boys Locker Room. “The uniforms are to be worn when training and provide added protection. You will be given a proper one with colors designating your squad and you will be appointed with a staff member as your squad leader who will work with you directly during your time as a student here. If you would not mind changing before we begin.” Xorn bows and looks to Nigel, “How are you feeling after yesterday’s session, Nigel?”

Sage looks at Nigel. "That would be brilliant to see, a fifteen foot tall rabbit." He says grinning a bit. "Do you think maybe the Easter Bunny is really a fifteen foot tall rabbit?" He asks in full seriousness before the meadow simulation ends. "This room is quite strange." He mutters as he heads off and changes. In five minutes he's back and in the black and yellow uniform. "Why is the spandex required?"

Nigel smiles and nods "Oh I'm alright, when I change it takes a bit out of me but I grabbed a drink and some down time in the Rec Room and I'm back to normal." He looks over to Sage "I think the suits are supposed to be mutant proof, so you can't wreck them with your powers."

“That is a good question.” Xorn really has no idea and thinks a moment but opts not to ask Ms. Frost for fear of her answer. “Well, there won’t be any 15 foot tall rabbits in this scenario, but perhaps in a future session.” With that he bows, “We shall begin, gentlemen.” “Run sequence Forest 1” The rooms goes black and sunlight pours into view as the room is gone replaced by lush pastoral forest. “Gentlemen, I will be linked with you telepathically and monitoring your emotional states during this scenario.” Birds can be heard chirping and off in the distance a river can be heard. Small woodland creatures appear in this seemingly idyllic scenario. Xorn gives them a moment to adjust before beginning the action of the sequence.

Sage starts looking around the wooded area curiously and takes a few steps around. "So, how did we go from being indoors to outside again?" He's not even sure how it happened the first time. He then looks over towards Nigel. "I'm sorry, I'm Sage by the way since I gather whatever this is we'll be doing this together?"

Nigel looks over to Sage and nods "Nice to meet you, I'm Nigel. Though in a second I'm only going to be responding to the name Wildcard. Since these sessions are never peacefull I might as well change now." He takes a few steps away from Sage and says simply. "Badda-bing, Badda-bang, Badda-BOOM!" There's an explosion and a cloud of green smoke that obscures him from view. When the haze clears a much different figure stands where he once was. "Yeeeeeeeeeeeah Baby! Let's Party!"

“The object is to protect the young couple.” Xorn offers telepathically to the two. Behind some trees and near the edge by the river on an open patch of grass between some rocks, a couple dressed in medieval garb sit enjoying a pleasant little picnic. The couple have laid out various foods and appear to be enjoying a nice simple summer day in the woods. Though that peaceful panic is suddenly interrupted with loud roar, what appears to be an usually large brown bear roaring as it is rushing towards the couple. The woman lets out a loud scream as her beau rises up between her and the oncoming bear.

"What do you mean by never peaceful?" Sage asks Nigel but then he changes to Wildcard and Sage just stares. "What just happened?" He asks before he hears the bear's roar and looks at the couple "Bloody hell, what is going on here?" He asks as his dreads start to move around a bit, waving slightly. "Are we..we're supposed to stop a bear?"

Nigel grins "ooooooo god this joke is so easy but I can't help it. It's time to get Medieval! Ahahahahahahahaaaaaa!" He begins to spin, his form becoming a blur then a cone of whirling colors (insert Tazmanian Devil spin sound) "Shake a leg buddy! Get those two to safety and I'll handle Not so Gentle Ben." He suddenly takes off like a bullet at around 70mph to stop between the couple and the bear. His attire has changed into a parody of Thor's costume and he wields a large Cartoon Mallet "You seek to harn yon peasent-folk, I say thee NAY!"

As the bear lumber towards the man, its giant paw comes to slash at the man, but finds Wildcard in front of him instead. The bear seems only momentarily confused when it goes to attack Wildcard. One paw attempting to knock the mallet away and the other to claw at Cartoon Thor’s shoulder. The damsel screams as her beau falls to the side at the appearance of Wildcard. He lets out his own scream and rushes towards his lady attempting to grab her to move her away, but she is too frightened to move. She simply screams at the top of her lungs.

The last thing Sage wants to do is fight, and that includes fighting a bear. He looks over at Wildcard for a few seconds before running towards the couple. "C'mon, I'll get you out of here." He says not really sure where to go. "Just scare 'im. Don't hurt 'im." He says as he doesn't like seeing animals injured or killed for unnecessary reasons. He tries to take the man and the woman by the hand and run out with them. "We gotta get moving or else that bear might attack."

Nigel gets the mallet smacked away and jumps backwards to avoid the swipe, missing landing on one of the peasents by a few inchs. "Ok fine, you don't like old school. Then let's go with a classic." He whips a pair of what looks to be sunglasses from his sleeve as his attire seems to melt and change into a classic X-men uniform. He snaps the glasses over to reveal a cheap knock-off of Psyclops's Visor. Slipping it on he hits the button on the side and a Flag with the word "ZAP" pops out of the front. "Hmm wrong sleeve.. ah well run with it." The flag fires off towards the bar, then another, then another.

The man appears confused but when Sage approaches him. He stands up, “I…milady will not move. She is too frightened.” Sage will find that the man speaks true for she will not move and when Sage attempts to take her hand she makes no move to go. Traumatized by the bear and Wildcard. The bear struggles with Wildcard and then falls back a few feet ready to attack again when as a flag flies out at it. Surprised the flag strikes the bear and simply annoys it. As the second and third fly out towards it, it bats the flags away.

Sage nods to the man before looking back behind him at the Bear and at Wildcard. "That…" He shakes his head and looks towards the woman. "Ma'am, please, you have to snap out of this. We need to get away from that bear and then once we're enough of a distance away we have to figure out what is making him, or her, so mad." He says as he puts both hands on the woman's shoulders. "Milady, do you can you can run?"

Nigel frowns and tosses the glasses away. "Ok so my impressions need work, everyone's a critic." He takes a few steps to the side hoping the bear will stay focused on him. He grabs the waistband of his pants and stretchs it ouwards, reaching in with his other hand and producing a Shovel. "Ok Smokey, let's tango." He leaps into the air and swings the shovel in a downward arc try to whack the bear over the head with the flat out of the spade.

The woman seems to come to her senses, “I… I yes.” She seems to snap out of her catatonia and looks incredibly afraid of the bead and Wildcard, “What manner of creature is that?” She stares at the battle and shakes her head, “Thank you, kind sir.” She says to Sage as he is able to lead the couple away from the fracas. The bear, meantime, lets out an annoyed growl and charges toward Wildcard. When Nigel pulls his shovel out his pants and whacks the bear. It strikes the bear head out and knocks the creature’s lights out. It stumbles to the ground unconscious. Once the bear is knocked out. The scenario seems to freeze and Xorn appears hovering the air above the participants as he looks between Sage and Wildcard and then the frozen couple and the fallen bear. After a pause he asks, “How do you feel the scenario went, gentlemen?”

As things freeze and seem to settle down, Sage looks over at Xorn. "Scenario? What do you mean, that couple over there is being attacked by bear and now everything is frozen?! This is just horrid." He says as he hates anything with violence. "Is that all this room is?"

Nigel lands and laughs hysterically "Oh Lord that was Hilarious!" He spins around and is clad in a buckskin jacket and Coonskin cap
"Born in the Suburbs in Pittsburgh P A,
spent his days readin' comics and playin' games all day.
Raised on TV till he knew every scene
Clobbered a bear when he was 18!
Wildcard! Wildcard Crockit, King of the wild Frontier!

After watching Wildcard’s animated display, Xorn shakes his head and then responds to Sage, “No, this was a simulation. And despite the violence that Wildcard used to stop the bear, you were able to protect the couple. Rescuing them from the danger was your first thought, Locks.” Turning to Wildcard, “Perhaps a not so violent tactic could have been used to protect the couple from the bear without hitting it in the head with a shovel.” Xorn nods his head, “When you are designated squads, recordings of the session will be given for your advisors to review. This was not a test. Just to accommodate you all with the Danger Room.” Telepathically to Xorn, <Despite the name of this room, you will find that it can be used to train you without having to resort to unnecessary violence.> He bows to the students, “I must now review the session. Thank you, gentlemen and enjoy the rest of your day.”

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