2010-06-04: A Cougar?


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Summary: Jakob and Travis converse about recent events

Date: June 4, 2010

Log Title A Cougar?

Rating: PG (L).

Barnes Academy - Billy, Jakob, Teddy, and Travis's Suite

A standard adult suite, this room is basically a combination living room and dining room, with a small kitchen in the back. There are four doors leading off to the sides, each to it's own bedroom and personal bathroom for the person who lives there. The TV is good quality and easily accessible for video games or movie systems.

Classes are over and Travis doesn't have training until later tonight. More stuff with his powers that he's finally getting a hang on, but since he has time to kill he's currently sitting on the couch, Xbox controller in hand as he plays Assassin's Creed 2. He's just kind of fooling around going around the city and killing various guards in creative ways. Travis is dressed in the usual Barnes navy blue pants and a gray Barnes t-shirt designed for his six arms. The one good thing about having more than two arms is that two can rest on the controller while another is holding onto a bottle of soda that he occasionally drinks from.

Despite the off scheduled habits of the last two days Jakob was on track easily enough, nice trick about being able to almost program your body. Jakob was decked out in the uniform navy blue cargo pants with the conforming button up shirt. " Ugh. " Escapes him as he enters the suite that connected to the individual rooms of each resident. Not because of anything beyond the sight he was seeing, " So creepy. " He would mumble the last part a notch more quiet, whether it was heard or not was entirely dependent on Travis' focus.

Travis didn't hear as he's too caught up in double shanking guards with the duel blades on Ezio's wrist blades. Though if he heard a comment about him being creepy with his arms, he's probably be the first to agree. Though after a bit he does spot Jakob and puts the game on pause. "Dude, can you believe how hot She-Hulk was…I mean..I know she's green and it's weird but dude she had an amazing rack."

" … " His mind skims over images of yesterday compared to some of the more 'paparazzi' ish images in the past he had seen of She-Hulk, " Yeah, for a green freakshow shes a bombshell. Seriously looks like shes just poured into anything she wears. " It was true, Jakob was by no means blind even if she was green, were just some things you had to make exceptions for. He could envision his dad or even his little brothers response but… then he wasn't entirely like them. He stands there over the back of the chair staring at the screen watching all the flickering movement across it with a bored yawn.

"I know what you mean, I didn't think I'd ever find a green chick hot." Travis says before realizing who he's talking to and starts the game back up. "So…um…" Yeah struggling for conversation. "You play video games at all?" Lame question, he knows that but Travis doesn't know exactly how to handle Jakob but then in an odd sort of way he thinks Jake is one of the 'normal' people he's met here, personality wise. Teddy and Misha are just…strange.

" Nope. " He did in the past, with his brother, probably still would but that was getting too cozy with the possible enemy. Jakob's younger brother tended to do nothing but play video games for the longest time, his mind churned. " A shame, meet She-Hulk and not even hit on her or ask her for her number. " He muses outloud.

"Yeah like she'd really go out with a guy like you." Travis says with a shake his head. "Hell we're both probably kids to her. Seriously, where's the good looking chicks our age around here. I think the only thing female I've seen around here is that Sabina chick…oh and there's one more but…she's, I dunno, I'll just say I thought my situation was fucked up. There's worse things than waking up one day with six arms."

" How old can she be? Besides I stand a better chance than you would, what are you going to do juggle for her? Probably got Astronauts and Tony Stark chasing her around anyways, out of our league." Jakob retorts in a grunt, " Sabina is weird, she's like… nailing dead cats to your door as a gift sort of gross. And what the hell does that mean anyways, a guy like me? "

"That you're a teenager, too young for her tastes." Travis didn't mean it any way else than that really, maybe more intended than even he realized. "Nah, I can't juggle. And wait…nailing dead cats to your door? Please tell me she hasn't nailed up any dead stuff around here. And who knows how old She-Hulk is, I bet you can look it up on the internet. Or that kid Teddy knows, he's a fanboy."

" Nah, fuck Teddy. Dudes a punk. " He said casually, " Who knows, maybe shes freaky and into younger guys. " A grin split Jakob's features as he pulled a quarter out of his pocket beginning to roll it back and forth across his knuckles. " This place is pretty damn dead when no classes or fighting is going on. Really need to get more skirts in here. " Realizing he was drifting towards sprawling out on the couch he began to edge himself away from it sort of now pacing back and forth. " You uh… heard of a woman named Domino? or hear anything about that explosion in Battery Park after Memorial day?? "

"A Cougar?" Travis jokes as he pauses his game again and rests back on the couch and definitely agrees with the dead part. "Seriously dude, I know you can't stand me but I'm not gonna give you cooties, bite or hit on you like Teddy might." After all he did hear about his other two suite mates. "Domino? No, what is she?" He's not sure even what kind of name Domino is. "And yeah, I heard a little something but I don't know any of the details.

" I'm good. " He said quickly and just as quickly blurted, " Hit on me!? What the fu… nevermind, don't want to know. " The coin stopped in it's dancing across his knuckles as he stopped pacing, " Ah nothing then. " Jakob covered speaking on about the park though, " I was there during that, so was Caleb. That dumbass was up trying to incite a riot or something, Friends of Humanity gathering and he pops up with glowing hands just before the explosions went off, some piece of shi… " The same one Jakob shot, thanks to Domino. Realization of this dawning his mouth grew hoarse and he managed to cut-off mid sentence.

Travis just shakes his head as he doesn't want to go into the sexual preference of his other two suite mates. "Caleb…I don't know what to make of that kid but he's just weird." Signing to himself in the cafe spells a kid whose gotten his ass kicked too many times to Travis. "Wait, what dumbass, Caleb? He was trying to incite a riot? And it's not the first time those Friends of Humanity guys have been around the city, last time I saw one of their rallys, I just got the hell outta dodge."

" A good idea considering your condition. " That quarter picked up again as did the pacing, " Yeah, I imagine it would have went all right if he hadn't pulled his shit, but he gave someone… time enough to plant an explosive. Yeah, imagine that shit, I was there watching the whole time. Seen it all go down, I could even finger the guy who did it. " Not that they had to worry about that now. " Kid ain't right, says he isn't a mutant too but what the fuck, seriously why act that way then? He doesn't owe anything to mutants not like they were spitting on him or his family. " Jakob was frowning now, this held more levity to it than he was intending.

"You have no idea." Travis mutters in regards to his condition. "Maybe cause it wasn't about mutants but just people with powers in general. I mean why hate one group of people with super powers but not another? Like Teddy's not a mutant but he could kick the shit out of me from what I've seen. It's not like we have a choice in the matter cause if I had a choice between super powers or being average, I'd take average. Did anyone get hurt?"

" Yep. Four killed, wasn't a massive explosive but it did the trick, shrapnel was the worst part… I think maybe one or two more. Haven't watched the news or followed up on it. I seen some of those people though before they died, they're just angry scared folks… Anyways, don't you have some sort of wooden ducks to be carving or some shit? " Jakob was obviously battling with this conversation, this is the first time since his arrival he'd held an actual one outside of Domino after the bombing and imagine that, the two people he has conversed with the most are mutants.

Travis shakes his head at the fact that people died. "I feel bad for their families, of those that died. It's not worth it playing the hero, or trying to help out. You, or someone else, ends up dead and your family ends up paying for it." There isn't any bitterness in his voice, but more a sadness. He just stares at the television and doesn't respond to the 'duck' comment, just starts the game back up in silence for a bit.

" I guess, whatever - spoken like a true wuss. " Turning Jakob made for the exit out, " You hear about that German SHIELD Agent whose here teaching Fencing? It's German School not that nancy boy French crap, you should try it out. I've started learning from him, he knows all sorts of shit like Kampfringen and Nindokai… he says won't be here long so picking up everything I can from him while he is, you should tag along see if you can hack it. Imagine sword or knife-fighting with six arms. Besides, I need a punching bag and even if you look like a pussy you can take a hit at least. "

"Well they were talking about having me learn hand to hand combat, but if they're offering that, it might not be bad idea since with one of my hands I can make an energy blade." Travis says as he doesn't really talk about his other abilities that he can do besides just having six arms. "And oh yeah, I'm a real wuss and a pussy." He says with an eyeroll and an unamused tone.

A smirk was tossed back at Travis, " Just call it how I see it. I'll let him know you're joining up then. " He said energy blade? The hell is that. Guess he would find out once that chance came about. " Full contact by the way, make sure you bring some tissues and bandaids. " There, Jakob was back to a less humane self, his demeanor having shifted back to the expected. " I'm sure we'll have a blast. "

"You're forgetting I'm an athlete, I work out and have had bigger bruises than you can dish out." Travis says as baseball isn't that much contact but getting hit with a baseball or taking that rough slide into home can leave quite the bruises on you and he's been playing since he was a kid. "What's this dudes name? The German guy?"

" Be surprised what I can dish out. " Jakob replied, " He says, 'just call me Igor' but I think his last name is something like Hesselius. "

"I think I will be surprised." Travis says dryly as it's obvious he's not giving Jakob much credit, but is he just doing it to annoy his suitemate and press his buttons, it's not certain. "And that reminds me, I've got training tonight and I wanted to get some gym time in before hand so I think I should probably go do that now."

" And here we were getting along so well. " Jakob gave off in a sardonic tone, slightly irritated Travis wasn't giving him credit where he felt it was due, after all he'd invited the guy to come play punching bag for him. That was a great honor in Jakob's mind, having been so used to being praised for his physical competence his entire life this new run of living was an adjustment. " I'll let Agent H know you'll be joining in soon as your balls drop. " He would cast with a wave over his shoulder. " Later tool. "

Travis has a bit of a competitive streak so when someone talks like Jakob does, what he does to counter what Jakob is boasting is acting like he's not a big deal. "So we'll see who becomes whose punch bag come later then, dick." In response to being called a tool, though there is a slight smile as goes into his room to get ready to hit the gym for a bit since it's one of the few things here that he can do that feels normal.

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