2010-12-13: A Good Cause

Players: David and Erik

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Summary: David and Erik discuss the Game and the worthy cause of mutants

Date: December 13, 2010

Log Title: A Good Cause

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Staff Lounge

This room is warm and relaxing, the walls are a dark mahogany, a long L couch rests against two of the walls. One wall has a large flat screen TV that is set into a hidden compartment in one wall. There is a table and chairs off to one side for conferences and meetings, and a bar with stools to the back, with a variety of coffees to choose from.

Magneto sits at the coffee bar, flipping through a stack of term papers and sipping a tall glass mug of coffee. Mostly, he's paying attention to the coffee. The papers are no more than mediocre, at the best, and the students belonging to them can expect marks to match.

David Alleyne enter s the staff lounge, dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt, but is wearing his white trenchcoat and his face is all but hidden by the yellow cybershades that he is almost never without. He is carrying a newspaper from a few days ago and rushes in looking for a staff member. Finding Magneto, He pauses a moment and contemplates if he should ask him. He shrugs and ahems, “Mr. Lensherr? Had you heard about this recent mess of the concert at Mutant Town? One of our students was the performer. And it got me thinking about other events in that area and I suspect a former student may be connected.” He gets is all out in a breath or two.

Magneto tilts his head partway toward David as he's addressed and he listens without comment. When
David finishes, he reaches for his coffee again and only then turns to face the young man. "Connected, young Prodigy? Which student? Connected how?" He sips the coffee, watching David as he does so.

“Well, I have no proof and I was hoping to investigate personally before I was whisked away to Tegu-Haaz. But I believe Vincent is somehow connected. Again, it is only suspicions. But there were two interactions with him where he almost seemed to be directly warning me and some of the students about it. He was behaving oddly and while he was warning us. When pressed for information, he *pause* well he just acted weird. I would have followed up but getting up in other matters distracted me, but with Mason’s concert in Mutant Town and the news of mutant shootings. Vincent knows more than he is letting on.” David once again kinda babbles and is feeling a bit embarrassed by not having more information to go on and letting months go by without follow-up.

Magneto says, "Mmm." He sips coffee again. "It sounds as if you have a great many suspicions and a distinct lack of facts to flesh them out with." He lowers the glass of coffee and proceeds with an apparent non-sequitur. "You have heard that there will be a block party in Mutant Town this Friday, yes? Are you intending to attend?"

David hmmmns and nods, “I know I should look into the matter more and before I waste any of the staff’s time with my suspicions, but prudence suggests I should at least inform someone.” He reaches to the coffee maker and pours himself a glass and sips, “Sorry, lack of caffeine. And yes, I will be attending the block party. It seems like a prime event for a shooting to occur.”

"Yes. In fact, it is almost certain that the people behind the Game that is targeting mutants will be using that same event as a … call it a challenge round. Or possibly an attempt at a final round." Magneto gives David a mild smile that does not match the death that lurks in his eyes. "Have you heard about the Game, young David? A contest between teams of players, for who can rack up the most kills. Mutants count most, of course, but associates are fair game, too." He sets the glass of coffee aside. "So…" He stops. The air is almost humming with his anger.

It is said that Magneto is an incredibly imposing figure and right now, David senses that. The man speaks with such authority and fervor, it is downright scary and David, like many others, has come to respect, but also fear this man. He exhales a moment, “A game? Where mutants are the targets. As if we are pins to be bowled over.” David bites his lip and his eyes show some anger as well, “No I was not aware of this game. What? How?”

"I've told you the basics, young David. Teams of killers. Playing for points. Daily, weekly, monthly high scores. A high prize for the year. Ten million dollars." Magneto straightens on his seat. "They've gone through Mutant Town several times for cheap points. This block party…" his eyes narrow. "I believe the phrase is 'to make the hunter into the hunted'." He regards David levelly. "This is not to be considered a game on our side, young David. We are not playing."

“Obviously! Are the X-Men taking a team down or anything of that sort? Are there any plans being made by our side, sir?” David stands at authority, “I volunteer and trust me. I know this is no game, Mr. Lensherr.” He exhales a moment, “How long have you known about this? And is Vincent involved?”

Magneto picks up his coffee cup and slides off his seat to refill it from the carafe on the warmer. "There is not a formal X-Man presence, but there are plans to attend and, of course, oppose." He watches his glass fill. "As for how long I have known about this, let us just say that I have known about this longer than young Vincent has." He raises his cup to his lips. "I suggest you not get in his way, hmm?"

David hmmmns and feels he may have misjudged Vincent and that maybe Vincent was genuinely warning him of something, “Well, I will be there as well and help in anyway I can.” He pauses a moment and wants to ask the Mutant Master of Magnetism why nothing was done about this until now. But David will not pretend to fathom how Magneto works and knows the man can be trusted. “If you are in contact with Vincent, let him know I would like to help.” He exhales and takes his coffee, “We got off on the wrong foot and this would seem a good way to make amends and help the noblest of causes.”

"Young David, you have told me that you wish to assist. I will let others know. I will tell you that the bartender at Nowhere is a part of the planning, and if you wish to make yourself known to him, use my name." He returns to his seat. "If our opponents are intelligent, they will not attend the party and it will be nothing but the fun it is meant to be. No one expects them to be that intelligent." A tip of the head. "Do you have questions?"

David sighs, “I suppose I have no questions, sir. Count on me. I will be there and I will reach out to the bartender from Nowhere.” With that he puts his glass down, “Thank you, sir. Your presence is as intimidating as many have said, and I am glad you are here on our side.” David smiles and then makes his way out of the staff lounge.

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