2009-04-02: A Bit Of A Mindflip


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Summary: A discussion leads to Brian learning something more about Addison.

Date: April 2, 2009

A Bit of a Mindflip

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs are placed up here for students to relax. Its a quite place up here that allows the fresh air in through sky vents in the summer and is well heated in the winter.

There are times when Addison is amazingly grateful that the youngsters are in another building. Tonight, is one such night. Though he neither drinks nor smokes, He's really wanting either because all the tension and conflicted emotions are flowing from the building outside, even from his point up here. He sits quietly on the couch, legs crossed. A large pillow or cushion is on his lap as he rocks back and forth, just thinking to himself.

The clapping of heavy boots can be heard as the first sign of someone coming, followed by a red glow. It's not anyone evil, it's fellow X-Force member: Brian Carerra. His interests more to the sky tonight, he's been waiting for a possible glimpse at an astrological body. Though before he even gets close to the telescopes, he sees Addison. Suddenly conflicted emotions might be felt by Addison. He's in his containment suit today, could be cause he needs it, or could be because he's out of clothes, only he knows the real reason.

Feeling the presence, a brief smile crosses Addison's face before he schools his look. "Hey, Brian." He says, softly as he opens his eyes, a hint of fire in them before it vanishes. "Scott told me I can stay." He says, actually rather glad about that. It gives him something to do other than rebuild his world. they have enough builders.

"You thought he'd say no? I mean, he may be an ass, but normally he's got sense in his head." Brian says, looking to the other mutant, he takes a seat on the couch with Addison, making sure to have space in-between them.

"I worried." Addison admits with a slight shrug. "You never know. And when you're trying your best to keep from doing what's become ingrained nature in you for two years, you… you just don't know." He says, looking up at Brian. "What's with the suit tonight?" He asks, looking over the other mutant as he cants his head.

"I like to use it." He admits, looking at Addison. "And sometimes I feel like I need the suit." Looking up out of the dome. "Well, it wasn't engrained into you, which is really good."

"No, but the desire is. I WANT to feel what people around me feel. I WANT to know what they know. But I know it's not right. To know the feelings and thought processes of those around me? It's like being a God. But that's not what I am. I'm not a celestial deity." Addison says with a sigh. Despite his fiery aura when his powers are on.

"I wouldn't know how that feels, all I can tell is when I'm getting probed, mentally." The unfortunate teen has experienced physical and mental probing, neither of which he likes, really. Brian keeps on looking. "But you don't have a lingering desire to see people and organisms die in front of you. Be thankful for that."

"No." Addison admits. "But we're strong enough to stave off our desires." He says, nodding as he adjusts to get a little more comfortable, not noticing that he inches a little closer as he does so. "How long have you been here?"

The energy manipulator looks back to Addison. "Three years and four months." Brian remembers a little bit of those times, Kenta was aged right, Eira was still around. And no Mr. Sinister. "Why?"

"Just wondering." Addison says with a shrug. He's been here for a little over a month. That's really not all that long. "I just want to get to know some people in my own age group." He says, though there is a bit of a blush on his nose.

"Oh." Brian admits, he turns twenty soon, months. "There's not many of us anymore, most of them went on to college, some of them were captured and made horsemen, and then the others either died or fell off the face of the planet."

Addison winces softly as he hears all of this. "I'm going to take college courses. But from here. I have promised to stay here and help with powers training. I'm really good at it for some reason. Could be that little bit of Magneto in me." He chuckles. Did he ever tell Brian who his genedonors were? He doesn't remember.

"Magneto, really?" He asks, he figured he was a little Jean-baby. But never thought of Mags. Brian runs his hands through his hair, just the area where it is out of the suit, being based off of another containment suit and all. "That's good, people need to understand their powers and whatnot."

"He's part of the male side of me. Him and Shaw. I think someone said he used to be your Black King? Before one of your school folk took it over?" Addison says with a bit of a canted head. The Jean Baby is way too obvious. Nobody can deny that he's a Grey.

"Wow, that's a little scary." He admits, though he's sure that Addison is a good guy. "So, how do you help people with their powers?" Brian's not to sure how that would work, but apparently, it can happen.

"There's a couple of ways." Addison says. "First, I share my mind with them, to see how they see their own powers working. Like, with Eddie. The hero-worshipper boosting kid. I saw how he envisioned his power, and how the power reacted. He sent a wave of 'fire' out to them, not realizing that the wave went both ways. I just helped him open his mind to that other direction. With Daisuke, I had worked with some other sonic manipulators, and I showed him exactly how they did it. Of course, it's different, but… that coupled with helping him get past his self-esteem by showing him something I shouldn't have…" He shakes his head, looking down. "I dredged up a memory, not realizing who it was."

Brian nods at the psionic. "Oh… I get it. I kinda wonder how mine works, on a more than biological scale." He's warming up to Addison that's for sure. Which is good, he used to lock himself in his room for long periods of time, just to avoid people.

"I'd be glad to work with you on it. To see how you see it. I… You'll just have to forgive me for anything you see in my mind. I'm still not that great at shielding and sometimes my thoughts leak through." Addison says. They've already offered and said they'd work together sometime.

"So, umm. Do you want to try it?" He asks, not really timidly, but not right off. "I think I can get over anything I see in there." Brian speaks honestly, thinking Addison's talking about disturbing thoughts.

There are some disturbing thoughts in there. Shadow King's mental hunger, for one, that was mildly left behind. "May I?" He asks, touching his temple. Addison is at least polite. "And just do something minor afterwards. I'll see how it works in your mind."

Brian gives a nod, his permission. After the mental connection starts, he puts up his force field around himself. Most minor thing he could think of that wasn't going to shoot something out into the air. The energy flows through him like a secondary circulatory system, focused in the head now that he's using the forcefield, it fountains out and covers him as long as he has it engaged.

Addison watches, intrigued. "Interesting." He whispers, softly, amazed by how it works for Brian. He shows the image in his mind to his counterpart. However, there is that little bit of hunger present in his mind. The mental hunger, not the physical. "You see it like an internalized formation of yourself. I've never seen a power done that way."

Brian can ignore the mental hunger for now, he's interested at looking at the way his power works. "Kind of cool. At least I can say it's unique, and not just like Cyclops." He received a lot of that when he first got here.

"No, his is… much different. At least, I assume so." Addison says, relaxing at nothing really transferring over. Except that sudden image of him walking behind Brian and wrapping his arms around him. But it's just a passing thought, hopefully too quick for him to notice. Addison blinks, having caught it himself. "So…" He says, trying to pass it over. "You look at it as a living part of yourself, maybe you can use that to your advantage now that you know."

"Yeah… I'll see what I can do." He looks to Addison, seeing a flash of the image. "Wha.." He blushes a little bit from nervousness. Not knowing what to do about it. "Umm." Memories of the crushed girl and his exploits as Death come up. He normally puts some focus into keeping that stuff from coming up, but the image of him and Addison just caught him off guard. "I'm sorry…"

"Nono… I am." Addison says. "I'm sorry. I should control my thoughts better. I'm a telepath. I shouldn't let my mind run away with myself." He says, softly, blushing and looking to the side. "You just have me intrigued." That's a light way of things. The images? He's done things as bad. He can not think about it. However, it's history. He knows that Brian wasn't completely in control. He does look back up and sends a mild sense of acceptance. IT's the past. It is. It's done.

"I umm." He's never felt something like that for another guy before. "I uhh, kinda…" Brian's at a loss for words, honestly. "I feel the same, intrigued. I've never met someone as intelligent that was the same age as myself. Other than Daisuke."

Of course, the mention of Daisuke brings a soft chuckle from Addison. "Dai is quite intelligent. Reminds me. I need to ask him how it's going with his roommate." He shakes his head softly. He won't spill business, though he hasn't broken the link yet and the crush of Dai's flows over before he catches himself and seperates. "Sorry." He winces slightly. "I may just be too tired."

The energy manipulator looks to Addison, he ignores the image of Dai's crush. Focusing on Addison. "It's okay…" He admits. "Thanks for helping me out." Brian gives a soft smile, reminiscent of his old signature smile.

That smile brings another blush to Addison's face. "Thank you for not… over-reacting to that. As long as it's ok, we can actually keep working on things. But maybe in the danger room, so I'm not as distracted by the…" He waves a hand out the window in the direction of the dorms. "Hormone factory." Like 19 year olds don't have hormones.

/Of course/ 19 year olds don't have hormones. "Yeah, I wonder how much of a zoo it is in there." Brian does miss the talking though. The professors dorms are so quiet sometimes. "Yeah, I think we can keep working on things."

"Sometimes, I don't have to wonder. They think so loud." Addison chuckles. "Especially when the Mayfair boys run into a teacher. Scuse me, Parker-Mayfair boys. They go all fanboyish and I can feel the hero worship from here." He runs a hand through his hair to tug it off his face. "At least you're not offended."

Brian refrains from bringing up his extreme dislike for hyphenated surnames, no matter what situation. "No, I thought I would be. But I wasn't." He's a bit amazed, but he's always been open to new things. He starts to say something, but refrains after a while.

Addison rises, softly as he reaches a hand out to brush a lock of Brian's hair. "I'll see you later. I need to get some sleep. And, I have some things I need to work on. Building my shields for one, so none of my other thoughts get through there."

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