2011-06-27: A Hunting We Will Go

Players: David and Mikhail

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Summary: David and Mikhail go hunting

Date: June 27, 2011

Log Title: A Hunting We Will Go

Rating: R

Westchester - The Road Less Traveled

Far along Mills Road, a small, overgrown dirt path breaks off from the road, leading through the woods toward an old, abandoned cemetery.

Depending on how one defines it, it is either very early or very late. The sky is dark and it is nearly 2am in the morning. With the school semester over, David has decided to use the summer to get to know the student better and to hopefully form an almost mentor like bond with the students who have remained at the Institute for the summer. David would normally be in bed at this hour, but has decided to use this time in particular to get to know Mikhail better. They had mentioned going hunting together and so David has opted this would be the most optimal time to avoid any unnecessary sightings from Salem Center residents. Standing by a tree in a heavily wooded area, David looks at his watch to see if Mikhail would meet him for their appointed time. David does not expect this to be a competition, but more a bonding experience with a student who he happened to get off on the wrong foot with. He is dressed in one of his Prodigy uniforms. This time a black and gold costume, but he has his handy cybershades which are red this time. He scans the area for any hunting game as he waits for Mikhail.

Mikhail was slightly confused when David told him to come here at 2am, not once since he came to the Institute has anyone ever given him permission to be outside the school grounds this late/early, the boy is dressed in his own squad uniform which is modified to basically consist of a pair of shorts. He travels silently but quickly though the woods to the plac where David said to meet him stopping behind the man and waiting for him to notice.

His cybershades set off a beeping alarm to alert David, but he is already in sync with Mikhail’s skills.
David recognizes the traits and smiles as he turns to Mikhail, “Thank you for meeting me. I know it was an odd request, but I figure it is one you might enjoy. Give you a chance to be who you truly are, so to speak.” David walks towards Mikhail as two deer can be seen off in the distance silently staring at the two mutants and then leap off and head north to distance themselves from David and Mikhail. “I told you last semester, we would go hunting together and I thought this would be the best time to avoid any residents of the city. You up for some game?”

Mikhail had alreadt picked up the scent of the nearby deer, "Heya David, i guess that explains the reason behind the time", honestly yeah he would like to play the game, however he really doubts that David will be able to keep up with him at all, he may have access to his skills but not to his mutation, "Ok, i'm game".

“Yeah, I thought it might be fun. Now I am making no aspersions. I know you are a better than I am. I thought this might be fun and give me a chance to know you better.” The deer are all but out of sight. “So should we do this together or you hunt one and I hunt the other?” David takes a moment to look off in the distance, despite having no extrasensory senses, David points in a northerly direction, “They went that way.” He takes a leaps similar to the deer and starts off. It appears he is synced to the deer as well.

Mikhail watches as David runs after the deer, he's not usually a cocky kind of person but when it comes to hunting he has a right to, so he give David a fifteen second head start before running after him at about twice the speed that David is moving at, focusing more on his sense of smell than eyesight to track the deer.

Not nearly able to keep up with Mikhail’s speed, David stops and watches Mikhail go and then says “Fifteen seconds really? You couldn’t have given me a fifteen minute head starts?” David jokes as Mikhail is already out of earshot. Not being able to mimic Mikhail’s heightened senses. David opts to remain synced with the deer and as such since these deers are creatures of habit and go to the same watering spot. David makes his way towards the river where the two deer are currently sipping water. He remains hidden when he reaches the spot and wonders how Mikhail will go in for the kill.

Mikhail does hear David and shouts back in a pretty strong Romanian accent, "Got bored", this is when Mik goes into full hunter mode, he leaps into the treetops and continues to follow the deer from the trees, as he reaches the pot where the deer are drinking he stops on a branchdirectly above them, just watching.

With Mikhail moving at such fast speeds, it is difficult for David to pay attention to both him and the deer. Trusting in Mikhail’s skill, David remains synched with the deer. While David hates killing and it is an anathema to him to actually hurt the deer, he has accepted that Mikhail will. David is ok with this since it is deer hunting season and he has already hunted animals during his time in Tegu-Haaz. Today is more about bonding than actually hunting for David. So David steps out very very quietly from where he was hiding as he attempts to sneak up on the deer closest to him. He stalks quietly with an impromptu made spear similar to the one he carried with him during Tegu-Haaz. The deer mindlessly sip away at the water making no move as David silently moves towards them.

Barely breathing Mikhail steps off the branch landing ontop of one of the deer, he grabs the struggling animal's head and quickly snaps it's neck, he would have usually torn it's throat out with his teeth but people tend to look at him oddly when he does that, he doesn't wanna freak David out.

Impressed at the speed and gentleness of the kill David nods at Mikhail, “Don’t hold back on my account.” The other deer is off and running quickly as it screams out as its friends is killed and hurries off to avoid a similar fate. David takes a pose similar to the deer and leaps off after it. Not able to match its speed, he hurls the spear at it striking the deer on its leg. It is not dead, but it lies on the ground, bleeding and hurt. David turns back to Mikhail, “Do the honors.”

Mikhail moves quickly to catch up to the deer when told to by David, he doesn't want him to hold back?, fine he doesn't have to tell him twice, reaching the deer he sinks his fangs into it's throat ripping out a chunk of it's flesh while using his hands to snap this one's neck too, no need for the animal to continue to suffer.

Blinking at Mikhail’s actions on the deer, David did say not to hold back. But David suddenly envisions various thoughts of wolves and vampires and whatnot biting into victims. He knows Mikhail is not so feral as to attack to the students, but this is the first time David has witnessed this and he will surely remember it. Taking a moment to compose himself, David turns away, “Wow.” Is all he musters when he turns back to Mikhail, “Do you eat your prey?” He asks.

Mikhail nods at David blood dripping from his mouth onto his chest, "Killing without eating is pointless, a waste", thats how he sees it anyway, "So, did i pass your game?", he picks up the deer and carries it over to the other one.

“That’s good to know.” David shakes his head at the killing without eating comment and has flashbacks to their time in Tegu-Haaz. “Well, this wasn’t a test to pass or fail. I have always known you could hunt. I thought it would be nice to do it together and see you in action.” Walking towards the other deer, David asks as they walk, “How did it feel? When was the last time you hunted like this?”

Mikhail shrugs, "It felt nateral, this is what i'm good at", it's been a good while since he hunted last, those incharge at the mansion don't realy seem to approuve, "It's been a while i guess".

“Ok well this was good. We’ll do something similar again soon.” David smiles, “Now we had better get back to the mansion. Maybe we can bring these to the chef and maybe he can serve some venison or something.” David smiles as he hefts the other dear and they begin their way back to the Mansion.

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