2010-02-07: A Challenge


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Summary: Kage approaches Magneto and in turn Magneto proposes a test.

Date: February 7, 2010

Log Title A Challenge

Rating: PG

NYC - The Plaza - Lobby

The Lobby of the Plaza has high ceilings with large crystal chandeliers casting a warm glow through out the place. The marble floors are polished with care. There is a waiting area with plush couches and chairs, a small bar and escalators that lead up to the second floor where more chairs are found for guests to relax.

It's been boring for Kage lately, there's only so much you can steal for entertainment before it becomes the same old game and just doesn't hold the fun it should. Kage's a thrill-seaker, he's become addicted to it over the years, but his definition of 'thrill' might be quite different than the next. So lucky for the theif, he's found out that Magneto is staying in the building, only one of the greatest men..greatest mutants, to have ever lived. Someone he's wanted to meet for a part of his life. At the moment he's down in the lobby, waiting, looking for the man he wants to talk to, and like usual, he's dressed elegantly. Well elegantly if you're a woman. He's in a long red dress, hair done perfectly, a nice, fitted dress jacket over the dress and his make-up done to his liking. If you didn't know, he definitely looks like a high class Japanese woman.

Magnus comes down the stairs from the second level, coat over his arm, looking to head out… somewhere. He's wearing a forbidding frown that is warning the staff away from him when they make the inevitable moves to smooth his way. He's not in the mood for 'way-smoothing' at the moment.

He does see Kage, but he isn't in the mood for a woman just now, either. So he heads past him, toward the door out.

Kage stands up and walks right up to Magneto, like he has a purpose. It's very no-nonsense the way he presents himself. "Excuse me." His voice is very androgynous and doesn't give away that he's a woman. "I've been wanting to talk to you for a long time." If all goes well, maybe he'll finally stop brooding about turning '30'. Which to the thief means he's getting old.

Magnus pauses, barely, to give Kage a deep, brooding stare. He also gives Kage a swift magnetic scan, which should tell him what metallic objects he's carrying, as well as determine if there are any unusual energy fields around him. One can never be too careful, when one is a notorious mutant.

Scan accomplished, he gives Kage a wary nod. "How do you do, Miss…? You have now met me. Good evening." And he turns to go.

There isn't anything metal on Kage, not right now. Knowing he was going to meet the master of magnetics, he knew to leave his gadgets upstairs. "Kage, Mr. If you prefer to say that." As he turns to go, Kage has to calm himself, if it was anyone else, he wouldn't take lightly to that. After all, no one should walk away from /him/, he's the one who does the walking away from those not worthy of his presence. "Excuse, I'm sorry if I seem like a bother but…I've been following you're ways for years, I believe strongly in what you say." He just comes out and says it, no time for cryptic games with the man walking away from him.

Magnus pauses and looks back, still frowning. "Do you now?" Believe in what he says. "Well then. Mr….? Kage. Come. Walk with me." A bare pause, and then he offers his arm. After all, Kage looks the part. Let's see if 'he' walks it, too. "While we walk, you can tell me why you really wanted to speak with me."

Kage looks at the arm and raises an eyebrow. "I'm sorry, you maybe one of the most magnificent people to have existed but I'm not that type." He doesn't walk on /anyone's/ arm. "Just Kage is fine." He says as he walks with him. "Frankly, I need to do more than what I just am. Sure we're the top, but you've shown people that over the years. I don't want to just say I believe something and not act on it." Kage figures he'll just lay it out there, after all, Magneto is the only person he idolizes.

Interesting. Magnus files Kage's reaction away for further reflection and walks out into the New York City evening with him, listening. "The only mutant who is merely what he is is a mutant who has spent too long with the sheep." They reach a corner and he pauses. Not because the light is red, but because he turns to Kage to look at him again, this time with eyes and a very professional attention. "More than what you are… yes." Amusement creeps into his expression. "What exactly did you have in mind, Kage?"

Kage smiles at the word sheep and tucks a hair back. "Exactly. We are just better than them. We're the ones that deserve to be on top, and to show them we are on top." After all mutants are genetically better and should be the top of the food chain so to speak. "What did I have in mind? Well, there's only one person in this world I deem worthy enough to follow, and that is you. You've had your followers before and I wish to offer you my services. Also, I'm bored with just petty thievery. Though fun at times, and taking things that should be enjoyed but us and not them." Them being humans. "I need more, I need to make them know that I'm better, that we're better." He's honest in what he says and believes it one hundred percent.

Kage is also quite simplistic in his wants; Magnus diagnoses that and files it away with the earlier reaction. "Need is good motivator, though not an efficient one. It is short-sighted and therefore, of limited strategic value." He unfolds the coat from over his arm and swings in on around his shoulders, cape-like. "But… thievery." He smiles at that. "The ability to get in and out, and to collect things along the way… yes. That is useful. Which begs the question: do you want to be useful, Kage… to me?"

Kage smiles at that question and there's a pride to it. "I want to, and can be useful to you. I wouldn't be here, in front of you right now, if this wasn't what I wanted. You are the only person I deem worthy enough to follow." It's obvious he's got a bit of an ego problem but he's a very proud person. Honestly believing he is better. "Thievery is a hobby. It's play. It's something I do for fun and because, I can. But it's not going to get me to the top, get mutants to the top. Where we belong."

Yeeessss… "Excellent. I will require you to prove this, of course… and I do believe that I have just the challenge for you. If, of course, you feel up to it." He smiles, teeth wide and white. "Do you think you can get into Avengers Mansion and bring out the personal files of the Young Avengers? All of them?"

Kage smiles and shrugs. "That shouldn't be a problem." He just has to figure out how to go about it, figure out what kind of security they have and so fourth. "You want just the Young Avengers?" Good thing Kage also know his way around computers and such as well. It's going to take a bit of planning but all he needs is a good distraction. He's calculating things such as whose on the currently Avengers roster, when might be the best time to scope it out, and so fourth. "I have to do some recon on the place first but I am pretty sure I can. I thank you for the challenge." He says smiling.

Magnus waves a negligent hand. "If you bring out the dossiers of the rest of them, that would be interesting. However, without the Young Avengers, I would deem the exercise a failure." The smile isn't as full of teeth, but it isn't any less full of threat. "And, since you need time for preparation… I bid you good night, Kage. Until we meet again." He bows his head in a polite leavetaking, and turns to cross the street. The light changes — magically — in his favor as he does so, and the wide, white smile reappears.

Kage nods. "Farewell." He says and in his mind he knows he won't be a failure. He feels alive from the challenge, breaking into the Avengers mansion, a challenge he wants. He stands there for a bit before going up to his penthouse. He has to make sure every piece of equipment he has is in pristine condition for what he's about to do.

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