2010-03-16: A Brief Vision


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Summary: The Vision makes a visit to the Avenger's Mansion, and Corrin offers him lunch.

Date: March 16, 2010

A Brief Vision

Rating: G

NYC - The Avenger Mansion (Kitchen)

The kitchen is oversized, preparing for the possibility of cooking for large numbers. All the appliances are silver and black, lending to the sleek design for the kitchen interior.

Corrin is busy putting boxes and bottles and cans back into the pantry. There are piles of them all over, along with cleaning stuff, now set out of the way. There's a dirty apron and a pair of yellow rubber gloves with the cleaning stuff, and a box with broken glass in it. Despite the mess, the way to the back door is clear.

Keld returns from the garden, carrying a basket full of tomatoes that seem to be ripe already. He sets them on a bit of the counter which isn't currently being used for the inventory effort. "Hey, Corrin, I'm back. Looks as though Green Man has been feeling his oats. Or I guess a better pun, is in his salad days?"
Neither of those is necessarily optimal, but the Veggie Avenger has been known to encourage fresh fruit out of its normal season. Keld, on the other hand, has a brown thumb, as one would expect of a soldier.

After finally managing to make it to the Avenger Mansion, a young teen with black hair makes his way in, looking for whoever is around. He's dressed in a polo shirt, a blue color, and some jeans. He looks a little out of place it seems. He does manage to make it to the kitchen and look around, seeing the two occupants. Of course, not saying anything, trying to access their files first in his brain.

Corrin looks up, smiling. "Hello again, Keld. What…? Who…?" He spies the basket of tomatoes. "Oh, those are grand. Jarvis will love them." He hastily gets some of the piles restacked away from the sink. "Here… I'll wash them off in a few minutes, but I've got to get these supplies sorted and put back in the pantry. Jarvis said something about a late supper and needing the counter space…"

The one of the two with the gold-toned skin is wearing a tight red tee-shirt, plain faded jeans, and nondescript sneakers. If one were to analyze his movements, it would become apparent that he's taking care not to move too abruptly or forcefully; the man looks up after a moment and his eyes seem to light faintly as he glances at the teenager. "Hello. I'm Keld Jonahl. Newly inducted this year. Codenamed Kazhurr, which is supposed to be ironic."

"Ironic? Doesn't sound ironic to me." He says, looking back to Keld, and confirming Corrin's identity at least. He's not even sure if the two know who he is. But the teenager inside him likes to play a little prank, to just indulge his impulses a little bit. The teen doesn't move, as Keld is already taking some steps to show caution. "Oh, yes, formalities. I'm Jonas." No last name, just Jonas.

Corrin gives a wave from over by the pantry door. "Hello, Jonas. Did you need food? Jarvis left plates made up in the refrigerator. I'll get one for you, if you like." He's filling a box with cans as he says this, clearing yet more counter space.

"Ah, well, in my language it means literally 'brings retribution of rightness' - a roundabout way of saying Avenger." Keld stays clear of the boxes - if Corrin wants his help, he'll give it of course, but the man seems to Keld to need the validation of being able to do things, and he has this all well in hand so far.
So Keld spends a few moments recalling the various names of people who are on the Avengers roster, and comes up with one that confirms what his penetrating glance told him.

The teenager looks to Keld, and canters his head. The info on the roster only says 'The Vision' since he at that time did not take a name, but his appearance would look familiar, a former Young Avenger, Nathaniel Richards, Codename: Iron Lad. He never really changed his appearance. "Oh, I don't eat." He replies to Corrin. Cybernetics, never need to eat.

Corrin takes the information about not eating with a brief freeze as he absorbs the implications, and then he nods. "All right, then," he says, and he takes the box of cans into the pantry. Both Keld and Jonas will be able to hear him stacking them in there. A few moments later, he comes out again with the empty box. "Um… anything else you need, then?"

Keld offers a handshake, "So, you're the Vision, if I remember the files correctly. It's good to meet you."
His memory of the files doesn't include any internal scans, merely an indicator of cybernetic life-form and the photograph, and that there's some sort of connection to the original Vision android, who was apparently destroyed at least once. Does everyone on this planet die multiple times? Even the cyber-life? No, don't ask that out loud.

The teenager guise changes to his usual form. Green and red metal, some accents of gold. "And you as well." He says, his voice changed to a metallic, android sounding one. "Apologies if I had you concerned. I have…some teenage tendencies that I find amusing to indulge, if not insightful to the teenage mind." In essence, he had a little laugh in his head. The metallic hand reaches to shake Keld's. "Rest assured, my entrance to the mansion itself is allowed, I can show you my Identicard if you wish."

Corrin watches the two Avengers interact and… fills up his box again. A couple more loads and this will be done. Then the tomatoes, and then… he doesn't know, but maybe Jarvis will be back by then. That's a cheerful thought, and he's smiling as he ducks back into the pantry to put stuff away.

Keld smiles. "Already saw it, I think. But I couldn't read it."
His grip is stronger than a normal humans but he gauges it so as to avoid causing damage, and the reason for his caution in movements becomes apparent - he's acclimated to earth but adapted to a much higher gravity.
"How are the rest of your team doing? I saw two of them in the recent demon-invasion, but haven't heard much since."

"They have been focusing on school, we had one go to the SHIELD school that we were all invited to. I have no need for it though." He says bluntly. Vision takes a look around a bit. "I do what I can around the warehouse, but it is nothing compared to what I can do. I was going to see if there was anything on this end of things that may need doing, if the Avengers will have me."

Corrin finishes up putting things back into the pantry, but he pauses on his way to the sink. "SHIELD school?" He's frowning. "What SHIELD school?" He realizes he's just standing there in the middle of the kitchen and shakes himself, then heads for the sink and the tomatoes there.

Keld gives a quiet headshake to caution the Vision. Corrin, not yet cleared to know about the new school … they only recently told Keld, but that might be due to his primary allegiance to the OTHER agency, and it isn't very likely there will be enough alien-kids on earth that they'll need special private schooling.
"I see. Well, Spider-Woman is the one to speak to, she's the current leader. I hope you're able to come back though."

"Curious, you shake…" And he realizes that the gesture is trying to get him to be quiet. "Oh…there is only the one still, am I correct?" There's been a whole lot of Spider-Women. "maybe, in some form or fashion." The Vision responds to Keld. He also makes a note to find out why someone working at the mansion wouldn't have access to hearing stuff like that.

Corrin turns on the water and starts washing tomatoes, and watches the two Avenger types as he does so. His question isn't being answered… is it a question he shouldn't have asked? Frowning over this thought, he clears out the basket and puts the washed vegetables into a bowl in the refrigerator.

Keld reaches a hand toward the Vision's left shoulder as if to draw him aside to say something. When his hand touches, he taps into the Acanti starsong that grants him his supraDakkamite abilities, and reaches out with his mind to try to communicate with the cybernetic being directly. Of course, this is nothing he's ever tried with a non-biological before, but if the Vision does HAVE the capacity for humanlike thought and emotion then it might work. Or not. Speaking into the space defined by the song, Keld says, «Corrin is someone I found yesterday being mugged, he has energy powers but his mind is scattered and broken like someone with post-traumatic syndrome. Under that he feels like a good person. But he started just today and I don't believe he's cleared to know about Barnes yet. They're taking the secrecy aspect very seriously.»
While attempting that dialogue in the silent world, out loud, Keld says in a quiet tone, "How close to a biological humanoid are your thoughts?"

And disco, The Vision does have the capability of not human-like thinking, but his brainwaves are human, taken right from Nate Richards himself. «Oh? I thought he worked here. As long as the current field leader of the Avengers clears him, he may not even remember about it.» "My thoughts are humanoid, just not biological." He responds verbally, in his metallic voice.

Corrin looks around the room and spots the cleaning supplies that he left out, so he clears those away. When he comes back, the place is spotless; there's nothing left to do. This makes him a bit twitchy; he'd rather be working. So he gets a damp cloth and wanders around looking for fingerprints to wipe away while he waits for Jarvis to return. Not eavesdropping on the Avengers, no. Or at least, trying not to.

Keld's response in the silent spaces in the song is, «He may not recall, but I don't wish to be discourteous. He feels to me like an injured (warrior/soldier) and the right thing is to help him recover himself.»
He says aloud, "I had wondered about that. I've met the SHIELD artificial-persons, and they seem much less like entire people than you do. I admire your engineering."
That said by someone who was equally engineered, of course.

"That is because no other android has ever been made to be it's own person. The Life Model Decoys were made to imitate someone for their safety. I was made to be sentient, to be my own." Oh, and the fact that this version of Vision is made from a battle suit from the distant future. Jonas looks to Keld, speaking again silently. «Then, I wish you the best in your endeavor.»

Corrin is still hunting up fingerprints when Jarvis arrives, complete with picked-over tea trays. "Mr. Jonahl. Mr. Jonas. Corrin. Good evening. Corrin, I see you've finished cleaning out the pantry for me. Thank you. Now, if you have time, I have a few things that I would appreciate your doing…" And he has the trays cleared, the dishes in the dishwasher, the hand-washables soaking in the sink, and Corrin off in the delivery lane doing… something useful, you can be sure. Corrin, for his part, waves goodbye to Keld and Jonas and is sucked into Jarvis' wake. He'll come up for air later. Maybe.

Keld nods a greeting and goodbye to Jarvis and turns his attention back to Jonas.
"I hope then, that you will have no impediments to returning. I'm a fan, I think the word is, of your previous work here, in your earlier format, and I've read some positive reports of your more recent activities."
And there's a ping from his communicator, and he glances at the device. "I believe that's a reminder that I am due to assist Jennifer with something. Not heavy lifting, for a change. I think. Until next meeting?"
He moves to the door, and after any responses will exit and fly off eastward.

"Of course." The android says to the alien. "I will return to the warehouse for now. In time to do a bit of research into this music the teenagers call 'metal'." Much to his dismay, this was not from actual metal, or metallic things at all. Jonas starts to head out again, waving to Keld as he leaves.

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