2010-05-25: A Deadly Game


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Summary: A pack of gunmen attack Nowhere on Half-Off Margarita Night. Bruce, Corrin & Jono fight them off.

Log Title: The Deadly Game

Rating: PG (LV)

Mutant Town - Nowhere

Nowhere is a community bar, with a slightly old world feel. All of the tables and chairs are made of wood, though there are some couches in a slightly offset room with green fabric. The music varies, depending upon the Owner's music taste for the day. Beer and Liquor are both served, but are both carded for as well.
At the front of the bar, right as one walks in,is a large sign. "Superhuman friendly establishment. There will be no tolerance for disparaging remarks based on one's genetic status. Any fights will not be tolerated within the bar. The management holds no responsibility for where combatants are teleported."


The bar is actually a little more crowded than it tends to be on a Tuesday night. This perhaps has something to do with the manager accidentally ordering way too much Margarita mix. As a result the bar is offering half off Margaritas all week. This coupled with the heat the past cuple days has made Nowhere the place to be.
Bruce is currently standing behind the bar laughing with one of the patrons. He pushes a couple of margaritas toward the customers and turns back to chat with the other bartender for a moment. After that he comes around the bar to collect used glasses. Today Bruce is wearing camo shorts, a khaki button down shirt with the arms cut off, and his usual Akubra.

Corrin walks in and pauses in the doorway, looking around and letting his eyes adjust. Ah… bar. And bartender. Just the person he was looking for. He wends his way among the tables toward him.
Two hands on the bar, leaning in, trying to catch Bruce's attention. "Hey, barman? Excuse me? Can I speak to you for a moment?"

Dressed entirely too warmly for the weather, yet not a bit bothered by it, a thin fellow in black enters the crowded place. Can't remember the last time he hit somewhere like this, and it makes him long for English pubs. This bar is little like a pub, so it's a miracle he's thought of it. Not that Jonothon can drink, but he was in Mutant Town to see some friends and was told they were here. What he doesn't know is that they've already bar crawled on by towards stop number two of the evening. It's as he's searching that he spots Corrin leaning on the bar. A look of puzzlement and the Brit wends his way over for a better look.
Jono also looks entirely too young to be here.

The other bartender Bruce was just chatting with is Danny, the Asian 'cowboy' of the bar. Like usual he's in his cowboy hat and a tight t-shirt showing off his physique. It just helps to be that 'good looking bartender' since it helps with tips. As Corrin approaches Bruce, Danny looks to him. "Don't worry 'bout it, Ah can handle it." He says with his thick Southern accent as he turns to the next patron and gets their order, chatting a bit as he mixes their drinks.

Bruce finishes collecting bottles and glasses and steps back behind the bar. He glances over at Danny and holds up a hand, shaking his head. "I can grab a few." His own Australian accent coming through rather strongly. The two tend to get the highest number of tips and phone numbers out of the employees here, probably in part due to their accents. He points to a few of them to indicate the ones he will take and holds up a hand to Corrin. "Sorry, mate. Gotto wait your turn like everybody else." He pours a few margaritas and mixes a vodka-Sprite before getting to Corrin. "See? Weren't too bad, eh? What can I get ye?"

Corrin is patient; he waves to indicate yes, he'll wait, now that he's got Bruce's attention. He does eye Danny too, though—he should speak to both of them. But since Danny is at the far end of the bar, Bruce first. "Hi," he says, leaning over the bar and offering a hand for shaking. "My name's Corrin. I was involved in defending against both shoot-'em-ups that happened in the last week, and I want to ask if you've seen anyone like the guys who did it hanging around…"
He would go on with a description of said guys, except that's when the door blows in. The room erupts in shouts of surprise and no few screams; Bruce, since he's facing Corrin at the moment, can see what looks like a canister of tear gas lobbing in through the now empty doorway….

And there's this guy at Corrin's elbow suddenly, listening. Jonothon's brows arch, but he says nothing. No, if he talks he'll interrupt Corrin! As it stands he's also watching the man, trying to place his features. Is this the guy who saved him the other day? Jono also stays because he wants to know too. More of those guys? There's been talk, but he wasn't sure it was rumor.

Bruce listens to Corrin as he talks, waving over to Danny as he leaves and is replaced by a female bartender. "I heard about that. Said they was up on the rooftops." The Australian frowns, "But I didn't hear nothin' about anybody's face er nothin. I'd not allow anybody like that to survive leaving this bar if they came in." And then there's tear gas coming through the door.
Bruce jumps up immediately and flicks a switch under the counter. The lights in the bar go up and the music shuts off. "Everybody down!" He charges to the left and knocks down the other bartender, "That means you, Lil!" Bruce then charges into the back room and out the back door of the bar. This is his attack strategy? To run away?

Corrin twists to look behind himself and winces—odd pains in his back (he's got some splinters there.) "Ho, boy," he mutters, as the lights go up and the music goes down and people are shrieking and stampeding away from the rising pall of stinking vapor.
He looks around-Bruce out the back? Good idea! "People! Exit thataway! Go go go!" Push the nearest person in that direction-which is Jono. "Go! Get out of here!" He turns for the front door… blink. Ah… forms in the fog….

What?! Jonothon doesn't grasp what the problem is to start. Too many people, too much sound and chaos. Lights go up, and the man realizes the smoke is billowing. «Christ.» He doesn't move though for the room is certainly a mess in fairly short order, even as he's pushed. No, he motions a sigh he can't make and is suddenly on fire. Sorry, Corrin, but the Brit has no idea that's what made the man run all those days ago.
Can't use his powers without the psy-fire coming out to play! And what Jonothon does is manipulate the smoke. Tendrils of fire reach out and he tries to push most the smoke back outside. «Don't you idiots learn?» Exasperation. And yes, people around Mutant Town had been whispering of the burning man who helped stop the shootings. Burning man and the glowing one.

The female bartender stands up and looks rather annoyed. She props up the part of the bar that they open to get into the back and follows Bruce out the back door. Many of the patrons run out that way as well. The crowd stops for a moment as Bruce reenters the bar, towing a large amount of sand with him as he moves.
Bruce stops once he's inside, surveying the situation. "Good thing I decided to keep a bit of insurance out back." He hops over the bar and the sand behind him flows under the bar. It encircles him in a ring as he steps between Jono and Corrin. "Alright fellas, you staying too? First thing's first. We get everyone out. Then we kill those bastards."
Multiple things happen at once: Jono lights up. Corrin half jumps out of his skin and the sound he makes as he bolts to the corner next to the front window, away from Jono, is not one anyone wants to hear a grown man make. Any thought has disappeared; Jono might get a "!!!!!" off him.
The smoke will push… but then the front window shatters and two more gas grenades sail in. One lands on the bar and skids along it even as Bruce is coming back in through the back door. One of the patrons eeks and jumps over the bar to grab an ice bucket; he slams it down over the grenade. The other one bursts with a dull WHOOMP! of displaced air.

Jonothon doesn't have time for Corrin right now, much less Bruce. For all he'll be boggling over Corrin later. What the hell? There are gas canisters to be thrown back outside the windows and bullets to be stopping. Can't do much about the gas already inside thanks to having to shift priorities, but with the canisters outside perhaps that will help. The Brit doesn't move from his spot, and he just stands there for the most part, but the fire around him is very active. It's the one scooping up gas canisters and sending them back outside. The fire is what catches the bullets heading his way. Gotta collect them all!

Bruce is slightly distracted by the grenades as they erupt around him. The first grenade is stopped by the patron with the bucket, the second goes off right in front of Bruce. Sand continues to stream into the bar behind him. It seems those unmarked crates he stuck back there were filled with sand just in case something like this were to happen. Jono removes the canister and recieves a quick "Thanks mate!" before Bruce moves into action himself. He spreads out the sand in front of the bar and forms a wall, protecting the patrons as tey escape through the back. He manages to block a few bullets as they come toward him with the excess sand, but he ends up being struck in the left shoulder and a bullet grazes his right flank.

Corrin is covered in glass and takes more than a few nasty cuts. Inside or outside, the grenades are close enough to him that he's getting a double lungful of the contents, and he's coughing his guts out because of it. Between that and the pyrophobia, he's not of any use whatsoever at the moment.
He's also not glowing, which is a good thing. Two armed, armored and gas-masked men come in through the front window, while another comes in through the front door. All are firing on full auto. Out back, someone else is firing on semi-auto… and it probably isn't a bar patron.

Jonothon must be crazy, for he's ignoring the bullets that he can't catch, and are tearing at clothing and flesh. Most of the projectiles he catches. «So help me, you are going to learn sometime!» Eyes are blazing as a bullet slides through his ruffling hair, and the bullets he caught are elongated into spikes. Hands lifting, Jono finally makes a gesture, and the floor beneath him flows. The tables liquefy, and he sprays the entire front of the bar with metal and wood spikes. Now if only he could be in two places at once. «The back!» Shouted, mostly at Bruce. «I can handle up here.»

Bruce grabs his shoulder and grimmaces slightly before turning at the sound of the gunfire in the back. He doesn't need to be told twice. "Lil!" He seems to run through the sand wall he created, but his clothing falls to the floor in the front area. It seems that he couldn't bring them with him for some reason. He tightens the sand on the wall before running out the back door. A few patrons have run back inside and he doesn't want Bruce darts out the back door and weaves through the crowd in nothing but his underwear. All of his sand is inside of the bar, but that doesn't mean he's down. He stops suddenly and covers his eyes as there is a blinding flash of light. It seems a few of the mutants are fighting back out here. Judging by that flash the other bartender is alright, but now the other attacker is just firing randomly into the crowd.

Spikes and splinters sleet through the front part of the bar, stabbing into the floor, the walls—and the bad guys. And Corrin.
The bad guys yell. One stops firing, but the other one hoses the place, screaming something about effin' muties and their effin' powers, and why don't you effers all just die already?! And yes, 'effers' is the word he uses.

Corrin yells in pain, but the spikes have one good effect on him — they snap his terror. Agh! I'm hit! I'm… Jesus, there's smoke and gas and I can barely breathe and did everyone get out? He can't see Jono at the moment, because of the gas… he can't see *anything* at the moment because of the gas. He blinks a couple of times, but the form he can see coming toward him out of the fog isn't a patron — it's a spiked bad guy, stumbling around and trying to find the front window, where he came in. Corrin will help him out… with a judo throw. Wulp!

Out back, people are stampeding back toward the door into the bar. Bruce will stumble over the first body — a living one, as it happens: Bill is doing his tortoise thing, and the bullets have no effect on him. But Susan wasn't so lucky — she's lying just beyond him, whimpering and bleeding. Bill is trying to get over her, prevent more bullets from hitting her, but he's a man-sized tortoise, so he isn't moving too fast. Others are also injured, stumbling on their way back in. Bruce can figure the bullets are coming from 'up', but it isn't clear where 'up', at this time. Also? More than one gun up there…!

SHRK-PHOOOM! Comes from Jonothon as the gunman sprays the area again. Mainly because that bloody well hurts. The thin man in black rocks back as he's hit, and then he simply blasts. No where near the spread he can get with spikes, but the wall near the window isn't there anymore. (Aiming not to hit Corrin, so windowness may vary.) Hopefully the effer yelling one isn't either. «Little toerag.» Right effing back at you! Jono is pulling punches, and trying not to kill, but that doesn't mean he can't hospitalize a guy.
Christ, this is awful. Who are these guys? He knows what their aim is, but what's the true goal. Just kill randomly people in Mutant Town?

Bruce is in the back alley ushering people back into the bar. "Move it folks, stay behind that wall. Lil!" The other bartender is shooting beams of bright light randomly at the sky. Looks like the other shooters are up on the rooftop. Not something he can't handle but something he'd prefer to have a bit more sand for. "Lil get inside. There's a girl hurt right outside the door." She gives him a confused look as she spots him in his underwear, but she does as she's told and runs back with the others.
Bruce immediately dissipates into s sandstorm and swirls up to the rooftops. He can't see while in sand form, but he's also extremely difficult to hurt right now. He dissipates slightly to try and determine where the attackers are right now. He senses a human-shaped void where his sands cannot enter and congregates at this point, spinning around the man like a mini sand cyclone.

Any windowness remaining in the front room disappears in Jono's blast. Both the effer and Corrin are knocked outside, as well—so much for trying not to aim at the ally. Corrin did have his force field up, though, so he's more shaken up than hurt.One part of his mind is keeping track of in and out, and it is telling him, "You're out and the burning man is in," which is a relief so strong that he actually grins, even though he's flat on his back in the street. As he gets up, he's thinking, "Time to go hunting." The sword appears in his hand.

There's one more bad guy inside with Jono. He slips along the wall clockwise from the door and when the sound of the blast passes by him, he figures where the source is and pours bullets into that space. Lead for Starsmore!

The human-shaped void yells as the sandstorm engulfs him and he bats at it — as if that might help. He stumbles to his feet and heads backward across the roof, trying to get out of the mess. His buddies look — but what do you do about a sandstorm? One of them gets out another gas canister, on the theory it can't make things worse, and lobs it into the whirling grit. WHOOMP!

The source is fairly easy to see even with the smoke. Jonothon's on fire after all. He lifts an arm in a futile effort to shield himself from the bullets. Was distracted in the blasting. Not that anyone is near him to feel it, but the Brit near visibly shifts the air for the pain he feels. You know, maybe he should avoid Mutant Town. He keeps getting shot at here. Staggers back, drops to a knee as bullets tear through him, but he blasts again. The remaining gunman inside the bar. Poor Bruce. Hopefully they rebuild.

Bruce can't really tell that another smoke canister has been thrown at him. The smoke particles are too small for him to be able to detect and since sand cannot see and does not breathe, it seems to have no effect. Bruce picks up his speed and buffets the man with sands traveling 130 MPH. The man staggers backwards and falls off the side of the building. Bruce spreads out again and searches for his next target, finding him and moving in to repeat his process on the second gunman. The third seems to decide now would be a good time to run away. He darts toward the fire escape to get back down to ground level.

Corrin encounters a bad guy at the corner of the building Nowhere is in. The man sees him first — Corrin glows. He takes a three-round burst of bullets body-center and it knocks him flat. That hurts! And it's going to leave a bad bruise. However, it won't stop him — he lunges with the sword, catching the man in the leg. It won't cut him, but it gives a nasty bruise in return for the one received, and the bad guy falls over, yelping. Corrin goes to work with the sword on his body. The weapons fall into pieces, and the clothing swiftly becomes rags. Corrin does not stop….

There's a brick wall, reinforced with steel beams, and backed by another brick wall, right behind the bad guy Jono just blasted. The blast dents the wall but doesn't break it; the man between blast and wall is seriously squashed. Broken ribs, both sides, and that's just the start. This man won't hurt anyone for a very long time… assuming he survives the patrons of the bar, who are peering through the door to the back room and are realizing hey, that was the last bad guy in here….

Yes! Dive down the fire escape! Rooftop bad guy number three is taking two steps per flight of stairs, barely slower than a free fall. He's yelling into his radio: "There's more of them this time! Evac! Evac! Evac!" …Which only goes to show how dumb these guys are at heart. They attacked a popular nightspot… in MUTANT TOWN. Of course there are more powered types there than usual!

On hands and knees after the blast, Jonothon's concentrating on putting himself together in the aftermath. Hopefully he doesn't get shot at again, for he desperately needs a rest. If a brief one. That and his eyes are watering something awful. Stupid smoke. Sure he can't breathe, but he's still somewhat affected. Doesn't even know if he hit with that second blast. For now he's going to try and recover. Using his TK isn't quite easy for him, but blasting always drains his strength fairly quickly.

Bruce risks returning to human form long enough to punch his current opponent in the throat. The man goes down and chokes for a few minutes before Bruce stomps on his back, sending him down. Lucky for the assailant Bruce is barefoot at the moment. The Australian looks around and sees no other opponents. He drags the downed man to the edge of the building and shakes him, holding his head and shoulders out over the edge. "Alright you filthy little monkey. How about you tell me what this was all about. Who the bloody hell are you working for?" The man that fell off the side appears to have landed in a pile of boxes. He may actually survive if the patrons don't get to him.

The guy in Bruce's hands goggles up at him. Barefoot man… bare man. "Bwahahaha!" He can't help himself. "You… you're… BWAHAHAHA!" He may be a short push to a long fall, but that isn't stopping him. "Don't you get it, loser? It's points! You're all points, and the one as gets the most gets in! HAHAHAH-URK!" Because Bruce doubtless does something painful to him about then.

The patrons filtering back into the main part of the bar head for Jono, first. "Man? You okay, man? Can you stand?" They aren't filtering fast—the place still has a nasty amount of tear gas around.

Outside, Corrin has stripped his victim down to the skin, leaving more than a few bruises behind… but only bruises. "All right, scumbag. Get going. And hope the locals don't get you before your friends do." Oh yes, they call him the Streak…!

There's a nod and the Brit accepts a hand up if it's there. «M'fine.» It's not quite a clear word, but will serve. Jonothon's clothing shows sign of the abuse he's taken, but by the time he's found that's the only part that looks abused. The rest of him is messy, but fine. Feeling rather like Magneto did the weekly stomping on his head, but still alive. The psy-fire is gone too. Too tired for that. «Thanks.» For the help of the patrons. «Did anyone call for 911?» Not for the cops, but for medical teams!

Oh yes, Bruce does something unfriendly to the man. Let's just say he may have trouble making babies in the future, assuming Bruce lets him live through the night. "POINTS!?" He shakes the man violently and almost tosses him off the roof right then. "This is a game to you? You destroyed my bar, you shot at my patrons, you shot ME and you nearly killed poor Lil." He looks furious right now and spits a bit as he yells. "Who keeps score? What do you get to join if you get enough points?"

The guy Bruce is interrogating can't talk right now; he's busy gasping and whimpering. The guy down in the boxes is yelling and trying to beat off three ladies from the bar—one is beating on him with her bony, out-sized fists, one is spitting goop on him, and the third is pulling handfuls of hair off her body and throwing it into the goop. Never mind stripping him; it's a mutant version of tar and feathering.

The patrons help Jono up, then advance on the downed bad guy inside the bar. They are muttering very dark things… and then Corrin's stripped guy runs past, wide-eyed and clutching himself. The idea appeals… so when the sirens screech to a halt in front of the bar, there is another stripped man outside for them to deal with.

Jonothon decides to make himself scarce. Authorities are called, and he has no idea what Bruce has learned. So going to have to come back and ask though. Going to have to see if he can't find Corrin again. Now though, the Brit disappears into the crowd, moving off as he did the first attack.

Bruce hears the sirens and glares down at the man he's holding. looks like he won't be getting any answers out of this one. He decides to let the man go…Over the side. The man will land on the edge of a dumpster. If he survives he'll never walk again. The falling body causes a few of the patrons to look up. Bruce folds his arms and looks down, frowning. He'll need to disappear for a little while. He did rob a bank with those sand powers, and he has no desire to answer any questions right now. He'll go home and treat his injuries. Later on he'll decide what to do about the bar.

Corrin jacks himself up onto the roof from the busted fire escape on the building next door. He pauses there, brushing himself off, eyeing the edge of the roof where he came up. Frowning, he starts pacing the perimeter, pausing to examine the short parapet every now and then. He doesn't touch anything, he just looks… and sometimes he looks up, at the buildings all around this one. By the time he hops over the parapet onto the roof of Nowhere's building, he has a theory building in his head as to how the bad guys are getting onto the roofs, when, and from where.

Corrin jacks himself up onto the roof from the busted fire escape on the building next door. He pauses there, brushing himself off, eyeing the edge of the roof where he came up. Frowning, he starts pacing the perimeter, pausing to examine the short parapet every now and then. He doesn't touch anything, he just looks… and sometimes he looks up, at the buildings all around this one. By the time he hops over the parapet onto the roof of Nowhere's building, he has a theory building in his head as to how the bad guys are getting onto the roofs, when, and from where.

Corrin startles at being addressed—he was concentrating that much. "What? Oh, yes. I'm all right." He tips his head and looks Bruce up and down. "That looks… cold."
He'll look away then, back toward the roof. "I think they picked this place for three reasons. One, lots of targets. They positioned themselves there and there," he points to different places on the roof, "to cover the back door. I'm betting there was another team covering the front, probably on that roof over there." He turns and points off across the street. "They would have bugged out when the others got beat. They'll be back, though." He looks ten years older, saying that.

Bruce frowns as he follows the other man's gaze. "Right. The sniper I picked up on the roof didn't tell me anything useful. Just that it was some sort of game. We're all worth points. Once they get enough they "get in". He didn't say what that meant. Probably won't be able to now." He glances back over the railing at the two he tossed over. One of them seems to have gotten away. "Now that the bar's gone, they'll need another high population target."

Corrin thinks. "School. Clinic. Got any street parties planned? Any protests?" He looks toward Bruce. "These guys are young and relatively well-armed. They make an attempt at uniform. They talk mil-speak. What does all that say to you?" He edges over to a corner and looks down at the flashing lights of the police cars and ambulances below. "I see there aren't many people taking advantage of the EMTs. I'm betting they're afraid to come out in the open." And another look at Bruce. "Two guesses if that's part of what they want, too. First guess doesn't count."

Bruce sighs and shakes his head. "If I had to guess? The US military. They're sending out troops to pick off mutants. In the process they're learning about our abilities and figuring out ways to fight against us. To the media it will look like random violence, but they're too well trained and too well armed. Probably whoever can kill the strongest mutants will get into some sort of special task force."

Corrin blinks at Bruce a couple of times. He wants to reject the theory, but… there's nothing here to say otherwise. "Hazing," he says at last. "Going after us, it's like hazing. Like young guys doing stupid stuff to prove themselves to each other." But why? He runs a hand through his hair. "Maybe for military. But more likely paramilitary." His confidence comes back on that and his hand drops back to his side. "It's an attempt at a uniform. Why would the government do that? They'd either give them a uni or they'd tell 'em go civvies."

Bruce shrugs at that. "It's possible. I mean, they may be some para-military organization, but I wouldn't put it past the actual military to do something like that. Trust me, I was in the military once. To them Mutants are weapons or threats." By the sound of his accent that probably wasn't the American military. "They wouldn't give them US uniforms, no. And going in civvies is a bad idea when your enemies will be dressed the same. Could just be training exercises. Trying to draw out the more powerful mutants so they can take us out or learn about us."

Corrin makes a face. "Training exercises. Yes." He crosses his arms. "These events are…" He pauses. "Yes. Events." He does a slow circle on his heel, spinning in place. "If these are exercises, they'll have spotters in place to watch what happens. Safe watch points. Hell, they might be watching the two of us right now." He looks back to Bruce. "You might want a slightly more dignified outfit than briefs. Even a Speedo would be an improvement."

Bruce looks around at the mention of spotters. "Not necessarily human spotters, maybe cameras." He scans the area but sees nothing suspicious. "And unfortunately I can't turn me clothes into sand, just these special boxers I had made at the costume shop. And a suit that I didn't happen to be wearing when they attacked." He shrugs, "Whatever. I'll show up on their wanted poster in me skivvies."

Corrin spreads his hands. "Up to you." He fingers the scars running down the side of his face. "Wanted posters." He shakes his head and comes over to offer his hand. "Thank you for everything you've done tonight, Mister…?" What he doesn't know about the man dead doesn't have to be part of this.

Bruce raises an eyebrow at the mention of wanted posters. Bruce's wanted posters aren't so detailed, so he assumes the man is talking about himself. He takes Corrin's hand and shakes it. "Folks round here just call me Bruce. And thanks for your help. And Mr. Explode, too…Though Lil's gonna have a fit when she sees the front bar." He shrugs "Ah well. I'm sure less mutants died cause of you two."

Corrin flinches at the mention of 'Mr. Explode'. Not a subject he wants to discuss. "Bruce. An honor to meet you. I mentioned that I'm Corrin. I was going to ask you if you'd seen anyone suspicious hanging around… but I guess this whole affair puts paid to that. —I think these guys have someone inside Mutant Town. They know the terrain. They appear and disappear. That's not the work of strangers."

Bruce nods, "Right, wouldn't have remembered your name. Introduced yourself right as we were attacked. And yeah, probably have somebody on the inside, or maybe someone who used to live here before it became Mutant town." He ponders for a moment, "Though they did seem to know the bar would be crowded tonight, otherwise they'r probably wait for a weekend to attack the bar." He shrugs again and just shakes his head. "Either way, I think I should probably head back. Gotto get these patched up before I go septic." He motions to the wound on his shoulder and the one on his flank. If they end up being more than he can handle he'll see one of those special doctors that don't ask questions.

"Oh, right… sorry." Corrin backs up. "Sorry. Shouldn't have kept you. Good night, then, Bruce." He turns away to go back the way he came, then stops and says, "Bruce? Take care of yourself. You saved lives tonight… maybe even mine. I appreciate that. So you know."

Bruce just chuckles at the man. "Course I did. Not gonna let anyone take out my people. You take care of yourself as well." He offers a quick salute before turning to sand and seeming to blow away toward his apartment building. He'll find his clothes tomorrow sometime.

~ Fin ~

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