2010-07-09: A Brother Found


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Summary: Cloud returns to the school, discovers that he's lost almost a month, and that his sister is now attending school at Xavier's as well.

Date: July 9, 2010

Log Title A Brother Found

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Front Gates

Large Iron gates standing twelve feet tall in front of you with an elaborate letter X designed on each of the gates. An Iron Gate stretches around both sides of the school. The gates are usually found closed and open to those who know the correct code to enter in the keypad on the left. Beyond the gates a large statue can be seen in a courtyard and a building in the shape of an X.

It's early afternoon and Cloud is walking back from Westchester after one second dissappearing and the next standing outside the Salem center without anyone else, so i guess it's back to the mansion to find out the truth about the future Heather, he's dressed in the same clothes he was wearing that day, pale blue jeans, a white t-shirt, black sneakers and a black baseball cap backwards, and has just reached the school gates.

With her arm still in a sling, Star is just stepping out of the gates on her way to the bus stop and then on to the city for another day of prowling around and general girly stuff. Maybe a little shopping for a birthday present for her twin on the off chance that he's returned to the school before their birthday in ten days. The elder Rosen twin is lost in her own little world, her ears plugged by her mp3 player blasting heavy metal in her ears and blocking out all other sounds for the moment. The past month has been a very… interesting… one for her; missing her brother and worrying about him almost constantly. She's dressed in a brown tank top, dark blue shorts that might be considered a little too short by some with a woven belt cinched around her waist and held closed by a skull and crossbones belt buckle; a pair of black and white Converse hightops on her feet.
At the moment, her eyes are dark gray, a cloud of worry and… well, boredom hanging around her like a cloak. At least that's true until she spots the familiar form on the other side of the gates, "Cloud?" Maybe she's hallucinating? She's wanted him back so badly ever since he left home and then arrived at the school to discover that he'd gotten himself kidnapped right before she arrived. Again. She almost doesn't believe her eyes at first, excitement starting to build around her as she pulls the earbuds out of her ears and drapes the wire around her neck, a slow smile starting to spread across her face as she rushes through the slowly opening gates, "CLOUD!" Pure joy, excitement, and, yes, love explode from her as she rushes her brother, "Where the hell have you been?!" Her eyes almost glow with mingled amber and blue at the sight of the twin she's so dearly missed standing in front of her and she tries to grab him up in a bear hug.

Cloud spots a girl leaving Xaviers, looks like she got herself into some trouble judging by the sling, wait…, is that…, than he name is being shouted and his sister is pulling him into a hug that is happily recipricated, "Star!, what are you doing here?, and what have you done to you're arm?", as happy as he is to see his twin after months of seperation, he wants to know if anyone has harmed his sister.

Star winces when her arm is jostled, her shoulder and left wrist showing signs of heavy bruising; the bruise on her wrist actually taking the form of a large man's hand. She doesn't utter a peep about the comparatively mild pain, though. Too pleased to have her brother back to bother with such trivial things, "I came here for you, you goof ball. Didn't anyone tell you? Some representative from the school offered me a space so you'd have family close." She's teasing him with the goof ball comment, though her broad grin fades at the question about her arm and she sighs, "Some jerk in Central Park grabbed me and I stomped on his foot like Jasper taught me to." She grimaces, "He tried to rip it off." She perks up a little, "Good thing Robyn was there. I think I'd have gotten hurt a lot worse than just a dislocated shoulder if he hadn't stepped in." Yes, there's a little hero worship going on there.
She steps back and puts her hand on her hip, giving him typical Star attitude, "Now where the hell have you been?! I got here and they said you'd gone off with some freaky chick in leather or something." The attitude fades a bit and a hint of whining enters her voice, "I've been worried to death about you, you know…"

Cloud quickly lets go of Star when he winces, but grins at the "goof ball" comment, he hasn't had anyone mock him in months, "No, no one told me you were comming, what time did you get here", ah, so she knows about him going with future Heather, he's gonna pay for that one, "Worried to death?, i can't of been gone for more than an hour, she only had me for a second", the teen makes a mental note to find Robyn and thank him for helping out his sister, "So this guy was at Central Park?, right", he places his hand on the metal gate and absorbs, his skin, hair and clothing becoming metalic, "I'll be back in an hour or so".

Star shakes her head and sighs at the fact that he didn't know she was coming. It's no wonder he went with some freak that told him he was dead in the future, then. He didn't know to wait for her to take care of things. She gives him an odd look at the 'what time' comment, "I got here about a month ago…" She shakes her head when he says he's only been gone an hour, "No, Cloud… You've been gone for a whole month. Today is July ninth." She shrugs and nods at the question about where she ran into Sabertooth, "Yeah. Two days ago." She blinks a couple of times at the display of her brother's power, but soon is glaring at him with her fist on her hip again, "Cloud Rosen, you'll do no such thing! I just got you back and I'm not about to let you out of my sight again yet." Beat. "I'll go with you." She's as much of an idiot as him, apparently, "Besides, he said he just didn't like the way I smell. I just need to stay away from him."
And not run quite so easily next time, maybe?

"W…what?!", no he's been gone an hour at most, "No way, he must of hit you on the head or something, i'd know if i'd been gone a month", Cloud shakes his head when she says she'll go with him, "No you won't, i'm not letting you risk getting hurt, i can handle myself, but fine i'll star", he'll head out later when Star's busy, "Whats wrong with how you smell, sure that perfume you used to wear was kind of annoying, but that doesn't warrent an attack", he demetals and starts leading her back into the school, "Wait, does this mean you're a mutant too?"

Star shakes her head and sighs, taking a step closer and trying to put a hand on his arm, "No… I've been here for a month." And what an exciting month it's been! "You were gone the day before I got here." She rolls her eyes when he insists that she stay so that she doesn't get hurt, "Oh please! You think I can't handle myself?" Beat, "Don't answer that." She turns and starts back to the school at his side, "You better not go trying to sneak off without me, either! I've had enough of worrying about you." Faint irritation enters the air around her when she says that. She doesn't want to lose him again, after all. Not when she just got him back, "I'll sit on you if I have to, Cloud. You know I will." It wouldn't be the first time, though she hasn't done it in years. Not since he got to be taller than she is.
She shrugs at the question, truly puzzled about the answer, "I don't know. I've been told by a couple of people that I smell weird." The question about her identity as a mutant gets a blush and a shrug of her good shoulder, "I guess so… Don't have a clue what it is that I'm supposed to be able to do, but I guess I have to be if I'm going to school here now." And not knowing what it is that she's supposed to be able to do bothers her more than she'll ever let anyone know.

Cloud pulls his cell phone out of his pock and holds it out with the date up, "Look, see thirteen of june, the same day as i went, see no time past", he laughs t the "sit on you comment", "Like that will work, i'm bigger than you now", hmmm so his sisters a mutant, "Guess it makes sense, you always were whe weird one", he pokes his tongue out to show he's teasing.

Star frowns at the display on his phone and rolls her eyes, "Yeah, and it's been with you, wherever you were. Of course it shows what you think." She fishes her own phone out of her back pocket and holds it up triumphantly, "See." It reads the date that she claims it is, "July ninth." She rolls her eyes at his claim that sitting on him won't work and huffs, though she's not really upset. She's just glad to have her brother back, "You might be bigger, but I can still beat you." Who cares if he's got a power that gives him an unfair advantage? She's still his older sister! "Yeah… I'm the weird one, huh, metal boy?" She smirks faintly, fond amusement thick around her.

Cloud takes the phone from Star and stares at it in shock, accedentally absorbing the electricity from the battery, "Oh, sorry", he hands the now-dead phone back to his sister, he's been gone a month!, he doesn't remember everything, why is it whenever he comes back after heading off with a bad guy he ends up with some kind of memory loss!, "I think i need to talk to a teacher", he hurries his pace towards the door, he'll have time for sibling banter later.

"Hey!" Star scowls up at him when he drains her phone and she shoves it back into her pocket, though there's no heat to her gaze. She's too relieved to have him back, memory loss and all. She nods at his assessment, "That might be a good idea…" She really is glad to have him back. Hopefully they'll confine him to grounds like they did her after she got kidnapped. When she speaks again, her voice is soft and almost meek, "I really could have used you around the Saturday after I got here…" She shudders faintly at the memory of the violence she witnessed during her rescue and fear teases at the edges of the emotions swirling around her, though she doesn't explain just why she wanted her brother around then.

Cloud catches the wave of terror coming off Star but figures it's just delayed fear from being told that he's gonna die, "Why did you need me, hard being in a new place?", he holds the door open for her as they reach the mansion frony doors.

Star shakes her head and swallows before she can answer, "Well, there's that, but…" She winces and closes her eyes, anticipating his reaction when she tells him about the cult, "Well…" Wow. It's harder to admit that she was kidnapped than she thought… She licks her lips lightly, "I kinda got snatched up… I was rescued real quickly and they were all killed, I think, but it kinda freaked me out a little." More than a little. She still has nightmares about freaky dudes in masks turning people into monsters and gross Hispanic guys wanting to 'play' with her.

"WHAT!!!!!!", theres a crackle of electricity around Cloud's hands, "You got kidnapped!?, what the hell were you doing!?, who was it!?, are they all dead!, you a never leaving the mansion without me again!", he is furious in so many ways, with her, the kidnappers and himself for not being there.

Star draws herself up to her full, though very unintimidating, height and glares at her brother, "Chill out, alright?! It happened three weeks ago," Or nearly so, anyway, "And yeah. It sure looked like they were all dead to me." Kind of hard to survive having your brains blown all over a wall, after all. She rolls her eyes at his demand and glares up at him, his anger affecting her and turning her eyes black, "And the same thing goes for you, then! I'm sick and tired of having to worry about you all the stinking time! I refuse to lose you again!"

"Hey, i'm able to look after myself, i can absorb things before they can hurt me, i can turn into metal for christ sake, you however are much more breakable", he follows her though the doors into the school, somewhere behind his annoyance is the realiseation that he is probably in soooooooooooooooo much trouble with Summers, how could he have been gone for a month!!!

Star rolls her eyes and turns to poke him in the chest with one finger, not that it's likely to do much other than hurt her finger since he is metal right now, "You might be able to turn into metal, but you sure don't think before you leap." Otherwise, he'd have listened to the voice of reason and not gone with Heather to… wherever it is she took him for a whole month. She closes her eyes for a moment and breaths deeply of his annoyance before she opens now brown eyes to glare at him, "Just don't go anywhere anytime soon, alright? I just got you back…" Under the annoyance is her obvious love for her twin as she turns on her heel and heads back for the dorms. The least she can do is email their mother and let her know that her youngest child is home.

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