2010-02-06: A Failure To Communicate


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Summary: It looks like things are going well between Robyn and Lucas until they…..disagree.

Date: February 6, 2010

Log Title A Failure To Communicate

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The lobby of Ramsey Dormitories has two elevators at one end of the wall along with the entrance to a cafeteria. On the wall are three pictures that say 'In memory of'. One is of Douglas Ramsey, another of John Proudstar and the last one is of Jean Grey. There are several couches and tables down here for students to relax. Large windows in the front and sides allow for a lot of light in the room.

It's early in the morning and where Robyn usually sleeps in on the weekends, he's already up, dressed and hanging around the lobby of the dorms. He sits on the couch with a duffel bag next to him and on the table nearest him is the beginnings of a clay sculpture sealed tight in a plastic bag. He's got his eyes closed as he listens to his headphones, maybe some techno sounding music can be heard coming through.

Lucas is up early, not really one who sleeps well these days. He has a thick biology textbook in his hand, passing through the lobby towards the kitchen. He notices Robyn and pauses. There's a moment of debate, and then he moves a little closer, ignoring the boy, and leaning close to look at the sculpture, squinting a bit to make it out through the bag.

Robyn doesn't want to be up this early so he's half asleep while he waits, thus why he doesn't notice Lucas right away. Looking through the plastic it seems like a the beginnings of a figure of some sort, not much detail but it's a male and seems something in the fantasy variety by the flowing cloak taking shape. With the song change in his mp3 player, Robyn opens his eyes and jumps slightly. "Oh. Lucas, you startled me."

Lucas glances at Robyn. "Runnin' away?" he asks, looking back at the sculpture, and then standing up straight. He tilts his head a bit to the side, studying the other teen.

Robyn looks at Lucas like he's a bit crazy and says slowly, "No, I'm visiting my parents. It's just for the weekend." He decided a while a go that running away was kind of stupid. "I'm just waiting for a ride to pick me so I can get to the train. I'll be back tomorrow night." He was supposed to leave last night but things came up so he's heading home the first thing this morning.

Lucas nods a little, "Oh." He uses his giant gloved hand to smash his hair up on top of his head, out of his eyes. "Where… Um… Where are your folks?" he asks, as if trying to be nice was the second hardest thing he's ever done. He glances around, making sure no one saw, before looking back at Robyn.

"Brooklyn." Robyn answers as he pulls out his headphones and turns off his mp3 player, cutting off the industrial music he was losing himself in. "It's not to far but they don't have a car, and I can't drive, so I have to wait on someone to drive me to the train station."

Lucas nods a little, "Ah." He sighs a bit, and nods a little more. "Hey… Sorry about… You know, us havin' ta do the boathouse thing." He shrugs, "Ah know that sorta sucks…"

Robyn shrugs. "I punched you, I shouldn't have, we're just doing what was needed. I'm just feel I more screwed up in letting Addison and Jono down." He pushes his hair out of his face but it just flops back anyway. "I've never gotten in trouble for fighting as I was always the one who…well..I've just never been a trouble maker." He says with a slight smirk.

Lucas grins a little, "Seriously?" He chuckles, "Hell, Ah reckon Trouble's becomin' my Xman codename 'round here." He shrugs, "You really give a shit what those two think?" He scrunches the corner of his mouth, a quick gesture of not really getting it. "Why?"

"And why do you care that the only opinion people think of you is an asshole?" Robyn says as the question kind of irritates him for unknown reasons. "Addison, he gives me private training with my powers, and every morning I have to see him to make sure that I don't end up absorbing all the mental energy from one of the other students. Addison, he's looked out for me several times, he was there for me at one of my worst moments. And Jono, he's nice, he cares. He came after me when I ran away and took the time to just get to know me and just helped, a lot. He listened when I needed someone too."

Lucas rolls his eyes a bit, not answering the question. "Ah reckon you're just lucky to get that special attention then." He sighs, and looks back at the clay sculpture, which is apparently safer territory. "What's that gonna be? Ah didn't know you was an artist…"

Robyn lets out a sigh and shakes his head. The urge to punch is strong again but he's holding it back. "It's going to be for your girlfriend, she really likes Aragorn from Lord of the Rings and so I figured I'd make it for her since she's been really nice and just helped a lot." He doesn't have a lot of money so he makes things for people as a thank you as he likes to sculpt.

Lucas nods, "It's good…" he says, "Well… as much as Ah can tell through the bag, Ah reckon." He grins, "Ah'm pretty lucky, Ah suppose. She sees somethin' in me Ah don't get…" He sighs, as if that sort of bewilders and bothers him. "Do you draw too? Or paint? Or just sculpt?" Then he chuckles again, "You think we could use my hands to fire that clay?" He smiles widely, amused by that.

"Thanks." Robyn says looking over at it. "It's far from done, but yeah. You are lucky. She's a good person, she's got a big heart." Robyn likes Rashmi as a friend, she's a nice girl. "It's like that with people, you see stuff in them that you might not see yourself. I'm lucky I have Jordan whose really good to me. And, I just sculpt. I don't really draw or paint. My Mom, she's the one that draws and paints."

"Ah went to a science and art magnet school back home," Lucas says, not really sure why he's sharing, but he does. "Ah don't know Jordan. You two… you know… together together…? Or just roommates?"

"Zack is my roommate." Robyn says looking up at Lucas. "I just went to regular public school in Brooklyn, a lot different then here." A lot. "Yeah, Jordan and I are together together. I'm gay Lucas, if you didn't figure that out. But whatever, yeah, so what did you go for, art? or science?"

Lucas smirks a bit, "Whatever." He chews the inside of cheek a moment, and then shrugs, "Kinda both. Um…" He lifts the big collegiate text in his hand, "Kind of a biology guy… Um…" He furrows his brow some, and then, more quietly, he adds, "…Ah sing, too…" He glances off down the hall, then back at Robyn, before looking down at the sculpture once more.

"It's really nothing to look at yet, just the basic shape. If you want to see some of my finished stuff, I have tons over my room. I'm kind of surprised Zack didn't go running when he found who his roommate was." Robyn says chuckling a bit as his half of the room looks like a Tim Burton reject studio, with lots of little odd creations. "You sing? I play the cello. That's cool. What kind of stuff do you like to sing? Or music do you like?"

Lucas scratches the back of his neck, and shuffles his feet, in a rather obvious display of nervous awkwardness. "Ah don't… Ah mean… Ah was… Ah'm not that good, really… Ah was in a few musicals, just…" He shrugs, an almost sheepish gesture, "Ah really um, like most music… You?" Yeah, what does Robyn like? That's not embarrassing.

"I like a lot of stuff cause my Dad's a musician, but I mostly listen to like…industrial and a lot of 80's. I love The Smiths, Depeche Mode and David Bowie, stuff like that too." Robyn says with a shrug as despite his 'emo' look, he doesn't like stuff like My Chemical Romance. "But did you enjoy it? I mean, there's still music classes here where if you liked it you can continue."

Lucas is standing in front of the couch Robyn is sitting on, holding a thick biology textbook in his large gloved hand. Robyn has a packed bag at his feet and a small clay sculpture wrapped in plastic beside him. "Huey Lewis and the News is a guilty pleasure of mine," he says, with a little laugh. He smirks, "No My Chemical Romance? No Dashboard Confessional? Secondhand Serenade? Come on. Ya'll got the skinny jean emo boy thing goin' on…" He's teasing, mostly, "Not what Ah expected from you."

"I just like the style. I've always like weird little macabre things, and Tim Burton is my idol doesn't mean I'm emo." Robyn says with a shrug. "I don't enjoy being miserable, I don't cut myself and that music is just horrible. It's the same thing over and over and the lyrics, oh god, have you actually listened to them? And we're not always what we expect of each other Lucas. You should be number one in knowing that." Is he teasing him in a friendly way?

Owen comes wandering in from the cafeteria, peering at a banana he's taken. He questioning if he actually wants it anymore. Spotting Lucas, Owen forces a smile and waves. "Howdy," he says. Then he spots the bag by Robyn. "Please tell me you're not movin' out too…"

Lucas tilts his head a little, "Maybe Ah should be the one dressin' emo then," he responds, a light tone to it. "And anyway, those bands aren't THAT bad. Ah actually kinda…" He trails off as Owen calls to them, and he folds his arms over his chest, closing back up. "Hey, Fozzy," he says, kind of flatly. "He's just goin' to see his maw."

Robyn sighs and shakes his head. "No. I decided against that a while ago. I already tried to run away once, Jono dragged me back here, he was right so I'm just going to visit my parents for the weekend. I'm not going anywhere." Robyn says with a shrug. "I really can't until I get my powers under control, if that's ever possible." He looks back to Lucas and there's a smirk as he raises an eyebrow. "Really? Maybe you should borrow my wardrobe sometime." He says as he's definitely teasing. "So what's up Owen?"

Owen lets out a sigh of relief. With Leo and Nate gone he didn't want to lose anyone else he thought of as a friend for awhile. He was already in a bad mood. "Ah dunno. Ah like both your wardrobes," he says as he approaches. "Jus' tryin' tah figure out if Ah still want this," he says, shaking the yellow fruit in hand.

Lucas glances at Robyn, "Ah think Ah'm too tall for your pants," he says, sarcastically. "Why did you take it if'n ya'll didn't want it?" he asks Owen then.

"And too wide." Robyn says as he's a lot skinnier than most people here. Barely any muscle on his body. "And I know Owen, I was just joking around with Lucas. I don't think any one should really change who they are to fit other people's image of themselves." H

Owen shrugs. "Thought Ah wanted it when Ah took it," he says. "Must be thinkin' with mah other brain," he mutters. Shaking it off, he nods to Robyn. "Yep. Only change if ya'll wanna."

"You sayin' Ah'm fat?" Lucas teases Robyn. He glances at Owen, "Why are you up so early?" he asks him. "

"Yup, a real fat ass." Robyn says laughing. "No, I'm just to skinny, that's all." He looks out the window to see if maybe his ride is ready yet, but no luck. He's actually looking forward to going to visit his parents, he hasn't seen them in almost a month. "You're other brain? You mean like…the bat brain?"

Owen snickers slightly at the teasing, shaking his head. "Ah don' think anyone's fat in this school. We work out too hard," he remarks idly. "Mah powers make it so Ah don' have tah sleep much. Lots of stamina," he explains. The fuzzy teen looks at Robyn and considers a moment. "Ah guess so."

Lucas smirks, he didn't miss Owen's joke. He looks at Robyn, "It was a dick reference, Robo. Banana's look like cock." He laughs, and looks at Owen, "Never take it if'n ya don't want to put it in your mouth, dude."

Robyn gets kind of quiet and doesn't say anything. He just shrugs and says. "I know." The part about what bananas look like, not the reference. "I'd rather be sleeping right now but I was supposed to head over last night but I had to wait."

Owen actually facepalms. "Not the time for that, Lucas," he mutters. "Sorry," he sighsto Robyn. "If ya'll don' wanna wait for a car Ah can port ya," he offers to Robyn. "What's got you up so early, Lucas?" he asks.

Lucas smirks at Owen's facepalm, and then shrugs, "Ah ain't really slept well much lately." He looks at Robyn, "The teleport thing is kinda freaky. Ah'd just wait for the cab."

Robyn shakes his head. "Nah, I'm okay. I have a ride and teleporting home would freak my parents out, a lot. My Mom doesn't like super powers." Robyn shrugs nonchalantly at that as it doesn't really matter to him. "How have you been dealing with it all Lucas?" The 'demon thing' goes unsaid.

Owen nods. "Well if ya ever need a port…say the word," he says, peeling the banana. He keeps quiet, listening to RObyn and Lucas talk for now.

Lucas shrugs, "Ah'm fine." He watches Owen peel the banana, and then looks back at Robyn, "Ah think Dallas is gonna be okay with the boat house rebuild. He and Ah sorta talked a little last night."

"I'm going to be the pain in the ass at that, I don't know anything about rebuilding stuff like a boat house." Robyn says blushing at something. "I guess it makes sense though, since I was the one who was thrown through the door to break it off. And that's cool that you and Dallas. Maybe if you stop giving him a hard time about everything he'd finally open up to you. Why do you…or did you give him such a hard time?"

Owen blinks. "Ya'll got in trouble?" he asks. He eats some of his snack and looks over to RObyn. "Do any of ya'll know how tah do that kinda thin'?" he asks. "Cause if not…maybe Ah should ask Addison or Mr. Summers tah let me give ya'll a crash course in that…" he trails off, worried about safety as much as ending up with an unsound boathouse.

Lucas sighs, "We'll figure it out, thanks. Hey, how far can you teleport?" He looks over to Robyn, "Because he was lettin' his fear of comin' outta the closet make him vulnerable. Of all of us, he's the one who's gonna make it, and actually BE an XMen." He shrugs, "Ah was watchin' him fail because of something as stupid as not liking that he liked boys. Lame." Then he asks, "Who through your ass through a door?"

"There's nothing wrong with being in the closet. Just as Owen what I was like when I first got here." Robyn says with a shrug, as Owen might remember how deep Robyn was less than a year ago. "It's up to him to make a decision like that, not you or us. So what if it he was and it made him vulnerable, he has to do that on his time." There's a bit of an annoyed look on his face as Lucas says that. "There's nothing lame about that Lucas, nothing at all. Everyone does things at their own pace." As for the who threw him through a door question, "Jordan, when he turned. I saw him turn and well, that's how I ended up threw the door." With a broken arm. "And thanks for the offer for help Owen, but I think this is kind of our punishment to work together cause we…got into a bit of a fight so I'm not sure if Addison or Jono would go for that."

Owen stays quiet on the matter of Dallas being in the closet. He just wanted Dallas to come out to himself and stop denying it. "Wasn' Jordan. Was a demon," he mutters but says nothing more. He then laughs. "Who said anythin' 'bout helpin' fix it?" he asks. "Ah was thinkin' a quick carpentry class down in the Danger Room for the three of ya."

Lucas shakes his head at Robyn, "No, there's nothin' wrong with bein' in the closet. There IS somethin' wrong with bein' there because you're too afraid to deal with it. Some people deal with it by bein' in the closet, and that's fine. He wasn't dealin' at all. And in the line of work he's gettin' into, that was gonna get people killed. With these powers, none of us have the luxury of doin' anything at our own pace" He glances over to Owen, "Ah think Robyn's prolly right on that one. Helpin' would make it worse."

Robyn is obviously frustrated and shakes his head. "Umm…you don't understand Lucas. What you just said makes no sense. A lot of times people are in there because they are afraid. I was afraid. Dallas was afraid. It could have been for the same or different reasons, that doesn't matter. How can it be okay for some people to deal with it that way and not others? We're only 16 Lucas, we're not supposed to save the world yet. You expect people to put aside their problems and accept them without question because that have super powers? Look inside yourself and tell me you haven't pushed away your issues because you have to deal with your powers and get better? That talk, it's just bullshit, all of it." Robyn's so tired of people thinking because they have powers they have to live up to it. Powers don't make a person. "I know it wasn't Jordan, Owen." He says with a smile. "Trust me, I know."

Lucas sighs, "It does make sense. There's a difference between bein' afraid of what others think versus bein' afraid of what you are. And you can't say we ain't supposed to save the world yet. A lot of the kids here just did in New York." Robyn's the one who doesn't understand, but he can't share what would make it make sense. "Forget it." He shakes his head, "Ah should go… nap… or… somethin'…" He makes posture to leave.

Owen sighs a little. "Dallas is a cute guy. Coulda been flirtin' with 'em in a way," he tries to calm things down with a little humor. He looks to RObyn and nods. "Good…it's important people know that," he says. When Lucas starts leaving, Owen blinks. "Wait up? We can han' till ya nap?"

Robyn just glares at Lucas, a lot of what he wants to say, he can't bring himself to say it. He knows it'd hit too many soft spots. "I'm a vampire Lucas. A psychic vampire, if you don't think that scares me, just a little bit, well it does. So you know what, go ahead and judge people whatever way you want, make excuses for why you judge one person by not the other but really, it's just bullshit excuses." And Robyn leaves it at that.

Lucas sighs, "Look, Ah can't…" He makes a frustrated groan. "You're right, Robyn." That's easier than arguing what they both can't say. He looks at Owen, not really answering the request for company on the walk back to the room. "Have fun at your folks, Robyn." And he begins walking towards the elevator.

Owen gives Robyn a 'cool it down please!' look. He doesn't want a fight breaking out. "And travel safe there, Robyn," he says. He moves to follow after Lucas. "Tah answer what ya asked earlier…a couple miles. Need a mental picture of where Ah'm goin' though," he says. "Wanna go somewhere?"

Robyn just watches Lucas and Owen lets out a frustrated huff before picking up his duffel back. "You guys have a good weekend." He says and does mean it even if he sounds frustrated. He gives a wave as he also carefully takes his sculpture and goes outside.

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