2009-07-23 A Convenient Wind



Summary: Kael went to get a slurpee at a 7-11 and ended up having a bit of fun if you could call it that.

Date: July 23, 2009

Log Title A Convenient Wind

Rating: PG-13

A Local 7-11

It was around the early evening hours, and with his boyfriend out at his house and his lack of wanting to go back home; the aerokinetic was out on the town. Wandering around a bit to explore the city, Kael headed into a 7-11; might as well get a drink for a moment. There isn't much else to do at the moment as Kael starts to pour himself a slurpee.

The man at the 7-11 doesn't say anything as the teenager walks in. Though he does give a nod as he walks in. Some muzak plays on the speakers as Kael makes his purchase. It seems like it's gonna be a normal outing for the teenager.

Kael wanders around the store a bit, looking at the magazines for a moment; a soft hum coming from the teen as he sucks on his drink a bit. Reading one of the covers of the magazines, some propaganda about things happening in the country. He lets out a soft laugh before he looks around the store some more. Maybe he should get some candy to. "Hm… wonder what Max'd like…"

Two men enter the store one tall, the other one of average build, looking to the cashier behind the table, the two smirk, the cashier knows what they want. Reluctantly the tattooed man reaches below the counter. "Okay, guys…" He says, the two men don't have pistols drawn, but it is not hard to deduce that they are packing some kind of heat. "Ya do? Then you best get it going then." Offers the tall one.

Kael takes a small drink of his slurpee as he looks up over the edge of a aisle and he blinks a bit. He ducks down slightly under the edge of the aisle as he reaches into his pocket; pulling the cellphone out before hie thumb circles around the panic button for a moment before he decides it's not time yet. He sets his drink down on the ground peeks around the edge of the aisle to watch the cashier.

The cashier looks underneath the counter, two choices, the shotgun, or the cash. He makes his decision, and in mere seconds, the shotgun is drawn. The two men looking to collect hush money start dashing to the isles on the opposite side of Kael. "Hey, man, don't be fuckin' stupid. You can still walk away from this and still be able to have kids."

Kael narrows his eyes slightly as he gets down into a kneeling position as he looks over to the other side of the aisle, the wind around him swirling softly; causing the tinfoil wrapping of the food around him to rustle slightly. He gulps a bit, muttering to himself some words of courage. Or maybe stupidity. His hair start to streak white as he waits.

Soon enough, the portly extortion artist decides to up the ante. Though his aim does leave just a smidge to be desired. The gun fires, and no screams run through the store. A large boom rings as the shopkeep pulls the trigger of the shotgun, a result of the startling from the pistol fire. Things are heated, and they don't look like it's going to get better soon.

Kael winces visibly at the gunshots and he leans back; looking down the aisles at the register. His hand slips into his pocket and jams down on the panic button before he leaps out of the aisle way. His hair nearly bleaches white as a gust of wind roars down towards the register; a dense blast of air moving down the center. Aiming for one of the robbers.

The blast of wind knocks down one of the thugs, going down with a grunt. "What da fuck? Who da fuck did that?!?" He yells, pointing his gun at the cashier, his aim true, but he is not pointing the trigger. "Get out here, or the clerk gets it!" Bait, it seems.

Kael bites his lower lip a bit, looking at the clerk and then he starts to move for the door; his hair completely white as he heads for the electronic door. The wind outside picking up with rather good speed, trash is being tossed about as papers whirl as winds rush up against the side of the store; pinning paper to the glass. Kael's silent as he steps onto the black mat in front of the door; signaling the doors to open and an absolute gale of wind bursts inside. Well, it's more like if there's a huge leaf blower. But still. There's trash mixed with it.

The trash level outside the gas station is little more than paper, at this point. Though the thug now left standing is covering his face from the wind with his hands, his gun no longer pointing at Kael or the clerk. This may be the time to attack and subdue if Kael can.
Kael extends a hand out towards the robbber, his aim is something to be left desired; but he can still hit his mark a good few times out of several. A dense blast of air rockets from in front of Kael; aiming for the guy's waist as the gust of wind continues to rush at him. Nothing says subdue like a shot to the waist. Or stomach.

Pretty soon, as the wind blast strikes his stomach, the last one standing, stands no longer. Dropping the gun, he hunches over, heaving. "What da shit man?" He yells out before he starts to toss his cookies. The clerk still stands with shotgun in hands, pointing the firearm at the heaving thug.

Kael is starting to breath a bit heavy as he walks over towards the guy; kicking the gun away from him as the winds around him still swirl. His hair staying completely white as he looks over at the clerk. "Call the police?" He offers in a slightly breathless tone before he looks back down at the guy on the ground. Whomever is coming to get him, please get here quick.

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