2010-04-02: A Hopeful Promise


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Summary: James and Robyn talk for a while and eventually end with a promise.

Date: April 2, 2010

A Hopeful Promise

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Holding Cells

Three cells line each wall each with an energy barrier that can be switched on and off with those with the security codes. The tech here is advanced and not something an average person can figure out. Inside the cells there are degrees of powers suppression, depending on who it's holding. There are cameras monitoring those held in here so there isn't much privacy. Each cell has a bed and a toilet in it and those held in here would be feed regularly. The door leading to the rest of the mansion is made of a thick, heavy steel, and is locked securely by advanced electronic means.

Hearing James was down here and wanting to at least see him before he leaves for a week tomorrow, Robyn made his way down the holding cells. At least James isn't on as much high alert as some of the others who have been held here but he's still down here and kept away from the others at the school for a reason. He walks over to the cell James is in and puts his hands on the door. "James? Do you mind company?"

James is, of course, still in his cell, serving his timeout like a good delinquent. Sitting upright on the bed, in a slightly hunched position, the hyena seems worlds away. Whatever is going on with that wall has his total interest. There's an ear twitch at the nearly unheard sound of Robyn's hand on the door, the action eliciting a like, "Huh?" from the creature. He moves just a little, making the same inquiry as he looks towards the door, "Huh? Oh…hey Robyn." He smiles, "Sorry. Worlds away." There's a slow blink and a head shake as if warding off some undisclosed feeling, "Not a lot to do in here but think. Guess I lost track." Another grins, "Sure…nothing else going on." Unlike yesterday, the room's clean today. Somne must have said something.

Robyn smiles at James and looks around the 'room'. "I can understand losing track of time, it must suck worse down here than in the medbay. At least in the medbay you have the option of having books or your laptop or something with you. Here…it's like your in solitude or something." Even the emergency living quarters seemed safer. "You need anything down here before I leave for a week?"

James puts his hands together and nods, "The key to the door would be great. Blowtorch…file…Bic pen." Weak smile follows. He's not sure what Robyn has heard, so leaves the topic in his incarceration be for a moment instead focusing on friendlier topics, "Florida, right? With Jordan?" he nods, remembering, "Have room for a third?" Another smile even though he sounds tired, worn…beat.

"I wish I could get you out of here James…even if I am leaving tomorrow and I could try to get you free and escape, when I get back..I don't know what would happen." Robyn would probably get kicked out for that and he's not so sure he wants to risk it. "Yeah, Florida with Jordan. I wish we did James, you need a break from this place as much as me, Jordan, Zack, Rashmi…" Yeah, he's noticed it in others too.

James nods, half closing his eyes, "No so bad in here. I was told they might even wodes the room by .5mm tomorrow. Can't wait. My bedroom might almost be a studio. Scott's gettin' crazy…!" He stands up and is at the door with in a couple of steps. Without bothering to give Robyn a meaningful look, he turns, puts his back against the door, and slides down into a sitting position, "I ever tell you about the day I shifted for the first time?"

For some reason after James slides down the door and sits with his back against it, Robyn mirrors the position as feels oddly comfortable. "Mr. Summers has to be somewhat crazy I think, to put up with being the leader of the X-Men /and/ headmaster here." That's just what starts Scott as crazy to him. "No, you never did tell me about the first time you shifted James."

James nods, angling his head to watch Robyn, big black eyes a lot kinder than some of the recent visitors have gotten. "I was alone. Parents were gone for the day. So I was working on my Grandfathers truck. It was up off its wheels and slipped. The frame pinned me to the ground by my chest." Hand involuntarily scratches an itch, "I could breathe…but I was stuck. After an hour I started bugging out. I was sure it was sinking and I was going to die a very slow, painful death. I started to panic, hyperventilate…then it all went black. I woke up up the hay loft with out any clothes. The truck was on its side." There a loud snort, "I can't stand confined places anymore."

Robyn is quiet during the story and once James' is finished talking he turns around. "Oh man I wish I could get you out of there." He says feeling bad for James since the room he's stuck in couldn't be described as anything else but confining. "I'm glad you were able to shift to save yourself though." Then he would have never gotten to meet the Hyena. "Why did Jono put you down here?"

James makes a defeated, deflating noise, "Phhhht! Cause there's something wrong with him and I'm the only one who sees it." Truthful? Maybe. Manipulative? Oh yes. The hyena pulls his legs to his chest, "We tried to talk out our issues. I started venting. He starts chasing me around the room cause he's sure something is wrong. Well…Yeah…that's why we were talking! Duuuuh! I tell him to leave me alone He keeps pressing me, so I bolt for it and I ended up down here." Siiiiiggggghhhh! "So I don't feel like pouring out my heart to everyone every 5 minutes. So! I guess that'll teach me."

"You shouldn't have to pour your heart out to everyone unless you want to. We have issues but we don't always want to talk about it." Robyn says but he doesn't know what exactly is going Jono's head. "I wish I could let you up, or at least go in there an join you for a bit. I just don't have any of that 'teacher' access but also I think Jono would kick my ass."

"He would," James emphasizes, yet corrects, "Well, detention And lots of it." He sniffs a little, "I'll be fine. I just need to talk some sense into Jono." Big arms wrap around those legs of his, "I was told it'd come to this, you know? Warned. I'm being treated a lot differently than the others. I mean…you know." He emphasizes with his hands, "Sure…I get some crazy ideas…like that time I nailed that kids pants to the tree—while ht was still in them. But! I'm also the one getting locked up because I don't want to share my thoughts with a teacher. How is that fair?" He tosses his arms up, "Anyways…enough of that. What are you gonna do in Florida?"

Robyn listens to James and he thinks there is more to what's going on but he doesn't presse it. "What are we going to do in Florida, I don't know yet. I've never been down there and I just know I'll be meeting his parents." Someitmes it's just good to let the guy whose from the area do most the panning.

James nods, "Never been there. Never been much of anywhere outside of Indiana. COming here was the biggest trip I've taken." He rubs his spine against the door, managing to get an itch that suddenly popped up, "Jordan's parents know about you and him?" Head tilts towards Robyn, eye watching.

Robyn nods. "Yeah, they know about us. Just like mine do. Funny, my Mom was better with me being gay than being a mutant. Go figure." Robyn says with a faint smile on his face before turning to look at James. "What about you, you ever have any girlfriends or anything back home in Indiana?"

"Naaa…I've always been kinda a loner. And I was always helping on the farm so I never really had much of a hang-out life," James says with a shrug, "Dunno what I would'a done if I had one." There's a smirk that forms, "I'd be like, 'Date? Sure. I'll show you around my barn. Here's the truck, here's some tools… Here's a horse. Ready to go home yet?" The creature makes a second bid for some manipulative Face speak, "I think Jono's kinda the same way. But he likes people more. Which is a shame because I don't think people listen to him enough. Probably why he got so weird and threw me in here. Was so sure that I needed help that listening must have meant something was up." He siiiiighs, "I can't hold it against him…his head's just not int he right place right now. Even if his heart is."

Robyn smiles a bit as James describes his idea of a 'date'. "So what did you do back home besides farm?" Robyn asks in an attempt to just let James talk, he likes listening to what life was like for his friend. "And Jono…I like him a lot. He's like the guy, if I could have an older brother and I could choose who it is, I'd be him. I really do care a lot with him, even if I do get mad at him, it's cause I care. He's…done a lot for me since he's gotten here. I don't know how I would have stayed here without him. He's the one who brought me back when I ran away. And yeah, I try to listen to him but he just won't talk to me. Not about stuff like that, I can't handle his problems he said." There's a tinge of bitterness at that.

The hyena nods, "Yeah. the man needs as much help he's offering. But he's not getting it. I think the whole Sinister thing made him blow as gasket. I mean…seriously. He chased me around the attic. All I did was, really, stop talking about my problems. But what can we do. They just think we're kids. Can't handle any 'real' stuff." There's a shrug and subject change, as if to make it seems that he doesn't necessarily want to badmouth the person who throw him in here. Still though, he does his best to sound huffy! "Ehh…worked on my grandfathers truck, did my school work. Explored the woods. Visited my grandfather a lot…until he died."

"I just wish Jono would lean on us like he lets us lean on him but..it's up to him." Robyn says as he doesn't usually press people for their issues. If they wanna talk, they will, if they don't, it's not his business. "I never got to meet either of my grandfahters as they both died before I was born. I have a Grandmother still alive but I don't see her that often. It was always me, my Mom and my Dad. And my life was pretty much the same but replace truck with art."

James nods, smiling a little to himself out of view, "Exactly. It's just like art. Just…a different media. You know, before I came here I didn't even know my machine thing was a thing? I thought what I did with electronics and machines was normal. That everyone could sorta 'hear' them." He snorts a little, "Aside from the fur and fangs we're not 'that' different, you know. It's kinda why I talk with you. Though…don't tell anyone that or I'll tape you to a ceiling fan and turn it on high." He looks over his shoulder, grinning. He tries a coup de grace, looking at the rear wall, falling silent. After a moment he makes a deflated noise, "Careful Robyn. Could be you in here next time…"

Robyn nods in agreement that the two of them aren't that different. "I know, and I guess I understand what you mean about 'hearing' machines, I think it's kind of how I can just 'feel' my way around clay." And knowing how to shape it, how much pressure to put behind your fingers to do what you want. At James' last words though, there's a sigh. "You know, I wouldn't be surprised. One more big thing happens around here, there's a good change I might snap. I've been so close so many times, and I did snap during the whole demon thing."

James coughs a little, "What happened? I don't think I ever heard your side." He turns so his back is no longer facing the other boy, "I'll be honest. Most days I try not to think about it. But…I'll tell you my side if you tell me yours." He crosses his arms and leans back against the wall, interested. He'd never guessed Robyn was involved too. Or, really, given much thought tho the participation beyond his team.

Robyn takes a deep breath and decides to tell James, he doesn't look at him though. "Well…Jordan and I, we snuck into the boathouse to…well, while we were…kissing…he turned. Into the demon. He threw me, broke my arm and cracked a few ribs." There are definitely some nerves in his voice as he talks. "Then I heard Lucas turned and he texted Rashmi. Mikhail and I went with her, to find Lucas. Not because I cared about him cause honestly, I used to hate Lucas. Not anymore though. But…if Lucas could be brought back okay, so could Jordan. And also Rashmi…she's a great person, she needed the help. So I went with her." Robyn says taking a deep breath and pausing for a bit. "We…got to the theatre, Lucas killed people. He…I shouldn't have gone. I was already injured, I'm not a hero, I couldn't fight him. He blasted me, then Nathaniel showed up. I…woke up and Nathaniel…he…forced himself on me. Using his emotion control. Addison was able to snap me out of his emotion control but I was still. You know how hard it is to want to hate someone for doing that to you, but you just can't cause you know it wasn't really them. It was something possessing them. So that hurt, that hate, it can't go anywhere. When we got free, we got back here, we weren't the same. Mikahil, Rashmi, Dallas, Me…Jono wanting to say "I told you so" but never did…everything was so fucked up James. Next thing I knew they got Nathaniel back and he was no longer a demon, then Rashmi got Lucas back and okay, after the thing with Coyote, but why did the people who did the worst get to be freed and Jordan couldn't? I couldn't take it, I tried to run away but Jono brought me back. I stoped sleeping, I stopped eating until one day I just mentally shut down. I couldn't deal. Eventually it all ended, as you know, but…it was horrible." Robyn finishes as he's not crying at the story but his voice doesn't sound strong."

It's a lot to hear, a lot to deal with. And while James is an asshole, but he's not 'that' big an asshole. There's a thump as the creature puts his hand on the door's glass. Best attempt he can make to touch Robyn, "Wow…I'm sorry." It's a little lame, but it's all he has, "If I wasn't in here, I'd totally be out there supporting you." Okay, maybe he'll use just a little bit of Robyn's feelings to further his case. But just that little bit. "That's kinda where I was recently. The shutting down stage. I'm getting better, or…well…was until I was put in here. But…you know…it fades. Just have to find the right people to help you. And this school is full of them." His hands go up in arrest, "I know…hokey. But it's kinda true." Theres a sigh, "Still…I'm sorry. If I had been around…"

Robyn turns around and smiles at James. "I know you would be James, be out here if you could. Man, I wish I was more of a rule breaker and I could get you out of here, but I don't even have that kind of authority." He says honestly. "And don't worry about it, we weren't friends yet. And i know this place is full of people to help, Jono, Rashmi, Lucas, Dr. Parker-Mayfair, Dallas, Jordan….but, that was the first time I really hated being a mutant. That shutting down stage, the worst is when you snap out of it and realize all that you want to be fake, is real."

"Yeah…" James says with a sigh, "Rashmi. One of the few I listen to. She's a miracle worker." Another sigh, "Wonder what they told her when I stopped showing up for practice last week." A shrug. "And don't get into trouble on my account. Soon as I talk some sense into one of the adults I'll be out. I mean…Jesus Christ…seriously…? It's gonna be a week soon!" He gives Robyn a look of complete WTFness, "Magneto gets treated better than this. And he's like a serial murderer or something. What'd I do?"

"You pissed on Jono's wheaties? Or maybe it's revenge for his sister?" Both are jokes from Robyn as he just shrugs. "Rahsmi…she's great. She's so sensible it seems at times. She needs a vacation away from here, I think she should visit her family in the city but she always says no to that idea." Sure Robyn and Rashmi had their differences a while back but he's gotten used to her way of things. "I just wish I could have the hope she does."

"We all need the hope she has," James says with a sense of finality, "Puts up with me. That's godda' make her a demigod or something." He gives Robyn a nod, "Ahh, the bucket. Yeah. Good point. Never considered that. He's been frazzled…maybe it's a subconscious thing." He'll save THAT one for later. Another look to Robyn, "I was feeling sick the day it happened. So I was just hanging around in my room. Then, without warning, I reverse shifted and started feeling really good. From then on, I wasn't myself anymore." He grits his teeth a little, "Killed some guy for his truck and took it for a spin. Wrecked it.. I ran into Rashmi and Zack. Attacked them. Then Jono blew me through a truck. After that…well…I was given the orders to siege the mall. Which worked. It earned me some attention from a couple of the demons running things. So, I was moved to a couple bigger assignments." He skoffs, "Rather suicide assignments. We were part of a group that tried to invade some place called the Hellfire Club…from the underground." He shakes his head, "An envoy up top was talking about a partnership while me and 15 others tried to find a way in through the foundation. Went…about as well as you'd expect. I was the only one who came back outta that one—from my group at least. A week later was the fight at the zoo, and that's when I was de-possessed. Or whatever."

Robyn is quiet while he listens to James and nods. "Yeah, from talking to people some people they had a stronger hold of over others, like some people made an agreement." He knows Lucas did but Jordan didn't. "I'm really sorry you had to go through that James, if it helps, I know it wasn't you that did that stuff. Man…why is it we have a target on our backs cause of who we are. Who cares if you look like a Hyena, it's who you are. It doesn't mean that you're going to eat every baby you see or that we make great targets for the next bad guy that decides to kidnap some mutants and use their DNA to make super powered drugs for assholes. Or….why can't we just be different in peace?"

James nods and re-crosses his arms, shutting his eyes a little, "My thoughts exactly. I think we'd all trade it to just go back home. Even if it meant not being 'normal' ever again. I would. Just…you know…go home and live in peace." Silence, then, "Kinda wish that truck had crushed me." An eye quickly opens and shoots over at Robyn, "Don't." It's a warning look as if he knows what response he'll get for the truck comment, "Seriously. Don't. I'm not a danger to myself and I'm allowed a little self loathing and free thought—even if Jono disagrees."

Robyn wasn't going to say something but not anything in regards to thinking James is suicidal. More that he wants to tell James that he's glad he's still alive or they wouldn't have been friends. "I dunno, with out the chaos, I do like it here. I like the people, I like the classes, I don't mind the danger room sessions and the extra lessons with Addison, it's the target I hate. I would trade in my powers if it meant removing that target."

The hyena stretches out, looking at the other boy, "For me, this place is starting to be worse than the 'bad stuff.' Ironic, isn't it?" A frown follows that, but a shrug fends it off, "Tell you what. The day they can cure us. I'll wake you up in the middle of the night. We'll steal a car and head into town and be the 'first' in line." He tilts his head, looking friendly. But the seriousness behind his eyes says something more. He'll do it too.

Robyn puts a hand on the door, and he'd hold it out to be shaken if he could. "That's a deal James. If I hear it first, I'll wake you up." Robyn says smiling at James as he's quite serious himself. "You'd have to drive though, I don't know how." He says standing up and smiling. "Thanks James, you're a really good friend. And don't worry, I won't let the word get out that you're awesome underneath all that fur." He says with a chuckle. "I gotta get back upstairs, I have to catch a plane in the morning."

James grins, "Yeah a deal. Promise!" He stands keeping his paw on the door until Robyn removes his hand, "Have fun. Seriously. I'll give you a call after I get out. Which, if I have anything to say about it. Will be tonight if I'm lucky." There's that Hyena cleverness. He 'will' be getting out one way or another—well ahead of schedule. "Good night Robyn. I'll see you soon."

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