2010-03-30: A Flare Of Tempers


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Summary: Skyler talks to Scott about his meeting with Magneto. It could have gone better.

Date: March 30, 2010

A Flare of Tempers

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Scott Summer's Office

It's been a busy past couple of days for Skyler, between putting his life back together and helping repair the damage he's done to the school. He's tried, on several occasions to get in touch with the headmaster, but they always seem to just miss each other until now. Skyler pauses at the open door to lightly rap on it, announcing his presence. "Mr. Summers? You in?"

Busy it has been, and well Scott has been in his office for some time. "Yes, come in." He calls out, just looking at some paperwork and filling out the appropriate spots. The Headmaster is wearing a blue polo, and some slacks at the moment.

Skyler looks a little nervous coming in, since the last time they met they were trying to kill each other. Or at least, Skyler was trying to kill Scott. "Thanks," he says, coming in and taking a seat. "I… er… I'm going to need a new cel phone."

"A new cell phone?" Scott asks, looking to Skyler. "What happened to the last one?" He digs through his desk drawer, taking out a new phone and sliding it on the desk, keeping his hand on it.

It must tickle Scott pink to see somebody who looks just like Sinister look so uncomfortable. "Well, er, Magneto kind of took it."

"Magneto…/took/ it?" He asks Skyler-Sinister, before releasing the cell phone. "And why did you let him take it?" Scott definitely wants to know what Mags has up his sleeve on this.

Skyler's blood red eyes narrow considerably. "Are you seriously asking why I didn't fight Magneto, only one of the most powerful mutants on the face of the planet, mano-a-mano over a cel phone?" He shakes his head before Scott can answer. "That's not the worrying part, though. The worrying part is that he's collecting Sentinel parts. I've heard rumors that he'd been skulking around the mansion picking up bits and pieces here and there from the students. While I was in the woods doing a bit of soul searching I stumbled across a Sentinel head that was expertly, and rather savagely dismantled by Wolverine. He took off with that, too."

Scott says, "If this is going to turn into another 'I know better than you' statement from a student, you can stop right now." Scott says, he's had quite enough of that shit during this whole situation, and he's not about to take it from someone who is the spitting image of a young Mr. Sinister, though that's on a more subconscious level. "And I wasn't asking why you didn't fight him, but you could have found out more than 'he just took it'." Scott stands up, placing his hands on the desk, leaning towards Skyler, the classing aggressive pose. "And I know about the sentinel parts, but there was another situation that had to take precedence over that old man playing pack-rat." Scott quips, eyebrows furrowed. "At least now that people are back, we can work on that." He says, pinching the bridge of his nose, right underneath his red shades."

It's hard not to argue the fine points of what's being said when you have somebody in your face. "You didn't ask me what he wanted it for. You asked me why I let him have it, and I told you. As for /why/ I don't know. He wasn't forthcoming with that information and I… a student as you say… am not really in a position to try to interrogate him!" Skyler stands up in a fit of anger, fists clenching hard and the diamond on his forehead beginning to glow, "If you're so keen to find out, why don't you call him! Or better yet, use it's GPS tracking device to find out where the hell he's at and ask him face to face!"

Scott's red lenses flash with his energy as Skyler's diamond does. He sighs, curling up his lip just a little. "I very well know what I can do to the phone now that he has it, I doubt he has it active still! He's too smart for that. Now, is that all you wanted to tell me, or would you like to continue to tell me how to do my job?" He quickly asks Skyler, he's cutting it at the contemptuous instructions to the Headmaster, something deep down is making him angry at the mini-Sinister in front of him. Way too much past there to dig through.

Skyler is silent for a few seconds as he visibly forces himself to relax. He shuts his eyes and starts taking a few deep breaths and slowly unclenches his hands. "No…" he says quietly, though whether it's to himself or Scott is unclear. "No." he says again, this time louder. "I apologize. I was never this irritable before…. you know." Another deep breath and the boy seems to deflate, and he turns towards the door. "I do remember him saying that he was going to have a talk with you." He shrugs. "Maybe he really did take it so you could call him. Or him you." Another shrug. "Whatever. I should go before we start trying to blast each other again."

Scott would never admit what Skyler's form right now does to him and his psyche, but he does manage to calm down and sit. "Possibly, I'll see what I can do. But you can use this new phone." Magneto planning to talk to Scott, that's not a counter-productive phone call at all. "Thanks for telling me about it though." He says, that's kind of like an apology, right?

Skyler reaches out for the phone and hesitates for a second, scowling. He then takes the phone and shoves it into a pocket before sighing. "He's up to something big," he says, not that he expect that this is any news to Scott. Magneto never does anything small, after all. He looks over his shoulder and gives the headmaster a wan smile. "I hope you can stop him before he does too much damage. I'll let you know if I can remember anything else that'd be a clue as to what it is." And with that he turns and departs the office.

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