2010-01-27: A Green Visitor


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Summary: She-Hulk decides to visit Xavier's to talk about the GEMs

Date: January 27, 2010

Log Title A Green Visitor

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Front Gates

Large Iron gates standing twelve feet tall in front of you with an elaborate letter X designed on each of the gates. An Iron Gate stretches around both sides of the school. The gates are usually found closed and open to those who know the correct code to enter in the keypad on the left. Beyond the gates a large statue can be seen in a courtyard and a building in the shape of an X.

It's rare that a member of the Avengers would have business with the X-men. Usually the two groups keep their separate ways, but today She-Hulk has a need to talk with the mutants, which is why she can be found standing outside the gates, pressing the intercom buzzer. Her car (a very nice sports car that's been heavily modified to fit her increased size) is parked off to the side.

There may be a little wait for you, but finally someone reaches the controls for the gate. Really, Jonothon double takes at the figure he sees in the monitor, and then opens the gate. Sure he's never met you, but he sure as hell knows who you are. Wait there and he will come down to the gate, but drive in and there's a thin man dressed in black standing at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for you. Nope, this is hardly the image of the X-men here. «Sorry about the buzzer. I can't talk through it.» Hopefully you can hear him. The last visitor couldn't. Made for awkward conversation.

When the gates open, She-Hulk gets in her car and drives it through the gates, parking it in one of the designated visitor parking spots. Getting out she quirks an eyebrow at Jono when he speaks telepathically to her. She's met most of the X-Men before, but it seems that mutants nowadays are coming out of the woodwork, so it's no surprise to her that she doesn't recognize the young man. "It's okay," she says, walking up to him with a palm extended for a handshake. "I'm She-Hulk."

Jonothon would have been surprised to be recognized, not the other way around. «Yeah, I recognized you.» Being She-Hulk. He grips that hand, not even remotely foolish enough to try and strong arm you. He attempts a firm grip, but only as a sign of respect. «I'm Jonothon Starsmore. People call me Jono. I'm afraid Summers is busy at the moment, but you are certainly welcome to come in.» Man, he feels so short. «This about the demons?» That's kind of a stupid question, but it's all he can think of.

She-Hulk returns the handshake with a firm grip of her own, one that's been carefully honed over the years not to crush the bones of the person she's shaking the hand with. At Jono's question she laughs lightly, showing perfect white teeth in contrast to her green lips. "Oddly enough, no it isn't, though now that you bring it up it seems like something we should talk about." She makes an 'after you' motion with an arm and let's Jono lead her through the school. "No. I'm here because I'm hoping you'll help me find a time-hopping genetically engineered mutant."

=Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

He appreciates not having his bones crushed, really. A nod and he holds the door for you. A polite black-clad Brit at least. Seems all but his hands and upper face are covered too. It's subtle, but that lower face doesn't move beneath it's black covering. «Don't know a whole lot about the dem… A what?» Jonothon does understand the words, but the combination is a strange one. «You need Addison then? He's a telepath.» Never mind Jono's one too.

"Addison?" She-Hulk asks, unfamilliar with that name. "I don't know. I know that Charles had a way of finding mutants. He taught that knack to Addison, then I would imagine that he could help, yes." Clearly She-Hulk doesn't know about Cerebra, or she'd be more certain of that. "I'm looking for somebody named Trey, or #3GEM. The most I've got going is that he's got purple eyes, and that he's a bit of an amnesiac."

A nod about Addison. «He's the one who can use that means Xavier did.» Saying it without giving the details. Jonothon doesn't think you need to know. And then you explain about who it is. «That makes it easy then.» A motion to the living room off the foyer. There's a shift in him that tells he doesn't like Trey. Not anger, just dislike. «Trey attends the school here. I can call and see if he'll come over?» Odds are that won't happen, since the two were at odds the other night, but you don't need to know that. It's not something Jono plans to hold against anyone.

Jennifer blinks in surprise at Jono's answer. "He is? Could you?" This is going far, far better than she thought.

When the Brit finally returns it's obvious that he's alone. «Sorry, but I couldn't find him.» Jonothon isn't surprised really. «I saw him a couple days ago however, so assume he's still on the grounds. You want to stay here? We've guest rooms open.» No, he's not in charge of the school, but he's not about to tell you to get out. Let's be polite to the big, green woman who could tear the whole play down around your ears. (Never mind Jono doesn't believe she would.)

She-Hulk isn't all that surprised either. "Oh, well," she says, and then laughs at Jono's suggestion that she spend the night. "Thank you, but I can come back later, though if he's here I should talk to your headmaster about his siblings." She sighs, and shakes her head. "They came at a really bad time with the demons and all."

Jonothon shrugs, not all that worried about it. He was nice and that's what mattered. There's a wrinkling of that nose as you comment on it being a bad time. Laughter wrinkles form as eyes narrow. The only smile the man can manage. «They aren't the only ones. It's been a strange week.» For himself, as well as the students. «I'll see that he's given a message if you want.» Trey he means. Or you can simply return and let people quietly admire you. Jono's not about to complain.

Zack is wandering out into the living room, and he just smiles and will go to see if he can find someplace to crash, he was out in the Garden for a long while.

Shortly behind Zack comes Leighton. Those that know him will also notice that he's, for some reason, very near Zack's height now. Only a foot difference, standing at about 8 feet tall. He was also in the gardens. But then, Leighton is also the one with purple skin, bones coming out of his face around his eyes, and just all around weird lookin'. But then, She-Hulk is here…

An absent roommate and lack of friends leaves sitting alone, with hardly anything to do in that little dorm room, seem rather depressing. Having only found herselfamidst day three of arriving to the institute equals no school work, though it's not likely she'd be doing any if it were there waiting to be done. So a wandering Chezlie goes, searching from room to room, looking for just about anyone that is willing to talk to her. To her dismay, this seems to be a much more difficult task than first expected. Coming from a town filled with near one-hundred relatives makes these dim prospects also depressing. Then she spots a rather tall, purple teen wandering into the living room and is quick to follow.

Zack is indeed pretty big and bulky, te big teen oves over and he'll slide over and he'll flop right on over into a big couch, and it creaks, "Yo…hi everyone…" he smiles

Well, you could have saved me a spot somewhere…" Leighton chuckles at Zack. "You know what'll support our weight and what won't. Now that…" He waves a hand over himself awkwardly. He moves to sit near Zack but not right next to. Actually, he just sits on the floor.

And there's Jonothon, the short, skinny one dressed in black. Well, okay, so he's even above average height for a male human.. in this room, he's short. The arrival of all these students, most of whom he doesn't know, has the Brit looking over. He lifts a hand in greeting. «Hey.» His mental voice does have a British accent, but can't be heard by anyone with mental shields. «That wass She-Hulk. She's an Avenger.» A motion to the retreating, green, back. «She'll be right back.» This has been such a weird night. In seeing new faces, to him anyway, he adds, «I'm Jonothon Starsmore. You can call me Jono.»

Zack ohs at Leighton, "ya sorry" he shifts and tries not to hog it, seeing the new student he waves, "Hi I'm Zack, this is Leighton and…woah who is it?" he asks as he looks over and kinda stares, She Hulk? really?

If Jono feels short among this crowd, trying being below average in height and see how you do. It's like being stuck in the middle of giants everywhere Chezlie turns. It's a miracle she hasn't been accidentally stepped on…. yet. "Hi." She says, with an ounce of timid in her voice. The voice appearing in her head brings forth a warm smile. Not a bad reaction for having her first experience with telepathic communication. "I'm Chezlie." she simply says, eyes looking to the empty space that just recently held the person referred to as She Hulk and shrugs. Apparently she's not much of a celebrity around rural Utah.

"I'm… yeah. What Zack said. Sorry, I'm not used to being this tall. Just happened." Leigh says, looking up at Zack before blushing slightly. "And don't be upset if I don't touch. I've… learned how my powers work now, I think. And I'm too happy right now. I don't WANT another power added to the ones I already have." He coughs.

Brown eyes blink at Leigh for that. Jonothon was about to reply to Chezlie when this is said. It has him pausing and he lifts both hands. «You so don't want to be touching me then.» Never, ever. «That would be distinctly bad for you.» He'd survive, but he isn't sure about the rest of you. «Yeah, She-hulk. She's been on the tele a lot.» Hands drop and he returns his attention to Chezlie, «You another newly arrived? You need any help?» Not that someone new here would recognize it, but Jono does wear an Xcomm. The only bright bit on the black.

More with a bobbing motion than a nod, Chezlie takes a couple steps closer into the room with her chin up, which is mostly due to her height disadvantage than anything else. "It's ok, I've always been this short." She says to Leighton, her smile turning slightly crooked before turning her attention back to Jono. "Yep, just arrived two days ago." She ponders his second question, not quite sure where to start. "Well, eventually, but I think I'm fine for now. Nothing immediate at least."

Zack is sitting down now! So he's probably at the same height as the other teen, "Well great! Welcome to the school, lotsa cool poeple here…" he says off hand, he's speaking to her sideways since he's watching She Hulk…ya…big, strong, green…what's not to love!

"Duly noted, sir." Leighton says with a nod. In Jono's defense, and considering who he used to work with, Leigh looks a LOT like Marrow. In fact, the bone growth patterns are nearly identical. He looks up at She-Hulk and nods. "We get guests here that often?"

«You let me know. I'm not a teacher here, but I'm still part of the staff.» It's official now too. Not a teacher, but here to help. Jonothon offers this to Chezlie, even as he has to nearly every student he's met. After that it's back to the boys on the couch. «Not entirely sure.» If guests come here often. «I've been gone for five years. Before this school was open to the public. This week seems to see a lot of strangeness.» For all Jennifer is sure a nice bit of strangeness.

She-Hulk returns to the living room with a hot cup of coffee steaming in one hand. "Well," she says to Jonothan with a grin. "it looks like we gathered an audience." She gives the children a jaunty wave. "Howdy, kids."

Zack ohs and he lifts a hand up, and he waves, very slowly, "Uh…hiya…hello there." he smilesa tiny bit, his cheeks are flshed a tiny bit.

"Thanks! And I'll bug you as soon as the need arrives." Chezlie says to Jono before catching sight of the woman that she has thus far only known was named She-Hulk. If it weren't for the several people she's met in the past two days, the little teens eyes would have gone wide and her mouth most definitely would have been hanging open. That's not to say this is her feelings on the inside. It's not everyday you meet two kids who are over eight feet tall and a green woman. "Uh, hi." She says nervously, bring up her left hand for a little wave in return.

Now THAT would be a powerset to gain. Even where he's from, Leighton has heard of She-Hulk. "Wow… in person." He says with a grin, unable to stop a bone from growing out of his shoulder area, now that he's excited and lost some of his control. Oops.

With the return of Jennifer, Jonothon finds the attention is totally off him. That's how he likes it actually. «You are a celebrity.» Said to Jennifer for that there's an audience. That half smile makes an appearance again. Laughter shows in eyes, but obviously can't show itself anywhere else. «This is Chezlie, Zack, and I'm afraid I don't know your name.» Doesn't know Leigh's name he means. «I can go find them some towels if you'd like.» Teasing the boys about drooling.

Jennifer chuckles, waving a hand dismissively. "I'm used to it," she says, and indeed the attention doesn't seem to bother her in the slightest. "You three not getting into any trouble, I take it?"

Zack ohs, and he uhs and looks around now finally, the big teen shifts in his seet and idly thumbs together and he turns to the new girl, and back to Leighton and Jono, turnining back over to look at Jennifer he blushes, "I don't need a towel" he tells Jono, and then keeps blushing but goes back to looking.

Chezlie shakes her head, with a steady back and forth motion. "No ma'am, I have not." Biting down onto her bottom lip, she begins to mull over a specific word Jono spoke, er, just thought. You guessed it - the 'c' word. "So, are you like, in movies or something?" Dumb is definitely not the right word to use, more like naive. This makes sense, for those that know of her earlier surroundings, which is really only a handful of the staff. So yeah, she seems dumb.

"Leighton. Leigh." He says, grinning softly. "No, no trouble, unless you count accidentally copying another set of powers." He starts counting on his fingers, jokingly. "Marrow. Backlash. Howl. Zack." He snickers, blushing at the last one a bit as he considers. "Nah, no trouble, really."

«You'd have to be.» Used to being drooled on. Thankfully Jonothon is incapable of doing as such, so he can joke about it. An amused glance to Zack for the protest and he tucks hands into pockets. While surprised at Chezlie, for even he's heard of She-hulk (What rock did you crawl out from under?), his attention shifts to Leigh. «Need help, mate?» Looks like you are having trouble. So not getting close though. Just in case.

"I'm an Avenger," explains She-Hulk to Chezlie patiently. She doesn't seem to be all that put out that somebody doesn't recognize her either. "A super-hero. And a lawyer, but people usually don't remember me for that," she says with a sigh. She walks over to one of the chairs and sets herself down in one, taking a sip of her coffee as she does so, all the while throwing Leigh a grin. "Well, that's why you're here. Xavier's done a good job in helping young mutants learn to control their powers." Though she does disapprove with some of their extra curricular activity, not that she would voice this out loud.

Zack rubs his hadnds slightly as he keeps sitting down and he gives a little bit of a nod of his head, "I uh…" he thinks to himself and he thinks to himself, "Well…ya I've been having studies here, it's good…I like th school I think I finally fit in here"

A little rock on the south-western Utah border called Hildale. A polygamy community to be exact, that both shuns and is shunned by the outside world. Yep. That would be the rock Chezlie crawled out of. "Oh." She says, making the shape as well as the sound with her open mouth. "A super-hero? That's really cool!" The little teen is quick to change from a puzzled confusion to a rabid excitement. "Wow, wait until I can write to all my brothers and sisters! They're going to be so jealous." Moving over towards the couch Zack is seated at, the smallest inhabitant of the living room takes a seat at the edge of the coffee table, eyes transfixed on the green woman.

"Nah, I'm really getting used to it." Leigh says to Jono. "Especially now that I have someone that's watching my back a little. Helping here and there." He says with a nod. For some reason, he's just in an amazing mood right now, and he can't explain it. Well, he could, but he won't. "When Marrow dropped me off here, I was kinda… disgusted by the whole idea. But then, I was a girl at the time and not used to it. I'm getting adjusted now. It's not too bad."

That sure counts as a rock, yeah. «Heh.» That to Leigh, for that's some story. Jonothon always finds himself shocked when stories like this come up. Yes, someone might just have it worse than you, Starsmore. Deal with it. «So long as you're okay.» People sit, yet he opts to remain standing. In fact he hasn't moved from that spot for some time now. If only he knew what Jennifer was thinking. That's the worst part of being back here. All these kids being incredibly stupid. Jono wonders how his own teachers managed to deal with it.

The amusement that She-Hulk feels shows plainly on her face. She's always been good with kids, and always liked being around them. Chezlie's excitement brings a smile to her face. "Really? How many brothers and sisters do you have?" Leigh gets a slightly mock-hurt look and a little pout. "Oh, come on. Being a girl isn't /that/ bad."

There's a brief yawn from Leigh as he goes to stand. "Nah, I got used to it. I'm just more myself in this form. Well, minus a foot and a half of height anyway." He says, coughing. He has to get used to that. "I'm gonna head out to my room. Zack, if you wanna talk later or anything, just ask for Skyler's room. Uhm… Skyler's BOYS room. You'll find me there when I'm not out and about." He offers a quick wave as he heads towards the doors leading in the direction of the dorms.

"Oh boy." Chezlie starts out, her words only interrupted by a short gasp of laughter. "Lets see… I have two full sisters and two full bothers. When it comes to half sisters…" She trails off, her head cocked to the side as she quickly uses her fingers to count off, and for the looks of it, one finger is not being used as a single digit counter. "… about 38 half sisters, which would make the count of half brothers at 30. Yeah, that's about right. Well, from a year ago, so I'm sure there are more that I haven't met yet." She looks back to She-Hulk with a large, tooth filled grin.

«Cheers, mate.» A good-bye to Leigh as that one takes his leave. After that Jonothon finds himself rather stunned at the numbers Chezlie is throwing around. Stunned enough that he decides that saying nothing at all is the best option here. Can't picture that many siblings at all. That's one of those taboo topics, even though he doesn't realize that it is. «Where have you been for the last year then?» That's safe, right?

Jennifer looks absolutely astonished at the total that Chezlie has given. "That's…. a lot of siblings." She's trying to work her brain around how somebody could have so many half-brothers and half-sisters when Jono asks his question, and she finds herself nodding, wondering that, too.

Zack is kinda amazed too, he tries to tell after Leigh that he could actually talk, and he waves as he goes away, the big teen looking back at the girl sitting on the coffe table, "that's a lot, that's about how many cousins I have, but my mom would never have that many childrne, not like her sisters…" he wows

To most, it probably would be taboo, but Chezlie doesn't seem to mind just blurting things out, apparently. "Well, for a part of it I was living in Idaho with these two fundamentalist nut jobs that convinced my parents, along with all the other kids parents, that we were gifts for the next prophet. Then after a police raid, got sent to live with my mom in Salt Lake City." Her smile can almost be described as shit-eating. Almost. "My father's a polygamist. Has 9 wives now, though my mom divorced him and lives with her parents near the great Salt Lake." Even in the mainstream community, stories of fundamentalist communities are hard to swallow, so the little teen has grown quite found of telling people all about it.

That's still amazing. All he can do is shake his head at it. Wow. Lifting a hand he drags fingers back through his hair. The motion seems to let Jonothon move past his shock. «Mutants you mean?» Gifts for the prophet? Such things never end well. «You want to be here?» Asked with worry of Chezlie. There are those here who don't, and the place can prove hard on them. Mostly Jono wants to be sure Chezlie will be okay.

Jennifer's expression turns to a scowl when Polygamy is mentioned. «And how many husbands do the wives have?» She asks Jono over the telepathic link to avoid upsetting the girl, her inner voice betraying her bitterness. Aloud she says, "That's… How did you end up here?"

Zack waves a small bit ad he stands up, "I think I'll go to bed, good luck though"

Chezlie has never put so much enthusiasm into an act as simple as a nod. "Oh, god yeah! Could you imagine the lack of privacy with that many siblings running around?" Moving her arms, she crosses each over her chest, interlocking just at about the forearm. "Yeah, each of my step moms had their own house, but it was basically understood that each house had an open door policy." She then turns her focus to Jennifer, her gaze occasionally wandering over to Zack. "Well, to give my moms credit, she did eventually leave. Though, I wouldn't say my father is a terrible person…" she pauses, giving herself a couple seconds of chewing on her bottom lip time. "Oh, here, yes. My grandparents were eventually contacted, by someone here. I guess the story of all us teenage…" There's a hesitation before the words is uttered. "…mutants being found in some sort of militant training camp was some sort of national news story. They, with my mom, decided it might be best to enroll me here."

A look to Jennifer for the words. It has Jonothon's nose wrinkling. Yes, he very much agrees. There's been a struggle with his disapproval. No point in taking it out on Chezlie. Not her fault. «At least she's out of that now.» Privately back to Jen. That's all he can say about it. To the room in general he lifts a hand to Zack, «Cheers.» Good night.

«..No, I can't.» Imagine being among all those siblings. Really, that's totally alien to a rich boy from London who had only one older sister. «…» A what? Hand to head he attempts to digest that. «Glad you're here now.» Even angst central much be better than a military training camp for mutants. The man's body language clearly says he's uncomfortable now. Too many familiar memories of that kind of situation.

Jennifer repeats something that Chezlie had said, "The fundamentalist camp was collecting mutant children?" This thought more than poligamy, brings a scowl to her face. "Well, at least the police broke them up."

Zack stands up nd waves as he wanders off

Chezlie laughs in a way someone would had they only heard the story and not taken part of it. At least she didn't develop any sort of Stockholm Syndrome, right? "Yeah, it was a good thing the police broke it up. Turns out Brother Oman's father, who lived up in Canada, caught wind of what was going on and feared his son was going to try to murder him and take over his position as Prophet of the town of Bountiful." The laughter dies down a little only to be followed by arelatively heavy sigh. A quick wave of the hand is offered up to Zack as he leaves, the little teens attention then turning towards Jono. "Thanks, I'm glad I'm here too. It's been nice so far, though I do miss my mom, brothers and sisters."

With the couch free, Jonothon moves over and sinks down into it. Slouching forward, arms over knees, he listens to Chezlie. This is all so strange to the London born mutant. «Sounds complicated.» About Oman's father. Then again politics generally is complicated. «Any idea what happened to the other kids there?» Not that he's planning on running out to try and rescue them. Pretty sure they are better off since the police broke the place up. Just seems strange only one teen arrived at Xaviers after such a thing.

Indeed. This may require some further investigating. She-Hulk nods to Jono, her inquisitive expression echoing his question.

There's a brief look of contemplation that takes over the little teen, slowly crossing her legs and using her knees as a place to rest her hands. "I don't know, to be honest. I guess they all went back home, probably to other FLDS communities, like my half sister." Oh, a failed mention of another sibling! Perhaps there's more hidden trauma about the facility than the girl knows. Of course that is how it usually goes, otherwise what would be the need of therapy? "Almost forgot she get sent there too. I think our dad thought it was some sort of reflection on his holy status or something. She still lives with my dad as far as I know. Doubt he'd ever let her leave the community as long as he can help it. Probably the same situation for the other kids. Guess I got lucky I was sent to live with my mom, right?"

Of course there's trauma. There always is. It's why Jonothon's so worried. The more he hears, the worse this gets. It's not as bad as it could be of course, but he still doesn't like it. What bothers him the most is that there may be nothing he can do to help those other kids. Well, at least he can try to help Chezlie. Privately to Jen he says, «I'll try and keep an eye on her. Hopefully she's as untouched as she appears to be.» But Jono isn't better on it. Back to Chezlie the man nods. «Sounds to me like you're very lucky. Two days here, right? Have you been assigned to a squad yet?» Maybe a different topic would be better.

Back to Jono, She-Hulk thinks, «I'll see if I can't get somebody on the West Coast Avengers to poke around.» She nods again in agreement with Jono and echoes his words aloud. "Very lucky indeed. This is a good place to be." She arches an eyebrow at Jono's question and asks one of her own: "Squad?"

"Oh, yeah, I was just informed of that this morning. I think I'm a part of the…" Still not quite sure exactly what the squads are going to be used for, Chezlie has not yet dedicated herself into memorizing the name. Besides, it's not quite as easy as 'new mutants.' "Ex… ex… excelsiors I think?" She smiles, looking quite smitten with herself for finally remembering the name. "And yes ma'am, I feel very lucky for being here." The comment is directed towards Jennifer, obviously.

Jonothon will be amused later as she learns what they are for. «Excelsiors, yes. A new team. We've had an influx of students lately.» Inferno seems to be to blame. To Jan he shrugs. «The school is a lot bigger than it's ever been, but they still hold true to the original training methods. Students are separated into smaller groups, or squads, so that they can interact as a team in the danger room.» He rolls his eyes a little at it though. «Things have changed at least in that it's only to help them learn about their powers. I was one of the last trained to be an X-men.» Sure students still do become X-men, but not like the training Gen-X got.

And there's those extracurricular activities that She-Hulk frowned upon. She nods at Jono and keeps her disapproval to herself, though she does seem to be less perturbed when he mentions what the purpose is nowadays. "Well," she says, "At least it's more of an actual school, now."

Chezlie nods in agreement, having found the majority of the students she's met having attended the institute only several days longer than herself. "Yes, that's what I've come to understand already. Which is nice, because if it keeps up that way, I won't be the newest student for long, right?" She lets a brief laugh escape through her lips. "I mean, I was just starting to feel welcomed in my high school in Salt Lake before having to start all over again." Oh the pains of being a teenager.

If anything, Jonothon doesn't approve of his training methods either. Why else would he abandon the team as often as he has. «It's better.» He assures the tall woman. «From what I've seen there's competition between teams to encourage power development, but no heavy combat training.» For all the man does know it goes on. Some of the kids want that. Hell, he still trains, but then he's not a student. Jono's down there nearly every day practicing. Quite the change from years ago. Back to Chezlie, Jonothon wrinkles his nose. «Being the new guy isn't entirely bad. You're lucky. You've Dr McCoy as your squad leader. He looks weird, but he's an amazing guy. You need anything, don't be afraid to ask.» Yeah, a rather high opinion of Hank.

It's hard to say bad things about The Beast, and so Jennifer finds herself nodding again with Jonothan. "I agree. I've known him from when he was on the Avengers as well. You can learn a lot from him." On a lark she looks at her wristwatch and winces. "Jono, can I trust you to get a message to Scott?"

"He's the blue looking fella, right?" Chezlie questions, sort of remembering a picture of current staff hanging somewhere in the teachers wing of the school. "I think I'm meeting him tomorrow, before heading into this… dangerous room?" There's plenty of insecurity washing over the words as they're slowly vocalized, the place itself being just as unfamiliar as its name. These past two days have been chalk full of unknown words. Take Avengers for that matter, but as a good sport always does, the little teen politely nods her head with a smile.

«He is.» The blue looking one. «Danger room.» Jonothon corrects with amusement. «Trust me, you'll like it.» Doesn't try explaining it, for he's sure that none of his references would mean anything to Chezlie. If she doesn't know She-Hulk, she won't grasp his descriptions based off other media. As for Jennifer, the man nods as he rises to his feet. Clearly it's time to leave. «Of course.» Mess or written, he'll get it to the headmaster.

Jennifer manages to find a scrap of paper in her jeans and looks around for a pen to write with. Finding one, she writes down an address, and a phone number in neat script. "Tell him that he needs to call me at that number about Trey's siblings. THat's the address of the hotel I've got them in. I've paid for a week, but I don't think they're the kind of people that would stay put for very long, and I don't trust them out in the public."

There's a brief fleck of excitement as Chezlie actually, somewhat, kind of knew who she'd be training under. It fades as quick as it came though, after being corrected on the actual name of the training room. "Oh, yeah, /danger/ room. Forgot." She looks a little embarrassed, turning her head momentarily to the side. Following Jono's lead, she too rises up to her feet in anticipation of the green-skinned woman departing.

Jonothon accepts that note, eyes widening a little. Trey's what? Oy. Slowly he nods. «I'll get this to him. Should I tell Trey?» Or just the headmaster. The message gets tucked into a jacket pocket as he glances to Chezlie. Hard to tell, but that expression he wears is as much of a smile as he can make. «Cheers.» That to Jennifer mostly, but for both of you.

Jennifer purses her lips at that question, thinking on the answer. "Tell him if he asks, but don't volunteer anything. He's safe where he is." That is to say, the world is safe from him where he is, too. "If he's as eager to meet his siblings as they are to meet him, I don't want him running off." She, then turns and grins at the girl. "It was good to meet you, Chezlie," she says. "I hope you enjoy your stay here." To Jono she gives him an appreciative nod. "Thank you." And with that she takes her leave.

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