2009-05-03: A Home Of One's Own


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Summary: After working things through, Wesley gets a place to call his own.

Date: May 3, 2009

A Home of One's Own

Rating: G

It's taken a little coaxing and pushing, but finally, Jeri's gotten everything in order. Smiling, he's asked Wesley to come along for a little ride. He seems to be in excessively happy spirits, but he hasn't explained any reason behind it. "So, how's the new job going?" He asks, casually.

Wesley did go along for the ride, and after a bit of coaxing, Wesley has gone along with it. He looks to the kind man and shrugs. "G-ood." He did get the job at the store, and it's been going well. Just when people come up to talk with him, it catches him off guard. He's holding his collar in the kangaroo pocket of his hoodie. It's like a security blanket for the young man.

"Good, good. I was hoping it would work for you. Nothing too strenuous and exciting. Something light to ease you back into the real world." Jeri says with a grin as he pulls into a small duplex off of Turkey Hill Road. It's a small, yellow brick building with twin doors. He pulls a key out after he stops the car. "Come on up."

The electrokinetic looks to the house as the car stops, hazel eyes moving back to Jericho, Wesley starts to follow him, he feels as if he can trust this man. Hand still clenching the dormant piece of nulling technology in his hands.

As he approaches the door he pauses, passing the key over to Wesley. "Actually, you should open it. After all, if you'd like, this is gonna be your apartment." He says with a grin. "We'll discuss rent payments and whatnot later, after we find out what you make. We're still gonna leave you plenty to live on. We wouldn't leave you stranded." He laughs.

Starting to look at the key in Jericho's hand, Wesley makes a move to open the door. He gives a nod to Jericho when it comes down to rent. This surely beats a tent, and the outdoor floor.

After the door opens, Jeri makes a motion for Wesley to go first. "It's not much, but it's enough for you to call home. And you get the necessities… and privacy you need as a young adult. We'll still help you work towards a GED if you like, since Christopher and I are both teachers. That way, you may be able to take college classes and find something better than this small job. But, you have to start somewhere, right?"

Wesley steps inside the apartment. He looks around, curious. His face doesn't show much on opinion on the duplex yet. He moves to the bedroom, laying down on the futon, it's firm, giving a smirk. He hasn't thought much about the GED, but he may do it. He'll have to work hard to catch up on six years of school.

Jericho can't help but give a small chuckle at Wesley's actions as he looks around the apartment. Stepping into the bedroom, he gives a grin. "Is it comfortable at least?" He asks, tilting his head.

Wesley gives a stout nod to Jericho. "Yes. It's better th-than a b-bed." He's honest about the futon. It looks like he's shaved his face recently, but the electrokinetic still has a shadow on his face. He seems like an approachable guy, just not very talkative. "Thank you." He bids to Jercho. the kindnes he's sen in the last month has been the best he's been treated for a very long time.

"You're more than welcome, son." Jeri says with a nod. He's like that with most students and.. well, his own kids. He's just a natural father. "Do you already know how to cook? That's one of those skills that I'm not too good at teaching, but I'm sure Christopher can. But, if nothing else, there are some nice restaurants around here with good prices."

Wesley sits up on the futon. He doesn't like admitting the things he's went through but in this case it's a necessity. "No. I u-u-used to get food from w-wh=wherever I f-found it." Meaning dumpsters, stealing, even the occasional soup kitchen/food pantry charity.

"Well, if nothing else, frozen dinners are a lifesaver in a microwave or an oven." Jeri says with a firm nod. "I don't cook well with anything but dessert. But, I lived on TV dinners for a few years before I met Christopher." He laughs softly, moving to sit on the futon, next to Wes. "I… I hope everything is alright here. There's even a netbook over there." He points to the desk.

Wesley gives a nod on the TV dinner concept. "N-netbook?" He asks, not knowing many technological things, the most advanced thing he knows about is collar, but doesn't know how it works. He just knows what it does.

"Netbook. It's a little computer. Not much memory, but it'll let you browse the internet and do some writing. I'll let Eddie teach you that one." Jeri chuckles softly. "Is everything alright with you, yourself, Wesley?"

"Oh." The electrokinetic looks down to his hands, he's thinking about his mother, and that makes him a bit sad. He just nods idly when he's asked if he's alright. He's never really been asked that. He's kept the issue of his mother a bit under wraps, but he does wake up yelling out some times during the night.

"If you need someone to talk to… well, I AM a psychiatrist slash psychologist." Jeri offers with a bit of a grin. "But only if and when you're ready, son. For now, I just hope you're happy with your home, your job, and your new life. Somethings you can call your own."

The electrokinetic looks back up to Jericho. Tears rolling down his face, both of joy and of sorrow. He leans his head on Jericho's arm. Eddie being the only other person he's shown this much of himself to. "Thank you, s-so much." He says, still looking into Jericho's arm.

"Oh, it's alright, Wesley." Jeri says, moving his arm around the kid with a chuckle. "I know you haven't had a lot through your life, but… you're Eddie's brother. That makes you part of our family. We'll do what we can to help you out."

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