2013-02-05: A Cure For Damnation


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Summary: Fiona arranges a meeting between Sophie and Donna, concerning an important question.

Date: February 5, 2013

Log Title: A Cure for Damnation

Rating: PG

NYC - Holy Ghost Church

The Holy Ghost Church is small chapel located on the West Side of New York City. It looks like the church was sort of squashed between the buildings. Lines of pews sit in front of a small alter, cardboard collection boxes for clothing and food sit at the back of the church. This church is obviously graced by the lower class of Manhattan, but the priest cares for those that step foot in here.

The middle of the evening on a Tuesday night sees the HOly Ghost Church in Hell's Kitchen all but deserted. A woman in the entryway is busy sweeping, while inside there are only a handful of votive candles burning, their flames dancing atop the wax. One pew is occupied, a few rows back from the altar; a blond haired girl, dressed in a denim skirt and a purple t-shirt with a light jacket overtop, sits with her head bowed such that the blindfold isn't immediately obvious. Sophie sits with her hands pressed together and a cross dangling at the end of a rosary beneath them. "Gloria al Padre y al Hijo, y con el Espritu Santo," she murmurs. "Como era en un principio, ahora y siempre, por los siglos de los siglos, Amen."

Fiona, of course, doesn't /really/ buy into all this religious stuff, /persay,/ so she merely stands by waiting as Sophie does her whole prayer thing. Respectfully, though, of course. She's dressed in a pair of simple black jeans and a purple hoodie, what with the somewhat cold weather and all of that. Donna should be here… soonish. What with her being a missing person and all, Fiona isn't terribly fond of setting up serious meetings over the phone line, so it probably would have been arranged in advance.

The door to the cathedral creaks open, admitting a very short, very pale, black-haired woman, one side of her face fully obscured by long, straight hair. Nodding toward the altar as she enters the nave, Donna manages to give off the air of one less of deep religious conviction, than someone who believes one should remain polite when entering neutral territory. "So," she murmurs in Fiona's ear, eyebrow rising. "Why are we here, again?"

"Fiona's teacher," Sophie murmurs, switching to English just after finishing The Glory to the Father. She lowers her hands, and tucks the rosary away, reverently, before plucking the collapsed cane from her lap. She stands up, and turns to bow her head politely in the direction of the approaching sorceress. "Thank you for coming to speak with me," she adds, "And you, Fiona."

"This is my friend who wanted to meet you," nods Fiona, "She um, had something she wanted to ask of us, I guess," nods the young sorceress, folding her arms across her chest for a moment. "It has to do with vampirism. You know, if there's some kind of cure or not," she chews on her lip for a moment.

"…A cure," Donna says, arching an eyebrow. "A *cure,*" she repeats, turning to Sophie as the blind young mutant approaches. "…Well yes, offhand I can think of one, but it involves sharp things, crossroads, all manner of postmortem mutilation, and even then it doesn't always take. Child, in my experience the best cure for vampires tends to be not to tread anywhere near them. To start with."

Sophie arches an eyebrow upwards over her blindfold at the answer given. "The vampire in question is my roommate. I am currently borrowing her clothes, since mine were destroyed in a fire while I was in Mutant Town, and she sleeps about six feet away from where I do." The blind girl resumes her seat at the pew, and clasps her hands over her knees, as she once more bows her head. "Obviously I do not wish to *hurt* this person… so, si, a cure; not a stake through the heart, but a *cure*."

"I mean, I get that. But if something can be done there has to be some way to undo it…" Fiona trails off, shrugging a little and shaking her head. "I guess I don't personally know the girl, but…" she trails off. "I just said I'd set up a meeting. That's all, really. I mean if it's not totally do-able… then fine. But the way I see it, I kind of owe them something for, I dunno, saving my life and all," she smiles lopsidedly.

Donna draws in a deep breath, shaking her head. "I wish I had better news, child… but truly, vampires are rather far afield of my expertise. I know exactly enough to never tread near them, and since that bloody hot mess last year, I know that a properly motivated vampire can make even the best scrying attempt a pain in my arse. So that's valuable. But curing them? No, child, I don't know, and I'm not likely ever to." Donna's expression curdles slightly, as Fiona reminds her why the meeting is in place, nose wrinkling. "…Ah. The school, is it. Well. That doesn't change anything, I'm afraid. I can look into it… but as a prelimnary opinion, as well to ask for your eyes back, lass. Both have roughly an equal chance of happening."

"For any part I may have played, or may ever play, in the saving of your life Fiona," Sophie replies, "I would never and will never ask repayment." She taps her cane lightly, and nods her head to Donna's words, though her eyebrow furrow briefly at the language. "I was involved in that mess, to which you are referring. I was one of the girls kidnapped by Count Dracula, and enjoyed his… hospitality for some time. But, as for asking for my eyes back? I have already had that, once. The Count restored my vision for two days, to tempt me; he offered my sight permanently, if I would but stay. I would not." She sits up straighter, and sighs heavily, falling silent for a time. "All things are possible. Of this I am certain. If you do not know how, then… perhaps you may point me towards someone who might?"

"I dunno Sophie… Setting up this meeting is one thing, but magic isn't something that you can just play around with. It's dangerous. In ways that regular superpowers aren't…" she trails off for a minute, tapping her chin. "I'd just worry, that's all. Trust me, I've been down the road of playing with things I didn't really understand and it… hum…" Fiona murmurs, leaning against a pew. "Besides that, I don't really know of anybody in particular we could go to. Us magic users like to keep a low profile, and all…"

"Well," Donna amends, lifting a shoulder. "*We* prefer to keep a low profile. Because of reasons. Others, perhaps, not so much. And if you were one of the Count's guests, I'll assume your friend was another. Further, I'll assume she wasn't the redhead, as that young man seemed the type to try and ask for a cure himself, so… Again. I'll see what I can find. If I do, I'll have Fiona contact you and we can talk price. If not…" The black-haired sorceress shakes her head. "Then like as not Fiona will find a way to tell you herself."

Sophie smiles softly, "I would never suggest that mutant powers and magic are the same, Fiona," she murmurs. "Each has its own set of challenges, I've no doubt. And I will do my utmost to respect your low profile." She pauses, and purses her lips. "Do you know, I am not entirely sure what color my roommate's hair is. I shall have to ask her." She produces her rosary once more, and feels along the beads to find her place, where she left off earlier. "I can only ask that you try," she adds as the cross dangles beneath her hands once more, at the end of the beads. "You carry yourself with confidence and your voice bears the strength of iron. I've no doubt you have a will to match, and that you tend to defeat adversity. I have faith in you… though, you do have me at a slight disadvantage; as you know my name, but I am not yet aware of yours…?"

Fiona simply looks between Donna and Sophie, seemingly not willing to give that information out. "I didn't mean it quite like that, just to say that there are a lot of shady people…"

"That's correct, lass," Donna says, though her voice neither taunts nor jabs; merely a statement of fact, as true as the wetness of water. "You do not. Now then; I've much work to do, and fewer hours in the day to do it properly. Fiona, if you'll see to your friend? Good day to you, lass. Your faith does you credit, for what it's worth." And with that, Donna seems to melt into the shadows, the door to the antechamber creaking, muffled, and closing gently.

Fiona nods, giving Donna a wave, "Yeah, I'll see you at home," she nods, choosing to stick around with her friend for the moment. "So yeah. That went… well, I think," she nods. "She was in a pretty good mood today, honestly. All things considered. Anyway. Hopefully this turns out well. As in, she finds someone. I trust her, anyway."

The blind girl bobs her head. "Si," she replies, "She will do her best, and I've no doubt she will come up with something. I am rather under the impression that she does not like the school which I attend… but that is not my business, nor does it affect my opinion of your teacher." She spends a few moments murmuring in Spanish, until she has completed the rosary prayers that she began earlier; the beads are tucked away, and she snaps her cane out to full length before rising. Her hand moves over ehr chest, forming the cross, before she turns to face Fiona. "Will you see me back to the bus stop? I am not familiar with this part of the city."

"Sure… and yeah, Hell's Kitchen ain't exactly the best place to be wandering around if you don't know the territory. Especially if you can't see," Fiona advises frankly, "Not that it's THAT bad or anything… I mean I live here, after all. Anyway," she turns towards the door, "I guess we better get goin. You ready, then?"

"Si." Sophie bobs her head once, and holds her free hand out in the air, extended in Fiona's direction. "It is not as though I cannot defend myself, but… I prefer not to have to. Just because I have powers does not mean I wish to flash them around at every opportunity." She perks an eyebrow upwards. "Still… just the same, if you can point out some landmarks to me, I would greatly appreciate it?"

"Landmarks, landmarks… I uh, dunno. The whole place is pretty much a slum. I mean, there's a really good deli just down the street from my place that's pretty good," Fiona ponders the question for a moment. "I mean, landmarks are important, right? I dunno how much important stuff there really IS in Hell's Kitchen," she laughs as she takes Sophie's hand, leading her out the door and then looking up. "Well, actually. This church is pretty important. It's the Holy Ghost church. It seems like none of the hoods really like to mess with it," she leads the other girl by the hand, tracing her free hand along the brick wall.

Sophie ahhs softly. "I would imagine that it is known to be well protected," she murmurs. "I will remember this place, so I may come here if ever I need to seek sanctuary here." She pauses, and arches an eyebrow upwards. "Just, remember to keep your cell phone turned on, si? Mine will always be on; if I do not answer, I am in class, and you can leave a message." She smiles, and clings to Fiona's arm as they walk towards the bus stop. "Thank you for helping me, Fiona. You know, I have faith in you, too."

Fiona smiles, "And if I don't answer, mine's probably stuffed in a portal somewhere or I forgot to reload it… are you sure you don't want me to come with you? I worry… you know?" Fiona nods, lingering at the bus stop for a moment before giving a final nod and wave and heading off.

Sophie shakes her head slowly, "I am sure I will be fine on the bus," she murmurs. "I would not want your teacher to worry… and I can call for help if I need it." She pauses, and lifts her hand to wave as Fiona retreats into the night. A couple of minutes later, a bus rolls up; and after depositing a few coins into the fare box, Sophie is safely on her way back to Xaviers for the night.

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