2009-12-17: A Blank Canvas


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Summary: Christopher discusses a possible future with Trey.

Date: December 17, 2009

Log Title A Blank Canvas

Rating: PG

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Kitchen

A kitchen. Undecorated, but with all the necessities.

Even though he does have responsiblities with being a teacher, Christoher cancelled all his cooking classes at the school today. With a teen who seemingly just fell out of a portal onto his car, he figured trying to get the young mutant settled was more important. Once he talks to Scott, he'll try to get Trey into the school, especially since Jared was able to tell he's a mutant. He's in the kitchen at the moment working on cooking up some lunch, grilled cheese with pancetta and tomato soup. There's a few bags on the kitchen table, all with stuff for Trey in them.

Hunger rages worse then a caged animal inside of Trey's belly. The blonde had slept for a long period of time, longer then he had expected to sleep but when you're undisturbed that's what happens. He slept looking like a perfect angel, Mr. Fuzzles curled up in his arms added to the facade. But now he's awake and he's starving. Trotting around barefoot with just a pair of grey sweatpants that were lent to him. Trey doesn't have issues with others seeing his body or the scars that have been left on his body from the testing and the implantation. He has with him, Mr. Fuzzles of course as his enhanced smell catches whiff of the cooking food and he follows the scent to the kitchen. When he see's Christopher he explains his presence, "My nose caught whiff of the food. And now my stomach will not stop asking for it."

Christopher chuckles. "Well that's good cause I was making lunch for us. It should be ready in a bit. Is there anything you don't eat?" He asks as he stirs the soup. "It's just from a can, I didn't have time to make it from scratch. I picked up a few things for you while you were sleeping." He says pointing to the bags. Inside are some clothes that are about Trey's size, a warm jacket, shoes, and basic essentials like a toothbrush and such that he might need.

Trey turns his amethyst gaze onto Christopher and he says softly. "I do not know. I will just have try things and let you know if I like them or not." He looks down at the bags of clothes and he goes silent for a moment. His free hand is lifted and he places it on a shirt in the bag. "I…I am pretty sure that I am Trey. The numbers on the tag around my neck. They match this." He lifts up his hand to show Christopher the tattoo on his wrist of the serial matching serial number. "Wish that it had some recollection but I remember nothing. The name doesn't even stir anything." He then asks, "Why are you doing this for me? You do not know me. I do not even know me."

Christopher takes Trey's wrist in his hand and looks at it. He doesn't say anything as he's not really sure what it means at all. "Well, because I couldn't just leave you outside, in the cold, on your own. You obviously don't have anywhere to go or even know where to go and it just felt wrong leaving you to deal with this on your own. Also it's because I'm a teacher for people like us, mutants." He's not even sure if Trey will remember that he is one.

Trey flinches as Christopher takes his wrist. At first he thought it was an attack on his person and then his eyes fill with curiosity. "I would have been okay. It wasn't that cold out there. I am sure that I could have found food at the… Salem Center you called it?" He nods at the not having anywhere to go. "Yes you are correct. I would have survived but, I would not know where to go or what really to do. I just wish that I had my memories back. I want to know who I am." And then Christopher explains his reasoning. "Mutants?" He doesn't remember from the confusion on his face. "I am a mutant? Isnt that a bad thing?" Here we go again with good things and bad things.

Christopher shakes his head. "No, it's not a bad thing Trey. I'm a mutant, my husband is and both of our sons are. I teach for a school at mutants and helping kids to learn how to control their powers while giving them an education to function in the real world." He says as he turns to go back to cooking. "You could hae survived, maybe, but it didn't feel right to leave you out there. Besides I think I can help you."

Trey chews on his bottom lip as he absorbs Christopher's comments. "I think I need to find out who I am before I can function in the real world." He looks at Christopher as he talks about the help. "I will take the help that you give. I just want to remember who I am. Where did I come from, my family and friends." He looks down. "I didn't just pop out of no where. Someone should be missing me right?" Technically he did just pop out of no where. "You are making things a lot easier for me but that in itself just makes things more difficult. So many questions and no answers in sight."

Christopher nods as he puts a sandwhich on the table for Trey then gets him a bowl of soup. "I wish I had answers for you Trey, but I don't. I don't know much more than you fell out of the sky." He gets himself some lunch and sits down at the table. "I am going to try to get your registered at this school, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, you'll have a room there, classes and be able to interact with kids your own age. There might be some people there who can help you figure out who you are."

Trey looks at Christopher for only a moment longer before he has to give in to his urge to eat. He doesn't have much in the way of table manners. He samples the cheese sandwhich and when he realizes he enjoys it, well it gets devoured quickly. The soup is pretty much the same. He scoops it greedily into his mouth as he listens to Christopher explain that he is to be registered at this special school. "I guess that's the route to take. I mean it's not like I have many other options anyway. They are all like us at this school? And you'll be around too. So I know people?"

Christopher watches Trey eat curiously and wonders exactly what happened to him. "If you want more food, I can make you another sandwhich, no problem. And yes, they are all like us at the school, mutants that is. It's where Eddie, my son who you met last night, and my other son, Jared, go to school as well. And yes I will be around, I'm the culinary teacher there. So you will know me and Eddie."

Trey shakes his head and he says, "No, this will do just fine. I like it though. It is good. The soup has a slightly odd taste." Mostly because it was from a can. "But it is good. Just, can't put my finger on it." Probably something to do with a preservative or the subtle metallic taste from being in a can on a shelf. "How did you know what I am. That I am a mutant, like you? I didn't even really know that's what I was." He does nod his head, "It's nice to know that I will have two people to turn to if I need to."

Christopher chuckles and blushes slightly. "Well this morning, before Jared went to school, I asked him to check for me. Part of his mutation is detecting the life force of people, that includes being able to tell if they are a mutant or not." He feels a bit bad about admiting that but he had his suspicions after last night. "It probablly tastes odd cause it's not homemade, or is this your first time having tomato soup?"

Trey bites his lower lip as it is reveiled that Christopher had someone check on him while he was sleeping. "Oh. I must have been really out of it. Someone came in and was watching me while I slept and I didn't even notice." It's a little odd. "No harm done, he didn't touch me or anything right?" He laughs at that. See he's not too upset by it or he wouldn't be making jokes. He places Mr. Fuzzles down and he says, "I don't know if I have had tomato soup before. But it just tastes a little metallic I guess. Maybe it's just because it's from the can." Crazy enhanced sense of taste and smell.

Christopher shakes his head. "No Jared doesn't need to touch you and he can actually sense where, and what a person is from another room." So Jared didn't even need to be in the same room as Trey. "Sometimes there can be a bit of that off taste." Christopher admits but he doesn't think of Trey with his enhanced senses since he doesn't know he has them. He just knows that it's sometimes there, but it's probably quite strong for Trey. "So we're gonna have a meeting with Headmaster Summers and get you enrolled at Xaviers, how does that sound?"

Trey nods as he listens. "Okay, I just don't know why but the idea of someone looking at me while I slept doesn't sit right in my stomach." He shrugs his shoulders. "But you have been so kind to me. I appreciate it." For him, that's probably going to be the closest that Christopher is going to get to a thank you from the amnesiatic mutant from the future. He nods at Christopher, "Ahh okay. Well it was still pretty good. I bet it would taste a lot better if made fresh. Fresh is always better, right?" He looks to Chris for confirmation of that. And then the talk of school. "I guess. I mean, the school is for special people and it is better then wandering around until my memories ever return… If they ever return. Until then, I am a blank canvas. Someone should start painting on it."

Christopher nods. "I think so, but then I the culinary teacher so I prefer homeade. I just don't always have time to make stuff from scratch. Though dinner usually is." Christopher hates prepackaged dinners. "The only one who should really be painting on your canvas is you. I'm sure they'll return with time Trey. In the meantime maybe I can get you to talk to my husband, he is a psychitrist." He says looking Trey over as if to try to figure something out. "Okay, I just want to let you know, at the school you will have regular classes, you'll share a room with another student and be subject to regular training with your powers….do you remember what they are?"

Trey laughs, "Well you'll have to make me fresh soup one day so that way I can compare the two." He smiles at Christopher. A real genuine smile. "Oh, well I guess that is true. But someone is going to have to teach me how to paint at least." He chews his lower lip. "I hope so." And then he says, "Oh, I guess I could talk to him. Anything to try and get my memories back." He looks back at Christopher and his amethyst eyes look deep into the older man's eyes. "I didn't remember what they were. But when you mentioned me being a mutant. It kind of clicked in my head. As soon as I knew what the odd sensation was, I just knew. I can feel the weather, it speaks to me and I can speak back to it and it will listen."

"Don't worry I'll make a big pot of chicken and corn chowder this weekend for the school." Since it's been cold Christopher figures it'd be a nice weekend treat for them, and since he doesn't have to work till the afternoon it'll work well. "Oh kind of like Storm, when she's around she's a teacher there. She's well known at Xavier's for having Weather Control. Me, I have light emmission, I can create light and manipulate the light that I create. And I can change the colour of something." He looks at Trey curiously for a bit before asking, "Is there anything you can remember, likes, dislikes, street names?"

Trey listens to the soup that Christopher plans on making and he says, "Sounds good. I am sure it will be amazing if you are the culinary teacher. And if it's anything as good as the grilled cheese." He scrunches his nose while he contemplates things about Storm. "Oh, so she could maybe help me with my powers." And he listens to Christopher talk about his own gift. "Ahh, that's useful. Pretty much everyone can always use light. Unless you have nightvision. And even then, for the most part you need to have some light." He shakes his head at the memory part. "Not really. I just know that I like to be out to feel the weather. It just feels… right. Especially when I am sensing the winds. It's weird, because I don't remember a lot of things but then there are things that just kind of pop out from no where and i'm like how come I know that. Like I have the basics but the stuff that makes me, me is completely gone." He lifts a hand up and rubs his head. "Thinking about it all, makes my head hurt. I've been thinking about stuff too much I think."

Christopher nods slowly. "Sorry, I'll try not to ask you to remember that stuff anymore." He's not surprised he's been thinking about it, he knows he would be if he couldn't remember who he was. He's going to talk to Jeri and Scott about maybe seeing if there is a way to find anyone who might be searching for Trey and what #3GEM might mean. "Light can be quite powerful, that it can. So I know I picked up a few things for you, do you want to go out shopping and see if there's anything else you need? Clothes that you'll like instead of the few I bought you?" He got Trey about three outfits.

Trey looks thankful at that statement. "It is alright, it is just frustrating because I don't think the memories are going to just appear out of the blue. And the more I want them to appear the more frustrated I get." He looks at Christopher and he ponders things for a moment. "I think that I am alright. If there is something I find that I need, I will make sure to ask you for help attaining for me. But this seems like more then enough." Trey looks towards the clothes with his unnatural purple eyes and says, "They look fine, really. Clothes are really there just to cover my bum so people don't stare. I don't really care what they look like." Perhaps one good thing about amnesia, it allows ignorance and ignorance is bliss. "You are very kind Christopher. Can I ask you something? Do you think it is wise for me to keep a secret about my powers?"

"Sure, you can ask me anything." Christopher does agree with the clothing thing but he does like to look fashionable when dressing though. "When out in public, yes, you should. Not everyone views mutants lightly, but when at the school, you can be as open about them as you want. You just have to exercise self control with using them." He explains looking at Trey's eyes, thinking they're quite nice. He's seen many physical side effects with mutations.

Trey ponders this for a long moment, "I will keep that in mind. I don't want to bother you with all these questions. I have a lot of them, I just need to sort out my brain first. Maybe I should start writing them down." He ponders. "It's weird, a baby needs to learn how to read, learn how to speak, learn how to write. Yet I know how to do these things. And yet I can't remember learning them." A sigh, "I don't want to harbor on this for now. It will ruin the nice lunch you made for me." He does take in all that Christopher explains about being a mutant. "Alright, I will keep it all in mind. Trying to excercise self control is a good thing. I can't wait to get to the school and just start interacting with the other students. Maybe something will jog my memory."

"I think Xavier's will be good for you and you'll probably make some really good friends there. Everyone has their history and not too many kids look at you like you have a third eye if you are different, well there might be a student one day with a thrid eye but, I think you get what I'm saying." Christopher says with a chuckle. "Well any questions you have my ear is always open to you."

Trey nods his head at that. "Alright, well I am putting a lot of trust in you already. So why not for that as well." He looks at Christopher for a moment. "That is nice. I'd like to get to know everyone's personal history and all that. And I can't wait to meet the rest of your family. If they are anything like you, I will like them a great deal. I will keep that in mind about the questions." He is all finished with his food and he picks up Mr Fuzzles and places the stuffed animal in his lap. "My stomach has stopped yelling at you, it appreciated the nurishment your meal has provided for it."

Christopher chuckles and nods. "Yeah, well you met Eddie briefly the other night, he's a great kid. He knows a lot about super heroes too, so does Jared. And Jeri's my other half, so, I'm sure you'll like them just fine. And as for him." He looks at the stuffed animal, finding it kind of strange but after what Trey seems to have been through, the comfort is probably good for him. "If he ever needs to be patched up, I know how to use a needle. I do a bit of sewing once in a while."

Trey looks down at Mr. Fuzzles and he says, "He seems to be alright for now. He's got a very tough hide. Don't think much will get to him. And I take great care that no one hurts him. He's a survivor. I don't remember stuff but I know that." He's not just talking about the stuffed animal. That's more about himself then just the stuffed animal. "Eddie seemed really nice from what little I know of him from our brief encounter. I am sure that your other half is just as great as this half. And I look forward to meeting him and Jared."

"They're both at school right now, and I'm sure you might be seeing them in classes, which brings me to something." Christopher says rubbing his chin lightly. "You wouldn't have any idea of what kind of education you might have had, like what you've learned? Like Chemistry, Biology, Algebra, Geometry, US History or anything?"

Trey nods his head, "Alright, well then we'll see what happens when I get my class assignment. I'll look to them for help if you're not around." He shakes his head at the question about his education. "No, I don't really know. I am sorry. I guess i'll have to take the basic tests and stuff to see where I am at and then we can work from there? Another thing to add to my list of things I need to learn. The list is sure getting long."

Christopher nods slowly and frowns slightly. "I'm sorry honey, I wish this was all easier for you. I wish I could help shorten that list but I know I can't. All I can do is help you develop a life again and help try to give you some structure again." At least he's honest and doesn't sugar coat things. One thing he has caught onto though, is that Trey doesn't find it odd that a man keeps mentioning a husband. "The other kids there will be willing to help you too, I know that."

Trey just takes a moment and he says, "Well at least you are up front and honest with me. I value honesty… I think." He looks down at the table. "I appreciate the help that you have given me. I am sure that I will be fine." Trey doesn't know that it is wrong to have a husband. He has no memories of the social unacceptance of a homosexual relationship. He just knows that Christopher is a good person and he is in love with someone and calls him a husband. So nothing for him to find odd. Once again, Ignorance is bliss. Not that he would have a problem with the whole male on male loving. "Great. I can't wait to get out and meet them. You're great company and all, but right now there doesn't seem to be anything else that is going to spark any memories. The more people I meet and get to know, the more chances that something may reignite the fire in my head."

Christopher stands up and streches a bit. "How about you go take a shower if need be, I'll clean up in here and then I can take you by the school. My car's still working even with the dent." He'll have one of the kids at school maybe fix it, or take it into the shop for repairs. "You can see the place that will hopefully become your new home."

Trey smiles at Christopher. "Thank you. I will get dressed and put on something more appropriate. Don't want people looking at me weird, even if this weather doesn't really seem to make me uncomfortable." He looks apologetic about that one. "I am sorry, I didn't mean to put a dent into your car." He had no control over it at all. "Thanks, I can't wait to see it. Should be interesting."

"I don't have any weather immunities, I get cold easy." Christopher says with a chuckle. "That's what the hot tub is for on cold days. And really, don't worry about the dent in the car. Honestly. It runs and there's no real damage, just cosmetic. She'll be fine." He says waving a hand. "There's a lot to do there, we'll go find Mr. Summers and then go for a tour."

Trey nods his head as he listens. "Well, I guess that everyone is different." He looks around and then says, "The hot tub eh. Well I am glad that my rear end didn't doo too much damage to your vehicle." He looks excited. "Sounds like a plan. I will go get some clothes on." He stands up and takes the clothes and picks something out to get changed into.

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