2012-10-04: A Caged Wolf Is Still A Wolf



Summary: Connor is pulled away for some questioning by the Purifiers.

Date: October 4, 2012

Log Title: A Caged Wolf is Still a Wolf

Rating: R

Small Church - Secret Passageway

A doorway hidden behind the confessionals leads to a set of stairs that go down to the lower levels of the church, ending in a single, dimly lit hallway. Along the hall are doors… the left side holding an armory and an extra room for storage, while on the right side, a door marked 'Surveillance' sits with an ultra-modern scanner pad next to it, and further down is what looks like a bathroom. Towards the end of the hallway is a large steel door with a high tech lock and a heavy pad lock to keep it shut, the only sign of it's intended use the spraypainted symbol for Mutant used by the FoH… done in blood red.

Not taking any chances, as soon as the Purifiers came into the cell to get Connor, as soon as they entered they fired a tranquilizer dart at him to knock him out. They didn't even want to give him a chance to fight back. Now that the drugs are wearing off, Connor would awake to find him hanging upside down, his ankles suspended to a bar and his hands tied behind his back then to his waist so he can't move his hands. Sitting in a chair with his hands folded in front of his lap is one the Purifiers, just waiting to see Connor show signs he's awake.

Connor cannot exactly be the most subtle, but the tranqs are a nice edge-off on the screaming voices in his head, and the fog they bring is a respite from many things at the moment. So instead of his eyes just shooting open in a spooky fashion, or making pretend at remaining unconscious… he instead groans and opens one eye, wincing it back shut again with the blood rushing to his head, and then blinks both several times. Licking at the roof of his mouth a few times, he then mumbles out, "I wanted to say something snarky… or threatening… but right now the room is upside down."

"Welcome back to the land of consciousness Connor." The purifier says standing up. "And no, the room isn't upside down, you are. Depending on how well you cooperate depends on how long you see the room as upside down." He walks over to the wall and takes a whip off of it, snapping it once to get the feel. "Now if you look below you, you'll see a large basin of water, what you're connected to can be raised and lowered by a turning crank. I'm going to ask you a question and if you answer it to my satisfaction, I'll roll the dice and turn the crank that many times away from the water. If I don't like your answer, or if you don't answer, I'll roll the dice and you'll be lowered. And depending how I feel, you may or may not get lashed as well. Do you understand?"

"It's above me." Connor replies, looking back at the man, "By my orientation, the bucket's above me… so if you wanted to be correct, you're going to raise me into the water, or lower me away from it. If I went by what you were going to say… from here… I'd be punished for telling you what you want to hear." Letting that logic float out there for a bit, he then sighs, and adjusts in his bindings, "I heard your rules… so fine. Get on with this. It wouldn't be a complete day until you've had your fun."

SNAP! The whip strikes out and strikes Connor on the chest as the Purifier obviously isn't appreciative of his logic. He fishes a six sided die out of his pocket and places it on a small table next to the crank. "Now, I think we'll start you off a bit lower, or high if you wish to protest." He mocks as he turns the crank and Connor would be lowered a few inches towards the ground. "What sort of defense plans does the Embassy in that waste of space called Mutant Town have?"

Connor arches and hisses as it hits him, and then his chest collapses back down with a fresh mark on it. He begins to pant, and then rolls his eyes up, "I'm a courier not a security person… but in general? Get people out of the way and get people like the X-men or whoever else will defend it… villians included. The Embassy belongs to Magneto, and he's got a vested interest in Mutant Town." Then he just closes his eyes and waits…

The dice is rolled and the crank is turned and Connor would feel himself rising up towards he ceiling as he cranks it six times. "You got lucky mutie." It seems that he actually bought Connor's answer. "Yes, you're a courier for the Embassy, we've heard that a hundred times already, but what about your involvement with Xavier's? Some of that scum in the other room seem to look up to you, though I have no idea why someone would find anything of importance in a worthless hellspawn."

"Graduated with a 3.35 GPA in June 2011, and was invited back as an assistant unarmed combat instructor for student self-defense courses." Connor replies rather dryly, still a little groggy, which makes him add after a moment, "Which is why you tranqed me rather than come close. Smart of you." Yes, he gets to rambling, "You see… my dad's best friend growing up learned how to fight from a guy in russian special forces. And then he taught me. But you already know this because otherwise you wouldn't be hanging me upside down like a living mop."

There's another loud snap of the whip as Connor's chest is struck again. "You might be the only one here giving answers, but still, I don't like your smart ass attitude." He snaps and Connor is lowered as the Purifier turns the crank five times. "You just kept your smart ass comments to yourself, you might have been okay." He puts a hand in the water and then wipes it off on Connor's face, showing the water is quite cold. "Let's see, what's my next question. Oh yes, the red-head nuisance. Where would Rashmi Franklin be hiding?"

The whip might sting, the water might shock him into panting, but the moment that particular topic is brought up, Connor's face goes flinty, and he says in a very quiet voice, "Understand something right now… if you so much… as lay a hand… on Rashmi… I will find YOU. No one else… just you. And I will make sure you live a very VERY long time regretting your choice. You will find out about things you never wanted to know… and every TIME… you beg someone to kill you… you will know they'll never grant your wish. I will make you immortal if I have to make sure you suffer like you should." His eyes close again, "Now either drown me or go the hell away."

"I'd be more worried if you and your friends weren't going to be dead soon enough." He seems quite confident on that and before he can get a response he starts to turn the crank, slowly, lowering Connor so his head is submerged in the water. After about ten seconds, he's raised up, just so his mouth is above water so he can catch his breath, before being lowered again. He goes up and down, staying in the water from anywhere between a few seconds and a half of a minute, several times before the Purifier seems to get board and pulls him back up. "I should carve you up, the same as Risman carved up that Gerhardt freak."

Connor coughs and spits, gasping and panting for air, groaning as his lips are blue and his whole body shivers from the effects of the water. He struggles at his bonds now, and rocks back and forth for several moments. Being dunked like that, the only thing he can seem to want to do is press his chin against the strap of the collar around his neck. If it's wet, he closes his eyes and tries to focus on the source of his power. As he does this, he coughs out a bit more water, mouth hanging as his chin works like a loose rock for several moments. When he's finally able to speak up, "Allright allright… I'll… tell you the truth…" Another shuddering breath, and he then adds, "The country's most advanced, ruthless, effective covert operations organization wants me. Badly. If you kill me… that puts you and your whole group of scrubs on their to-do list. To you KNOW what SHIELD does to people on the to-do list? I hear it's not pretty."

When Connor is finished speaking, the Purifier takes out a walkie talkie and says "Assistance." Into it before looking back at the upside down Connor. "Right now I could care less about that. We've got our hands in so many government organizations at this point, when mutant registration and relocation passes, there is nothing anyone can do to stop it." Two men walk in and over to Connor as they start to untie him from the bar suspending him from the ceiling. "Strap him to the table over there." He points as the two men get to work on trying to restrain him with the straps, leaving his tied arms for last and hoping that he doesn't fight back.

Connor does not fight back, instead waiting for the men to get him on the table, looking back and forth between the two men restraining him until he says in that still drug-fuddled haze, "So… which one of you was the one who was eating the cookies last time?" Swivelling his head left, and then right once more he then says, "Oh… well… tell him next time I want a cookie, he should give me a cookie, it'll save him a broken nose."

As if in answer to Connor's question, once he's strapped down he's slugged across the face by a man with a bandaged nose. "If you're going to complain about the food you're getting, we'll just stop giving it to you." He gives a nod to the two men who leave them alone. The Purifier takes a switchblade out of his jacket and opens it, moving to press the blade against Connor's check so the point is right below his eye. "Let's see, maybe I'll demonstrate what we're going to do to That Red-Headed Bitch once we find her, we'll make sure she suffers." He says dragging the blade down the side of his face.

The young man does the only thing he can… when the pain comes, he lunges his head and shoulders as much as he can, biting into the wrist of the man cutting him and then twist-wrenching his neck as hard as he can to either tear the tendon, or crack the wristbone. Either way, anger and pain are enough to focus him past his pain for this one moment, glaring up at his torturer!

The Purifier screams as he drops the knife and pulls his bloody hand away from Connor. It's not broken but there is some skin dangling as a chunk seems to be bitten out of him. "You stupid piece of shit!" He screams at him in anger. He mutters to himself out of anger, calling someone in take over for him. "I swear…you're going to die broken." He spits on Connor once he is relieved and a second Purifier takes over the task. "You like to cause trouble, don't you Mr. Blake. You know, that's part of the reason my companion made it so Mr. Michaels and Mr. Gerhardt are unable to participate in your self defense classes. Now let's see, should I gag you? Have them re-tie you up by your arms and take my frustrations out on your or see what happens when I carve out your eye?"

Connor spits out the piece of flesh, panting some more, and then leans his head back, smiling a bit as the blood stains his lips and down over his chin, "When you cannot punch, you kick. When you cannot kick, you knee or elbow. If you cannot do that…" Again he spits, panting hard from the pain of the hits and everything else, "You bite." Rolling his head slightly towards the new guy, his eyes have that slightly off quality of someone who is on the edge of collapse, "You've already told me I'm dead… You've got nothing you want from me… so I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of going easy. You… your buddies? You're all cowards. Nothing but cowards. I don't even hate you… all I can do is pity you."

"It doesn't matter if you hate or pity me, I still hate you." The Purifier says walking around the room looking at the various toys and devices. He picks up a taser and turns it on so the sound of electricity can be heard. "Should I use this?" He walks over and shoves it into Connor's stomach. "No, that's to easy. Oh how I hate to call in the others to move you again, after we just got you comfortable." He says in mock annoyance as he calls the two Purifiers from before in to try to tie Connor in a standing position by his arms, making sure to tie his ankles to hooks cemented into the floor to prevent him from kicking.

Connor tenses against the phaser, and shudders when it doesn't go off. Struggling when he's pulled up once more, some of the blood is spit at one man, the other getting a glare from the one good eye, the other covered in blood from the cut. He's not looking very stable as he's hung up like that, and proceeds to shiver a bit more as a fresh sheen of sweat comes off of him. Looking at the man about to do very bad things to him, he sets his jaw and tears begin to fall from him as he mumbles out, "Just kill me, you cheap bastard… Kill me, or go away…"

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