2011-04-15: A Clearing Of The Air


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Summary: Tony arrives at the rehab facility to speak with Anita about what happened earlier in the week.

Date: April 15, 2011

Log Title: A clearing of the air

Rating: PG-13

A rehabilitation facility

It's been a couple of days since Anita was checked, quite unwillingly, into rehab, and she's doing better. There have been tears and threats and finally the dancer has settled down some. She's not shaking as much anymore, but she still isn't ready to go home just yet. Now, she's wanting to talk to the man that cared enough about her health to go against her wishes and lock her up. She's curled up in a chair in a sitting room, the door open so that she's in full view of staff and visitors alike, waiting for Tony to arrive so that they can talk. There's a small pile of tissue shredded in her lap as she fidgets while she waits, calling every half hour or so to see if her guest has arrived yet. She stands, gathering her latest fluffy white pile and tossing it in the trash, and moves over to the door, "Is Mr. Stark here yet?" She looks a lot better— more human — than she did when she first arrived.
For one thing, she's freshly bathed and dressed in clothes that are comfortable, yet tidy.

It is quite early in the morning on a Saturday which is of not great consequence to most but for someone who keeps odd hours it has been a challenge to stir from an exhausted sleep. It is after his AI continues to poke at him about a particular message that he stirs well enough to be receptive of the information. From there Stark shuffles into a shower, then pulls upon clothing and drags himself to his car. A quick stop off at a drive thru coffee shops and four grande coffee's later he's arrived at the special rehabilitation facility that Anita was staying at.
As Anita approaches the door to speak with the staff someone is showing the disheveled Avenger down the hall towards the sitting room. His hair is all askew as usual, there is a curious lack of sunglasses, wears naught but a long sleeve crimson shirt with faded black jeans and sneakers.

When she sees Tony, Anita gives him an almost wary look, appearing almost nervious as she steps back into the sitting room, running a hand through her own hair and half reaching for the billionare before dropping her hand to shove both in her pockets, "Hi, Tony." She licks her lips, lightly and moves to drop down onto one end of a couch, giving him the choice of where he wants to sit, "I'm glad you could come. I was…" She sighs heavily, "Honestly, I was afraid you might not." After her little show the other day, she wouldn't blame him if he just wanted to wash his hands of the whole matter and cut her loose completely.

"Anita." The escort has turned already walking back towards the reception desk whereas there are a few lingering staff nearby though not intrusive. Tony takes a moment to look about the sitting room opting to seat himself on the opposite end of the couch that Anita has dropped down upon. "For I might possibly be too busy to find time or is it more along the lines of believing that I would rather leave you to your own devices after what occurred?" Turning himself on the cushion to bend a leg tucking the foot behind the other knee, and draping an arm along the back of the couch as he appears to be staying awhile.

"The latter, to tell the truth." Anita winces slightly when she says that, "If I hadn't been crazy from that shit I was on, I never would have confronted you like I did." She sighs, relazing a little, but still looking fidgety, when he settles in to stay for a while, "I wouldn't have blamed you for just turning your back and walking the other way as fast as you possibly could." She pauses, lowering her voice a little, "It wouldn't be the first time it'd happened…" She manages to ignore the lingering staff, aparently accustomed to their presence (or that of those like them) already.

Tony drums his fingertips along the top of the couch while the other hand grasps at the sneaker behind his knee. "I am not prone to turning my back on friends. I may shove them away at times, or drive them up walls, but never do I turn on them. Nor would I leave anyone who needs help mired in their situation." She has known him off and on so it may not be all that obvious that Tony is fiercely loyal to his friends and seeks to help others in general. Most people he meets he either flirts with or tries to find them a job somewhere so she just so happens to fall in the former rather than the latter. "If I were not caught up in various issues I would have picked up on it sooner. There's no sense in dealing with what-ifs however. Can only move forward, right?"

Anita nods, smiling faintly for the first time since he arrived and settling more comfortably on the couch, "Well, that's good to know. I didn't think I'd managed to drive you away, but… the worry was there." And, apparently, she's being honest today, since she's still not allowed to go home yet. She runs a hand through her hair again before settling them both in her lap, "I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for my behavior when I was… well, when I wasn't myself." When she was hopped up on some drug that made her all crazy, "I, um…" She winces slightly, "I didn't intend for you to find out about my past that way. It's not something I'm proud of." She doesn't mention the fact that she's a mutant. Maybe she's hoping that he doesn't remember?

Tony shrugs dismissively with the hand resting atop the couch. "I'm a rather stubborn bastard when I want to be." There's an attempt to lighten the mood with an honest smile even though it never truly reaches his ears. "I don't think you intended for a lot of things to be said. I'll not lie it got kinda crazy at times and you can be rather persistent," that last bit of course is said with a hint of amusement so that she knows he's not truly bothered by what happened. "Yes, I would have rather liked to learn of your past in time, in whatever fashion you chose to speak of it, but since the cats out of the bag you're not going to shove the poor tabby back in."

There's a soft little chuckle at his comment about being stubborn and Anita nods, "I kind of noticed that." It's hard not to notice when someone is turning down such an insistent invitation as what the dancer was extending. She makes a face at the comment about her being persistent and nods, "Honestly, honey, I'd give just about anything to be able to take that back. I'd say I don't know what got into me, but we both know that's a lie." Kick got into her… She is glad that he hasn't taken her earlier behavior to heart, though, "If you want to know about the last time I was in rehab, ask. You know I was addicted before, so…" She shrugs, wincing very faintly at the mention of cats and sighing and lowering her voice a little, "And if you want to know what I can do, I'll answer that, too." 'Do' as in 'what her mutant ability is, "I know I kind of gave that away, too…"

"Perhaps now is not the time to get into certain subjects," such as her mutant abilities even though there are several here. It was no major concern for him so unless she wished to bring it up Tony would let it be. "I'd rather you talk to me rather than feel that you must speak of things since they've been revealed. It's not the same obviously." The grasped sneaker bobs up and down slowly while the fingers continue to dance across the top of the couch. "There are however things that I feel need to be said. I know you were not in your right might that evening but there are two things that came up in conversation that are very important to understand. Firstly, I have commitments that will always take precedence. I've left dear friends in the hospital, and gone out to fight against an insane man not too long after I witnessed the murder of someone I loved. It is just the way things are and why I had hoped you truly accepted that up front. The other is in regards to the comment made about mutants. I do not know where you came up with that particular thought but I employ quite a few mutants, have many friends and allies that are mutant, I even live with one and have dated many. It may have been the Kick speaking but at least this is aired out in the open now."

There's a relieved little nod at that and she winces when he mentions his other commitments, "I understand that. I just felt like… Well, like I was the only person in the world that mattered right then. I wouldn't dream of getting in the way of something important." She picks at one of her cuticles, not really looking at the man on the other end of the couch from her, "It's not like I don't have other commitments, myself. I know that there are things that come before fun. All I can say is that I would never do anything like that when I'm clean." She never did before, after all… Then he brings up her comment about mutants and she flenches back, falling silent for a moment until he mentions living with a mutant. That makes her look up, her expression curious, "You live with someone?" That's something that she hasn't heard in the gossip magazines. And that someone is a mutant, too. Huh…
She gives herself a little shake, "No. I've been a little sensitive about being different ever since I was a girl. It's…" She pauses, searching for words, "Well, I haven't spoken to my mom or dad since I graduated high school and the only man I ever really loved left me after they found out I was… different."

A staff member pokes their head into the sitting room then vanishes again as quickly as they had checked in. As for what is being said Tony is paying attention, the drumming on the couch has ceased as well as the fidgeting foot. The easiest thing to answer, "Surprising as that may sound I in fact live with someone. Kaji happens to live in my apartment even though he still retains his own." As for the rest? This was information that would explain a bit more of what makes this woman tick so of course he's interested in finding out more. "That last part is harsh." Frowns deeply as he disapproves of individuals who behave that way. "You had a falling out with your parents?"

Anita chuckles and shakes her head, obviously at least vaguely amused by the news that Kaji lives with him, "Well, at least Kaji seems like a nice enough guy." From the one meeting she had with him, anyway. She winces slightly and nods at his question, "Soon as they could get me out the door, they did." She shrugs one shoulder, "It was a long time ago." But it obviously still bothers her at least a little, "I guess they were just glad to get the muttie out of their house as soon as possible. That wasn't what they said. They claimed it was just time for me to go make a life of my own."

"Either way it's sliced it's unfortunate that they behaved in such a way." A troubled past, a path that she might not have taken had she had a supportive family or lover, and addiction. It all added up and Tony found himself posing a rather sensitive question. "This situation was not of your doing however I would like to know what addiction problem you have suffered in the past. You can certainly refrain from answering that."

"It was cocaine, mostly…" Anita answers the question quickly enough, though it's obviously not an easy topic for her, "One of the other girls introduced me to it when I'd been dancing for a couple of years." She pauses for a moment, her voice lowering a little as she toys with her thumbnail, "It was just to keep from gaining weight at first." She looks at him through her lashes, "Then I overdosed a few years ago. I got Dodger and Anna a few months after that." They're the main reason she's stayed clean for so long.

Tony folds his arms across his chest while sinking back into the corner of the couch leaning heavily against the back rather than the arm of the couch at his back. "It didn't stop at cocaine did it? Did you fall into the trap of: sex drugs and rock n'roll?" She had far more in common with him than she realized. "Oh, before I forget which is entirely likely to happen," breath taken. "Dodger and Anna are fine. They are of course concerned and unhappy but otherwise no worse for wear. It took some time to win over Dodger but all is well." It also helps that he could encase himself in metal then glare right back at the massive dog until it backed down.

Anita winces a little and nods, "Yeah. Drinking, sleeping with pretty much anyone I found remotely attractive, dancing just enough to keep myself fed and numb enough that I wouldn't think…" The whole nine yards. When her dogs are mentioned, tension leeches out of her and she sighs, a relieved smile appearing on her face, "Madre de Dios gracias. I hope Dodger wasn't too bad. He doesn't like very many people." Especially when she isn't around to hold him back. She smiles a little, "I'm sure Anna was a help with him, though." The smaller dog can usually temper her friend at least a little most of the time. She might be inches shorter and female, but she's the dominant canine in the house.

The dogs were not much of a problem even though they are not getting out as much as they should be. The rest has Tony shaking his head for it is as he thought it was. "I am not sure if you are aware of my own history though it has been public enough for some time now. I like my father before me am an alcoholic, am rather promiscuous even though I prefer something a bit more solid, and am quite the adrenaline junkie." Arms unfold falling as they may to appear more laid back than tense. "Addiction can and will take many forms. Not just the most obvious and destructive sort."

"I have heard a few things about the things you've done, yes." Anita gives him a very faintly amused little smile and runs a hand through her hair, pulling it forward over her shoulder. The thought of him wanting something more solid has her cocking her head slightly, "Honestly, I haven't even tried any real kind of relationship since I was eighteen." That was the last time she was dumped, too. She smiles a little wider, her expression relaxed for the first time since he arrived, "I guess that might be one reason you started being Iron Man? For the adrenaline rush?" She's just guessing right now.

Tony snickers, "My reputation is what it is." As much as he would like to spend more time speaking with Anita he had quite a list of things that had to be done that could not be put off. "I'm a relationship cripple. Either I find the insane women, or they die on me which kinda puts a damper on things." Shrugs as he turns about placing both feet to the floor then glancing over towards Anita. "Flying is exhilarating I won't lie but it is not a reason why I became Iron Man." Slipping off the couch he comes to stand close to her. "I was given a second chance, and with that I seek to help people. I'd aim for world peace but that's a pretty tall order. I do have to depart and may be rather unavailable in the near future."

There's a wince of sympathy at his luck with relationships and Anita nods, "That's got to suck. I just avoid relationships. Life is less messy that way." She smiles faintly and nods at the thought of flying, "I've never even flown on a plane, so I'll have to take your word for that." She gives him a curious look when he gives his reason for becoming Iron Man and nods, "More than I can say I've ever done, anyway." She stands when he comes close, almost hesitantly moving to give him a friendly (and quite chaste) hug, but giving him plenty of time to avoid the contact if it isn't welcome, "I understand. You know where to find me if you have a moment free and feel like hanging out." She smiles, "Who knows? Maybe they'll let me out here in another day or two." She pauses for a moment, "Thanks for taking care of my kids while I'm in here. Seriously. I know Liam could do it, but I've been kind of ashamed to call him and admit that I'm in rehab again…"

The hug is not rebuffed though it is an equally awkward embrace in return. "As much as I love the decor this is not the best establishment to hang out." Casting a glance over at the door just to make sure the poor staff did not take offense by his comment. Tony nods for taking care of the dogs, "It's not a problem. Do not leave here until you are ready. Take advantage of the help is my best advice." Even though he never does. Not since the last attempt he made went terribly and he refused to try again. "Call if you need to. I may not be able to return it for awhile but I will the moment I can." If she steps away he offers up a smile then leaves her to her thoughts.

Anita makes a face, "No, it really isn't." Too many people watching over them all the time, "I'll stay as long as I can." She does still have to work, after all, and she can't just stay in rehab forever, "If there's anything I can do for you, just ask." Not that there's likely anything he really needs from a simple dancer, "Hell, I'd even be willing to come just hold a screwdriver for you if you need it." Anything to pay him back for the kindness of helping her. She nods, stepping back and shoving her hands into her pockets, "Thanks, honey." There's a slightly awkward pause, "Thanks for coming and letting me clear the air." She gives him a faintly worried look, "Stay safe. I don't enough real friends to lose one of them, alright?" And if he'd stick with her through this, even if it is awkward, then he's got to be a real friend, right? Once he's gone, she makes a face and moves off to go to her scheduled therapy session.

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