2010-01-18: A Day Later


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Summary: Leo comes to talk briefly to Nathaniel. And… points out that he has no powers.

Date: January 18, 2010

A Day Later

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Daisuke and Nathaniel's Room

Daisuke's side of the room is a bit cluttered but still neat as he has a few drawing pads piled up on his desk along with his art supplies along with a few pictures of his grandmother, brother and mother taped on the wall along with a poster from Cowboy Bebop. A drum pad sits folded up at the end of his bed. His desk has stacks of text books, CD's and a laptop on it. There are a few small chibi style anime figures on his desk and end-table.

It's been a day. A day since everything happened. Leo's… not been himself. He's not sparkly. He's not glowing. And he's actually not having any luck forcing any energy balls. But, sometimes, you give everything to save those that need it. He goes to Nathaniel's room and knocks lightly.

There's a long pause before the door opens, Nathaniel tilting his head to look out at Leo before he shifts back to open it and let him in. He has on a teeshirt and boxers, suggesting he likely has locked himself in here since he left the infirmary. Who knows where Daisuke is? He closes the door after Leo and moves back towards his tousled bed, a dozen discarded pieces of paper sporting a number of strange drawings in charcoal littering the floor. Voice quiet, he murmurs, "Hey, Leo." It's a far cry from the time he opened the door and pinned Leo to it for a greeting.

"Hi. How you feeling. Physically." Leo asks. Well, he states it, but it's still supposed to be a question. He doesn't ask about emotionally, because he knows. Everyone is suffering right now. Hero. Villain. Demon. Everything. Leo himself is having his own troubles. And he's worried. It's fairly obvious.

Nathaniel sits on the edge of his bed, scratching his fingers through his now lightened hair, "Um… okay, I guess. Good, actually. I have you to thank for that." He looks at Leo for a few seconds, then, with more hesitance than he ever would've before, he reaches out as if to take his hand, "A… are you all right?"

"You don't have to. You know how I am. I give everything." Leo says. When his hand is taken and he's asked… "Literally. Everything. I haven't got anything left." He says, looking down. There's no spark, no glimmer, no energy pouring from him on his touch. "I'll live." He says with a bit of a shrug. "I just… feel so odd. I slept last night. For nine hours. I forgot what that was like."

Nathaniel shakes his head and gives Leo's hand a small tug, "This happened before, though… when everyone lost their powers, remember? They'll come back…" He nods for Leo to sit down, if he wants to, though he makes no move to go any closer to him.

Leo… does sit down. "I don't know, this time." He says. "I purposefully did this. It may not come back. And if it doesn't… well… as long as they let me finish the school year so I can graduate." He says with a bit of a shrug. "I just… I wish I had more, so I can get the others out of it. At least I got you."

Nathaniel lifts his hand to rest it on the back of Leo's neck for a second before he withdraws it to hold his hand, looking down at it and rubbing his fingers gently, "I'm sorry… I did this to you." He shakes his head, then smiles wanly at Leo, "You'd have killed yourself trying, Leo."

"You didn't do this to me. You did that to you. I did this to me, to do THAT to you." Leo says firmly. "Someone had to do it. I'm the only one who could." He says, nodding as he looks at the ground. "Well, Dagger might have been able to, but… she's got her own issues. I just… I feel bad for Owen. I can't stop him anymore."

Nathaniel sighs all the same, scratching his hair again and turning away from Leo in order to plump up his pillow, "You don't know for sure if they're really gone, Leo. Just… give it time. You used up a lot of energy. You may just be burnt out… and don't worry about Owen. He'll find a way to handle it and… I don't know. Maybe I can help him, if… well. Nevermind. We'll all work something out." He drops back onto the bed, resting his head on the pillow and just looking up at Leo, his arm curled over his stomach while the other is tucked under the pillow itself, "It'll be okay… and there's no way they'll kick you out over this."

"I hope not. I'm only a few months from graduating. I… I guess I should seriously think about what to do after… if it doesn't come back." Leo says, rising from the bed as he yawns softly. "Just… to be safe." He looks down at Nate and nods. Yes, he still feels it. But it's now tied to worry and fear. And he can't bring himself to get the words out right now. Maybe sometime.

Nathaniel just smiles slightly in response to that quiet, nodding mildly in response, though some part of him looks distinctly broken. Nathan isn't a violent or hurtful person - partially because he knows how deep that well goes - and being the perpetrator has done some lasting damage. He doubts it is anywhere near as much as he has done to Robyn, though. He just sits up in order to take Leo's hand, kissing the back of his knuckles in an aching way, then letting them go and turning back to his bed, "It will… but it never hurts to plan ahead. You were trying to figure it out before, anyway. In the mean time… enjoy sleeping, right?"

"Of course. I'll see you in the morning? Don't… don't do anything stupid without talking to me. Or someone anyway." Leo says softly. With one more backward glance, he steps out the door just crossing the hall and down a little to get to his own room. Not far at all, but it feels like worlds away.

Nathaniel nods his head slightly, "I'll see you tomorrow… don't worry. I won't." He'll leave a note! Ahem. He listens to Leo leave, feeling everything tighten up again, and rises only to lock the door and go back to his misery.

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