2010-07-29 A Great Hunter And A Peasant


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Summary: After Kaji contacted Emma for an appointment, the date comes and Kaji goes in to get some mental help on the graciousness of Tony giving Kaji the White Queen's information. Afterwards, Tony himself shows up to make sure Emma's coming to the party.

Date: July 29, 2010

Log Title:A Great Hunter And A Peasant

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Emma Frost's Office

//Miss Frost's office is not as white as one would expect, however it does present an overall theme in the room. Using a classic den/office style structure from the building, the hardwood floor has been mostly covered from entry to desk with a white carpet that has been decorative bordered in an ivy-pattern, with the center having a delicately done floral arrangement. Two plush white leather chairs sit slightly staggered and angled facing a white marble topped desk of dark-stained oak, the Xavier Academy logo in front emblazoned in a polished steel. Atop the desk is materials for physical writing as well as a dual-monitor computer system that seems keyboardless, instead having a single mouse-like interface device. To the right are a pair of striated white marble book-cases filled from top to bottom, in the center of the pair a marble fireplace that burns sedately despite the time or season.

The left wall has a series of file cabinets sitting next to another computer desk, this one with a standard keyboard and mouse with the academy logo floating sedately on the screen. Next to those is a table where mail seems to be laid out next to a carafe of what is either coffee or tea, and a small pile of cookies, which seems to vary day by day. Behind the carafe is a small containers for sugar, fresh cream, and honey.

Behind the desk is a bank of windows facing northwards, running practically from wall to wall, bordered on both sides by silver-embroidered sheer silk cloth, so even when drawn you can make out details outside, and so long as day is present, line pours in to give the room a sense of warmth. For the times when more light is required, it comes from the vaulted office ceiling from a tasteful-looking light and fan combination. Just behind the desk and on the right side is a second door with a hand-print scanner.//

What began as a phone call has ended up cancelling Emma's normal afternoon and evening. As a couple of students on kitchen detail finish laying out a sandwich fixing spread on the table that normally has coffee, tea, and nibbles. Topping off the water carafe is the last step before she moves the chairs to be facing one another in the center of the room to arrange for the guest. The final touch… moving to the desk and engaging the psi-shield on the chamber, preventing any major backlashes from affecting anyone else in the mansion. The feeling of too much quiet now invading her space, Emma moves to behind her desk and waits for the inevitable knock.

There was heavy apologies given for having his phone call cancel her entire afternoon and evening given over the phone, but nevertheless Kaji still came to the mansion. It was an interesting little walk towards her office through the school that looks like an interesting place. The wolf mutant, still looking a bit haggard from the mental stress and the physical exhaustion he's been enduring, knocks on the door.

The click of a button and as the second knock falls, the door opens as Emma says in a softly accented east coast voice, "Come in Mister Aldewolf." And the light hits her hair and lights it up for several moments in some kind of ethereal halo effect. But then the shades begin to slowly close, taking the effect away in slow stages before she stands and moves around the desk to approach, "I must admit… I was surprised Anthony still had my number. Our companies barely crossed paths over the years, and I believe once he tried to buy me out. Perhaps his idea of flirtation. Please… make yourself comfortable."

Kaji blinks as the door opens, and the man walks into the office with a soft laugh. "I'm more surprised that he gave me the number in the first place. But, I do appreciate the help you're offering." He gulps a bit as he heads through the office, looking around for a moment before he heads to the closet seat. "Tony can be a very… eh… interesting? Individual. Never know what he's going to do."

Emma chuckles softly as she pours a glass of water, and then a second and comes over to offer it to you before sitting down across from you. Once she's settled, one leg crossed over the other she replies, "If there was royalty in the business world, Anthony Stark would be the black prince, Mister Aldewolf. He does what no one wants, never when anyone wants it, and still somehow manages to maintain dominance in the field of industrial high technology. But I digress. The first question that needs be asked is what you expect from this encounter?"

Kaji takes the glass of water with a soft smile, nodding his head in thanks before he holds it in both hands; staring down into it for a moment before he chuckles. "Ah… heh. You'd be right about that. It's interesting being his bodyguard at times." He takes a drink of that water, smirking a bit before he says, "Hopefully some peace of mind. I had a… rather interesting dream before today started. But, the real reason is kinda strange." He drums his fingers on the glass a bit before he says, "Though… I'm sure you've seen and heard many things working here, hm?"

"Each mind is unique, Mister Aldewolf… and because of this no experience is ever the same. Even trips to the so-called Astral plane can be affected by the perceptions of those present." Emma replies, and takes a sip, her glass somehow carrying an edge of frost to it that neither bothers her, or seems to carry any kind of ice in the glass, though the offered one to Kaji is still quite cold and refreshing, "Firstly, you wish peace of mind. From what? Understand… the reason for being here is important. A point of focus for us to work from is any progress is to be made to the matter at hand. I need details from you. But I also need honesty, and trust. Without both, your own mind will fight my efforts on your behalf."

Kaji nods a bit, leaning forward in his seat a good bit as he drums his fingers some more on that glass. "About eight years ago is when my mutation manifested. And with it came a voice in my head, the wolf as I call it. As I'm a shifter, you see." He takes a drink from that glass, idly noting the cool water still. "Up until recently, the wolf was quiet after I shut him away in the back of my mind. Caged him up you could say. Well… heh. You can imagine he's a bit angry. And I don't really have a way to… talk with him." If Emma would peer into his mind now, she'd see images of the dream he had this morning. He belives that to only be a dream, nothing of truth from it.

Setting the glass down, Emma's face carries a slight frown with it as she says, "There is your first fault. This 'wolf' is you. You have shut a part of yourself away… however good an idea it might have seemed at the time? This is ultimately self-damaging. The only true path is acceptance. Regardless of how ugly, or violent, or seemingly unlike yourself this other nature is… it is still based upon yourself." Standing up and moves around Kaji, she goes to the table with sandwich fixings and begins preparing herself a bite, "Now… do not feel guilt over this action. It was a defensive act, based on what knowledge you had at the time. And it is something that can be mended… with time and effort."

Kaji lets out a soft laugh, falling back against the chair before he drains the glass for the rest of the water it'd give. "Heh, I guess that. I was thirteen at the time, so… I didn't have much to go on." He looks around here, "Makes me wonder if it'd've been different had I gone here." He looks back at Emma with a soft nod, "Time is something everything seems to be centered around," is said with a sigh at the end of it. It's also something that Kaji hates going against. But, such is life.

Emma finishes the bite-sandwich, and takes it down easily, before returning to her seat, dabbing the sides of her lips with a napkin before taking up her own water, the glass frosting at the touch and then begins to clear when it's set back down, "So you have the X-gene? I was going to ask the nature of your abilities. And if you have ever come under the affect of any magic, or other entities that might have influenced this wolf into it's current form?"

Kaji hms a bit and shakes his head. "I'ven't come under any magic that I know of." How would he if it was magic with malicious intent. He shakes his head once more, "All I know if that I'm a wolf shifter with part of himself that's trying to make life hell for himself." He states all of that matter-of-factly as if he's played it over in his head on how he'd say it. He looks around for the water afterwards, hming to himself. What he doesn't mention, but what's on his mind, is the stress of his current lifestyle.

Watching every little nuance that the young man gives off, his gestures, where his eyes move, not even touching on powers at the moent makes Emma sit back and ponder, steepling her fingers together. "Mmmm… Yes…" She finally says as the hands come apart and she takes a PDA from her pocket and begins tapping out some notes, "The term you are looking for, Kaji… is atavist. You draw from a wellspring that is considered primal. Wild. Untamed. And often times uncontrollable." Not looking up as she speaks, as the final note has been tapped into the computer, she meets Kaji's eyes and says frankly, "And how long have you been afraid of the nature of your gift, Mister Aldewolf."

Kaji blinks as she lays it out on the table just like that, and he looks down and away from her as she speaks too. "For a good long while. I thought I had it under control, that I could keep it tame." He looks back up at Emma with a soft laugh, "I mean, I hurt my friend whose also my employer because I could control it. How'm I not supposed to be afraid of it now…"

Emma's reply is deceptively simply, "How do you control a wolf, Mister Aldewolf? Tell me."

That question sends Kaji into another little blinking spree as his mouth opens to say something, and then he clicks it shut. He shakes his head a bit as if he's talking in his head, more of undecipherable murmurs than anything before he says, "I.. don't know."

Suddenly the two chairs and the table are not in the room… they are sitting in a white gazebo in the middle of an evergreen forest, green Ivy crawling along the lattices towards the roof, wrapping the supports. Emma is now dressed in attire akin to Titania herself, a flowing white gown of shimmering fabric that seems both sheer and tempting, but somehow reveals nothing. Water is now wine in her grip as the woman says, "Do not leave the gazebo." Sipping from her glass, she stands, all of this so subtle, it's hard to gauge if it's not even real… even the clothes have changed on Kaji, becoming a tunic and trousers for a peasant woodsman, "What is a wolf, Kaji Aldewolf?" She asks now, something behind her voice carrying an near-imperious ring.

The change of the scenery makes Kaji look around for a few moments, getting up out of the chair to do what she told him not to. But when she says it, he stops on the edge before he looks back at her. He looks down at his clothes and just goes to say something when she asks him the question. "Uh… it's a wild animal that usually lives in forests?"

She laughs, and it's the peal of the bells damning a soul to the headsman's axe, "Then you know nothing of the wolf, Kaji. No wonder he is irate with you… you take his form without honoring his nature." Standing up, Emma steps out of her own gazebo and moves to a spot in the clearing half-way between her protections and the wild woods. Posing herself tall and majestic, the blonde woman says loudly, "I await welcome to your territory, hunter. I am Emma Frost, the White Queen… and I will not set foot in your forests unwelcome."

A rather perturbed look moves onto Kaji's face as he clicks his tongue a bit. Where's he heard that before. He watches her leave the gazebo and then call out to the hunter of the forest. The man puts a hand to his forehead before he mutters. He sits back down in the chair as he watches Emma with a curious gaze.

A low chuckle comes from the forest, followed by heavy footsteps as the hunter walks through the forest. Twin crimson orbs of light are shown in the darkness of the forest. So it seems he's pulled another one of you telepaths in here to try and talk to me. And it seems you've brought him with you. Oh -goody-. A wide grin forms over his muzzle as the wolf steps out into the light and starts to circle around Emma. His tail flicking in mild agitation as it's held at a dominant level.

Emma hmphs softly from her position, and holds her hands in front of her, folded together and over each other as she remains in place, waiting for the wolf to complete it's circle. She never once moves, but there is no scent of fear from her, no mental presence that might be discerned as weakness. Once the circle has been completed she replies, "I am not here to talk to you. I am here to educate him. This requires you. I am female, which means you hold no dominance over me. This is the first lesson he must understand… the lesson of respect. These are your woods, your home. But they are his as well. You both need each other to exist."

The wolf quirks a brow at the lack of fear, the lack of weakness and then she states the truth. Though he doesn't admit it. The giant wolf sits down on the ground a good distance from her. I know that I need him to exist. It's he who locked me away out of fear. He tilts his head and tosses it over towards Kaji in the gazebo.

Kaji clicks his tongue a bit as he listens to the wolf, and then he looks back at Emma. "He's also the one who told me when I was younger to beat up the people who picked on me." And now Kaji's acting like a child.

Emma looks over her shoulder and shoots Kaji a hard glance, "I was not speaking to you. I was speaking to the wolf. You have already shown him you lack dominance, and therefore he has no cause to respect you. That is why you remain in the gazebo. Do not make me turn it into a cage." And with that she then kneels down so that her eyes are on the same level as the wolf's, "I would ask a favor of you then, great hunter. I would ask you tell the pup what you desire." The word seeming to mean Kaji himself, "As with him, with you I must know truth before I can determine a course of action in both your regards."

Kaji crosses his arms over his chest as he's basically told to be quiet.

The wolf chuckles a bit, looking down at the woman still. Sitting down, he's nearly ten feet tall. He's a rather large wolf. But, he does lay down on the ground as to not strain the woman's neck. All I need from him is to accept me. True, he may take on some of my traits. But, all in all, he would be a stronger individual. Red eyes cast their glance over towards Kaji before the wolf back over at Emma. Speak your questions, Emma. And I shall answer them with the utmost honesty.

Shaking her head, and giving the wolf a respectful lowering of her head without leaving his eyes, Emma stands up, and moves back towards the gazebo, "My questions may wait for another time, great hunter. As I said before… this is about education, the lessons that were not learned as a boy now must be learned as a man, when one has become set in his ways." Stepping up to the gazebo and to Kaji, she meets his eyes and says softly, "Respect is about understanding and acceptance, Kaji. You do neither for this noble beast who lives within your soul. Walk out to him, kneel down, and bare your throat to him. Accept his dominance. Do not worry, I will be here."
The wolf nods his head to Emma. I'll be waiting for those question, White Queen. He watches her walk over towards Kaji; his ears able to pick up what they're saying easily and he only lets out a soft hmph.

At the request, Kaji is about to protest to it but there's a twinge of fear not for the wolf. But for Emma. He doesn't know her, and he doesn't know just what she can do. The man gets up from the chair, and starts to walk towards the wolf. Watching that beast stand up to be nearly eye level with him. He gulps a bit before he looks back at Emma and he kneels down in front of the beast. Muttering under his breath as he doesn't move. His eyes close, and he can feel the hot breath of the beast on his face before he just bares his throat at the wolf.

Reaching for something in the gazebo, Emma returns to the clearing with a shining silver saber in her grip, held easily in one hand as she approaches the pair as the intimate moment between man and beast-nature occurs. She walks forwards and moves herself to stand to the side, eyes cast down imperiously over the display, but says in a voice soft as a feather, "He will not harm you Kaji… that is not his way. But this is a wolf… and a wolf always knows his place. A wolf knows who is dominant, and who his brothers and sisters are. If there is a fight, it is always settled then and there, and often times there will be peace after."

When the man's throat was bared, the wolf's head leaned down and a soft growl flowed through his muzzle before he just nudged the side of his head against Kaji's. Rubbing it there softly before he looks over at Emma coming closer. He stays quiet for the moment as he moves to just sit there.

A hand reaches up to pet over the wolf's head nervously before Kaji moves his head out of the way to look over at Emma. His gaze looks back at the wolf's before he stands up and says, "This just goes to show at how inexperienced I was as a child. And how much I am as an adult." His own tone soft before he looks down at the saber and quirks a brow as he looks back at Emma's face.

Emma meets the wolf's eyes, "While you are dominant, I cannot allow you to assert control of the body, great hunter. That is what this is for… had you attempted to take over, I would have been forced to stop you. Not because you would not have the right of it… but because it would not teach the boy anything." Then she turns her head to look at Kaji, "Those that are most dangerous in life often has a gentler side to it as well. That which they are gentle toward they protect with all the ferocity they can muster." As the blade is released from her hand it turns to snowflakes that fall to the grass and melt gently away into dew before she gives a smile to both, "For now… may we agree that this clearing belongs to Kaji? So that in his dreams he may come to this place and speak with you?"

The wolf nods his head towards Emma before he glances over at Kaji. You still need to learn a great deal about being a wolf in order to be a better hunter. He sets his gaze on Emma and bows his head towards her. I'd like to thank you, White Queen. Even if he doesn't voice it. We're both grateful. At the request from Emma, the wolf's eyes close and he nods once more. It shall be.

"Hey…" mutters Kaji as the wolf speaks before he looks over at Emma. Agreeing with the wolf as he nods as well. "It'll be good to have a place for me to talk with him. I should've been doing that a lot before now. BUt I just… never took the time."

Emma opens her eyes and both are back in their respective chairs in the office, Emma sitting up and taking her glass to down the remainder of the water as the shock of the change comes over Kaji, the shift in reality as subtle but sudden as the first time, "Here." She says from over his shoulder as she passes a fresh glass of water, "I apologize for ambushing you in such a fashion, but you were not truthful with yourself. This is why you exist in schism. The atavist nature and the human nature incompatible only because of fear and ignorance. Now you have seen into the eyes of yourself truly… so I will ask the question once more. What is a wolf?"

Kaji goes to close his eyes and laugh, but when he opens them he's back in the office and he closes an eye before he rubs at his forehead. "Now I see why he sent me to you." He jumps just slightly as he hears her voice over his shoulder and he looks over; taking the glass of water with a soft laugh. "Thank you. And it's no problem. Sometimes. I need to get slapped in order to understand something." He takes a drink of the water as she asks the question. "A wolf is a hunter, an animal to be respected. One that cares for his friends and family."

Moving back to her chair and sitting down, Emma then says, "It might not surprise you to know I can control the minds of animals as well, but in entering their minds, I can feel those primal instincts in them. This in a way is much similiar. The atavist runs deep, and you were right as a boy to fear it. But by embracing it, you have it within you to become much stronger." Then a small smile passes her lips, "In many ways, I did such a thing with one of the X-men once… because I knew he was constantly afraid of his own potential. Power is not an easy thing to embrace, for fear it might consume you."
Kaji takes another drink of the water as he puts a hand on his cheek, hming to himself before he says, "He's right. Well, I'm right." He shakes his head. "I need to embrace it in order to become stronger." He looks up at Emma with a returning smile. "Thank you, Emma. I'm actually starting to feel a bit better. Least my head doesn't feel split in two anymore."

There's a bit of comotion outside in the hallway leading to the office of Emma Frost. Speak of the devil, its Tony causing the uproar as he's now standing at Emma's door rapping away with a merry beat. He takes a step backward, appearing nonchalant as he places his hands behind his back. Several teens wander past him, and he offers them a brief smile accompanying a cavalier wave of a hand.

Emma snaps her fingers and the door opens immediately, "Hello Anthony… no reason to make such a scene. And I really would prefer you not pre-measuring my female students… as much as they appreciate it." Putting a hand on Kaji's shoulder to make him remain in his seat, she goes back to her side table, and begins constructing a couple protein-heavy sandwiches to help the young man recover.
Kaji was about to get up out of the chair when Tony enters the room, but Emma's hand staves that off as he just remains in his seat. Taking another drink of water before he looks over at the man. "WAs wondering when you were going to show up."

With a hand over his heart Tony pretends to be wounded by Emma's words. The smirk fixed upon his face he shuts the door behind him then strides over to the empty chair in front of her desk. "Kaji. I wasn't aware I needed to be present at this meeting." the man acknowledges as he watches Emma prepare sandwiches. How did she know he was starving? "As much as I'm sure the young ladies would appreciate undressing me with their hormone crazy eyes, I'm actually here to confirm if Emma would be attending the party at the Towers in a few hours. I believe my secretary has been lax in keeping up with the RSVP list."

Emma waves almost dismissively, "I assumed you'd forgotten, and was planning to crash… though I've been wavering between kidnapping a football team to be my litter-bearers as Cleopatra, or if I should abscond a pair of lionesses from the zoo and come as a… big game hunter…" Smirking as she turns around and leaves two small sandwiches for Kaji, and another one to sate Tony's appetite, "I would suggest whoever bludgeoned their way into Mister Aldewolf's mind never do so again… they will be mauled. Neither I, or the atavist inside this young man appreciate such disrespect and lack of subtlety."

Kaji chuckles a bit. "I just figured since you gave me her info, that you'd show up sooner or later." He smirks softly, taking the sandwiches with a nod and a 'Thank you' before he looks back over at Tony. "If you were still wanting to do that costume idea. I'd be up for it. That is. If you think I'm better to be in public." He takes a bite of one of the sandwiches, swallowing before he looks over at Emma and asks, "Or, if you think I'm better to go back to work."

There's a slight cringe from Stark as he's reaching out to take the sandwich that Emma has so kindly offered to him. "Let us just not mention the subject of bludgeoning in my presence. The thought of it gives me a phantom headache."In fact, that entire incident is a touchy subject that he'd rather not tread anywhere near on the eve of a party. "Thank you for seeing Kaji, as well as for the sandwich, Emma." Polishing off said food item with relish he turns towards the seated man. "Really not up to me. If you feel confident, and she agrees, I don't have a problem with either."

Emma moves to her desk and leans back against it, crossing her arms as she looks back and forth, "I am inclined to disagree. This is nothing against you, Mister Aldewolf… but whatever you do for Anthony is dangerous. These instincts and requirements draw too much on your other nature when you have not fully accepted it." Exhaling once she motions for Tony to go after the small snack bar set on her side table, "I would actually recommend going camping. Taking a week in nature will actually assist you more than you know. It will give you the chance to learn to trust your wolf-side, and in doing so forge a stronger and more confident bond."
f the sandwiches with a soft smirk. "It's been a while since I've gone camping. But… I don't think I'll be able to with my… prior appointments with a rather strict instructor." A glance over at Tony for that one. "But I'll keep that in mind when the six month training is up." Then he adds in a thought. « If I survive it. »

Tony has taken the direction from Emma and is sampling quite a bit from the assortment on the side table. "Well if he's not the sort to enjoy the smell of pine, and the tweeting of little birds, would a spa work? I'm sure they'd love to give him a mani-pedi." Before he lays waste to Emma's offerings he forces himself away from the table to return to stand just behind the empty leather chair. "Though, now that Kaji's brought it up, he's been seeing someone for extensive combat training. Would you recommend putting a halt to that for now?"

Emma pinches the bridge of her nose a moment and closes her eyes as her thoughts end up guarding themselves for the moment, severing the remaining threads of connection between herself and Kaji. Once done there's a sigh of relief and she presses a button on her desk, and the room suddenly seems FAR less quiet, "This is a sensitive time for Kaji, Anthony… his mind has been awakened to a part of himself he has locked away for a long time now. There is a rawness and a newness to this that he will begin to experience. He has taken the first step of accepting his avatistic nature. Things may begin to change. Tastes, personal habits, even some of his behaviors may alter. This is why being alone is critical. There must be time for him to discover from himself… about himself. In combat training, eventually, the atavist will challenge for dominance. Without them being cohesive, a failure in such would be more damaging than any of the hamfisting the previous telepath did by jackbooting his mental doors open."

Kaji sits silent for a bit, letting the two talk it out as he finishes up his sandwich and downs the rest of his water. "If I may interject." He leans forward in his chair, "If the wolf is like me, then it relishes a challenge when one presents itself." And it also knows when its in over its head. But he doesn't mention that outloud. "Now that I have a place where I can talk with it inside of my own mind. I do believe that I can withstand the combat training. If anything, it'll let me focus on becoming one with him wile in the fray."

Tony sighs heavily, "Mistakes have been made on numerous fronts even though those mistakes were made with nothing but good intentions." As he is emphasizing his point with a slow outward stretch of a hand towards Kaji and then onto himself, conviently not getting into an argument about the other party to the initial blowup. "Whereas even I can not change the past I can however attempt to help in the present, and have sought to do so. Whatever is decided is best, I simply need to be informed as I have to keep abreast of the situation."

Emma motions with one hand, "You have my advice… but I feel inclined to tell you if you wish to continue combat training, inform your instructor of your condition. So he or she might be prepared to anticipate seeing these changes coming. Time for reflection and understanding is important… because from my own perspective, you are trying to find yourself, Mister Aldewolf. And you may not always like what you find. Doing this in privacy, in a realm where you can allow this atavist teach you about itself may be more helpful than taking the course you've chosen. But as you say… the choice is yours." There's a sudden thin line of a smirk that plays across her lips as she then looks at Tony, "Consider my payment for this… two tickets to your soiree, Anthony. Even if you pay well, I don't think this one could afford my usual consultant's fee."

Kaji smirks softly. "Then it's a good thing that I got the weekend off for healing and recuperating," is murmured as he then looks up at Emma. "Don't worry. I'll be spending a few days in the forest. I need a camping trip." He looks over at Tony with a smile and says, "Don't worry. I'll let him know about my condition. That way you don't get something thrown at you again."

"Consider it a done deal," Tony nods succinctly. "I'm afraid I must part your company now, in favor of making the rounds before the party." The mention of things being thrown at his person causes him to chuckles. "Honestly, that was the best reception I've ever gotten out of him to date." Without a thought Tony reaches out and squeezes Kaji's shoulder before making his way to the door. "See you at the party!" He calls out without turning around, a happy little wave is tossed as he steps out into the hallway closing the door behind him.

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