2009-08-12: A Day In The City


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Summary: Addison meets Owen and Cody in the City.

Date: August 12,2009

A Day in the City

Rating: PG

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.

As evening begins to settle, Addison Falk, the Grey King, has made his way into New York, into Mutant Town. He's doing his best to shield. He's been ages without going in public. Now that's he's getting to the point where he can keep people out, he's decided to try things. Moving about in a real situation. Getting back into life. That… and the fact that Brian and Kenta are determined to get him out of the house.

Cody happens to come here a bit more often than he should. It's a bit out of the way, but he likes the energy here. So, he's in his school uniform, shoes and socks kicked off and he rests in the grass, feet in the grass and his head against a backpack. He quietly flips through a book, pausing to look up every moment or two to watch someone pass by. Near by his tiny I-pod with speakers is playing some kin of wierd gypsy punk music.

Just out for a walk today after getting some shopping done (replacing clothing ruined during his last tangle with something dangerous in the city), Owen Folger's in his non-fuzzy form right now. Whistling a tune as he heads through the park, the teen pauses at the sound of the music. It's a new sound to him but not on he dislikes. Glancing around, he smiles when he finds the source and strolls over towards Cody. He's not yet noticed Addison in the area, but he's thinking happy thoughts. "Howdy," he greets, waiting for Cody to lower his book.

Even with shielding up, familiar tastes flow into him. Rather than seeing Owen, Addison feels him and walks in that direction. He's wearing a green polo shirt and pressed pants today. Probably a little too formal for a park, but it's all he knows. After all, fashion was fairly nonexistent on his world. For them, if it was clean, it was luxurious.

Cody lowers his book upon the approach. Cody can feel people getting close, it's one of the perks of being a mutant and one of the down sides of trying to read while being a mutant. He's a little ADD. He looks up ad tilts his head to the side and offers a smirk, idly lifting a foot to playfully kick at Owen's leg. "Howdy, yerself. What ya been up to, buddy?" He asks with a broad smile. The gypsy punk fading into a strange lilting number by the magnetic fields. He also notes the red head, flicking a gaze that way.

Owen jumps slightly when kicked, exaggerating the impact. Judging by thoughts and the look in his eyes, Owen wants to lean in for a kiss but instead just sits down. "Not too much. Just got some shoppin' done. Had tah replace some jeans that got ruined when Ah ran intah this giant, orange snake with one of your friends," he explains. When Cody looks towards the red head, Owen looks over and jumps. "Well, it's Addison," he remarks, a bit surprised. "Howdy," he offers a wave.

"Yeah." Addison nods lightly to Owen, giving a hint of a blush at being seen. Of course, he wasn't trying to hide, and he does stand out a little. Not too many people with hair that long or hair that red. He walks over, slowly. "Sorry, I just felt you here a moment ago, and wandered over." He says, giving a half a cough as he nods to the other kid he doesn't know.

Cody offers a small smile as he gives a small grunt and sits up straight, moving over to give Owen a kiss on the cheek and then turning to stand in a rather quick manner. "Cody Barrows." He offers, extending a hand.

Owen smiles at the the little kiss, looking at Cody for a moment. After looking back at Addison, Owen blinks a few times, a little confused as he stands. He glances to Cody and then chuckles. "Don' worry 'bout it, Addison. This is Cody, he's cool," the teen chimes, slipping an arm around Cody's shoulder and grinning. ~~He's in on the mutant thing. He's an Avenger,~~ Owen thinks towards the telepathic mutant, hoping he's 'listening' at the moment.

Addison doesn't bother to respond mentally, but he does hear it. Instead, he turns it verbal. "Well, this park IS in mutant town, so I'd assume he'd be ok with it. Especially if he just gave you a kiss… with your lack of control on occasion." He says, with a bit of a chuckle, looking away during the kiss, mind you. "Addison Falk." He offers to Cody. "I work where Owen goes to school."

Cody gives a nod of his head. "Nice to meet you Mr. Falk." He offers with a smile and then moving to put his arm around Owen in turn before moving to sit back down on the ground. "Lack of control?" He asks, looking between the two.

Owen sticks his tongue out at Addison for a moment and chuckles. He's just playing around. "What do ya mean my lack of control?" he asks, trying to not sound amused but failing. "Relax," he whispers to Cody, nudging his gently in the side as they sit.

"He has subscriptions." Addison says, not getting the wording right. Stupid change of lingo. "No Mr. Just Addison. I'm only 19." He forgets that he has that adult air from his days on his home world.

Cody shrugs a little. Teachers are all Mr.'s where he comes from. But he nods and offers with a bright smile. "Addison." He then squirms a bit at the nudge and grins, quickly moving to pull Owen into a headlock so that he can noogie the ever loving piss out of him. "Mwa ha ha ha!

Owen blinks. "Ah have subscriptions?" he asks, confused. Before he can say much elese, Owen lets out a little yelp as he's pulled into the headlock and noogied. "Ack! Hey, watch the hair!" he laughs, jokingly struggling to get free. "What brings ya out tah the park all dressed up like that, Addison?"

"Uhm, is there… something wrong with it?" Addison asks, suddenly amazingly self conscious. "I only have what they've given me… haven't really gone out shopping. I just got my shields to hold well again." He says, blushing brightly as he tries to figure things out. "And… Brian and Kenta want to drag me to a concert, so I figured it was best for me to start getting myself INTO the public again to practice more."

Cody releases Owen, but just, comfortable to have him head in lap. He blinks for a moment and Addi over or a few and decides. "Honestly? Ya kinna look like a leprechaun 80 rocker." He says almost apologeticly. "Too much green with that hair."

"Nothin' wron', just a bit less casual then ya tend tah see people in is all," Owen remarks once released. He's in jeans a t-shirt himself. With his head resting on Cody's lap, the DarkForce user resists the urge to facepalm at the leprechaun remark but is otherwise content to lay there. "Ya can sit down an' join us if ya want," he adds for Addison.

"I'm hardly Irish." Addison says with a shrug. "Just look a lot like my biomom is all." He says, sitting down, casually, though with his attire it's hard to appear casual. "I haven't gotten around to going anywhere to try things on."

Cody has as much tact as one would expect from a Tell-it-like-it-is-Texan. He doesn't seem embarassed about his statement, or mean spirited. "Well, there are plenty of places around here. Hell, there are some really bad-ass mutants in this area of town with a needle and thread. Can probably get some really cool originals here."

Owen smiles slightly, glancing up at Cody. He watches the other mutant for a few moments before nodding in agreement. "Yeah. Ah jus' bought some great jeans an' stuff in a shop jus' over there," he says, nudging his bag with his knee.

"You also have to remember, I don't know what's good fashion and not, here, remember? War-torn world? Invaders? Massive destruction?" Addison asks, tilting his head with a shrug as he ponders for a second before telekinetically lifting his hair and tying it into an intricate braid to keep it from falling in the dirt where he's sitting.

Cody raises a brow at the displace and shifts a little before putting a hand on Owen's neck and idly rubbing his thumb against the flesh. "What's with the hair though, man? That somethin' yer partial to? Cause yer given Crystal Gaile a run for her money…" He scratches his head. "Hard to put all that under a ball cap on a bed head day, ya know?"

Owen lets out a content little purr at Cody's rubbing. "That's nice," he murmurs. "Ah know, Ah know…hmm," a pause to shift a little. "What 'bout brin'in' Brian or Kenta with ya? Or heck…me or someone else from the school tah help?"

"It's something I like. There aren't many natural redhead guys with straight hair. It's a vanity thing." Addison says with a bit of a grin. "That, and Brian seems to like it." He coughs slightly, thinking about what Owen says. "Nothing personal, but I don't think Kenta's style would really work for me. But others, I just… I don't know."

Cody grunts a little as his phone goes off and he checks the text with another shift. "Ok…I gotta run. Business." He offers tucking the phone away before moving to plant a rather long kiss on Owen's lips. "Can I take you out tonight?"

Owen smiles. "Ah thin' the hair's nice," he chimes. There's a chuckle at the comment about Kenta's style. "Well, Ah can help," he offers. The text brings a frown to the teen but the kiss, which is returned eagerly, wipes it away. "Definitely. Anywhere ya wanna go," he answers Cody.

"Well, since you have time before tonight… maybe we could go look a bit now?" Addison says with a half-grin. "Since he's busy, but you gotta get back with him later." he chuckles, offering a wave to Cody.

Owen sits up and stretches, watching Cody go. The words 'still love that backside…' float to mind as he watches Cody go. There's a blush as Owen realizes there's a telepath right there but he nods. "Sure. Ah'm good tah go."

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