2009-02-23: A Different Lesson


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Summary: Drew curls up to a sleeping Kaden and they find out a little bit more about each other.

Date: February 23, 2009

A different lesson

Rating: PG

Keith's Penthouse

Last night Kaden stayed up a bit late watching some movie on television. He didn't get to the end before he passed out and he's still asleep on the couch this morning. It looks like someone took his shoes and shirt off and put a blanket over him in the meantime though. Even though he has a black eye at the moment he looks sort of peaceful in his sleep.

Coming out of his room, Drew sees the sleeping Kaden. He's currently shirtless himself, but wearing shorts. Deciding to himself that that looks like a comfortable place to be, he joins Kaden on the couch, curling up against him. His own head is kept at a lower level than Kaden's, just because it's how he feels is appropriate. He notes the damage, but doesn't say anything just yet, preferring to have quiet time.

There are a few bruises on his chest as well and it's looks like Kaden got into some kind of fight again. As Drew curls up against him, he shifts slightly but doesn't wake up quite yet. It's not until about five minutes later that the body next to him causes him to snap awake. "Get your own bed." He grumbles, not yeat realzing he's on the couch.

"You're not in bed. You're on the couch. We're all allowed to sit on the couch. And I wanted to curl up. You're comfy." Drew says, looking up at Kaden and giving him that pearly smile. "You ok?" He asks, innocently as he lays there, NOT moving away. "But if that's all the negative response I'd get from curling up on your bed, I'll be sure to come in there from time to time."

Kaden blinks and looks around realizing that he's not in his room but on the couch. He can't justifibly grumble about that. "I'm fine, I guess I just fell asleep out here." He says still groggy from just waking up. At Drew's last comment though, Kaden puts his hand on Drew to push him off of him but realizes that he actually doesn't mind and sighs. "God you're like a needy kid or something."

"I am. I'm under 18, therefore technically a kid. And I do need. I need you." Drew says, leaving it at that. "I meant with the eye and the bruises. Is everything ok? Did I miss something?" He asks, nuzzling up closer again, since Kaden doesn't seem to be pushing very hard.

Kaden smiles and looks at Drew, but doesn't say anything. He knows it's obvious the feeling is mutual. "Yeah I'm okay and everything's fine. Dmitri was trying to teach me control of my powers. God I don't know if I fucking hate that guy or not." Kaden says confused as to Dmitri's methods of 'teaching'. "It did help a bit. Oh and Dmitri left something here to give to you, I think Keith had it."

Drew thinks for a moment on things. "Knowing Dmitri, he pulled you in in a way that you couldn't resist. Physical violence and verbal abuse?" He asks, having been around Dmitri long enough to see that he responds differently to each elemental. With Drew, he's a solid and calming presence. With Keith, he's as mobile and moveable as dust. "Do you want some steak or anything? To take down the swelling? I could kiss it and make it better." He offers.

Kaden scowls as he says that. "He's such a fucking tool. He made it so my feet were trapped and made me fucking heat his place." Even though that wasn't really what happened Kaden will bitch and stick to it that way. "And no, I don't need you to kiss it and make it better, it's a black eye not some….I don't know." He says before calming down. "No, it's been a few days, I think it'll be okay."

"I didn't ask if you NEEDED me to. I said I wanted to." Drew says, with a bit of a shrug. Hey, he is right next to one of the bruises on Kaden's chest. Demonstrating his mention, he does just that. "Ok. I just worry about you." He says, with a bit of a shrug. "Oh, he could have heated it on his own. He just wanted you to do it to get a little more control."

Kaden is about to say something but Drew kisses his chest and he tenses up. "Don't do that." He says but it's not in an annoyed tone, probably be cause he's confused that he doesn't mind it. "I don't know, it's like I want to hate Dmitri but I don't." And that's what it is, he's pissed at what Dmitri did but inside he knows that he was only doing it to help him.

"You're overcomplicating things. You're starting to understand that it wasn't to hurt you, but to help. That's good." Drew says, looking up. "And… wait. Kaden. You didn't have that edge in your voice…" He says, pausing for confusion.

Kaden looks at Drew with confusion back. "What do you mean?" He doesn't really understand what Drew is getting at, but he goes on anyway. "I dunno but I did spend the night in his cave, maybe cause I was too pissed at Xane, god I thought I was the asshole among us." He grumps.

"What happened?" Drew asks, before leaning in to do the same thing that didn't make Kaden mad before. "You didn't have that angry edge when I kissed you. You just said don't. Are… are you getting used to things?" He asks, a smile creeping over his eyes.

"I dunno, I tried to talk to him about that whole food thing and he just blew up at me and I got pissed back, Keith tried to make things better. We'll see." Kaden says willing to give Xane a chance. Though he does scowl at Drew's last words. "I don't know, I just find it hard to get mad at you."

"Well, what did he say? That way we can figure out why he would get mad, love." Drew says, shrugging softly. "Maybe you actually don't mind me. But then again, I am girly enough to pass." He sighs, softly, looking down.

Kaden blinks in surprise as Drew calling him love. "Ar…are you flirting with me? I'm not gay Drew, we're friends right?" But it sounds like he's more trying to convince himself he's not attracted to the other spirit. "And you're not girly. I don't think you are." He doesn't answer the question about Xane but does tense a bit comfortably but it's not because of Drew.

"I flirt with everyone. And dude, I'm hardly 'gay' per se." Drew shrugs. "I love people. Regardless of who they are or what sex they are. I'm just… quite happy that you're able to deal with me a little better now. I can be myself a little more." He says, giving a half-smile up to Kaden as he runs a hand through his hair. "Please. I like to touch and be touched. I like to do all these things that are generally more girly."

"You say that like I've had lots of experience with and around girls." Kaden says as he really doesn't know much about girls at all. "And just because I can deal with you better doesn't mean that I still want to see you walking around naked." He says shaking his head. "I don't know, I've just never…felt…this close to anyone before."

"I didn't say I was gonna be naked." Drew chuckles softly. "I'm just glad that you're getting used to me. And the fact that I like snuggling." He grins, moving up a little higher to look at Kaden from eye level. "And it's only gay if that's the only thing you want. Has nothing to do with who you like. So there." He sticks out his tongue.

Kaden can't help but give that small smile as Drew sticks his tounge out. "You're such a kid." He teases. "And I don't know what I want, I just know…I like spending time with you." He admits as there's something about being around Drew that just makes him feel comfortable and almost safe. "I like being friends with you."

"I can deal with that." Drew says with a nod. "And you're obviously not upset with the snuggliness. So that makes me quite happy. Now… if I could just see if you liked certain other things. And no, I'm not talking about sex."

"You're almost always happy anyway." Kaden says but he's more teasing Drew than anything else and he goes wide eyed as Drew mentions 'other things' but it fades when he says he's not talking about sex. "Do I even want to know about what you mean by 'other things'?"

"While yeah, it would be nice, I know you're not ready for anything like that." Drew chuckles. "Just nice things. Like, I bet you would enjoy a nice rubdown or a massage after a work-out or a fighting session." Drew says with a nod. "I mean, I'm sure you'd like it if it came from someone you trusted. Like me." Drew says with a nod.

"I do trust you Drew." Kaden says but it's that tone that suggests a but to it. "I don't really work out or fighting session? You mean like after Dmitri kicks the crap out of me again?" He says as he does put an arm around him to to cuddle with him back. "Just keep being my friend okay?"

"Of course. But then, I'd be more, if you ever wanted, too. But I won't pressure." Drew nods, smiling at the returned cuddling. He's extremely happy at the moment. It's a good thing.

Kaden stays quiet as anything he really doesn't know what to say. He stays quiet for a while, just lying there with Drew pondering things. Eventually he does say something. "I'm fine with the way things are." Like, again, he's more trying to tell himself that.

"I'm fine with how things are. And with how things could be." Drew says, rubbing his nose against the other nearby one for just a few seconds. "You do know that, right? That I'd never intentionally do anything to hurt you or to bother you, right?" He wants to be sure that Kaden knows that. After all, it's one of those things.

Kaden pulls back a little as Drew rubs his nose against his, his emotions are just confusing him right now. "I..I know." And Drew's actually proven that to him time and time again. "Just like I don't like getting mad at you, I know it's not you I'm mad but me just trying to find something to be annoyed with." He admits.

Drew nods. "K. Just makin' sure." He says. Bashfully, he raises a hand and brushes it through Kaden's hair. On impulse, he leans forward, just giving a soft, light kiss to the other elemental. He has intentions of pulling back, really, but not for a few seconds.

Kaden goes wided eyed in surprise as Drew gives him a soft light kiss, but after the initial shock, he does something unexpected, even to himself. He relaxes into the kiss and returns it, granted it's a bit awkward but it is returned, his hand even tightening his grip a bit on the water spirit, but not enough to hurt him.

That surprises Drew, but he gives a happy little squeak before he does pull back. His face, however, is radiant with enjoyment as he looks at Kaden. "Thank you." He says, softly. Hey, it's a start. And something that really wasn't expected for the water spirit.

Kaden is just confused and he doesn't understand why he just did that, well he does but he can't really make sense of it. A part of him just wants to run away in embarassement but instead he leans his head forward where it stops against Drew's. He doesn't have the excuse of emotion altering food this time.

"Kaden?" Drew asks softly. "Are you alright with that?" Drew is too nice of a guy to let it bother someone. It's just his nature to make sure things are ok. Really ok. "I'll stop if you want." He says, moving slightly, to prove that he'll go back to another area if that's what the other spirit wants.

"I'm..I'm just confused Drew." Kaden admits but he does put a hand on Drew so that he won't move away. "I like you, I wanted to do that, but I..this..I'm not used to it. You..you're…I really do care for you Drew, a lot. I'm just..confused."

"If you care about someone and you want to do things like that, then it's a good thing. There's nothing at all to be ashamed of, afraid of, or worried about. Nobody here will be upset about anything like that." Drew says happily. "And honestly, it makes me… I feel really good about it. I'm happy that you wanted to share that with me." Drew says, trying to put it into an easy to understand way. "And am more than willing to let you show that more often." He wrinkles his nose playfully."

Kaden honestly cares for and loves Drew, he just has a difficult time saying that 'l' word. "Drew…I…you…thanks." He says as he's still conflicted but at least he knows that Drew won't go running. He does bring a hand up to brush back some of Drew's hair and he smiles at him, and it's a bit more than that half smile. "I just like you being happy. It makes me…" He doesn't want to say happy but he's not sure what word to use. "feel good?" Such a wrong choice of words.

"That's the face I've been wanting to see." Drew says, softly at the smiling Kaden. "I do understand. It's the same thing I want for you. To not have to worry about someone being there. To know they will be, you know? I'm not going anywhere without you, K. Period." He says. If he could fly, he would be right now.

Kaden can't help but give Drew a tight hug. "This is really hard for me to say but…I love you." He gets out and he speaks really quietly and it does sound like he has difficulty saying it, but it's true. "And I don't want to go anywhere without you by my side."

Of course, hearing that from Kaden elicits another kiss from the Drew, one a little less chaste before he pulls back. "I'm fine with that. Completely fine with that." He nods quickly. "But we'd better get off the couch and stop for now, before someone else wakes up and comes down here. I'm sure you're not wanting the world to see us all makey-outtie."

Kaden returns the kiss, he's still confused by it but he knows he likes it. He does blush a nice shade of red at Drew's words. "Breakfast…how about breakfast…cereal or something." He says not moving just more embarassed about the idea of Keith walking in to see him kissing Drew, Keith's teasing wouldn't end.

"Breakfast is fine." Drew nods, happily as he rises from the couch. "You wanna make, or should I?" He asks, chuckling softly as he moves to get a shirt from his bedroom.

"All I can make is cereal and cut up fruit." Kaden says still a bit flustered, but not in a bad way. He grabs his shirt that's somewhere around the couch and puts it on, not caring it was the same shirt he was wearing yesterday, hell he slept in his jeans on the couch.

"You don't have to worry about it, Kaden." Drew says with a chuckle as he comes out with his own shirt on. "I can't cook either, I just remember what my rents used to make. I can grow things, and I can eat them. But cooking… nah."

"Actually Xane or Jon might be teaching me to cook some simple things, but right now cereal and oranges sound okay?" Kaden says as he's less flustred now and seems more relaxed and more like a person who doesn't hate the world.

"Fine with me, babe. Whatever you like." Drew chuckles happily.

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