2010-02-24: A Little Misunderstanding


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Summary: Jono and Robyn don't see eye to eye.

Date: February 24, 2010

Log Title A Little Misunderstanding

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Atrium

/The Atrium is large room with four corridors leading off in diagonal directions to the classrooms and dorms. A large window looks over the front courtyard. The Atrium has also been turned into a social area for students and teachers, with chairs, tables and a television set. Since its a main area of passing, it is encouraged that people keep things to a respectful volume.//

Might seem strange the man who's sitting at a window, reading. Still, he slouches slightly, and is clearly Jonothon with that black material over his lower face. Yet he's also changed a good bit. Someone got a haircut. Short and neat, it now shows better that he's actually a red-head, even if a dark one. Not only that but he's wearing nice clothes. A black turtle neck, slacks, and good shoes. There's a black scarf loosely wrapped around his throat, but beyond that the face mask kind of ruins any chance of him looking great, he none the less looks good. White cords lay stark against the dark of his attire, and run from the silver and gold comm at his collar bone to his ears. Listening to music as he reads. Will hear people talking too, for he doesn't have the volume set loud.

Coming out from one of the classrooms to the Atrium, Robyn is grateful that History is over. He's pretty sure he bombed that test. He has mutant ethics later that day, another class he's not looking forward to. Then again, Robyn is someone who'd rather not be in class all day but doing something fun. It's not that he's a stupid, he just doesn't apply himself. Spotting Jono by the window, Robyn smiles and heads over there. "Hey Jono, you're looking sharp today." He says obviously noticing the difference. "It's good to see you out of the medbay."

Lifting his ruined face, still looking tired, he gives as much of a smile as he's able. «Thanks.» Book is laid in lap as he pulls himself up to sit more properly. Even pulls earbuds free. «It's a brief reprieve, but I'll take what I can get.» Jonothon has been escaping a few days now, and constantly gets pulled back by Hank. Today he decided to change something. Been feeling down due to Sinister, but this is kind of a rebelling to that. Eyeing Robyn a moment, he tilts that auburn head of his. «You didn't do well on your test?» The demeanor and such is giving it away.

"How'd..nevermind..yeah, I don't think I did to well. I can never remember the years for stuff." Robyn says. Besides, why is it important to remember what years Andrew Jackson was president. "History's just kind of boring at times, just going on and on about stuff that happened." It's the lectures. He does notice that Jono still looks tired but doesn't comment on that. "So how have you been holding up?"

How did he know? Jonothon shrugs. «I know there's a test today, and in general your schedule. Don't need to be a telepath to figure things out, mate.» Amused as he is with that. «History is important, Robyn. I know it doesn't seem like it, but if we forget the past we will never learn as a people.» Said because he believes it. That and he was a good student. «Really though, history's boring if all you do is read mind numbing facts.» Which he knows is going on. About himself? He shrugs. «Same old. In a holding pattern, waiting for the shit to hit.» Never mind he decided not to look homeless today. «The pain is getting easier to deal with at least. Hits a couple times a day at most, and never for long.» Must nearly be done changing him. «You okay?»

Robyn is the kind of student that likes a more interactive approach to learning, if it's just a lecture, he gets bored easily and his mind wanders. "Yeah but are the dates important?" Like isn't knowing that the Civil War took place in the mid-1800's enough? "Over all I'm okay." He's just been worried about Jono and the others, otherwise, he's been good. "Evertyhing has been good over all."

«You never know.» Jonothon shrugs, albeit a little one sided, for the dates. «Mate, when time travel is possible, and you're a mutant, you have to ask?» Not that he expects any of you to be time traveling. Or at least he hopes not. Closing that book he rests back in his chair. Just tired enough to enjoy the rest. «Glad to hear it.» That Robyn's been okay. «Thanks again for helping me the other day. Your drain was a huge boon.» To a guy who's always worried about hurting others.

"Well anytime you need moe for a drain, let me know." Robyn says glad to help someone he considers a friend out. "Oh, yeah." The time travel thing, as he does know it happened to a few students a while back here. "Sometimes I forget that with being a mutant comes all this hell, well not really forget but it's an ignorant bliss I like to fool myself into sometimes."

With that offer, Jonothon holds out a hand. Wasn't asking for it, but if willing he's going to take it. Even on his best control days he can use the help. «I'd love to have that ignorance back.» Rueful, for the man totally agrees with you. «I don't expect anyone to study to the exclusion of all else with the silly idea of it being needed thanks to being a mutant, but hey. Passing your classes is a good thing. You'll need that if you want a normal life outside of this place.» Yes, diplomas are important.

Robyn takes Jono's hand and his eyes flash purple as he starts to drain. It's the only sign whenever he's using his powers, his eyes glow purple. As he's gotten his fill, his eyes fade and he withdraws his hand. "Thanks." It always feels good when he does that, it's a mental kind of need that's always there that he doesn't always notice, not until he's had his fill or it gets really bad. "I just want to be an artist is all." Such a simple dream but yeah with this lifestyle it almost seems impossible.

Jonothon nods to the thanks, for he appreciates it too. The guy with too much giving to the one with too little. Works out for both. «So? Artist can mean a lot of things. Just keep it in mind. Art doesn't necessarily pay well, and a degree can remedy that. Don't assume everyone makes it on talent alone. That's naive. Yeah it seems bollocks now, but that degree will make or break you later. Trust someone who knows.» He has his college degree in business, for all he uses it. Can't really do much outside the school when you are a mutant as he is.

"Both my parents do what they love even if it means not having much money." Robyn's family always scraped to get by. They always had food on the table and paid the bills but it meant maybe him getting second-hand clothes or skipping a few field trips. "I don't really have anything else I'd want to go to school for execpt for sculpting." Robyn says as he really does want to go to art school. Now doubts are starting to sink in.

Shaking his head at you, Jonothon lifts hands in defeat. «Your life, mate.» Advise he can, beat it into Robyn's head? Sorry. Hands drop and he turns that book over slowly. It's an idle motion. «You'll still need a high school diploma at the very least, Robyn. Don't throw away your future because you find history boring.» Eyes you a bit sidelong and then looks out the window. Don't throw it away like he's done for years. Really should get off his arse and take care of a few things. It is a little more difficult for Jono, but only because he's not a US citizen. Here legally, but hey.

"I didn't purposefully fail the test, I just…" Robyn just didn't study, that's all. And he just thinks he bombed it, it's quite possible he could have just passed. "I know, I need a high school diploma to go to Art School. I just…" He doesn't even know what to say anymore, but just looks down. "I don't plan on failing school, I want to drop out of High School, I just want to graduate so I can go onto art school and become better. Then one day maybe move to California to work in the movies."

«There's nothing wrong with your dreams, Robyn, just your seeming lack of interest into working towards them.» Jonothon points out. «Maybe you should think of this school as a step towards your goals, not something you have to slack through before starting them. Just keep it in mind. Your life. You don't want to deal with this, you don't have to.» But you will pay for it later. Of that Jono is sure.

Robyn is getting frustrated and it's not easy to get him to feel this way. "I am working towards whatn I want to do Jono, what, because I'm not trying to be a straight A student means I'm not trying to get into Art School?" He doesn't realize it, but like an athlete he does push himself to get better with his sculpting. "Between trying to push myself to learn how to control and use my powers and then dealing with all the….fucked up shit that happens here and trying to focus on studies while trying to stay normal? It's too much Jono."

Jonothon's sorry he's making you frustrated, for it's something he well understands. He sits there, dark eyes focused on you, and he says nothing for a time. Even after you are done. Yes, he means to be uncomfortable, but the man isn't angry with you. Understands only too well. «No, it's not too much.» Disagreeing with you gently. «Your focus is elsewhere is all. You spend too much time on the art, because you don't care about anything else. No, there's nothing I can do, for that choice is yours, but I can try and hope you'll see the mistakes you are making.»

It's the first time Robyn's really felt angry with Jono, there are times when he's really looked up to the man but right now, a part of him just wants to run away from him. "Screw you Jono, don't tell me I don't care about anything else. I care about the people in my life just as much." And that goes for Jordan, Dallas, Jono, Rashmi, his family and several others. It's just getting lost in a piece of art relaxes him, it makes him forget some of the chaos that he's been unwillingly brought into.

Again that quiet, for he's sad that he's made Robyn angry. Jonothon merely holds still and watches you. «I wasn't talking about the people in your life, Robyn.» For he didn't mean that. «This is about your school work, and nothing more. I'll leave you be.» Quiet and calm, he none the less keeps his gaze on the teen. This whole issue is about caring really. He cares about how the kids here to, and he says something if he sees a problem.

Robyn is quiet himself, even crossing his arms over his chest, that instinctive protection when you feel like you need to protect yourself. Jono may not really be attacking him but somewhere inside he feels like it. "I don't fail on purpose, you're acting like I tried to fail the test. I'm not planning on failing any classes."
«As much as I don't have one, you're putting words in my mouth, Robyn.» The man disagrees quietly again. «I said you were too focused on other things. That doesn't suggest you are trying to fail anything.» Quite the opposite really. «You want to be angry at me, fine. You want to deny the problem, fine, but I'm your friend so I pointed it out.»

Robyn doesn't really understand what the problem is, maybe that's why he's geting a bit argumentive. He might have failed one test, he doesn't understand why it's such a big deal. There are other tests he can make it up on. He looks around the room as if debating if he should just leave but he doesn't know. "What's wrong with being focused on something you love to do?"

If only Jonothon could express what he sees. This is all so familiar. The sad part is he could express it, through telepathy, but the man is entirely unwilling to do such a thing. «Because other things are suffering for that focus.» He explains, trying not to get frustrated. Or perhaps better to say that he's trying not to show that he is. «There is such a thing as spending too much time on something, of focusing too well.» With this the man rises to his feet. It's a slow, careful thing, for Jono's certainly not one hundred percent. «You can't see what you're doing, so you lash out at me for trying to show it to you. I've said my piece, the rest is up to you.»

A part of Robyn feels crushed inside, like he's told he shouldn't bother on his dream and just keep it a hobby. He's probably taking it the wrong way but he almost feels like Jono's trying to prepare him for the fact that he'll be stuck here forever, stuck in this mutant tornado of chaos and he'll never get out of it as much as he wants to. That it's no use doing what you want, you're a mutant and with it comes every bit of hell that comes. "What exactly is suffering, besides one test?"

Which is not a bit of what Jonothon has been saying. «Look, you keep putting words into my mouth, making this far worse than it was ever meant to be. I'm going to go now, and give up. The more I explain, the worse you will make this. You are blowing it way out of proportion here.» A roll of eyes, book in hand, the man attempts to leave.

"I don't want to argue, I just…" Robyn's feeling like the fear that he's stuck in the mutant loop are just coming to focus is all. "I'll take off so you can finish reading. Sorry." He says and he doesn't want to leave like this cause he's worried about Jono, he just knows that they'll both keep feeling frustrated. "I gotta get to my next class anyway."

A hand lifts as Jonothon leaves. Going to his room. «Cheers.» It's been a bad week for the man, and he's not doing things well. So yes, he's assuming things wrong here. Going to leave and clear his head, even if it means appearing like he's angry with Robyn.

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