2010-03-12 A Breach Of Security



Summary: Skyler sneaks into Cerebra to do something nefarious. Fortunately, an X-Man is there to stop him.

Date: March 12, 2010

A Breach of Securty

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Cerebra

Only few people have access to Cerebra and even fewer know how to use her to her potential. Once inside it's like being inside a large silver globe, with silver panels lining ever bit of the spherical wall. There is only circular doorway in and out of here that only few personal have the ability to open. The X-Patterned door way leads to a narrow walkway with rails on either side to a circular platform directly in the middle. There's a control panel, chair and a helmet that allows for locating mutants, cataloguing mutants, and recreating an individual mutant's recent memories.

The door to cerebra is open, showing no signs of being forced open. To the contrary, despite the klaxons everything seems to be in order, and Sam Guthrie is hovering over the main terminal, his back towards the door, typing madly away at it. The X-Man seems intent on whatever it is he's doing and doesn't notice anybody's entrance.

Having raced to answer the alarms, Hank pauses when he sees what appears to be Sam Guthrie working at a frenzied pace at the console for Cerebra. First off, the alarms shouldn't have tripped if it really was Sam at the controls, but the pace — that's what really sets off alarms in Hank's mind. Once in the room he bounds to land next to (not) Sam. "Hello, sorry to say I'm here to hinder you. Nothing personal, we just so don't care for imposters here." A nod then. "I suppose I can't rule out that you're the real Sam of course and that you're being controlled by an outside force, either way I can't permit you to continue, so kindly step away from the controls." Or there will be trouble!

July heard the alarms as well, and arrives to the Cerebra after taking one or two wrong turns. Heh. She's never been down there! But now the rubber arrive just in time as Hank goes to parlay with the Sam-look-a-like. She arrives, but stays silent, letting the more articulated scientist handle the talking for now.

Annalisa comes jogging down the hall, only a little bit behind July, her flip flops making noise as she runs. Her finger was freshly bandaged as well. She didn't talk either, but instead got close to July. She had never been here either..

Cloud follows in after the two girls, hes just wearing jeans and has bandages around his chest, unlike the other two his head is fuzzy about protcol, so he just walks over to the two teachers, "Hello, what are you guys doing?", he goes to put a hand on Sam's shoulder.

The Sam imposter doesn't even turn around when Hank announces his presence. Time is of the essence, now that the heroes showed up, and he's just run out. "Very observant of you, Dr. McCoy," says Skyler in a not-very-Sam kind of voice, all the while typing on the keyboard. "I have to say that it was absurdly easy to get in here, considering my skills." Takka-takka-takka. "However, I misjudged the internal defenses in this room. Pray that you don't make the same mistake about me. Leave me to my work, and I'll let you live." The ultimatum comes with dead-pan seriousness. This Sam-clone means business.

"Mister Rosen, that's not Samuel Guthrie…it is an intruder." As if the dialog wasn't clear enough. Moving to interpose himself between Cloud and (not)Sam he then will…unless stopped, clamp both hands on the imposter's shoulders, and then pivot and see how far he can throw him. Should he have the time he'll then shut down the terminal since no doubt voice overrides have been disabled. Hey! It's what Hank would do!

July blinks as Cloud goes to touch the Not-Sam, and, as Hank interposes himself between Cloud and Not-Sam, July extends her arms, intending to wrap them around Cloud's waist, and, if successful, pull the guy back to the entrance with her, "Hey, not so fast, friend. Let Hank deal with the intruder. He is the expert here." she smiles.

Annalisa scratches the back of her head slightly, she edges her way to stand next to July, and just kind of watch the situation unfold as of now.

Cloud touches the Sam imposter just before Hank steps in, and when that contact is made he starts draining, he doesn't remember how is powers work but since Sinister messed with his mind, the life-sucking aspect is stuck on on, he also gets a chunk of Skylers personality.

Unfortunately, Cloud doesn't get much time to touch the intruder. However brief the contact is, it's enough to freeze him in place, eyes wide in pain, and it gives Hank a chance to neatly throw the man. However, (not)Sam recovers quickly enough to activate his powers in mid air, turning himself into a human rocket. If Hank isn't careful, he could get blasted by the backdraft of his powers. However, right in the imposter's path is Annalisa, and Skyler takes this as an opportunity to show these fools that he means business. Arms wide, he scoops up the girl and looks like he's going to crash her through one of the steel walls, unless something is quickly done about it.

"Oh bother." Hank states, about as close as he's going to get to swearing. When (not)Sam blasts off and scoops Annalisa up he bounds in hot pursuit, literally hot as he's clipped by the backblast of the flight ignition from the fake Guthrie. Blue fur singed, he grunts in pain, but leaps for all he's worth — jumping past the foe, no doubt due to Cloud having drained some of the 'oomph' from him, turning end for end to land with both feet on the wall, before pushing off and living up to his appelation of the Bouncing Beast as he snatches the girl from (not)Sam's grasp. There are limits however, and this time the best he can do is shift so that she is cushioned when he impacts the wall…his body absorbing the brunt of the impact, but there's a good chance he's cracked a couple ribs. Ow.

July is pretty new to this hero'ing business. She just graduated! So her reactions times aren't yet perfect, and Annalisa is grabbed before the rubber girl can do anything to prevent it. But the most loved blue furball in the world comes to the rescue! But looks like the most loved blue furball in the world needs rescue, as, after Hank frees Annalisa from Not-Sam's arms, it doesn't seem he'll correct his fall to land on his feet, so July goes into action. She rushes toward where the two will fall, and stretches herself, while at the same time changing into a blob. She hits the floor like spilled yogurt and quickly grows thicker, becoming a big blue-and-yellow air mattress, hopefully soft enough to catch Anna and Hank without hurting them.

Annalisa sinks down into July's goo, after flopping out of Hank's grip. She rolls over and stands, running over to a clear spot, she glares up at the fake Sam. "I don't even know who you are, but that totally wasn't cool!" Anna's eyes start to shine brightly, her hair lifting up just a bit and glowing an eerie bluish color. She doesn't actually…do anything though.

Cloud shuts his eyes tightly as he gets a chunk of evil Skyler's personality, the addtion of it to his damage mind stablises it slightly, but not in a good way, while Annalisa is distracted, he walks up behind and reaches out to make skin contact.

The imposter bounces off of Hank, as Annalisa is torn from his grip. However, he does manage to make skin contact with her and Sam's jets sputter and fade as Skyler shift into an exact copy of the girl. She manages to land herself on the narrow catwalk that spans the radius of the room. "Why, Annalisa," she says, kipping up to her feet. "I'm you." She tilts her head curiously and says, in a somewhat surprised tone, "Well, now. That's a surprise. Who could have thought somebody so meek could hold so much power within her." With that, she powers on Annalisa's powers full force, the blue nimbus that surrounds her nearly exploding with power, growing hot enough to soften the metal underfoot. This manages to burn away what's left of Sam's clothes, revealing a purple and black skin tight suit, modeled after the man that made her who she is: Sinister.

Surprised by the cushioning from July, Hank rolls with the impact, and is much much happier. Of course then he sees (Not) Sam become (Not) Annalisa! "Oh my stars and garters…well…Skyler, it seems you're in top form. Rather unpleasant really." Singed and less than thrilled he charges to the attack, bouncing off the wall, then the ceiling before he tries to chest-stomp the faux Annalisa. "Computer…fire emergency…activate suppression system, authorization McCoy-Henry-victor-seven-prime."

July wobbles and quickly collapses and coalesces back into her human form after both Annalisa and Hank are off her. She then looks at Not-Annalisa, and curses under her breath, knowing, or at least having a pretty good idea, of Annalisa's potential, now in the hands of someone NOT afraid of fire. "Not you too, Skyler!!" She calls out, now that she knows who they're dealing with. Unfortunately, the rubber girl can't approach the guy(girl?) now, because of the fire he(she?) is generating. She'd melt before reaching Skyler!

Annalisa lurches back in pain as Cloud grasps her, her powers suddenly clicking off like a bulb. She shudders in pain for a few moments, and her eyes diliate, and tries to break free. Though, when she does, she collapses face first into the floor.

Cloud shuts his eyes again as he gain a chunk of Annalisa's personality and lifeforce, Skyler's is still dominant though, however an attraction for July is mixed in as well, he then turns to consentrate on his next target, July.

Skyler laughs cruelly as he sees Annalisa go down from Cloud's attack. "Well done, Cloud! Well ACK!" This last is said because he was too busy gloating to hear a calm, female voice replying to Hank's command with, "Acknowledged, fire suppression systems activated." Immediately after, the entire room gets coated with fire retardant foam, neatly putting out Skyler's inferno. The Beast lands squarely on the girl, planting two feet onto her chest and knocking her off her feet. However, any damage he might have caused is quickly healed as Skyler grabs at his assailant's feet, making skin contact, and becoming a clone of the man. "Damn you, McCoy," he growls and attempts to throw the teacher off of him, over the railing.

"Please…the best you can come up with is 'Damn you, mccoy'? Obviously you only got my form, not my scintillating wits and dazzling repartee." A grin as the (Not) Beast hurls him off the balcony. "Clearly you also have no real idea how to use my body…" A foot lashes out to catch the railing, the other Hank's throw giving the real McCoy plenty of momentum to swing about, twist between railing and walkway, and then turn a couple of sommersaults as before landing and using the slippery foam to slide into battle like a surfer on the best wave ever. Two fists the size of hamhocks strike like lightning, attempting to pummel Marauder Skyler into next week.

July isn't stupid enough to let herself be touched by Cloud, and the girl quickly slinks away from Cloud as Hank fights Not-Hank. 'Damn… this is getting really complicated, really fast…' She thinks, trying to come up with a plan. She looks at Cloud, then at Not-Hank, and quickly formulates a crude plan. She moves toward Not-Hank, stretching her arms to attempt to capture the beast, and toss him onto Cloud. She's hoping her plan succeeds, hopefully Skyler hits Cloud, that'd be awesome.

Cloud realises getting to July won't be as easy as Annalisa, so he closes his eyes and tries to remember how the rest of his powers work.

Skyler has barely enough time to defend himself from both Dr. McCoy and July. While he's got all the powers and innate reflexes of the blue beast, he has none of the training. Furthermore, shifting so many times so quickly has drained him more than he had realized, and he finds himself barely able to fend the two off. Panting, the copy of the Beast fades away, morphing into his true form, that of a very young Sinister himself. "I may not *pant* have had your ability, Hank, *pant* but at least I never had any of your useless morality to slow me down." With that, as a last ditch attempt, he fires an energy blast from his fist at July, full force. It's enough to punch a hole in the side of the spherical room, and enough to put the girl's life at serious risk. "There, *pant* Hank. You can keep fighting me, *pant* but I doubt July will survive if you do…"

July is surprised as Skyler actually changes by himself! That shocks her, and, apparently, taking advantage of her shock, Skyler shoots at her. The blast hits her squarely on the chest, making her cry out in shock as the blast drills a hole through her chest, and through the wall of the room, and when the blast is gone, July falls to the floor, turning into a pile of fleshy goo, unresponsive, and unmoving.

"Better morals than cowardice, run, Skyler…run and hide until we find you and I undo what Sinister did. Let your master know that he is not safe, that he'll never be safe while I draw breath." Hank then vaults off the catwalk to the ground, landing with preternatural grace and racing to where July has fallen. He does pause en route and take out the key circuit board in the command console, can't have any sneaky hacking into Cerebra now, can we? Once he's secured the console he gatheres up July by whatever means he can, and once Skyler is gone he will get her to medical care as swiftly as he's able.

Skyler doesn't get a chance to finish what he was doing with Cerebra as The Beast bounces around the boy, disabling it. He growls, his black lips pulling up into a sneer. "You will regret that, McCoy. If you had let me finish you would have only one casualty on your conscience. Now the toll will be much, much higher. Mark my words." With that, he fiddles with something on his belt, and a soft hum of power building up can be heard before the Marauder disappears into thin air with a soft *pop*. Presumably, he's gone back to tell Sinister of his failure. He will not be pleased.

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